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SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 8)

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Originally posted by --MISANTHROPIST

nice starting
go ahead
Thanks dear...

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Hey friends thanks a lot for the lovely feedbacks.I am here with the next chapter and hope you guys will like it.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews...

''I missed you Arjun''said Samaira and Arjun hearing this hugged her more tightly and placed a small kiss on the crook of her neck.
''I missed you too sam.''said Arjun and he broke the hug and cupped her face and his heartached when he saw few tears escaping her gorgeous eyes and he wiped it softly.
''You know i hate seeing your tears right.''asked Arjun looking her with his intense eyes.
''I know.Lets go home''said samaira with a smile and Arjun smiled back and gave a nod.
''Lets go''said Arjun and both of them left the airport hand in hand to Arjun home feeling complete and content after 3 week.
Samaira entered Arjun's house as her hand interwined in his and once she locked the door,she found herself pressing to the wall and then next moment as she expected Arjun's lips crashed on hers as his rough hands started to roam in her body softly.Feeling his touch and kiss after weeks set samaira's body on fire and she kissed him back running her fingers through his soft hair.Samaira felt her legs becoming  jelly coz of the passion,love,longing his contained and if its not Arjun strong hold around her waist she would have lost her balance.They contiuned to kiss for the next  few minutes pouring all the feeling which they couldn't share  for the last weeks.After few minutes they broke the kiss coz of the lack of oxygen and rested their forehead on each others breathing hard.
''I love you sam''said Arjun after few seconds breaking the silence looking her deep in her eyes.
''I love you too Arjun''said samaira and kissed his chin cupping his face.Then she got out of his hold and cupped his face with both of her hands and caressed his cheek softly.
''Now go and have a bath i will prepare your breakfast.''said samaira with a smile.
''Okay.But on one condition''said Arjun and samaira looking him with a questing look.
''What condition?''asked samaira and Arjun moved closer pulling her closer to him again by wrapping his arms around her waist.
''You are coming to the party with me this evening and you must stay here tonight''said Arjun and samaira just nodded with a smile.
''I will.Now go and fresh up.Then you can have the breakfast''said samaira and Arjun left to his room placing a kiss on her forehead.Once Arjun left samaira left to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for them.
Arjun who came out of the bathroom in his White sweat pant and black T shirt smiled as the delicious aroma of his girlfriend's cooking hit his nose and he left his room letting the towel to dry on the chair.As he entered the kitchen he saw Samaira placing the dish she made on the kitchen slab and from the hub.He walked towards her and rested his head on her shoulder and pulled her into his chest by her waist.
''Arjun what are you doing?Leave me and lets have the food.Aren't you hungry?''asked Samaira as she tried to get out of his hold but Arjun just tighten his grip.
''Ofcourse i am hungry sam,but for something else''said Arjun and placed a kiss on her neck which send shivers down her spine.
''Arjun..please..the food will get cold''said samaira in a soft voice as he continued to kiss her back.
''Let it get cold''said Arjun in a husky voice.Just when he was about to pull her sleeve from her shoulder and he felt samaira became tense and Arjun closed his eyes cursing himself mentally  and moved the sleeve back on it place and turned samaira holding her shoulder.
''Sam i am sorry.''said Arjun and samaira shook her head negatively.
''Its okay Arjun.There is no need for apologizing,you are the only one who has the rights to touch me like this.But i don't want to cross our limits before marriage''said samaira .
''I know sam and i respect your decision''said Arjun with an understanding smile.
''Okay now lets go and have the breakfast come on''said Samaira and both of them left to the dinning table.
Once they reached the dinning table samaira made Arjun sit and sat beside him and placed the roti and curry on his plate and tore a small pieces of roti and dipped it in the curry and forwarded it near his mouth.Seeing this affectionate gesture Arjun felt himself getting emotional as it been so long since someone feeded his after his mother.
''Arrey what are looking?Have it''said samaira and Arjun with a nod swallowed it and started to chew it.
''So did you like it?''asked samaira with excitement.
''I love it sam''said Arjun with a smile as he loved her preparation.
''Thank you''said samaira and took another pieces and feed his.Once Samaira finished feeding the first roti she took another from the hot box and placed it in his plate and was about to feed him,but Arjun held her hand and samaira looked at him with a rasing eyebrow.
''Did you have your breakfast?''asked Arjun and samaira smiled at his sheepishly.
