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SidNi 5S: A Fantasy Wedding (Epilogue pg 42) *25/07* (Page 30)

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Originally posted by maclean



A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by tehreemsajid

sidni are so cute

thank  you..Wink
ya they are
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Originally posted by nishalholic143


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Originally posted by NiaDiva

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedso cute update

thanks yaar..Smile
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Originally posted by zoopassion

Super romantic updateEmbarrassedEmbarrassed i loved their haldi ceremonyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

thanksBig smile
glad u liked it so much!!
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Very nice update...
Haldi cermony.

Awww how cute both were..and roshni and sid don't like haldi.ewww.

Cute romance and all haaaWink

Likes how dd smacked him.

Waiting for the next part

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Originally posted by sowiee

Very nice update...
Haldi cermony.
Awww how cute both were..and roshni and sid don't like haldi.ewww.
Cute romance and all haaaWink
Likes how dd smacked him.
Waiting for the next part
thank you for liking the haldi ceremony so much..Big smile
glad you likd DD tooLOL
next one will be up today.
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"From this day forward , You shall not walk alone..

My heart will be your shelter , and my arms will be your home."

Today was finally the day they both had been waiting for..the day of their union.

The time to be one , to be SidNi had come..their hearts were beating faster and this day was going to be etched in the walls of their life forever!!

"I wish we always be happy like this Roshni !" Sid thought of the haldi ceremony getting ready wearing his red sherwani..

His mind raced back remembering how she had selected this sherwani for him.


"Sid why are you taking so long to select a sherwani?" asked Roshni seeing him so confused.

He had made her roam into 20 shops that day and she was totally tired and now her patience was gone..

She had not even started searching for her wedding dress and here this guy was taking ages to get his dress. She failed to gauge he was a gal or guy..

"Arre Roshni mujhe apni sasumom ko impress karna hai!" said Sid winking at her.

(Oh Roshni I have to impress my sasumom!)

"Acha you have to impress who all?" she asked folding her hands irritated at his answer.

He smirked lightly and then mantaining a straight face replied , " Umm mom-dad ko and saari hot girls ko who come to the wedding."

(Mom-dad and all hot girls at the wedding.)

He went in the changing room to try out some of the outfits Roshni had selected..

"Ohh toh you have to show-off?" she whispered angrily to herself.

He came out to see his angry lioness blaring up in anger..he thought to cool her down!

"Baby howz this?" he asked looking at her but she just avoided his gaze.

"I don't know why don't you go and ask the hot girls instead?" she burst out on him.

He looked here and there , seeing no one around he took hold of her hand and dragged her in.

He pinned her to the mirror of the changing room and locked the door..

She gazed at him full of anger , so he just kissed her nose and said in a full-on romantic mood.

"Oh my fireball is angry huh?" he asked pointing at her red nose.

"Just remember I have to impress others not you tum toh already patt chuki ho." he said playfully and she laughed at his cheesy lines.

(Just remember I have to impress others not you , you are already impressed by my charm)

She hid her face in his chest and smiled at his sweetness..he kissed her hair and stroked them every now and then.

He broke their hug and said something which blew her off her feet..

"So now we don't need to roam around anymore!" he said making her confused.

"Arre coz I got the perfect sherwani.." he said pointing to what he was wearing.

"This one?? It doesn't seem so nice!" said Roshni analyzing him from head to toe.

He pulled her closer making her gasp in surprise..she widened her eyes realizing they were in a changing room.

"Ye best hai because tumne ispe apna sar rest kiya hai..tumhari scent isme phail gayi hai aur mere dil mein bhi." he said it so lovingly that she could not stop her tears.

(This is the best because you rested your head on this..your scent has lit it up and my heart too)

"Oh no crying Roshni..I promise main tumhe achi si dress dilaunga!" he said serious at first and then joking.

(Oh no crying Roshni..I promise I'll buy you a nice dress)

She nodded her head only to realise he was teasing her , so she hit him wiping off her tears.

"After you madam!" he said in a gentlemanly manner opening the door of the room.

"Wait.." he stopped her and as soon as she turned around she felt his lips on her own!

She went out looking down embarrassed and they both got that not-so-good but fragrance wali sherwani.


He smiled to himself and realized that he could still smell her and feel her in it.

Meanwhile Roshni was lying on her bed dreaming about Siddharth when DD busted in and broke her day-dream.

"Chalo Roshni get ready.Baraat kisi bhi samay aati hogi."

(Come on Roshni baraat will arrive at any moment)

Roshni whined and Nani came in and gave Roshni something.

"Ye humare khandaani kangan hai , pehen le isse!" she said keeping a hand on her head blessing her.

(These our the family bangles wear them)

"Aur ye meri shaadi ka joda hai , ye tum pehen lo..Pehle maine socha ki meri shaadi toh kamyab nahi hui isliye tumhe ye nahi dungi par phir laga ki iss galatfehmi ko tum dur karogi." said DD almost in tears.

