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Loved it...
U penned their friendship well...
Well i hope soon manik realise that she feels for nandu not for that jerk soha...
Plz clear this for manik in nxt update...
Thanx for pm...
Waiting for nxt..

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Amazing updts
loved d manan bonding
but i hope this soha is not able to harm our nandu

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Awesome update. Thanks for pm.

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Awsuum hai!!!
i lov it all plans backfire  n she ll go 2 hell hehehate soha!!!
thanks 4 d updt
love u

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Hello guys, I feeling so good by the response, thank a loads. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4376187)

I will update the next soon, today hopefully.
Keep loving my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3 

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Loads of love<333

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Hello guys, here is the chapter 5 (and 6, In my next post.) And I have some expectations from my super MaNan readers, who didn't come up to my expectation, let's say 5 pages of comment for these 2 chapters and 60 likes on each chapter, at least, I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Few months has past like a wind. Manik and Nandini were the best presidents, all the students were happy with their work expect Soha and her friend Ishika. Manik and Soha had become really close. It's not that any difference came between Manik and Nandini's friendship but yet there was a third person between their close friendship. 

Whenever Manik was with Soha, he felt something missing, something? something he didn't missed when he is with Nandini. But he always put his thought in a side and enjoyed his time with Soha, who from his point of view was such a good, sweet, nice and of course beautiful girl.

Nandini was feeling miserable day by day, she couldn't stand to see Manik with Soha, her heart ached. She was having totally new feelings for Manik. She didn't knew what but she had not feel like this before. She was feeling the way she always felt when she read a romantic novel really carefully, where she was able to feel every emotion, those emotion were sames. But she was still confused.

Soha since last few months have tried a lots of things to break Manik and Nandini's friendship but always failed in her plans. But every time she failed her decision to make Nandini's life a hell become more strong. She knew Manik and she are friends, they had become close friends in short time. But still she wasn't getting the full attention, that's what she wasn't able to tolerate.

All the students made their way in the classroom and took their respective chairs. As always Manik and Nandini sat next to each other and Soha sat on the other side of Manik.

"Good morning students" the professor welcomed the students

"Good morning sir"

"As you all know, every year we organized dance competition" All the students get excited "so I would like to know if anybody wants to volunteer, you have two hours to decide and then go to the assistant of program organizers who will write down your name and the dance competition is organized for the next month"

All the students said "ok sir"

Manik was really happy, he just love dance, he looked at Nandini "so Nandu you will participate with me?" he asked her even tough he knew the answer

"Mani you know I am afraid to go on stage in front of everybody and you are talking about dancing" Manik knew it but he asked her every year because he did want her to say 'yes' one day and he was sure the day will come soon.

"It's ok then I too ain't going to dance" announced Manik

Soha on the other side was fuming in anger, she couldn't bear Manik asking Nandini to be her dance partner.

"Ok" said Nandini, it was like this every year, even though she felt bad that because of her, he didn't participate for the dance but she couldn't even say him 'no Mani, please don't back-out for me, please chose another dance partner for you' because she wasn't able to see him dance with someone else, yes she was being a bit selfish but she didn't have the courage to say him this.

Soha signaled Ishika to begin. "Hey Manik why don't you join Soha as she too doesn't have any partner and she wanted to participate?" said Ishika, Soha's best friend

Manik looked at Soha and actually he felt not right to agree, he felt like he was betraying someone but who? He noticed Soha was waiting for his reply so he said "yes, I would love too" Once he said it he was feeling that he has done something wrong, betrayed someone but he couldn't pinpoint.

Nandini's worst nightmare came true, she could never see Manik and Soha dancing together. A lump formed in her throat but she didn't knew why 'why am I feeling like this?'. As she heard Manik accepting she felt more than bad, she felt betrayed.

Nandini felt Manik turning his eyes toward her, she quickly plastered a fake smile which turned into real seeing Manik's smile "shall we go?" said Manik to Nandini who nodded.

They went to the assistant and Manik told the assistant "We want to participate. Me and Na...I mean Soha" he really felt like saying Nandini, he truly didn't knew why he felt bad saying Soha's same, he felt that he had done a crime but the second he looked at Soha and specially her eyes all those feeling vanished 'I so love her'.

When Manik said Soha's name with him, Nandini was having horrible feeling, she felt that she was loosing something precious. Then all the three made their way toward the next period's classroom.

