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FF- MaNan- TuMeraArmaanHai/U R My Desire-LinkThread2 Pg1/151(7/8/15) (Page 130)

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Manik and Nandini started walking back to the hall when Nandini suddenly pinned him on the wall. "what are you doing?" Manik was sort of afraid. She grinned seeing that.

"I am trying to seduce a certain Mani Malhotra" Nandini said naughtily with a smirk

By now, Manik was calmed by now so he too smirked back  "oh is that so?"


"then most welcome, I would love to be seduced by you"

She blushed, to which Manik kissed on her, now,  pink cheek. She encircled her hand around his neck and kissed him hard on his lips. Manik too kissed her back while holding her from her back. He parted her lips and slowly entered his tongue in her mouth. Both moaned in pleasure. This kiss was exactly like the one he had every thought a kiss to be, the kiss he has dreamed of. It just made him go in a daze.

As they moved back, they were out of breath. Controlling their breath Nandini said "I have to tell you something"

"hmm" he was still intoxicated

"I never forgot you. Even when I was with Abhi it was because my mom  and Abha di wanted me to move on, I tried and I failed. Abhi and I shared a peck and I backed out, I loved you. And to be involved with someone I had to forget you, which I could never do. The kiss with you in my room was my proper kiss with the man that I love." She confessed.

He looked at her amazed. He had kissed Soha umpteenth time, which he hated and here she was confessing that she still loved him. "but...you..." he didn't found the word

"I lied about kiss being casual" She leaned on the wall and put her head on his shoulder "I didn't want you to feel awkward after the kiss. That kiss meant everything to me but I never wanted you to feel guilty"

"Nandu why? why you love me so much?"

"Mani, All I had been doing when I was away from you was waiting for this time, my love never stopped for you to increase" she kissed on his cheek "by the way, I thought after reading the diary, you must have got to know that"

"I didn't read your entries after that dreadful day, I didn't got the gut"

"hmm, good for me and really bad for you" she winked at him

"and why is that?" he asked with a frown

"oh nothing there were all the thinks like why I lied after our kiss, how I was feeling and what I thought about your body etc..."

"oww, I missed a big opportunity to read so much" said making a sad face and with dramatic tone

"yeah" she grinned at him

"My fault"

He again hold her in his arms and they started walking "by the way, the other day, Abhimanyu was proposing you?"

"Arre Idiot, nothing happened like this, listen...

Abhimanyu entered in Girls room and he was really nervous "Nanhi, I have to talk with you"

"yeah Abhimanyu"

"woh actually you know I love Mukti" Nandini nodded at this "...and I was like practising how to propose her in front of the mirror for so long but I just can't, I don't know what to do"

"Hmmm" she scratched her head as she was thinking a way out there "well, how about you practice here. Imagine, I am Mukti and you, of course, are Abhimanyu. How will you confess?"

Abhimanyu thought for a while and looked at her. He gently bend down on his knee and took out the ring box from his pocket "hmm, From the day I saw you, I have completely fallen in love with you. I didn't knew how to say you but I am saying it to you today after mustering all my courage. Do you love me? Are you willing to marry me? Will you marry me and make me the happiest and luckiest man on this earth?"

"great, fabulous, just do it like this and I am damn sure she'll say yes. One more thing, make it special for her, I mean, like confess it in loads of people"

"yeah, great idea" saying that he hugged her "you are the best Nanhi"

She too hugged him back

...that's what happened that day" said Nandini

"ohh ok"


They soon left and went back home. As Padma, Shashank, Karan and Mitisha got to know that, moreover Abhimanyu and everybody else showed them the ball movie and everybody were so emotional they had started crying, they were so much happy. They all hugged Manik and Nandini with so much love. At that moment, Manik was truly forgiven.

Mitisha was glad to know her son got back his sense. Karan was also glad. Both were happy to send him to Mumbai, they knew they took the right decision. The only way to make Manik realize he doesn't love Soha was to keep him away from her and to their chance Nandini was also there.

Padma and Shashank too were really happy. Shashank took Manik as his child and he was happy to have him as his daughter's husband, he knew he'll keep her happy.

When Manik asked apologize in person, Padma had hugged him and cried her heart out. Only she knew how hard was to behave in front of him like he is unknown, her cried to hug him and shower her motherly love on him. Manik was really guilty to make all of them so much hurt. Manik too cried hugging them and promised himself to never hurt them.

Mitisha and Karan were also going to stay there as they have to the preparations for the engagement. Shreya and Arjun are like their own child, when Manik wasn't there, they all used to be with Karan an Mitisha, they supported them on every step.

In the night all went back to sleep peacefully expect Mukti and Abhimanyu, they were sitting on the couch in the sitting room. Mukti head was placed on Abhimanyu's chest and Abhimanyu's hand was placed around her waist.

"I thought, I'll get never your love" whispered Mukti

"why?" asked Abhimanyu with a frown

"because, I was never lucky to have someone's love. I was 4 when mom dad got divorced. I lived my grandma till 7 but then she passed away. Then I had to live two week with dad and then two week with mom. Mom and dad have married to someone else and had their own families, I was their second priority. No one loved me. They fulfilled my needs by money but their new family got their love." she said while getting sad.

Abhimanyu hugged her, he too felt his eyes getting teary to know through how much she went through. Without love, it's difficult to live. He kissed on her forehead and then made her look at him. "from now on, you'll get all the love you deserve" saying that he placed his lips on her and kissed her.

