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Hello guys, I feeling so good by the response, thank a loads. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4376187)

I will update the next chapter soon, actually I will update two in a go ;).
Keep loving my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3 

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Loads of love<333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello guys, here is the chapter 3 (and 4, In my next post.) And I have some expectations from my super MaNan readers, let's say 5 pages of comment for these 2 chapters and 60 likes on each chapter, at least, I know you guys can do folds more than this.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan


They came from the eye lock as Arjun, Shreya, Rishi and Neha joined them. Soha frowned he didn't liked a bit his friends coming in between but then she smiled she knew if she wants to get Manik she will have to be sweet with his friends at least in front of Manik.

All entered in the classroom, the period of business management. Mr. Saxena, the teacher entered. "Good morning students, we will begin our program with your first project in group of two persons, this will be a type of test, it will help us to evaluate your level, your confidence, your intelligence." 

Mr Sexana smiled and continued."You will have to choose a famous company of India. Your objective will be that we will imagine those companies are going through crisis. First you will have to prepare presentation including the problem, along with a solution of those crisis in the conclusion. And finally you will have to present it in front of the class. You have next one and half week for that" 

All the peoples started whispering to each other as how they will finished the project in few days. Mr Sexena start speaking again "I know you must be thinking how will you do the project in such a short time but you will work on this project at home and even here in my classes' hour. So I think One and half week will be more than enough."

"So" Mr sexana took a his personal register to pen down the groups "I will start from the student sitting on the bottom, you will come one by one with your partners," everybody nodded.

Soha expected Manik to ask her but when the time came Manik and Nandini made their way toward the teacher. Soha was fuming in anger, she really thought Manik will approach her to join him for the project but no. Soha knew soon it will be her at the place of Nandini. 

Finally after calming herself a bit she made her way toward the professor with an other girl names Ishika. Actually Soha and Ishika had become friends as soon as they talked to each other, they were almost like each other.


All the three walks in the corridor toward the next period classroom. Soha saw how Manik and Nandini interacted with each other. She knew they were, unknowingly, more than friends and she was not ready to let Manik go. She would have to do something to make Manik hers and she knew she was able to do everything and anything to have what she wanted, she was an expert it, a pro like her father said, she sneered..

As the lunch time came everybody went to the canteen and sat on round table. Soha too joined them as she was now their friend well most Manik's friend. She did talk to his others friends, sweetly in front of Manik and when she was alone with them she didn't talk at all. 

After eating Soha made her way out saying she had to work on the project. Everybody agreed as they were more than happy that she was leaving expect Manik. Soha noticed the disappointment on Manik's face and she was happy as she knew this disappointment on his face was because she was leaving.


"Hey Ishika" said Soha joining Ishika in the corridor and walked toward the library. "So???" asked Soha.

"Well her name is Nandini Murthi, 18 years old. She lives with her mother, I don't know about her dad. She is a middle class girl, her mom works in ICICI bank and earns a well salary." Ishika told Soha about Nandini's background to which Soha made a disgusting face.

"What about Manik and Nandini?" asked Soha with a frown set on her face

"Manik and Nandini are best friend from the age of seven, they are inseparable. Their families know each other and in fact are very good friends" Ishika told Soha whatever she knew about Nandini..

Soha nodded and thought 'how can Manik be a friends with a middle class girl, who doesn't even know the dressing sense' but she knew if she wanted Manik she would have to not say even a word against his friends. She smirked mentally remembering what Ishika told 'best friend' 'inseparable' and said in her mind 'I will make them separable, that's Soha Oberoi's promise to herself'.

Then the two girls made their way into the library and started doing the research on the company they wanted to work on.


On the other side Manik and Nandini thought they will work at home as usually. After the lunch time they went to the next period. Today in this hour of classes, they would chose the president of the class. 

"Good afternoon students, I am Mrs malhotra. And in today's period you will have to choose the president of the class. So I will tell the rules again as there are few new students. To be president you are in a group of two persons basically one of them will be the head and the other assistant. So I would like to know the volunteers" Manik and Nandini volunteered much to Soha changrin. They were also three other group. "I want the volunteers to come here and give a brief introduction of them to the class"

All the group came one by one and gave their introductions. When Nandini and Manik came, Nandini was very stressed, she had a fear to be in front of lots of people. Manik took hold of her hand for reassuring her and as saying her, he was with her, forever. Which actually worked, she forgot her tension and introduced herself. Soha was boiling in Anger seeing Manik holding Nandini's hand.

