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SidNi 5S: A Fantasy Wedding (Epilogue pg 42) *25/07* (Page 7)

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'Every story is beautiful but ours is my favourite!'

"Kitna kaam pada hai and tum ho ki yahan baith kar cold drink pi rahe ho? Kesar main na tumhe yahi gaadh dungi agar engagement mein kuch bhi gadbad hui." said DD.

{how much work is left and u r sitting here drinking cold drink? I will bury u Kesar if anything goes wrong in the engagement.}

"Yeh toh mujhe maar hi daalengi DD ke aashirwad se." said Kesar and ran for his life to make the sagaai of his beloved Roshni and his lovely Jamai Siddharth perfect.

{ She will kill me for sure taking DD's blessings}

"Durga kyun aaj ke din bhi chidi hui hai? Thoda chill kar!" sai Nani joking with her.

{Durga why are u so worked up? Just chill}

"Ma please waise hi itna kaam hai. Agar ye kaam nahi hua toh chill ka toh pta nahi but pill zarur khani pad jayengi." said DD.

{ mom please the work is so much . If this work does not get done i don't know about chilling but i will have to take pills for sure}

"DD's take a chill-pills." said Resham making Nani laugh and Durga glare at her.

"Isko chod kaun deta hai idhar udhar?" asked DD irritatingly.

{who leaves her here}

"Arre itne bade bade kaam kiye hain isne!" said Nani sarcastically.

{oh ho she has done such big works}

"Haan haan kyun nahi? Kal hi inhone bahut badi detective banke do choron ko pakda hai!" said DD mocking.

 {ya ya why not? Yesterday only she became a detective n caught two thieves}

"Haha bahut badhiya nahi , un do choron ne isko chakma de diya!" said Nani laughing.

{ haha no no she got tricked by those two thieves}

DD shook her head at what her mom was saying and remembered the previous night of the Tilak ceremony!


"Kamaal hai. Ye kaisa rule hai sasumom? Why can't I meet my hone wali dharam patni?" asked Siddharth in an irritating tone.

{its awesome.. What is this rule sasumom? Why can't i meet my to-be wife}

"Tum kabhi mujhe irritate karna band karoge?" she asked irritated to the core.

{will u stop irritating me some day}

Siddharth shook his head negatively at full speed.

"Zara sar bacha lo nikal hi na jaaye phir tumse shaadi kaun karega?" DD retorted.

{ just take care of your head or it will fall off. Then who will marry u?}

"Aapki beti!" said Siddharth smirking and went away seeing Roshni going.

{ ur daughter}

"Resham aur Kesar , Siddharth aur Roshni par nazar rakhna kahin bhi milen na wo!" said DD warning.

{ resham and kesar keep a watch on Siddharth  and Roshni  they should not meet}

"But why's DD?" asked Resham foolishly.

"Kesar please apni dumb biwi ko kuch toh samjha do!" said DD leaving them alone.

{ kesar please make ur dumb wife understand}

"Resham tum na marwaogi kisi din DD ke aashirwad se!" said Kesar.

{Resham u will make me die someday taking DD's blessings}

"Hum engagement kal hi kar lein toh better hoga hai na?" asked Beeji to nani.

{What if we do engagement tomorrow only}

"Par kal itni jaldi mein sab kuch?" asked DD and Simran supported her saying "Ji beeji bahut jaldi ho jayega na sab. Kuch dino baad?" 

{ but tomorrow in such a hurry? Ya beeji it will be too early. After some days?}

"Nahi nahi kal hi hogi. Bache bichare kitna alag rahenge?" said Nani concerned.

{no no tomorrow only it will take place. How long will the kids stay away from each other}

"Haan haan bhai bas kal hi hoga!" ordered Beeji.

{ya ya now it will be tomorrow}

"Changa beeji!" said Raj smiling at her.

{ok beeji}

"Aap chinta na kariye kuch bhi help chahiye hogi toh hum kar denge." said Raj to DD.

{u dont worry if u need any help then we will help}

DD just passed him a smile in return.