It was quick kiss but it turned into a passionate kiss as she responded him. Both sat there kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Abhimanyu was trying to take away all her pain, sorrow and was promising her to be by her side all his life, through happiness and sorrow.

Two days later, Dhruv was standing downstairs all ready to go on the venue were the engagement was organized. "Manik, do quick all are waiting, dude"

"yeah, yeah I am coming" he set his hair and then his collar. He was wearing the clothes that Nandini gifted him a day ago when they went on shopping. He was looking handsome in that blue jean with pink shirt.

He quickly picked up his his jacket and went down "sorry sorry..." he was stopped in the track looking at his princess. His mouth was wide open. He gasped.

Nandini looked him nervously, she was wearing that type of dress for the first time. "what happened?"

He came closer to her and after getting his breath normal "you are looking so beautiful, like an angel" he said in a dreamily tone. 

she was really looking beautiful in that white sari with pink border and light embroidery. She wearing minimal of make up and jewelery. In one word she was looking an angel, well to be precise 'Mani's Angel Nandu'.

She blushed listening that, only he has that power."Mani, you know, you are the one to make your Nandu alive"

"no Nandu, you are the one who gave me my life back, you are the one to make us alive" he said kissing on her forehead "where are the others?"

"All left, expect Cabir and Navya, we'll go with them"


He entangled his fingers in her and they made their way out. They sat in the car and Cabir started driving.

"You know Nandini...I told you Manik, two days ago that you love her" Cabir said

"yeah Cabir, it's only because of you that I realized what love is" confirmed Manik

"yeah Cabir thanks, if you had been here this tube light would have never realized what love is" said Nandini

"Nandini zyada zaroorat nahi hai iske side lene ki, isne bhi teri help li thi. Woh kiya naam tha book ka '101 way to propose a girl', tune hi di thi na isse" Navya said making fun of Cabir

Nandini chuckled remembering that "but that didn't work right?, the way which worked was his own"

"yeah, Right" added Cabir, proudly.

"yeah yeah" replied Navya sarcastically

"did you guys have a fight?" asked Manik realizing Navya is in a mood to strangle Cabir

Navya was about to say something but Cabir stopped her "No Manik, just usual"

Before they could continue more with the conversation, the car broke down "what happened to the car now, we'll surely get late. It's already 10PM" said Cabir

He came out and checked the car. It has some problem so they needed a car mechanic. So Cabir decided to go and search for a mechanic while Manik will stay back with the girls. After an hour he found a mechanic garage which was quite away from the car. So the mechanic took a car with them. They reached there in five minutes.

The mechanic started repairing the car, it had been like 40 minutes since he was repairing but both couples were unaware of the time. 

Cabir and Navya were sitting on rock which was a bit far from there "mujhe nahi baat karni tujhse" Navya said with a pout, like a baby

"I am sorry"


"acha acha, yeh lo"

She took the thing and jumped seeing "so you were just teasing me?"

"yeah, I just like to rile you, sorry" He said with a smile while hugging her.

Manik and Nandini were standing on the other side of the car. Manik's arms were wrapped around Nandini's waist and her hand were encircled around his neck. Manik was intensely staring at her "Mani"


"I am feeling cold"

"oh my baby is feeling cold" he said like a baby, he took his jacket out and covered her

"but Mani, like this you'll feel cold?" Nandini pointed out, she is ready to feel cold but not let him feel cold

"shh Nandu, I am ok, you just hug me if you don't want to make me cold" she shook her head with a smile and hugged him, he too tightened his hold. Both stayed in the same position, God knows for how long.

Both the couples came out from their romantic moment when they heard the mechanic "sir you car is repaired"

They went there and paid him. After that, they went to the venue and soon enough they reached at the venue...well not venue exactly "Cabir, why did we come at my home. Shouldn't we go on the venue?" asked Manik

"Actually, the engagement is going to take place here, now be quick" without giving them anytime, they grabbed them in. As soon as they entered they were covered with black.

"why is it all dark?" Nandini asked, she was feeling really scared


So here are the chapters 22,23,24,25, what is ur take?

I really hope you like the turn of the events.

So much happened in these chapters, do you think Manik deserved this?

About Natasha, if you ever find this name, please let me know which chapter, the character Soha was named Natasha first so you may find that name by mistake. Thanks.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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Amazing these chap were just awsome the way my tears were not stoping in first chaps and my happiness has no bound in last chaps.
 I guess manik and nandini are going to engage in next chap.

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Thank you sooo much...4 chapters!! Awesome and truly touching.. ...

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fantastic...amazing chapters...with lots of emotions...pains...truth revelation...understanding...true love..
u penned so beautifully and perfectly...manan scenes...especially manik's emotions and his break down was superb...u r an amazing and brilliant writer...
thanks a lot for the pm dear...
finally after so many struggles and hardships...manan united...!!!
continue soon
take care

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Awesome..23,24,25,26 U ROCKED IT..

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super updates...
continue soon...

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Posted: 12 July 2015 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
It was the bestest update till now
Thanks for PM
SORRY for not replying
I was stuck somewhere
let's leave this all
Wow finally MANAN came together
now waiting for nxt update 
to know about Engagement

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U updated 4 chapters... 
All of them r superb... 
The best part of all these updates was the lake scene in which manik reads nandu's diary and gets to know the truth and the scene whr manik apologise ' s in front of the whole colg... It was so emotional. ... 
And yes soha deserved that tight slap from nandu... 

The way u hve penned it its amazing ... 
Thnkzz 4 the pm... 
Eagerly waiting to know what's gonna happen at manik's house... 

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