Mrs Malhotra continued "So I will distribute chits to all the students and will took them back after five minutes. You are allowed to write only one group name. If you write more than one group name or nothing your vote will get waste and the candidates are not allowed to vote. And yes one more thing all the chits will remain anonymous."

She pick chits and moved toward the tables. After giving the chits she moved toward her desk. In the class they were in total 40 student of which 4 couples volunteered so mean eight persons wouldn't vote. There only 32 students remaining.

Soha looked at the candidates, there was no way she was going to vote for Manik and Nandini so she voted for Arvin and Shlok, A group of two boys.

The teacher took a bowl from her desk and recupered all the chits. Moving toward the desk, she opened all the chits and wrote on her copy the number of votes all the group got. After she was done with all the chits she spoke. "The result are like this: 
Namrita and Vijay = 5 votes
Amrita and Reshmi = 6 votes 
Manik and Nandini = 10 votes..."

Manik and Nandini lost the color of their faces, they knew they had lost as they are 11 votes left and one group left. Soha on the other side was happy as she was content to know Manik and Nandini wouldn't spend even more time with each other for the presidency. The teacher continues " and finally Arvin and Shlok= 8 votes".

Manik and Nandini were happy to know they won, so they jumped in joy and hugged each other with huge smile. Soha was angry 'shit all my happiness went to waste' and seeing them hug, she wanted to kill Nandini 'How dare she get near my man'.

"You guys must be wondering where did gone the three votes. Well those vote went to waste as two wrote nothing and one wrote names of two group" she turned toward the candidates "You may all go back to your seats expect Manik and Nandini" All the students obeyed Mrs Malhotra's order. Mrs Malhotra congratulated Manik and Nandini.

Manik wanted Nandini to be the head but Nandini refused as she was afraid to take care for too much responsibilities she said to Manik 'No Mani I am happy being your assistant'. Manik was happy to know that at least Nandini was getting some courage to be an assistant and to be at the help of the students when they needed any help.


As the classes took an end all the friends moved toward the parking to go to their house. Manik and Nandini were going to go at Manik's house. As it was only 3PM and Nandini's mom would return back only at 8pm from her work. Moreover they also had to begin their research for the project.

Manik and Nandini sat in the car and went to Manik's house. Entering in the house they saw Mitisha sitting in front of the T.V and  who had finished a few minutes ago watching the movie 'Jaane tu... ya jaane na'. Manik's mother was a big fan on bollywood movies in her free time she to use whatch movies.

Mitisha seeing this movie was actually imagining Manik and Nandini in the place of Jay and Aditi. I mean the two are friends and they actually love each other unknowingly. They didn't think about each other more than friends but when they would see each other with someone else and not giving each other time, they realized that they were more then friend and they actually loved each other. Mitisha wondered 'I know Manik and Nandini are more then friends but will they ever realize?'. She wanted that they realized by themselves that they loved each other.

She was in her thought when Manik and Nandini came behind her and hugged her. She jumped as she almost had an heartattack but then got calm recognizing their scent and touch. "Tum logon ne meri jaan nikal di"

"Sorry mom/aunty" said in unison Manik and Nandini

Mitisha brought them in front and made them sit on each side. She ruffled their hairs "Are you tired?" she asked them as both led their head on her shoulders.

"Yes mom" Manik replied for both. Suddenly he jumped which made Mitisha surprised. Manik continues happily "Actually mom, me and Nandini become president for this year too"

Mitisha smiled then congratz and hugged them "I am really proud of you both" then both sat in the same position led their head on her shoulders. She didn't want to move but she had to prepare the dinner too so she said "Bacho I have to cook" saying that she stood up. So only Manik and Nandini were left.

"Hey Nandu, how about we watch a movie" suggested Manik to which Nandini replied "Mani how about we start our project"

"Hmmm actually for the first time you said a good thing" In answer Nandini hit on his chest

"It hurts Nandu"

"You deserved it, now stand up"

Nandini and Manik went in Manik's room. Manik's had also a simple room, on the walls his and Nandini's picture are hung with their friends or parents. Nandini had the same photos hung on her wall in her room. Manik had made in his room itself a study area. He had a desk with two comfortable chairs as they often do their projects here so it was way more easier to work on a project with each other on the side. And a laptop placed on the desk. And on the shelf, there were some books related to business, dictionary, etc...