This one month has passed really quickly, Manik and Soha passed lots of time together. He was the same with Nandini, they spend time together at home, at college, and also when they work as president, but still it seemed he had gone so far. Nandini went first day to their rehearsal but seeing their close dance her heart ached, she felt a pang of jealousy, she wasn't able to see their closeness. So she didn't went to next rehearsals.

Nandini was standing in her room, leaning against the open window. A tear came out from her eyes "why can't I see Manik with Soha? why I felt bad?' she wiped her tears 'Nandini whatever it's but you will be happy in Manik's happiness' she smiled at this and went into the bathroom.

Today Manik and Soha were going to perform together, even though Nandini felt bad but she only wants to see Manik happy. 

Padma was in the kitchen talking to someone on the phone "please can I meet..." she was interrupted by negative response, her tears started flooding fast. As she heard foot steps, she knew it was Nandini she hung off the phone quickly and splashed water on her face and wiped it with a tissue paper to hide tears to which she succeed.

"Mom did Manik come?" Asked Nandini, she was wearing a pink beautiful salwar kameez

"No, he hasn't came yet"


Nandini nodded and went to the table and started doing her breakfast. Usually Manik would reach there before she wake up and now everything had changed, Nandini miss those days. Manik was going far away from her. She felt her eyes going moist but she controlled herself.

They heard the bell, which made Nandini smiled and went to open the door, her smile widened see Manik in the dress which she gifted him on his birthday, it was denim shirt and denim jean . "You are looking handsome" said Nandini whistling which made Manik a bit shy

"Of course of course, after all you gifted me this" he paused "by the way you are also looking gorgeous"said Manik with a grin because she was also wearing the dress gifted by Manik.

"Of course of course, after all you gifted me this" said Nandini repeating his sentence, both laughed at this.

"now will we stand here all the day or should we enter?" Asked Manik

"come in" Nandini chuckled

They went to the kitchen were Padma was preparing Manik's favorite Parantha's "Good morning Aunty" Manik said hugging her from behind

"Good morning bacha" she placed the parantha in the plate and gave to Manik

Manik quickly took it and sat on the chair next to Nandini and started eating "hmmm yummy, you made the best parantha's in the whole world,I love you"

Padma came and pulled his cheek which made him pout "I love you too" this made Manik smile widely.

Manik looked toward Nandini and frowned "where is your locket Nandu" asked Nandini

Nandini touched her neck "I think I forgot in the bathroom wait I'll just come back" saying that she rushed into the bathroom and found it there. She quickly wore it, it was a simple locket with MN engraved on it, Manik has the same locket. It was a gift from Manik on Nandini's birthday. They promised each other to always keep it around their neck.

Then she went back in the kitchen. After eating they made their way in the car, in  few minutes they reached the college. Where Miss universe I mean Soha, well she think she is a miss universe, was waiting at the gate leaning against her car.

Manik and Nandini went to her and greeted her. "So everything ready for the performance?" asked Nandini

"yeah" answered Soha

It was evening time, all were rushing here and there, it was almost the performances time. There were only students and teachers.

The organizer of the dance competition came on the stage and said "Good evening students and teacher, I hope your last months were great in the college. Like every year we have organized this dance competition. We hope that you all will enjoy."

Few performance passed and with each performance Nandini's heartbeat increased. She won't be able to see Manik with Soha, she knew it. At least the time came from which Nandini dreaded.

Manik and Soha came and they performed on 'sholon si' from Shabd. (Have a look-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c4bB_sMCZY). 

Manik was wearing the same clothes as the morning, he was looking fresh, handsome and hot. Soha was wearing a black saree which left Manik 
spellbounded, he was stunned seeing her in saree.

