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FF- MaNan- TuMeraArmaanHai/U R My Desire-LinkThread2 Pg1/151(7/8/15) (Page 100)

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Plz update fast m waiting 

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Dude..kashisk.. Stop liking all the impatient ppl's rants and upload already!!!! Please..!!!
Its a sin to keep all the good for urself !!!!
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Update karna next part plzz 
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Update next part yaar please .

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BANNER is on page 93, don't forget to check it out<3

Thank you wonderful, my super awesome reader, you make my day, trust me. 

Please watch, like, comment and subscribe to my channel there, guys, you can make my life easier by doing this.

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBF*L7cv8baXrXM7-HHZrw

Please, please, please, do watch it as much times as you can, see the ads and help me out, since I want to keep writing.

So guys, here is the chapter 18. And this mainly because you guys are awesome, you make my day. My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 7 pages of comment and 100 likes on this chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter on tonight itself.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

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"I was thinking to do on slow romantic song" as he finished, he looked toward her face and frowned. Unure

A whole minute passed, she was looking straight and lost somewhere. Manik was still looking at her face, her face expressions were so unusual, he was afraid 'what if she refuse? What if she got offended?'

"Oh My God"

This sentence made him came out from his trail of thought, and he looked at her with a worried expression. 

"You know Abhimanyu and I danced on the romantic dances only, so why not keep the record," she gave him a hug excited.

He felt sullen at first on the mention of Abhimanyu but the hug, it felt so good, like he was in heaven. Her perfume and her own smell was mixed making it more sensuous and so good, he tried to engulf all the smell in him. He had never felt like that but he now he is feeling that and he found this feeling so good.

"Oh My God, Oh My God, Manik, that's superb, it will be too good, mind blowing buddy" she said that moving out of the hug and he too came back to earth

"Thanks" he replied politely with a wide smile as he was happy to see her happy and being like this.

"So do you have any song in your mind?" asked Nandini

"Hmmm actually yes" he looked at her and as he got a sign to continue so he said "I was thinking about Jee le from You Me Aur Hum"

He found her scratching her head, he knew she was thinking something "I think that is perfect" she too agreed "So we should start, how about we warm up before the dance practice?" she suggested and he agreed with a nod, too thrilled that she agreed with his idea.

Nandini put a slow music and they did slow steps and then they went on going from easy to difficult. Manik was amazed to see her steps, the way she moved her hips and the way she managed her body so fluidly. It was not that she was the best but her every move were making him crazy, she did them simply yet beautifully with grace and no extra show off or vulgarity in her dance moves.

As they end up with the warm up, they stopped for a minute. Then Nandini went toward the music system and started searching the CD amidst all the CDs, Manik too joined her. After few seconds they were still trying to find the CD, Manik just took his hand further to pick the CD to check it contents but before he could Nandini took it. There hands touched for a moment which send an electricity in Manik's body.

He looked at her and saw her still engrossed in searching the CD, she was making cute faces while searching the CD in which there was the song they were searching for, suddenly she shouted in joy "YEAH, mil gaya" she quickly insert the CD in the music system and putting the track 6 she paused it.

"Ok Manik, we will just do it just with the flow and then we will work on our weak and good points"

He just nodded with a smile and played the song. Manik held her hand and pulled her toward him, swirling her, smooth moment, a velvety veer.

It has been an hour that Mukti and Abhimanyu both were dancing but now Mukti wasn't able to do th step. Abhimanyu went to him and said "No Mukti, do it naturally, you don't need to be nervous" he on the same time showered her the step

Mukti was getting nervous, because she was dancing with a male who also happened to be a guy she liked more than friend.

"come on let's try one again" he said holding her hand "and just look in my eyes... nothing else... forget everything... this world... the people... everything... just remember me" his tone intense, that she was dazzled.

She too held his hand back and looked in his gorgeous dark brown eyes. In no time she was lost in them and the steps came by themselves. Soon the song finished and she still was looking in his eyes and he in her eyes.

Manik and Nandini both moved in harmony, it seemed like they were doing the practices from years, all their moves were in coordination. 

Manik could feel a sparkle in their dance, there was something different but he couldn't pin point. Something so tantalizing, hypnotizing and sensual.

They kept on dancing, swirling and rotating and all their steps matched. Their eyes were locked with each other. 

Manik twirled her out to the left which caused her to move out of his embrace and as he turned her in she bumped in his chest. He was staring lovingly on her face but he was unknown to this fact. Nandini kept dancing and they just did the steps as they felt. 