"Siddharth kya kar rahe ho?" Roshni questioned seeing him bolting the door.
{Siddharth what are u doing}
"Apni hone wali biwi se milne aaya hun.." ,he said kissing her on her cheeks and was going to claim her lips when she kept her palm on his hand and moved back.
{Come to meet my future wife}
"For your information beeji has said not to meet before wedding." she said answering his questioning gazes.
"And u think I'll follow them?" he said kissing her hands and pulling her closer.
She shook her head listening to him and slightly blushing!
"And moreover do u want to follow them?" he asked leaning closer to her.
Both were lost in each other when they heard a knock on the door.

"Roshni's are u insides?" asked Resham.

Siddharth shook his head saying he doesnt want to go.

"Uh chachi wo main naha rahi thi fresh ho rahi thi. Aap jao main thodi der mein aati hun." said Roshni trying to spend some time alone with Siddharth.

{uh chachi i was bathing getting fresh. U go i'll come in some time.}

"Okays!" said Resham from outside and went away.

"Uh huh kya baat hai naha rahi ho? Chalo jhooth nahi bolte hain Roshni lets go n bath." he said mischeveously.

{uh huh wow bathing? Lets not tell lies Roshni lets go n bath}

"What?" asked Roshni more than shocked.

"Aur kya let's  go." he said still teasing her.

{ what let's go}

"Ok haan chalo chalo!" she said tugging at his hand taking him to the bathroom.

{ok ok let's go}

'Smart to main bhi hoon Siddharth ..I can clearly see u r teasing me so now my turn. After all I am Roshni Siddharth Khurrana. Oops not yet!' she thought n smiled.

Siddharth was just shocked but decided to make his acting n teasing all real.

He took her underneath the shower and opened it.
Now Roshni was shocked.

"Siddharth how could u? Pagal ho kya? Shit!" blabbered Roshni.

Siddharth could see she was speaking but could hear nothing. She was looking breath-taking and irresistible to him with the water droplets on her face and the wet curls hugging her petite frame.

Roshni stopped talking only to see Siddharth admiring her with a smile on his face and was so happy to see him smiling that she forgot that she was angry on him.
She started staring back at him and he was looking hot with his white shirt hugging his body and his hair all wet.

They both did not know who reduced the gap and they started kissing. After a while they broke the kiss and Roshni just blushed and started to go away when Siddharth pulled her back. She banged on his chest. He removed the wet curls from her back. 

She was just enchanted by his touch and was feeling drowsy amidst the numerous feelings surfacing inside her.

"Thank u Roshni." she heard him whisper in her ears and her breath got struck in her throat. "I wish humari ye saat din ki wedding aur saat janmo ka saath dono aisi hi happy aur wonderful ho." 

{thank u Roshni. I just wish that our seven day wedding and our togetherness of seven ages both are as happy and wonderful as this moment}

"Oh Siddharth!" she turned and hugged him overwhelmed by his words.

"U should clean up now!" he said breaking the hug.

"Ya par tum?" she asked remembering he too was wet.

"Oh I just wish ki main bas hitler sasumom se bach ke nikal paun." he said smiling.

{oh i just wish i get free of hitler sasumom's clutches}

Roshni just smacked him on his arm. He came n kissed her forehead and said "Bye Future Mrs. Khurrana!" 

"Bye mere Mr. Khurrana." she replied.

"Oho mere n all haan?" he said coming closer to her when she pushed him to the door.

{ oh mine n all ya}

"Oh oh Hitler Alert!" he said.

"Siddharth I said don't call my mom Hitler!" said Roshni unaware of DD's presence.

"Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?" asked DD threatening him.

{what are u doing here}

"Uh wo main.." Siddharth fumbled.

"MOM!" said Roshni shocked.

"Aur tum dono ke baal gile kyun hain?" she asked but then understood everything.

{why are both ur hairs wet}

"Chalo yahan se!" said DD dangerously to Siddharth and they left.

{ come from here}

"I guess ab tumhe ek hafte tak nahane ki zaroorat nahi hai na?" DD said teasing and smiling.

{ i guess now u dont need to bath for one week}

Siddharth just blushed seeing DD leaving with a smirk on her face.


"Aaiye na come come!" DD said welcoming the Khurranas.