Manik and Nandini sat down on the chairs and started thinking to their project on which company. 

...see my next post for chapter 4.

Loads of Luv<3

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Shenan, created in 1967, was cement company and have 50 million dollars benefit every month.

"No Mani, I don't want to do on cement" she wanted to do something interesting.

Next, BISEAN, created in 1987, it was a company if engineers and had 87 million dollars benefit every months.

"No Nandu, don't look at me like this, I don't want to do on this, let's see something else" said Manik and proceeded searching.

While an Idea came in Nandini's mind and she suggested "Mani, how about we do our project on Desire".

Manik looked at her with a blank expression then hugged her "Nandu no company can be better than this" He moved back.

Manik and Nandini were happy to do on it as It was Manik's dad's company. So they started doing all the research. 

After two hours, they heard a halt of a car. They knew Karan was there. Manik and Nandini jumped excitedly and made their way down. They hugged Karan and Karan too hugged them.

"So how was the school, bacho?" Asked Karan passing his bag to a servant.

"Good uncle, Mani and me are the president of our class. Oh yeah In the morning we got a project, so we are doing it on your company" Nandini was saying all this none stop "and once you have eaten, you are gonna help us" asked Nandini cutely.

No one could refuse Nandini, especially when she said so cutely. So there were no way Karan could have refused "Ok, I will surely help you" he kissed on her forehead fatherly. 

Being with Karan, Nandini never missed her dad. Karan was always there for her, on every step, as a father, as a friend, as an uncle.

"You are back" Mitisha came out from the kitchen with a smile. "How are you? how was the day?"

"I am fine and the day was great." Replied Karan with a smile. Whenever he looked at her beautiful wife, he forget all his tension. She is his life, without seeing her, his day didn't pass. "How was yours?"

"Good, now go take a shower and come down to eat" said Mitisha, almost in an ordering tone.

"Your wish my command" said Karan with a wide grin and all of them chuckled.

Karan went to his room, he quickly get freshen-up and came down for the dinner. "Hmm, it smells awesome, thanks for making my favorite dish" said Karan even without uncovering the dish.

Manik and Nandini looked at Karan surprised and Manik spoke "Dad, how do you know, it's your favorite dish?"

"Well son, your moms hands cooking has a different smell and I love it." Karan answered dreamily which made Mitisha blush. Karan was now a dad of 18 years old guy but he was still young at heart. He couldn't never stop teasing Mitisha or making her blush. "Don't worry Manik you will know it by yourself in few years" Karan winked at Manik.

Manik lost in his world. He was dreaming about himself and Soha. So lost that he didn't hear Nandini and Karan calling him from the past 5 minutes. Finally Nandini got tired and she shook him hard. Manik came out from the lalaland. "Hmmm...huh..." he fumbled and he was slightly blushing. "What happened?" asked Manik

Nandini said angrily "What happened???? what happened you are asking me Manik, we are calling you for the last five minute but you are lost in an other world, now move you a**, let's go in the room"

Manik nodded his head on what she said as when she called him 'Manik' it's truly bad for him. He stood up and quietly followed her.

Karan chuckled seeing them, they looked so cute and Nandini behaved like Manik's wife when she shouted at him and shew her possessiveness. He so wished that Manik and Nandini fell in love as he heart-fully wants to make Nandini his daughter in law and even Mitisha wanted the same. Karan too stood up and followed them.

The next one week and half passed really quickly. Soha in short spam time become Manik's good friend well not that close than Nandini but yet good friend, now too she only talked to Manik's friend for her own benefit and she hated Nandini. Manik was more and more attracted by Soha, he knew this was not only attraction but more. Was he right?

Shreya, Arjun, Rishi and Neha weren't liking at all Soha getting close to Manik, as she was as fake as her make up and moreover they had seen lots of time, Nandini getting jealous. All of them knew she had some feeling for Manik and Manik too. 

Whenever, Nandini saw Manik with Soha, she burnt in jealousy, she didn't like a bit Soha going close to Manik, first because Manik didn't deserve Soha, he deserved better and second because of her heart as it felt a pang of jealousy every time she saw Manik with Soha. She didn't know what was happening with her. She had never felt like that.

Today, they were going to present there project and Nandini and Manik were all ready. They knew, they had done a great work.

