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Thank you wonderful, my super awesome reader, you make my day, trust me. 
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So guys, here is the chapter 21. And this mainly because you guys are awesome, you make my day. My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 7 pages of comment and 100 likes on this chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter on tonight itself.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

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'I am coming Manik' said Soha looking at herself into the rear mirror with an evil smirk 'nobody can go way from me like this, unless I want'

Meanwhile, Soha made her way to Mumbai, something else was happening at Gupta mansion. Nandini, Manik and other member were sitting on the couch and watching the television. As the phone rang, she picked it up "hello"

"hello, Nandini, it's Shreya, how are you?"

She jumped with happiness "Oh My God, I am fine and How are you hun? it has been so long talking to you"

Manik was surprised listening the way she was talking so happily and the word which made his feel jealous was 'hun', he thought she was talking with a guy, he asked himself "why am I feeling jealous?'

Shreya smiled and told her "calm down, dear, I am fine. Acha listen, it's my engagement with Arjun in three days and I want you to come" she paused and continued "I know you wouldn't want to come here but baby come on, it's my engagement."

"Of course, I'll come Shreya, is this even a question to ask? I can't miss your engagement on any condition, by the way, Arjun jeeju ko 'hi' kehna meri taraf se oh and yeah stop blushing sweetheart," teased Nandini

Manik was so much shocked hearing this. She was talking to Shreya, he felt ashamed on himself remembering that day, he didn't only insult Nandini but also his other friends. He had broken ties with them. He was feeling like killing himself. The fact which made him feel such a bad guy was that he was living  in Delhi but not once he tried to contact with his friends. He was so lost in his new fake life that he forgot his friends.

He realized that so much happened after that day, he still couldn't forget the way Arjun and Shreya used to argue and Arjun always gave up at the end. Today he got to know they were going to get engaged. 'so much have changed with time yet they are still the same.'

"stop teasing me Nandini and yeah I want to see you here before tomorrow"

"ok, don't worry, we'll be there soon, take care, bye"

"you too take care, bye"

Nandini hung up the call and stoop up. She went in the middle and said excitedly "guys, It's Shreya and Arjun's engagement. We are leaving for Delhi in two hours. So go at your home, pack your stuff and come there with your luggage. I want to see here everybody in one and half hour" saying that she rushed in her room.

All went to their house or room and packed their stuff. Packing their stuff they followed Nandini's order and gathered in the hall. Padma and Shashank too joined them as they took Shreya and Arjun as their child and they could never miss their engagement. Shreya's parents had invited them too.

Soon enough, they left for Delhi in a mini bus. In the bus they were sitting like this: Padma- Shashank on the front left side then behind them were Navya-Cabir. On the right side, in the front Anurag-Abha were sitting together, behind them Alia-Dhruv and on the back seats there were four seats together. Manik, Nandini, Abhimanyu and Mukti were sitting together.

On the other side, Soha entered in Mumbay, but reaching there she realized that she isn't even aware of the place and address where he is leaving. She parked her car and hit her head "how stupid can you be Soha?" she cursed herself.

Suddenly an idea stuck in her mind "I can go to his university and I also know the address...YES" she jumped like she got a victory. She started driving again and she was in front of the university, to her luck there was a man cleaning the university from outside. She came out went to him "excuse me"

The man looked at her and asked "ji, batayi mein kaise apki madat kar sakta houn"

"kiya mein andher ja sakti houn?"

"sorry ma'am, university band hai, do hafton ke liye"

"can I at least talk to the administrator?" asked Soha impatiently

"no ma'am, everyone is on holidays" 

She thought for a while and then she thought to ask him about Manik but refrain herself thinking 'How would this sweeper know his adress, this guard is just an idiot' "ok then at least can you tell me when will the university open?"

"Batay na ma'am do hafton mein" He looked at his wristwatch "abhi mera ghar jaane ka time hogaya hai, bye" saying that he started leaving.

She was frustated over the limit, nothing was happening as she has planned. She went toward her car and kicked the tyre then the next second she howled in pain and rubbed it. Cursing Manik she sat in the car. As she sat she couldn't help but hit hand on the steering "shit!! now how do I meet Manik? I even don't know where he lives? his phone number isn't working. Morever, I can even wait here for two week as I have classes on Monday and at no condition I can miss that." she looked toward the university and said "don't worry Manik, I'll be back and I know I won't lose, never" saying that to herself she drove to a hotel.