{please come}

"Siddharth zara Roshni se milne ki koshish mat karna kyunki engagement shaadi ke ek mahine pehle hoti hai to agar u know main chahun toh tum ek mahine tak Roshni se u know.." said DD smiling and threatening him in a low voice.

{ Siddharth dont try to meet Roshni because engagement takes place one month before the wedding so i f i want i can u know stretch it by one month}

'Oh my god!!! Ek mahine.. Ye meri jaan ki dushman hain sach mein.' Siddharth said deeply thinking when he was pulled in a corner.

{ oh my god 1 month? She is after my life}

"Siddharth bhaiya ye lo!" said Phatka handing Siddharth a note.

{Siddharth bhaiya take this}

" Dearest future hubby, 

Hi. I want to meet u now! Come n meet me in my room. How? I don't know. Come soon. I m missing u!

Yours soon to be dearest wife "

Siddharth had a wide smile on his face. He somehow sneaked in her room and found her looking absolutely gorgeous in the lehanga she was wearing.

She had noticed his presence when she started fiddling with the hook of her blouse trying to close it.

He came from behind and their eyes met in the mirror. She smiled at him. He just closed her hook and gestured her that she was looking lovely and she returned the gesture saying he too was looking handsome.

Without saying anything their eyes had conveyed everything.

When the door opened.

"Roshni beta are u ready?" asked DD.

"Yes mom." said Roshni scared because Siddharth was hiding behind the curtains.

"I have brought this ring for Siddharth it is ok na?" asked DD.

"Yes mom it is very good!" said Roshni admiring the ring.

"I will miss u Roshni!" DD hugged her taking her with surprise.

"Me too mom." Roshni said teary-eyed.

Siddharth just admired the mother-daughter duo and sneaked out carefully making sure not to disturb them.

"Siddharth ye lo Roshni ko ring pehna do!" said Simran.

{siddharth take the ring n make Roshni wear it}

Siddharth just slipped the ring in her finger and everyone present clapped loudly.

"Roshni ye lo beta!" said DD handing her the ring.

{ roshni take this}

"Roshni kiska wait kar rahi hai?" asked Nani seeing Roshni staring at the ring.

{Roshni whom are u waiting for}

"Nahi mera mood nahi hai!" said Roshni making everyone laugh and Siddharth glaring at her.

{nah not in the mood} 

"Acha phir main kisi aur se kar leta hun!" said Siddharth going to take the ring away from her finger.

{ok then i'll do with someone else}

"Don't u dare!" said Roshni holding his collar stopping him from even touching her ring while Siddharth smirked as Roshni finally put the ring on his finger.

"Ye dono ladte zyada hain aur pyaar kam jatate hain" said Raj.

{these both fight more n show their love less}

"Really Dad?" asked Siddharth smirking looking at Roshni while she just blushed.

And this is how two soulmates got engaged in the most beautiful relation of the world..


Ok a big chapter and the first one too.

I copy pasted the same thing over n over again 3 times so sorry for any repition and please point out the mistakes if u read this whole thing.

Oh n ya this is dedicated to asyaarshilover aka aroo( hope i can call u that)
Happy birthday!! Have a great day..

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Wow. I loved the entire shower sequence.. loved DD'S dialogues.. cracked me up!! Awesome update.. will be waiting for the next one now!! Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by skinnypal

Wow. I loved the entire shower sequence.. loved DD'S dialogues.. cracked me up!! Awesome update.. will be waiting for the next one now!! Day Dreaming
Thank u so much..Smile

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Awesome update it was...Smile I loved sidni shower and an engmt sequence...Tongue SidNi engmt has happnd so cutely...Embarrassed Wating for the second shot...Day Dreaming

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Naughty Sid, can't resist his wife.
amazing update.
Continue soon please. 

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Omg such a cute update loved it
Waiting for next part

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Originally posted by rachana10

Awesome update it was...Smile I loved sidni shower and an engmt sequence...Tongue SidNi engmt has happnd so cutely...Embarrassed Wating for the second shot...Day Dreaming

Thanks will continue soonSmile

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Originally posted by afghangirl

Naughty Sid, can't resist his wife.
amazing update.
Continue soon please. 
Thanks will do soonLOL

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