Both Mukti and Abhimanyu came out from the eye-lock as they heard claps. They looked from the voice came and saw Cabir, Navya, Alia and Dhruv

"wow guys, that was so brilliant" said Alia.

"Ek dum rocking,"  Cabir sair with flapping his hand horizontally.

"Yup guys, your guys chemistry was just too too good" added Dhruv

"And specially when you lifted her and she was still looking in your eyes, I mean it was just so natural" said Navya, in her ever so cheerful tone.

"Navya, I think it was natural, both were really lost in each other's eyes" Cabir teased them and then continued "what's going on man?" he winked at him

"No Cabir, there isn't anything like this" said Abhimanyu, breaking Mukti's heart in million pieces, she was hurt but she controlled herself, her tears on the edge but she held them back, wasn't that what she had been doing all her life? She always controlled her emotions and now she was quite expert in it.

All smiled and said "come on let's go and see what Manik and Nandini are doing" said Navya

"Ok then Mukti, we will continue our practice tomorrow ok?" he informed but also asked her

"Ok" she said politely

"guys, now let's go" said Alia

All made their way toward the gym and saw Manik and Nandini but to their bad luck they were already done

"Hey guys you already packed up?" asked Cabir

"Hmm yeah we got tired and moreover we have three weeks to get prepared" said Manik, who was really tired. 

"You are right Manik and I think one or two hour per day are enough" added Nandini.

"Dosto I was thinking that why not we watch the competition where Abhimanyu and Nandini performed?" asked Navya.

"actually nice Idea" said Dhruv, he said with a smirk. He had seen the chemistry between the both couples and he hoped to jealousy on both sides, hopefully there would be a positive outcome.

"Ok guys, then let us changed and we meet up in the home theatre room" said Abhimanyu.

Cabir, Dhruv, Navya and Alia went in the theater room whereas Manik and Nandini went to take a quick shower. Abhimanyu and Mukti were still there. Abhimanyu knew she was in a deep thought

"what happened?" asked Abhimanyu

"Where am I going to change?" she asked innocently

"In my room"

She looked at him with horror and said "no."

"come on you just go take a shower whilst I'll wait in the hall" said Abhimanyu with a smile, he knew that will reassure her, she agreed and went in Abhimanyu's room while Abhimanyu sat in the hall. And as she came out he went to take shower.

After 10 minutes all were sitting in the home theater expect Abhimanyu, who also joined them quickly and he sat next Nandini. Nandini put the CD and coming back she sat next to Abhimanyu. Manik was sitting on Nandini's other side.

It was there last year's dance competitions video. Abhimanyu and Nandini were dancing just too good and they were quite close, their chemistry was really great, no doubt why they win.

Seeing them like this made Manik's blood boil, he was feeling jealous, he was burning in fire. Never had he felt like this before, she was his best friend, she was his closest friend once upon a time and he hoped they'd be best friends again. Right now, they were nothing more than just cordial friends, then why was he feeling like this for her?

He wasn't able to see the video anymore "guys, I have to make an important call, I'll join you guys in a while" said Manik and then he went to the garden.

"Manik what's happening to you, come on man take breath in breath out" he said to himself "yeah feeling nice now" after that he thought 'should I join them or go in my room and rest?' 'hmm I think the later option is better'

He went on his room and laid on his bed.

Here in the home theater they were still looking at their videos and Mukti was sitting there but looking everywhere expect the video, their closeness made her feel that she was nothing in Abhimanyu's life 'Mukti if he doesn't love you than it's ok, nobody has loved you till today' she thought and quickly wiped the tear which came out from her eyes.

As the dance performance CD ended, all noticed Manik wasn't still back "where has Manik left?" asked Alia

"Hmm don't know, come we'll check where he is?" said Nandini and all stood up.

They checked in the garden but he wasn't there so they decided to check the house. Nandini went in his room to check. As she opened the door, she found him sleeping on the bed. He was still wearing his shoes and he was smiling cutely, his hair were all messed up.

After a while, all the gang joined Nandini and they found Manik sleeping. They found quite cute the way he was sleeping, all spread on the bed. Dhruv made a comment "I wonder where his wife is going to sleep if he takes that much place?"

"On him," Cabir joked and he hi-fived with Dhruv.

Abhimanyu rolled his eyes. "Why don't you ask this question to Manik by yourself when he wake up?" suggested Abhimanyu.

"actually not a bad idea" replied Dhruv

Cabir took out his mobile and seeing that Mukti asked "what are you doing?"