''Nehi''said samaira and Arjun gave her a disappointing look.
''Samaira how many times i said you must have your meals on time.How can you be so careless about your health after what happened in the building site?''asked Arjun with slight anger in his voice.Seeing him upset and anger samaira kept the plate on the table and looking him with a apologize look.
''Arjun i am sorry that i didn't have my breakfast,but woke up late this morning and i didn't want to make you wait in the airport,so i skipped the breakfast.But i promise i wil not do it now please forgive me and have your breakfast.please?''asked samaira and thougt Arjun want to stay anger on her seeing her sad face melted his heart and he sighed.
''Okay but promise me you will not skip your meals from now at anycost''asked Arjun in a stern voice and samaira nodded.
''I promise now come on finish your breakfast.''said samaira and took the plate back,but before she could take the piece Arjun took it and moved it to her mouth.
''You too have your breakfast noe''said Arjun and samaira with a smile took the piece from his hand and started to chew it.
''Ab khush.''said samaira and they both finished the breakfast feeding each other.Once they finished the breakfast both of them left to Arjun's room to get some sleep as samaira know Arjun can never get proper sleep in flight.
Samaira was laying on Arjun's king sized bed watching the TV as Arjun laid beside her resing his head on her chest closing his eyes as she ran her fingers through his hair.She always loved this kind of moments between them as it made her feel like there are already married and she just loved how domesticated they behaved without any awkwardness.
''So how was the meeting?''asked Samaira as looked down to see him.
''It went good sam.I hope we will get the deal''said Arjun looking her opening his eyes.
''Don't worry i am sure you will get the deal.You are talented Arjun so never doubt it''said samaira with a proud smile and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.Seeing her proud smile Arjun felt his heart filled with pride.
''Now get some sleep without worrying about anything and i will wake you to get ready for the party''said samaira and Arjun just hugged her tight and closed his eyes and samaira caressed his forehead.After few minutes samaira too felt her eyelids becoming heavy and she switched off the TV and joined him in her sleep.
''Radhika i was trying to ask this to you for a long time.I know we only know each other for  a short period of time,but in these short span of time you became an important person in my life and i started to feel something more than friendly affection for you,but i was scared to tell you coz i don't want to loose your friendship too if you didn't feel the same for me.But today i decided to let me know you my feelings as i can't be just friend with you and act like nothing chanced.I love you Radhika and i want to spend my whole life with Radhika will you my girlfriend?''said Neil with a nervous voice and the next moment he groaned and closed his eyes.
''God Neil you are such a waste.Another flop proposal practice ''said Neil with an irritated face looking himself in the men washroom mirror.Just then his phone rang and he took his from his pant pocket and attened it without seeing the caller ID.
''Hello''said Neil with an irritated voice.
''Hmm good to know my friend is in happy mood''came samaira's voice and Neil rolled his eyes senseing the sarcasm in his best friends voice.
''Sam please i am really not in a mood for your sarcasm as i was proposing to Radhika''said Neil.
''In men room''asked Samaira and Neil eyes widen and he looked around the washroom and under the sink searching  for something.
''Samaira khanna i didn't know you fixed camera in my office and that too in men washroom just to spy me.Very bad sam what Arjun will think if he comes to know about this''asked Neil in a disapproving voice and he se samaira's eye roll there.
''Oh shut up okay.I don't need any cameras to know what you are doing''said samaira and Neil smirked .
''Phir tu jassos hai''asked Neil with a smile.
''Mein koi jassos nehi.But i know how dumb and useless my friend can get sometimes''said samaira and Neil just shook his head with a smile thinking how well samaira knows him.
''But sam i am really nervous.What if she rejects me and i loose her for good''said Neil and samaira can sense his fear of  loosing Radhika.
''Neil stop worrying  first okay.I can see how Radhika looks you and i am sure she too feels something  for you ad i know your proposal will end good.So stop worrying unnecessarily and propose her Neil and if you both are destined to be together nothing can break you guys apart and moreover Radhika must be lucky to have a caring,loving and loyal guy like you in her life and that too as her life partner.If we are not best friend i would have married you long back stop thiking and propose her''said samaira and Neil smiled hearing her words which always touched his heart.
''How do you what to say sam?''asked Neil.
''Well its my special talent''said Samaira with a smile.
''Thanks sam.I feeling much better after talking with you ''said Neil.