(And this is my wedding dress you wear this..first i thought that my marriage was not successful thus i'll not give this but then i thought u will prove me wrong)

Roshni had tears in her eyes , she hugged her mother and nani joined in.

"Humari yeh itni si family hi bahut hai!" said Roshni still hugging them.

(Our this big family is enough)

"Kya ma, ye ladki toh lagta hai apni shaadi mein bhi late hogi." said DD wiping Roshni's tears away..

(What ma this girl will get late in her own wedding)

Both Nani and Roshni smiled hearing her.

After 1 hour

"Chalo Roshni tumhara dulha aa gaya." said Sam winking at her making her face beetroot red.

(Come on Roshni your groom has arrived)

Roshni ran to the window and saw Raj , simran and even Beeji dancing along with the baraat and realized what punjabis are best at!!

DD goes to welcome the Khurranas with a thali in her hand.

A kid comes running in just when DD reaches to Siddharth , the plate is going to fall when Sid catches it.

"Dekh ke future sasumom aap meri shaadi barbaad karna chahti hain kya?" Sid asked handing the plate over to her.

(Careful future mom-in-law you want to ruin my wedding)

She snatches the plate from him and applies tilak to him. She folds her hands in namaste and greets all.

He comes in and greets Yash and Sam when they both start laughing hysterically.

"What?" he asks clueless staring at them.

They both shake their heads and share a look. Then they ask him for a photograph , Sam clicks yash and sid together and runs upstairs.

Siddharth is confused but then Yash clears his confusion while Sam shows Roshni the pic of her to-be husband.

Both the girls laugh holding their stomachs and Roshni in between asks Sam , "Ye kisne?"

(Who did it?)

"DD mami.." Sam said showing her the photo again in which Sid had the tilak spread all over his forehead and his nose covered with it too..

After their laughter subsided Sam hugged Roshni and asked her to get ready.

Roshni remembered the incidence which made Sid choose the sherwani he was wearing and blushed.

She was happy to become his wife but she would miss her home , her room , her nani , her sister and most of all her mom!

With these thoughts running in her mind she got ready.

She went down with DD and Sam and all were mesmerized seeing the goddess of beauty as if she was descending straight from heaven.

But Sid and Roshni had eyes only for each other..

They were called for the Varmala and when Sid was going to put the mala on Roshni , Bablu and Kesar held her up out of his reach..

He smiled and jumped up and garlanded her..she smiled at his gesture.

Then came Roshni's turn but oblivious to him Sid was in air being held up by Raj..he scolded his dad!

"Dad!! Kya kar rahe ho? Arre I wanna marry Roshni fast fast dad aur aap ho ki.." he said shrugging his shoulders.

(Dad!! What are you doing? I wanna marry roshni fast fast dad and you are ki..)

All laughed at his statement while Simran held his ears..

Then Raj patted him and Roshni put the garland on him blushing all the time.

After that they were directed to the mandap by all and DD was asked to call the bride's father for kanyadaan..

It would have been obvious to send Kesar or Bablu but DD went ahead herself and did her daughter's Kanyadaan..

(I don't know if this is possible or not! I do not intend to hurt anyone's sentiments.)

Both Sid and Roshni were proud to have someone like her in their lives..

Sid held Roshni's hand supporting her and preventing the tears from falling.

After the kanyadaan was done Raj came forward and put their hands one on top of the other and did the Panigrahna rasam..

Then Sam came and tied Roshni's dupatta with Sid's stole (of the sherwani) and they got up to take the saat pheras!!

With each phera they took a new vow..the whole world takes vows to protect the other , care for the other but with each step they took a vow to love each other more and more everyday!

They took a vow that their love will increase each day surpassing the previous day..

At the 7th phera they both looked at each other and secretly took a vow to die before the other one!

They had tears of happiness in their eyes..they sat down and finally they were going to be one!

"Ab aap mangalsutra pehnaiye.." said the pandit and Sid carefully slid the mangalsutra on her neck.

(Now you make her wear the mangalsutra)

"Ab unke maang mein sindoor bhariye!" the pandit asked them to do the last ritual which will make them reach the milestone!!

(Now fill her parting with sindoor)

As soon as he filled her maang their hearts swelled with happiness..they had followed the path set by God , they had united together forever..

They went and took aashirwad from everyone.!

Siddharth playfully laid in front of DD on the floor while she made him get up and hugged him with tears in her eyes.

He understood her feelings and gave her a comforting hug..and on the other hand Roshni was hugging Raj happily.

Siddharth was feeling as if he was flying in air , this beautiful girl was his now!

Roshni was beaming , a 100 watt smile lit her face , she was finally Mrs. Roshni Siddharth Khurrana.


Sorry if this was too long and too boring! And sorry if you are bored with my sorrys..

The next update will be 2nd last update of the 5S!!

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