Manik held her hand and pulled her toward him. Her hand landed on his chest, they moved sensually with the beat. Manik slide his hand around her bare waist. 'Sholon si sholon si; tere ankhon ki yeh roshni; kiske liye hai kiske liye hai'

He caresses her face still holding her waist with his other hand 'chandni chandni, tere chere ki yeh chandni' He moved his head up and down as he was asking her 'kiske liye hai kiske liye hai' 

Soha smiled and lowered her eyelashes 'tera muskurana nazar yun jhukana; tera muskurana nazar yun jhukana'; Manik pulled her even more forcefully which caused Soha to put her hand around his neck 'mere liye hai bas mere liye hai'

He twirled her around 'sholon si sholon si; tere ankhon ki yeh roshni ;kiske liye hai kiske liye hai' he softly touched her cheek with his cheek which made her close her eyes 'chandni chandni tere chere ki yeh chandini; kiske liye hai kiske liye hai'

Soha opened her eyes and moved back to him, sliding her hand from his neck to his hand 'samjho mera joh ishara hai; joh bhi hai mera woh tumhara hai; samjho mera joh ishara hai; joh bhi hai mera woh tumhara hai' She moved closer to him and and placed her hand around his neck 'lehar mein koi hoon khoyi; manzil toh hai tu kinara hai' She moved her hip and traced his cheek 'yeh meri adayaein yeh meri wafaein;yeh meri adayaein yeh meri wafaein' she signaled toward him 'tujhko pata hai sabh tere liye hai'

She encircled her hand around his neck again 'sholon si sholon si
meri ankhon ki yeh roshni' He spun her and and her back was against him 'tere liye hai tere liye hai' Manik touched with his finger on her cheek from back 'chandni chandni mere chere ki yeh chandni' She turned toward him and placed her hand on his cheek 'tere liye hai tere liye hai'

Nandini has left at the midway of their performance, their intimacy was unbearable for Nandini. She was sitting outside the hall on a bench and was crying 'why I felt so bad seeing Manik and Soha like this? Why?' she sniffed 'do I really LOVE him?' the word love made her feel happy and she smiled 'YES I LOVE HIM' she was really happy, she wiped her tears and went back in the hall.

On the other side, the hall was full with claps. Everybody loved their performance, it was really hot and they chemistry was good. 

When she reached there, their performance had already finished which was good for Nandini. She was about to go back stage but stopped as the organizer came "After seeing all the performance, it was tough for us to chose one couple but one of all them was the best. Yes none other than Manik and Soha's performance"

Nandini felt happy that Manik won but bad because of Soha. Manik and Soha came and took the trophy with excitement, they were really happy, they hugged each other then went backstage. Nandini felt bad seeing them hug and then made her way backstage when she reached their she was frozen at her place.

...see my next post for chapter 6.
Don't forget to like and comment.<3

Loads of Luv<3

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As Nandini went backstage, she was shocked to see Manik on holding Soha's hand. She was standing far but was able to see their face. They were looking in each other's eyes. "Soha, I wanted to say you that I love you, from the day itself when I saw you and today I finally got the courage to confess my love, do you love me?" Manik closed his eyes, he was afraid of negative response.

"I love you too" with that Soha hugged him tightly.

On the other side, Nandini's heart broke in million pieces, tears started brimming down, as she looked up, her tears started flooding down very fast.

Manik and Soha came from the hug and Soha placed her lips on Manik's. Her arms were around his neck and and his arms were encircled around her bare waist. It was Manik's first ever kiss but he didn't like it, he doesn't know, he had always dreams of his first kiss and how it will be, but he wasn't feeling what he had always imagined, but then he thought dreams were not always reality.

Nandini wasn't able to bear all this. She left the place, crying hysterically. She couldn't believe she realized today her feeling for Manik and today itself she saw with her eyes Manik proposing someone else. Her heart pierced seeing Manik confessing, hugging them and kissing them.

"I lost my love before I could confess it, my love story finished before it could stared" seeing her in the state even the clouds started pouring, they were sad on seeing he like this. She reached home, completely drenched, she thanked god that her mom was not at home. She rushed to her room, thrown her bag on the floor, without turning on the lights she thrown herself on her bed and started sobbing badly.

"Why...go..*sniffed*...god...you...*sniffed*...did this...* sniffed*...to...to me" said Nandini chocking and sniffing. She has lost her love before she could get it. As she heard foot steps coming toward her room, she knew it was her mom, she quickly covered herself with her blanket, she wasn't in the state to show her face to her mom.

Padma entered in Nandini's room and saw the lights were of and Nandini was sleeping. She left without disturbing her, she thought that she must be tired. Entering in her room, she took out an envelope from her drawer, went in the balcony and took out the things from the envelope "I so wished we all lived together" tears licked down, she looked toward the sky "please god, please bring us together again." she too was crying by now and went to sleep.

Tonight in Murthy house, two women living in the same house were sad, were broken, but both didn't know about the other one, they didn't tell each other anything.

