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FF- MaNan- TuMeraArmaanHai/U R My Desire-LinkThread2 Pg1/151(7/8/15) (Page 106)

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Waiting.  waiting    waiting   waiting ...
PLZZ update the next part soon yaar I am waiting for it plz

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Waiting for next update...

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Waiting for update..

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I know I really am late but as you already know Ramadan is going on and we had aftari at our place yesterday, so had no time on laptop at all. I am here now<3

I am feeling so good by the response, thank a loads guys for being with me and so supportive, it really means a lot to me. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4376187)

I will update the next chapter soon, in few minutes hopefully.

Keep loving MaNan and my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3 

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Loads of love<333

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PlZz update the next part fast and plzz make it a lengthy one plzz

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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BANNER is on page 93, don't forget to check it out<3

Thank you wonderful, my super awesome reader, you make my day, trust me. 

Please watch, like, comment and subscribe to my channel there, guys, you can make my life easier by doing this.

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBF*L7cv8baXrXM7-HHZrw

Please, please, please, do watch it as much times as you can, see the ads and help me out, since I want to keep writing.

So guys, here is the chapter 19A. And this mainly because you guys are awesome, you make my day. My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 7 pages of comment and 100 likes on this chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter on tonight itself.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

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He laid on the bed with a plop, he was confused, he didn't know what was happening to him. While dancing they always were so close, her breath was making him crazy, she smelled so good 'what is happening to you Manik? she is your friend, that too just a cordial one.' 

He was really shocked on his thought 'dude what have you started thinking?, control yourself'. Nowadays, whenever he was with Nandini, he just got lost in another world. He couldn't point out what was happening to him. He was feeling acidity.

To relax himself, he closed his eyes and took a deep sigh, all he saw appearing in his mind was her face. He quickly opened his eyes and and thought "Why am I seeing her everywhere? what's happening to me?"

His trail of thought was broken as he heard a beautiful voice, Nandini's voice, her voice was like music to his ear. "Manik...Manik what are you doing?"

He raised his eyes and looked at her "nothing, I was just thinking..." he was at lost of words, how was he supposed to tell her that he was thinking of nothing but only about her from the time the competition started and It had been three weeks to that.

While revising for exams, all he saw in the books was her face, while doing exams, he saw her face on the papers, while watching television, he saw her there. She was everywhere.

His thoughts were again interrupted by her voice "Manik, don't tell me your getting nervous?"

"hmmm...actually yes" he wasn't lying at all

She looked at him shocked "come on Manik, you have done dance performance before too, this is not your first time" 

It's their dance competition's day today, they have still 8 hours before the competition.

"I know, but It has been like 3 years that I hadn't danced so I am just a bit nervous", It had been about three years that he hadn't danced, till three weeks back, the last time he danced was when Nandini was with him, the very same day when he proposed Soha. Onward that day, his life has changed in worse and now his life was coming back to the right track. He has stopped clubbing, smoking and drinking. It was like coming here, he got a new life. 

He had even seen Padma Aunty caring about him, he still remembered how he felt unwell after the first day practices. They called the doctor, Manik had looked at him with amazement as he reminded his dad in his mid fifties. He had checked Manik and said 'he is feeling this way because he used to drink and smoke about few months ago and as he has stopped and even did dance practices, he was just feeling unwell and dizzy, but he will be soon perfect and yeah son listen one thing clearly, if you want the person you love to cry for you and if you don't care for them then continue smoking and drinking as you are only causing them pain making them see you in this condition.' 

At this Manik had lowered his head, as he really understood what the doctor meant. He had hurt his parents even Padma, Nandini and his other friends. He had seen pain in their eyes. He was feeling so shameful on that day, that he swore to never touch alcohol or cigarette again. 

But that wasn't the only think which made him guilty it was Nandini. He still remember that day.

Once everyone left for lunch or to bring lunch for Manik, Nandini stayed with him. "Manik, I never expected you to be like this. You are not the person who used to be my friend you have changed, changed a lot. Have you thought about Mitisha Aunty and Karan uncle. How they must be leaving knowing their son has become an..Chi..I feel even ashamed to say this, how could you do this?" she said with pain. 

Manik knew she still hadn't forgiven him for the dreadful day bit he knew she still cared for him."I am sorry, I promise, I won't do that again, It was just I was trying to forget you, I was trying not to remember you" he confessed why he did that

"Manik, I don't know if you succeeded to forget me, but yeah in this process you forgot yourself, who you truly are. You know what that day not only Nandu died but her Mani died too...You know what if I saw you again smoking or drinking, I will kill you on the spot."