''Arrey stop saying thanks like a gentlemen which you are clearly not.And moreover what are friend for if they can't help you when needed''asked samaira .
''Okay madam''said Neil with a smile.
''Now stop making a fool out of yourself in the men room and go to your lunch with her.I will talk to you tonight''said Samaira with a smile.
''Okay sam,I will.So how is Arjun?''asked Neil.
''He is good.He is sleeping now as he didn't get good sleep last night in the flight''said samaira.
''Haan haan ofcourse let him sleep and he deserves it after a long flight without a sleep.After all the poor boy missed his favorite teddy bead called samaira khanna for the past week ''said Neil with a smirk.
''Neil Khurana,i am going to kill you if you talk one more word.Better you go to Radhika now otherwise i will call and tell her that today morning a girl came to our flat claiming your the father of her unborn child''said samaira and Neil literally missed his balance and held the sink for support.
''Don't you dare sam.Sometimes i really think you are my enemy more than now i am going and will call you later.Bye''said Neil.
''Okay Bye.All the best Neil''said samaira.
''Thanks sam.Bye''said Neil and disconnected the call and left the men's room with a smile playing on his lips.
Arjun who was sleeping  finally started to stir waking up and the first thing his eyes found was the the peacefull sleep figure of his girlfriend and he softly tugged the few hair behing her ears which was disturbing her sleep.Then he placed a small kiss on her cheek which made her eyes to flutter  and after few moments she opened her eyes and gave him a sleepy smile.
''Hey did you sleep well?''asked samaira caressing his face and Arjun just took her hand and placed a small kiss on her knuckle.
''My best sleep in my last 3 weeks''said Arjun and samaira gave him an adoring smile.Then she looked the time in her watch and decided to get ready as it was 6 and they slept for nearly eight hours.
''Arjun lets get ready for the party its already 6 ''said samaira and Arjun let her go and sat on the bed and samaira to followed his suit..
''You get ready here and i will get ready in the guestroom''said samaira and stood up from the bed strighting her clothes.Arjun too stood up and walked towards Samaira and pulled her back in his arms.
''Are you going to take bath Sam?''asked Arjun resting his head on her shoulder.
''Haan i am ''said samira leaning on his chest.
''Then why don't you  follow a very famous and my favorite quote?''asked Arjun.
''What quote?''asked samaira knowing well he is going to tell something naughty.
''Save the water and shower with your boyfriend''said Arjun with a smirk and samaira gave a tight slap on his arm and moved away from him.
''Ouch.sam if you didn't like the quote you could have just told me.What is the need of hurting me?''asked Arjun with an innocent pout.
''Oh please don't give me that innocent look of yours as i know you are actually a now let me get ready and i may like the quote in future when its becomes''Save the water and shower with your husband''said Samaira and was about to leave the room but Arjun held her hand and stopped her.
''Arjun no more naughty acts of yours ''said samaira giving him a stern look.
''Okay meri maa.But i just want to give you a gift wait here''said Arjun and went to the cupboard and took the bag he took to canada and took a box covered with a slik cloth and handed it to samaira.
''Arjun what is this?''asked samaira with a smile.
''A small gift for my Princess,but open it once you came of the bath''said Arjun and samaira nodded.
''I will.Now get ready soon''said Samaira and left to the guest room to get ready while Arjun entered the bathroom to get ready.
Samaira who came out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and sat on the bed taking the box in her hand untied the ribbon and removed the cloth from the box.The she open the recatangular box only to a beautiful black and purple saree in and samaira caressed it with a smile.
''Yeh Arjun bhi na.He is really going to be death of me one day''said Samaira as she know Arjun gave her a saree as a gift particularly as he know well she didn't know how to drap a saree and she has to ask help from him to drap it.She then stood up from the bed and wore the peticot and blouse then left to Arjun's room putting her robe on and taking the saree with her.
Arjun who was getting ready in his three piece Armani suit smiled as soon as the fresh mint fragrance of samaira's favorite body wash hit him.Then he turned and looked at her and smiled seeing her standing in her robe with the saree he gave her in her hand.
''Sam what are you doing here without getting ready?''asked Arjun and samaira looked him with a raised eyebrow.