"taking the sleeping beauty's photo" he took a photo and said "he looks like a baby"

"guys we should let him sleep, he must be tired after the dance practice" said Nandini

"yeah" said Abhimanyu and everybody left him.

They were in the corridor when Cabir said "guys me and Navya are going out and I'll drop her after the dinner"

"Hmm actually..." started Dhruv but was interrupted by Nandini

"Actually you are also going out with Alia, right?" said Nandini in serious tone

He nodded his head and then shook it "hmm yes...I mean... no...I mean..."

"I mean yes," Abhimanyu replied for him, "you go and why are you stammering?" said Abhimanyu while teasing him, then Nandini hi-fived Abhimanyu

Mukti was amused to see Abhimanyu and Nandini liked this. Soon Cabir, Navya, Dhruv and Alia took a leave and the couple went to the different places.

"Abhimanyu, Nandini, I think I should also leave"

"no Mukti, have dinner with us then Abhimanyu will drop you, right Abhimanyu?"

"of course Nandini"

Mukti smiled seeing how he obeyed what Nandini said, she admired their bond. She wished, even she could share such bond with him.

"ok now I am tired, come Mukti let's go in my room we should also take some rest and Abhimanyu you too take some rest, I know you must be damn tired"

"as you wish" saying that he left to his room and Nandini, Mukti went in Nandini's room and they talked a bit and then a took a nap.

All were awake by the dinner time and the dinner was all set. Everybody was on the table including Nandini parent's, Anjali, Atul, Abhimanyu and Mukti. Navya was on date with Cabir and Alia with Dhruv.

"Arre where is Manik?" asked Shashank, he has started to like Manik

"dad he was sleeping but I guess he hasn't woken up yet" said Nandini

"ok then Nanhi go and wake him up, it's dinner time now, tell him to sleep when he is done with eating" he said with a smile

Nandini nodded and went to wake him up, she opened the door and called his name "Manik, Manik" but her calling were to no notice here. So she went to him and shook him, he soon woke up.

"huh haan what happened?" he asked rubbing his eyes, feeling feverish.

"nothing apart that I was trying to wake you up from the past few minutes."

"Sorry I didn't get to know you were calling me, by the way what's the time?" asked Manik, rubbing his eyes, looking so nave.

"8 PM"

"Oh My God, it has been so long that I was sleeping" he stood up but then sat down and held his head

She saw him holding his head so she went to him and asked "what happened?"

"My head is aching" he said like a baby

"Manik don't worry it might be because of all the practice, wait I'll bring pain killer for you" She went out of the room to bring the medicine

Manik felt so touched and cared, seeing Nandini doing this for him even after everything, his thought went on a incident which happened 6 months ago.

He parked his car at Soha's house, he entered as Ramu kaka opened the door. As he was in the hall he saw her sitting on the couch making her nails

"My head is aching badly"

"why don't you take some medicine, wait, Ramu Kaka"

Ramu kaka came in the hall "give Manik some painkiller for head" she ordered the servant and continued making her nails.

He couldn't believe he was so blind to see that she didn't care for her 'Manik she loves you but doesn't know how to show it' he was really confused but he decided to listen his heart which told him not to listen his brain and he exactly did that

Soon Nandini came with a glass of water and aspirin, she put it in his hand. As he put the medicine in his mouth she handed him the water which he gulped all in once.

As he handed her the glass, his eyes were fixed at her 'Manik you have hurt her so much but still she is caring for you so much. Shame on you.' 

"Manik you rest here, I will bring the food here" saying that she left

He laid on his bed and thought 'I felt so bad seeing Abhimanyu in my place how would Nandini have felt seeing Soha taking all my time? My priority? She must be really hurt but she never complained. All I was told that day was the truth or is there something more to the truth?'

He soon came from his thought as he saw Nandini, Mukti and Abhimanyu coming with his and their food trays. They too ate with him and then they left as he needed some rest, he was really tired from all days activity which caused him fall asleep soon with thoughts wandering in his mind still.

to be continued...

So here is the chapter 18, what is ur take?

Just for reminder, I know some feel the story is going slow but the thing is, the Soha part is the ultimate twist of the story and so you will have to wait, till then enjoy MaNan. ;)

About Natasha, if you ever find this name, please let me know which chapter, the character Soha was named Natasha first so you may find that name by mistake. Thanks.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

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Love u all<333

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loved ur update..
too gd..
like alwz u rockss..

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Hmmm I am loving it..!!
I wish everything sort out soon between MaNan :)

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Amazing update plzz try to update on time and thank u for the pm and also pm me

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