She decided to stay in hotel and then leave in the morning as she was really tired.

At the time when Soha made her way toward the hotel. The other entered in Delhi. Nandini closed her eyes and engulfed the tasty smell.

Manik also felt content to come back, the only reason wasn't to come back but to be with Nandini. He felt always happy when Nandini is by his side.

Now that he was back, maybe he would find the reason behind this. He felt ashamed to ask it to Nandini but he should ask Ishika, or even Soha. He had to find the truth and along that, end this relation.

"By the way, where are you going to stay?" asked Manik

"WE are all staying in Shreya's house" replied Nandin, giving him the message that he was to be there. She wanted him to see all that he had lost.

"oh ok"

After few hours, the bus stopped in front of a bungalow. If Manik could remember well then it was Shreya's house. Manik thought 'nobody has changed with time but I had changed. Three years back in a bad guy and now again I am changing and I can feel I am changing in a better human.'

All came out from the bus and entered in the house. Nandini pressed on the door bell. Soon the door opened and Shreya was standing there with her mouth wide open. Nandini ran to her and hugged her tight. Shreya too hugged her. 

By then Shreya's parent too came and welcomed everybody. Shreya already knew everybody, she took blessing of Shashank and Padma, hugged the girls and said hi to the guys. She was quite surprised to see Manik here but didn't make a scene out of that, he was Shashank uncle's guest but she was worried for Nandini. 

Although, She was aware he was leaving with Nandini as Nandini has told her but never expected to see him here. She didn't know how to behave with him. And seeing him in flesh, she was a bit concerned for Nandini athough she knew she was a strong woman.

Manik was happy to see her, she hadn't changed a bit, she was still the same.

"Hi Manik"

"you already know him?" asked Cabir

"Yeah..We used to be..." she looked at Manik and remembered that day "... in the same college"

"oh ok" said Cabir but Manik was hurt hearing this but then he told himself 'you broke all your ties with them and now you are the one who will have to make everything ok'

"Ok, now have dinner and then Shreya will show you your room" said Shreya's mom.

Everybody sat on the dining table and had dinner. 

After that Shreya said "guys, come I'll show you your room". She showed everybody their room. All single boys were in the same room, the room was really big. And the single girls including Shreya in the same room. Their room were on the upper floor. The house had a lot of the other rooms but they preferred to share the rooms for more fun.

All went to take a short nap. As Manik was sleeping he again got Nandini's dreams. All he was dreaming about from quite a long time was dreams of him with Nandini or of Nandini.

He suddenly woke up as something heavy get placed on his leg and it hurt him. He opened his eyes and found Cabir's leg on his leg. He gently took away Cabir's leg and tried to sleep again but sleep was nowhere near him so he stood up and went to the window.

He stood their contemplating the beauty of outside. From the window he could have a view of the garden. He still remember the time, all the friends spend there. He realized only because of him, his friend went away from him. 

As the window was opened, he could see his face in it and it was full with tears. His eyes fall on the locket which was still around his neck. 'Nandini, Nandu is still with me, I will never take this away from me never', he took hold of the locket - tears were still streaming down - and he kissed it.

Then he laid back, he was feeling very light realizing that it was his fault for all this. Soon he fall asleep and again lost in a dreamland of his and Nandinis.

In the early morning, Soha woke up and taking her stuff she left. Since past few months she was really stressed over the fact that Manik ignoring her and she couldn't let him go easily. 

She sat in her car and took out her planning calendar, she has holidays in two weeks so she thought 'I'll be there again Manik and this time no one would be able to stop me' she smirked to herself and started driving.

On the other side, Manik lazily opened his eyes and kept laying there. As he noticed his surrounding, he realized that he was at Shreya's house and he had a lot to make up for. He looked around for the guys but found no one there. Then his eyes fall on the clock and it was noon 'it has been so long that I had been sleeping'. He stoop up and went to take a shower. After he came out he went down.  