''Don't act so innocent when i know well what is your intension behind giving me saree as a stop wasting the time and help me wear it''said Samaira and Arjun just moved closer to her with a smrik and took the saree from her.Then he softly removed the robe from her and looked at her beautiful and milky skin and control himslef from caress it softly.Then he started to drap the saree admiring each curve in her body[Guys i am not good in explaning this kind of scene so just imagine the scene where Arjun drapped the saree on samaira in the show].Once he finsihed drapping the saree samaira went and sat infront of the dressing table and started to do her hair into a fish tail braid,somkey eye to his eyes and this she just applied some foundation then applied some compact power and finally she applied a light color to her lips while the whole time Arjun just sat on the bed and admired her.He never though a girl could get ready this soon as he thought girls are always picky.But sam was really different as she never cared when it comes to her look and only wore which she feels comfortable.This is also one of the quality which he loved in her and made her unique.
''Arjun i don't have any matching jewels for this saree we can make a stop in my apartment and wore one from my collections''said Samaira which bough him out of his daze.
''There is no need for that''said Arjun and he took a small velvet box from the bed and opened it and took a beautiful platinum chain with a black diamond in the centre.
''Arjun what is the need of all this.You know i never like when you give me this kind of expensive gift which are waste of money as i use them rarely''said samaira and Arjun just stood up from the bed and kneeled down infront of  her and took a hold of her chin and made her look into his eyes.
''Listen to me carefully whatever i am doing  for you is never waste of money.samaira you are my everything and if i am not doing to you then to whom i am going to all this.You deserve the best in everything  for the golden heart you posses and i am very lucky to have you.If i could i will bring the whole world under your feet so this is nothing compared to never think i am wasting money on you coz your deserve all this and much more.Understood?''asked Arjun in a stern yet soft voice.Samaira vision got glassy hearing his lovely words and she felt loss for words as a single tear escaped her eyes and the next moment she felt his thumb wiping her tears.
''Now stop get senti like a serial heroine and lets get ready''said Arjun as he stood up and placed the chair around her neck and clasped the hook and placed a small kiss there and then made her wear the matching earings.Then he held her shoulder and made her stand up and looked her from head to toe and smiled placing a kiss on forehead.
''You are looking stunning sam''said Arjun and samaira blushed slightly.
''Why thank you.You are looking bad yourself ''said samaira with a smile correcting his collar.Then Arjun gave her his hand and samaira kept her hand on his and entwined her fingers through his and they left for the party.
Samaira stood near the bar drinking her mocktail with a glare looking Arjun who was dancing with a girl on the dance floor.Her inside started to fume as she saw the girl throwing herself on him and he clutched the glass tightly.Its been i hour since they arrived at here and after dancing  for two songs with her Arjun left to dance with the girl as he couldn't refuse her request as she was one if his business partners daughter.Just when she tought she can't get more anger she saw the girl resting her head on HER Arjun chest samaira had enough and slammed the glass on the counter and lef tthe place to control her anger.
''How dare she?How can she touch MY Arjun like that and even he is smiling like he got a jackpot.Arrr ...i am going to punch him hard once we reach home''said samaira fuming and crashed on someone .
''I am so sorry''said samaira catching her balance and looked up only to see Vihaan Khundhra for whom they are hosting the birtday party.
''Its okay...samaira right?''asked Vihaan with  a smile.
''Yea that me.''said samaira returning his smile.
''So are you enjoying the party?''asked Varun and samaira gave a nod.
''Ofcourse i am''said samaira.
''That's good to know.So what are you doing alone.Where is Arjun bhai?''asked vihaan.
''well where your bhai has time for me''said samaira under her breath.
''Excuse me.Apne kuch kaha?''asked Vihaan and samaira shook her head negatively.
''Nehi toh.Actually i was looking for washroom''said samaira.
''Well then go straight and take left and the 3 room to your right is the washroom''said Vihaan.
''Thanks vihaan,i will see you later and Many many happy returns of the day''said samaira with a smile .
''Thanks samaira''said Vihaan and samaira left to the washroom giving  a nod.
As samaira continued to walk to the washroom she felt someone holding her wrist from her back and samaira stopped in her track and rolled her eyes knowing well to whom the touch belonged to.
''What are you doing here leaving your dance partner alone?''asked samaira without turning and Arjun turned her the next moment and looked her with an amused smile.
''Jealous?''asked Arjun raising an eyebrow.
''Jealous my foot .you can dance with whomever you want why would i care?''asked samaira and Arjun shook his head seeing her cute jealousy face.
''You know what sam you look very cute when you are jealous''said Arjun and the next moment samaira pulled him closer by holding his collar and gave him a pointed look.
''Listen to my carefully Arjun Mehra i am very possesive when it comes to you and remember if i ever see any girl that close to you you will be a death meat understood?''asked samaira in a stern voice and Arjun nodded .