On the other side, half an hour back, Manik and Soha broke out from the kiss, they looked at each other with all the love, but Manik missed something, he didn't understand what? He just ignored thinking that maybe it happened the first time.

"Manik, I have to go, my parents must be waiting for me" she pecked on his lips.

"Wait Soha, I'll drop you" Manik offered

"No Manik, I have my car and don't worry, see you tomorrow." She hugged him with a smile, Manik hugged her back. And she left, she had seen Nandini leaving, and she was sure that Nandini was crying, it gave her immense pleasure.

Manik looked around but when he didn't find whom he was looking for he thought "Arre where is Nandu?" he looked his wristwatch, it was 11 PM "she must have left as it's too late, but usually she does wait for me" he frowned but then his frowned disappeared and a smile took place as he remembered his and Soha's confession and kiss. 

He ruffled his hair and went back to his house. Where his parents were waiting. "Manik how come you are this much late, you have never been..." Mitisha was interrupted by Manik as he hugged her and then his dad.

"Mom, dad, I am really happy, I am in love"

Mitisha and Karan smiled and thank god that finally he had realized that he lovedNandini

"Mom, I am sure once you will meet her, you will also love her"

Listening Manik saying this, both Karan and Mitisha frowned and a strange fear appeared "What is her name?" Karan asked him, praying to god to have the answer they wanted but they were stunned listening the answer

"Soha" said Manik with a smile

Mitisha and Karan didn't knew how to react, they were shocked, numbed, they has always dreamed to have Nandini as their daughter-in-law, as their son's wife. They also knew that their son loves Nandini but he hadn't realized it and he was believing something that wasn't true.

"Mom, dad, I'll bring her home, so that you can meet her" Mitisha nodded at this

Then she gaining her sense said "Manik tum khana kha lo", her tone wasn't the usual one, she wasn't able to digest that her son actually believed he lovesomeone else. Manik was too happy to noticed the sadness on his parents face, he didn't notice the shocked face, he didn't notice the unusual tone of Mitisha. Mitisha and Karan went in their room.

"Karan,    what is all this happening, they both love each other, I have seen it in their eyes"

"jaan, I too have seen it, I didn't expect Manik to come us and tell us that he loves someone else, I always had dreams of the day when Manik will come and tell us that he is in love with Nandini"

"I hope that day will come soon."

Manik finished eating and went to his room, he took his phone and dialed Nandini's room but then stopped as he thought she must be sleeping. Completely unaware of the fact that tonight was a sleepless night for Nandini.

Next day, Nandini woke up and sat on her bed. A tear streamed down 'everything has changed before it was Manik who made me wake up, he has gone so much far from me' more tears leaked out, she stood up and went in the bathroom. 

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were puffy red, she was looking vulnerable. She didn't how long she had been crying and fall asleep. She went under the shower and turned the knob on.

'Nandini you should be happy to see Manik happy, your happiness are in Manik's happiness. And if he is happy with Soha you too should be happy' she promised herself that she wouldn't cry, she would always be happy in Manik's happiness and would be always on his side, that's all she wanted.

She got ready and went down, she started doing her breakfast in her normal way. In no time Manik too had come. Nandini was happy to see him here. They did their breakfast and moved toward the car.

Sitting in the car, Manik started driving "Nandu, I am really happy, you know I have confessed my feelings to Soha and she too loved me"

"I know I was there when you confessed"

"But when I looked you weren't there"

"Actually I didn't want to disturb your private moment"

Even thought, Manik knew that it was their private moment but he felt bad as before nothing was private between them. He suddenly felt bad and nodded silently. 

In no time they reached at college, coming out their car. They saw Soha on her usual place. Manik forgot about everything that came in his mind a while back, he was no more sad. He went to Soha and gave her a peck on her cheek "how are you?" asked Manik

"I am fine, how about you?" she asked him kissing on his lips.