He was still on the stairs when he saw Abhimanyu and Nandini sharing a chocolate. The scene he saw in front of him made him have mix feelings. At first he was feeling was jealous to see them and at the end hurt and sad and something like acidity.

He couldn't control himself and went back to his room. He didn't know what was happening to him. He touched his cheek and realized he was crying seeing them together. He was still lost in his thought when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He wiped his tears and looked back. "Cabir"

"yeah, what happened? you left suddenly"

"Nothing Cabir"

"come on man you can't lie to me" he said while sitting on the bed

"Cabir, you love Navya, Right?" asked Manik looking at Cabir

"Yeah, I love her a lot" replied Cabir in a matter of fact

"What is love?"

"Manik, Love can't be defined exactly in words...But yeah, in love you feel different...you feel like doing more for that person than yourself...seeing that person smile or making that person smile make your day bright...that person's tears make you hurt...when you hurt that person you feel you are the most bad person on the earth you just feel like killing yourself...when that person is close to you, is beside you, you feel like you are the luckiest person on the world...seeing that person with someone else you feel jealous, your blood boiled... Manik all this are few symptoms of love, the rest you'll know by yourself." Cabir told him from his experience

"Cabir" Cabir heard Navya's voice

"Haan Nanvya" he shouted back

"come down, please"

"ok wait" he turned Manik and saw him lost. He thought to leave him alone.

"If what Cabir told is true then that means, I have never loved Soha as I always have loved Nandini and still do. I feel like doing for Nandini more than myself. Seeing her smile make my day bright. Seeing her crying or hurt make me also hurt, I also feel like crying" 

He still remember that day when He has slapped Nandini. It hurts him and he truly felt like killing himself for that, tears came out from his eyes thinking about that "yeah, I also feel like killing myself and feel ashamed knowing that she cried and was hurt because of me. When she is close to me, I feel I am the luckiest person on the earth. I promise you I will never hurt you Nandu.

He remembered the time when he saw Nandini and Abhimanyu together and quite close "yes seeing her with someone else makes my blood boiled, I feel jealous a lot" Realizing all that his confusion fade away, he now realized that he always loved her "Yes I love her" confessing that to himself, he felt a lot lighter. While confessing he had a wide smile with cute dimples. 

He thought to go to Nandini and confess, he came out from his room in excitement and went toward the hall but she wasn't there. 'maybe she'll be in her room' thought Manik and made his way there. He was all the way smiling and really excited.

As he reached in front of girls room he found the door ajar so he thought to open it but stopped seeing and hearing something shocking. His smile and  excitement  faded away and he stood their shocked with tears coming out. He was just not able to believe the scene in front of his eyes.

To be continued...

So here is the chapter 21, what is ur take?

Just for reminder, I know some feel the story is going slow but the thing is, the Soha part is the ultimate twist of the story and so you will have to wait, till then enjoy MaNan. ;)

About Natasha, if you ever find this name, please let me know which chapter, the character Soha was named Natasha first so you may find that name by mistake. Thanks.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

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Love u all<333

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loved the update
cont soon
wat shocking he heared wanna knw soon

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Fab update
Nicely written
Cont soon

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loved it..
Embarrassed Embarrassed
manik realise that he loves nandini...omg omg..its gona b too interesting..
Bt lst prt..its a suspens...wht he sees..
Bt bst is soha didn't got his address.. Wink
Dam gd update..

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Awesome wonderfully written
Continue soon

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Wow fantabulous totally awesome superbly written

Now he is getting too much jealous of the fact whenever Nandu uses endearments he dint like it as if he only wants her to use it for him only and he dreams about her only or being with her. He doesn't care about anything else now

Thank god that stupid soha missed them and they all left before she comes but they will come face to face in Delhi now so fireworks and all

Oh god finally he realised and accepted that he always have and is in love with his Nandu and nobody else now after realization he is on 7th sky and wants to confess to her but what he saw he couldn't bear it

Can't wait long for it continue asap please

Thanks for pm

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fab update dr.
bt wat was dat he hd seen wich he cudn't bear.
eagerly waitng.
cntnue asap.

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Thanks for the pm
Nice update. So finally this Soha is back again, I think we have to give her a closure soon. Now Manik has realised his mistake and why is he crying at the end his suspense is killer.. Poor manik waiting for next chapter

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