''Crystal''said Arjun and samaira left his collar and corrected it.
''Good ''said samaira and then she leaned and placed a kiss on his chest.
''And this only belong to me''said Samair and kept her hand on the spot.Arjun in return kept his hand on hers and smiled.
''Always''said Arjun and samaira smiled at him.
''Okay i will be back in few minutes after using the washroom you go and enjoy the party''said samaira and she left for the washroom leaving Arjun there.
Whe samaira reached the washroom its been more than 20 minutes as few people close to Arjun stopped and talked with her.She just hoped Arjun not panicking as she was late and opened the washrrom door.But before she could entered the room a hand covered her mouth and she felt herself dragged inside the room opposite to the washroom as samaira struggled to get out of the hold of the man holding her.Once they entered the room the guy closed the door and let her go and samaira turned and looked the guy with a glare.
''How dare you?Let me go now otherwise i will make you regret for touching me''said samaira with a glare and moved towards the door to leave but the girl pulled her back .Then the guy held her wrist and pulled her back and held her shoulder tightly 
''Keep quiet and behave like a good girl .Otherwise it will be painful''said the guy as she felt a small prick on her arm and her tried to pull the pallu from her shoulder.Then made samaira pull back and the next moment she slapped the guy hard.Once he recovered from the slap he looked at her with a glare and the next moment he slapped her hard and the force made her land on the floor ans dhe hissed as her forehead hit on the cupbord.Then she turned and looked at him and saw him bendind down to touch her again.But before he could come near her she heard the door opening and the next moment the guy was pulled back and she breathed a sigh of relief seeing Arjun standing there and giving some punch to the guy.Once the guy landed on the floor Arjun rushed towards her and pulled her into his arms hugging her tightly and samaira too hugged him back burying her face in his chest as she started to sob lightly.
''Shhh sam you are fine.I am here now and no one is going to hurt you''said Arjun in a soft voice as he rubbed her back.After few moment he broke the hug and cupped her face.
''Samaira are you alright?Did he hurt you?''asked Arjun and before she could replay he noticed her slightly bleeding  forehead and and the finger prints on her left cheek and he gritted his teeth as his blood started to boil in anger realising a guy even had the guts to hurt HIS samaira and he got up from the floor ans rushed towards the guy and made him on standing back on his legs and started to punch him hard.
''Tumari kitne himmat tum meri Samaira ko tapad mara''shouted Arjun and continued to punch him and samaira who saw the state of the guy understood he will die if she didn't stop Arjun.So she immediately got up from the floor but as soon as she stood on her legs she flet dizzy and clutched her head with confusion as couldn't understand why she was feeling dizzy as she was not that hurt on her head.Just then she saw an empty syringe and understood what exactly happened.She was druged.And the drug was already taking its effects.Then again she looked at Arjun and tried to call him by she felt her throat so try that she could't even form a word.Then she felt her legs was about to give up and she felt herself loosing her balance.
''Arjun''called Samaira finally forcing her and she closed her eyes to feel the impact on falling on the cold floor as her legs finally gave up.But instead of feeling the cold floor she felt a very familar warm hand holding her and her named called by Arjun with panick was the last thing she heard before the darkness engulfed her.

-To Be Continued.

With Love,

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Superb dr. Love to read more.while people are fighting for samarj and radarj its really great to read samarj ffs. I really impressed by the way you described samarj's relationship. Thanks for the pm.waiting for the next update

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Lifez_Beautiful IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:12am | IP Logged
I just am totally loving this dear! Seriously fab! This for ya Hug

Btw in between ur Author's note cracked me up! LOL Felt as if I'm hearing hot gossip from my friend n she iz telling me to imagine the rest! LOL LOL

Thnx for the pm! :)

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Such an amazing piece of writing.
Hats off 2 u.
Continue soon
rekha.366 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Nice update liked the samarj relationship. It is treat to read. Waiting for next update. And thanks for long updates.
gowri_19 Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Seriously beautifully potrayed SamArj relation and their love for each other.
Waiting to read more ...
Keep up the good work
shinelove Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Clap amazing update ..loved it cute sam arjunDay Dreaming and the nail part was also very nice ...u r an amazing writter ..continue soon. ..

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