All the students were making their way in the next period's room. Manik had already gone in the classroom and Nandini was putting her book in her locker.

"Hey Nandini"

Nandini stopped and turned as she heard someone calling her when she saw it was Ishika. Nandini asked politely "Hey Ishika, have some work?"

"Hmm I need your help" hesitated Ishika

"Yeah what's it?" Nandini smiled

"Actually I didn't understand the last period's figure"

"Oh that was easy" saying that Nandini placed her bag on the bench and quickly made her understand. Nandini picked her bad and they made their way in the classroom.

Nandini entered in the classroom and sat next to Manik. She opened her bag and started to search her file. But it was no where to seen. Nandini got tensed.

On the other hand, once Nandini and Ishika had left, Soha came out, holding a file in her hand "So Miss Nandini Murthi wanted to do this project with Manik" she laughed evilly "No one can come between me and what I want and this time what I want is Manik" She tore the project and threw it in the bin then made her way in the classroom.

Nandini was still searching for it. She was on the verge of crying. Soha entered in the room and saw Nandini searching her file, she patted herself mentally. Nandini controlled herself as she wasn't going to cry in front of everybody because of a project; on the other side Ishika and Soha presented their project.

"So now I want group 9: Nandini Murthi and Manik Malhotra to present their project." Announced the professeur.

They made their way in front of the class "For our project, we are going to present you a very famous company names 'desire', this company is owner Is Mr Karan Malhotra..." Manik started talking about the company and It was Nandini's turn with the details of the company. 

Soha looked at Nandini and smirked, she knew she had victory.

He waited for her to continue, when he saw toward her, he found her without her project file. He thought 'oh my god, I have checked upon her, she was looking sad and I thought she was tensed for the project, I have to do some...'

He was cut in between "And this company's owner Mr Karan has received lots of award, even last year, he received the best business man. His company do a benefit about more that 100 million dollars per month and moreover, it's increasing with every passing minutes..." Nandini continue saying all she was supposed to say with the help of the project file but now she did it without the project file.

Manik looked at her and was really happy that she handled the matter and that too very well. He showed his million dollar smile. Soha was burning in anger, even tough she had destroyed her project, her plan didn't succeed, she was hating even more Nandini. 'Nandini is gonna pay hard for it'

Once Manik and Nandini finished presenting the project all the room was full with applausement. Manik and Nandini looked at each other with a smile and then hugged each other. Nandini got an electric current in her body. "you were great, amazing, fabulous Nandu" said Manik with a smile

"You too" Said Nandini with a smile too. After getting to her normal self. They broke from the hug and went back to their seat.

All the group presented their project and all of them were really good. "I am going to announce the results. So we will start from the group who presented their project first. Sameer-Aditya 76 out of 100...Sanjana-Ishika 95 out of 100...Ashley and vikram 89 out of 100...and now the best presentation, you all must have guessed, yeah Manik and Nandini with full marks."

All the student started clapping and Soha was burning in anger. Manik and Nandini were so much happy, they weren't able to believe they got full marks. They knew they had done a good work but didn't expect the full marks.

Manik and Nandini looked at each other with disbelief and hugged tightly each other. "Mani we did it" said a very happy Nandini. They broke apart from the hug.

To which Manik replied "Nandu, the credit goes to you, you gave the presentation without any notes. You were too good.".He pulled her cheek to which Nandini pouted, and it made Manik laugh.

Soha wanted just to kill Nandini 'This girl is getting on my nerves, the more my plan will failed the more she will get hurt at the end. I am going to make Nandini's life hell, just a little wait.' She smiled evilly. She was adamant to make Nandini's life hell.

...To be continued.

So here is the chapter 3 and 4.
Do you like MaNan's friendship? What is your take on Soha?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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RanKatDeepRan Goldie

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I hate soha but really who doesn't 
I love their friendship and its so true there are parralels 

However i dont like Manik dreaming about anyone else least of all soha Angry

Poor nandu getting jealous, what would she feel when she comes to know about the day dreaming 

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HTA111 Goldie

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Too good I hope nandani won't get hurt badly and thanks for pm
Continue soon

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vanivartika Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
cool ...waiting for next part

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Super updates!! But I hate that Soha!! And I hate it when Manik was dreaming of Soha Angry
Continue soon.. Thanks for the om

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Very well done...
Nice updatesClap

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