"was okay till I met you and now I am more than fine" Both smiled

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqvCS0n0DRM Please do check it as it will be easier to feel it)

Nandini felt left out, she hadn't felt like this before, it was for the first time, she felt Manik giving someone else more importance than her. She felt bad seeing her love with someone else. 'Jaane tu mera kya hai; Jaane tu mera kya tha'

They all entered in the college. Nandini remembered before it used be her walking beside him 'Tu hi mera har pal; Tu hi har lamha tha'

In front of the classroom they stopped, and Manik told Nandini to go in the class, they'll join her in a while 'Jaane kaisi kasish hai; Jaane kaisi khalish hai' She nodded and went inside, seeing her love with someone else she felt hard to breath, she felt hurt, her eyes were a little bit moist, few tears streamed out but she quickly wiped them  'Kyun yeh saans thami hai; Ankhon mein kyun Nami hai'

She sat on her place an looked beside her, it was Manik's seat and then took hold of her locket gifted by Manik 'Hai dosti humko yakin tha; Dosti aur kuch bhi nahi tha' She looked behind and found the two kissing lost in their worlds. She was in pain, her heart was broken, her eyes started becoming watery once again but she controlled 'Hai yeh kaisa dard naya sa; Kyun dil lagta tuta tuta sa'

She remembered all the time, they spend together 'Hai jaana dil jaana; Kaise mene na jana; Ke pyaar yehi hai' She wondered, if he had any clue that she loved her 'Yeh Jaane tu ya jaane na'

Manik and Soha joined her. Nandini looked at Manik, he was having fun with Soha 'Jaana dil jaana; Kaise tune na jana; Ke pyaar yehi hai' A tear fall down and she quickly turned on the other side and wiped it 'haaan Jaane tu ya jaane na'

She was now sitting in the balcony of her room with a photo of them in her hands with tears in her eyes 'Jaane tu mera kya hai; Jaane tu mera kya tha;Tu hi mera har pal; Tu hi har lamha tha'

She remembered how he used to wake her up, he was the first person, she used to see in the morning and how they spend their all day together 'Hoti tujhse subah Har din ki; Teri dopher se shaam ki dhun thi' They spend they nights talking with each other and she slept with their beautiful moments 'Hoti thi raatein tere baaton mein khoye; Teri khayalon mein hi jaage aur soye'

She knew Manik was going far from her but she was happy that at least, they were still best friends and Manik spend time with her but less than before, she could never loose it 'Tu jo nahi to kya raha'

She slept dreaming about their moments 'Jaane tu mera kya hai ;Jaane tu mera kya tha; Tu hi mera har pal; Tu hi har lamha tha'

Whenever she saw them together, her heart ached, she are not able to breath properly, she gasped for breath, she felt hard to stop her tears 'Jaane kaisi kashish hai, jaane kaisi khalish hai, Kyu yeh saans thami hai, aankhon mein kyu nami hai.'

She saw Manik holding Soha by her waist and felt her heart twisting 'Hai jaana dil jaana; Kaise mene na jana; Ke pyaar yehi hai; Yeh Jaane tu ya jaane na'

Manik gave Nandini her lunch tray, she smiled. He smiled like usual 'Jaana dil jaana; Kaise tune na jana; Ke pyaar yehi hai; haaan Jaane tu ya jaane na' 

Few weeks passed really quickly, Manik spend time with Soha but he spend also his time with Nandini. Like usually he picked and drop her at home, he went at Nandini's house and Nandini too went at his home. But often, Manik went out with Soha on dinner and so Nandini was left with his parents. 

Mitisha and Karan had met Soha, they didn't like her a bit. Partly because they wanted Nandini as thei rdaughter in law and partly because, they didn't like her attitude. They wondered how their son believed he was in love with her. They knew he didn't love her, they tried to make him understand but he ignored that topic.

They also had noticed along Padma that Nandini was sad, they knew she loved him. They truly hoped, they realized it soon.

After their college, Manik and Nandini went at Manik's house as they had to do another project and their professor teamed them up which Soha didn't liked.

"So on what you want to do the project?" asked Manik

"well I was going through business channels and they were talks about 'Gupta's enterprises', they are producers of cotton and they also are involved in other activities, like the new juice products that came out...' She told him everything she knew about this enterprise.

"So done, we are going to do on it" said Manik, Nandini too nodded

They started doing their work, obviously they had done more researches and at the end their project were perfect.

After while "Nandini, I have to go now, Soha must be waiting for me" He quickly hugged her and left her alone once again. Tears started streaming. Her Manik had changed, he had never left her alone like this.

She suddenly jumped and wiped her tears feeling someone's hand on her shoulders.

...To be continued.

So here is the chapter 5 and 6.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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I hope the tap was a new entry for Nandu
Manik will not realise until he goes through the same
Update soon Smile

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