Listening Nandini, made his eyes welled up, he realized that he killed both Nandu and Mani on that day and he couldn't deny that. He was really guilty and sad to make the person close to him hurt and that too because of him. He just realized that Soha never stopped him instead she encouraged him, she took him in the clubs, made him drank. He was so happy that Nandini was talking with authority on him. He hold his ears, with tears coming, and said cutely "I am sorry, I promise, I will never touch alcohol or cigarette."

"Pakka promise?" she brought her hand forward.

"Pakka promise" he put his hand on hers and he felt a shiver ran down through his spine. She then wiped his tears with a tissue paper and on the same time Abhimanyu entered with a tray of food along other friends.

During that time, Padma took complete care of him along Nandini and other friends. When he would be sleeping, he knew Padma was there, checking if he was alright. He could feel her presence. He was able to walk and dance but Nandini took care not to make him work hard as he was still weak. He recovered all his energy in two weeks and he was able to practice for more than two-three hours.

He was really happy with all the changes in his life. Nandini was staring at him with a smile then she ruffled his hairs, he looked at her pout and fixed his hairs again. Nandini chuckled seeing this. She sat next to him and hold his hand "Manik you don't need to be nervous, I know you and I trust you. Moreover, I'll be there with you"

"Nandini you still trust me?" he whispered sadly

"I do...I do for this" Said Nandini calmly and emphasizing on FOR THIS. Manik nodded getting the meaning, his head lowered, he knew she trusted him for the dance, only.

"I'll try my best not to break your remaining trust on me" Said Manik, he has almost lost her trust and he doesn't want to lose the rest instead he wants to have it all back.

She nodded and with that she said "come on Manik, let's do once more the practice."

"Ok...just give me five minutes" said Manik, gesturing with his hand.

"Ok I'll wait for you in the Gym" saying that she left

While Manik and Nandini were happy someone on the other side of India was all enraged to no limits, she was sitting in her room, all frustrated, pressing hard on the screen of the phone, she pressed dialed and waited but all she got to hear was 'the number you are trying isn't available'

"Not available, Not available... Damn shit, how can he do that?" She was really annoyed, her mobile rang again, she thought it was Manik as she looked at the called she got sad, she picked the phone and said "hi Ishika, how are you?"

"Hi Soha, I am fine, you tell, how is going life?"

"great you tell?"

"hmm actually, I need some money" said Ishila hesitantly

Soha sighed, she couldn't even refuse her, as she knew her biggest secret "how much?"

"Ten lack!"

"Ten lack??? are you kidding?" Soha was shocked

"Yeah, my dad is in  hospital, so I need money for the operation" said Ishika

"Hmm, come and take the money by evening."

After cutting the call, she tried for the hundred time Manik's number he wasn't picking it up. It has been one month since they talked.

She was getting frustrated, not because she truly loved him but because she believed he was hers. She possessed him. She didn't know what to do. It was out of question that she would ask Manik's parents, she knew they hate her. She had to find a solution and that too soon.

He twirled her and placed his hand on her stomach from the back, she placed her hand on his hand. He didn't know when and why but he was caressing her stomach. As soon as he realized what he was doing he composed himself and twirled her again. She was now facing him. She placed her right hand behind his neck and her left hand in his hand. His other hand was securely placed on her waist. Both kept on dancing looking into each others eyes. 

After a while, "Ok Manik, we are ready now and more practices will cause us to get more nervous or body injuries," Said Nandini while wiping her sweat.

"I agree" said Manik also wiping his sweat and staring at her. She looked so adorable even while sweating. He actually thought 'nah, Manik, Nandini hamesha hi achi lagti hai bas tune kabhi note nahi kiya.'

"So I suggest to go and have lunch and then take rest. We'll meet up in four hours in the hall, after that we'll directly go to the hall where competition is organized and we'll get ready there itself."

"Ok" he said but then as he remembered something he asked "by the way Nandini you know what I am wearing, you have seen it" he paused and looked at her and then asked like a kid "but what are you wearing?"

"Something you have never seen me wearing" she winked and left him

He was left confused "In what I have never seen her?" he questioned himself with a frown, he scratched his jaw and thought 'Manik don't be tensed, you'll get the know when time will come" but he was really curious to know it.

To be continued in few hours...

So here is the chapter 19A, what is ur take?

Just for reminder, I know some feel the story is going slow but the thing is, the Soha part is the ultimate twist of the story and so you will have to wait, till then enjoy MaNan. ;)

About Natasha, if you ever find this name, please let me know which chapter, the character Soha was named Natasha first so you may find that name by mistake. Thanks.
I corrected Prem's name too, which is Abhi.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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awesome part nxt part fast plsSmile

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Nice update. But I am confused that nandini still loves manik or not.

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