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Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian

SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 5)

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Originally posted by arshita235

Liked it! update soon
Thanks dear...

Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by veeranu

This is really amazing.. Am waiting for the first chapter.. Cn u plz PM me whenever u update ??
Thanks dear...will PM you from the next update...
Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Hey my lovely readers thanks a lot for your lovely feedbacks and liking this story.Here i am with the first chapter and hope you will like this one too.Enjoy reading and let me know your feedbacks.

It was a fine saturday morning and samaira was  sleeping in her comfy bed in her apartment with a small smile playing on her lips.After few minutes the alarm rang in her mobile and samaira searched for her mobile without opening her eyes and once she found it she opened her eyes with irritation and slided the screen  to let the alarm snooz for 10 more minutes and closed her eyes again covering her face with the duvet.But after few minutes she felt the duvet being pulled from her and samaira gasped as the cool air of the air conditioner hit her.
''Neil you idiot give my duvet back and let me sleep''shouted samaira opening her eyes and looked at her best friend who was standing near her bed with a smile.
''Well sam i don't have any problem in letting you sleep ,but if you have your beauty sleep now you will be late for the airport and then don't blame me if you made your lover boy wait''said Neil and hearing this samaira sat on the bed with a jerk and looked at the digital clock and cursed herself for sleeping this late today.Then she got up from the bed and rushed inside her walk in wardrobe and after few seconds she came out with a black geans,white Tank topand a black bathrobe and dropped it on the bed.Then she put her mobile to charge and rushed inside the bathroom taking her bathrobe and a towel.
''Neil thanks a lot for waking and please make my coffee too like a good friend''shouted sam from the bathroom and Neil just shook his head with a smile.
''Sure sam''shouted back Neil and left her room once making her bed to prepare her coffee.
Samaira came out of  her bathroom after 20 minutes in her bathrobe and rushed towards the dressing table and dried her wet hair and decided to leave it open as she didn't have enough time to braid it and then changed her clothes and left the room applying simple make up taking her bag and mobile hoping to reach the airport in time.
As samaira entered the living room the aroma of her favorite coffee hit her and she rushed towards the kitchen and saw Neil standing there with a cup of coffee in his hand.
''Thanks Neil.You are the best''said samaira and started to sip the coffee sitting on the dinning table.Neil too sat beside samaira and started to drink his coffee.
''So are you meeting Radhika today?''asked Samaira and hearing Radhika's name bought a smile on Neil's face.
''Yep.We are going  for a lunch date today and i decided to ask her to be my girlfriend''said Neil and this bought a smile on samaira's face.
''Neil i am so happy for you.Finally you got the guts to ask Rads this haan?''asked samaira with a teasing smile.
''Shut up sam.Just stop teasing me and wish me luck''said Neil.
''Okay Neil.Best of luck and call me immeditely after hearing her answer''said samaira and Neil gave a nod.
''Sure mam,i will.Now get going''said Neil and samaira gave a nod and got up keeping the empty coffee mug on the table and then she gave Neil a hug and place a kiss on his cheek.
''Bye and don't make anything stupid on the date''said samaira as she rushed out of the house taking her car keys.
''Okay sam bye and drive safe''shouted Neil and left to his room to get ready.
Once samaira came out of the lift and entered the parking and walked towards her car which was parked near Neil's bike.Samaira got inside the car and left the building to the airport.As samaira drove to the Airport she couldn't help by smile thinking how perfect and happy her life is now. after a long time.Living with her best friend Neil and her and Radhika becoming good friends as soon as Neil introduced Radhika to her as his collegue.Samaira never thought she would leave her house like this,but after the fight Piyali and she had before 6 months samaira decided she had enough of her mothers behavior towards her and left the house for good and settled in Neil's apartment who was her childhood best friend and working as a photographer in a famous magazine.Neil then introduced the bubbly and shy girl Radhika to her last month when they went to attend a party and she immediately formed a good bond with her and the both gilrs became good friends soon.But the unexpected and lovely twist which happend in her life was before 5 months when she met Arjun and her life took a complete turn after that.She never thought she will fell in love with someone in such a short time,but Arjun was the only person who earned her trust soon and even made her fell in love with his caring nature,his unconditional love towards her.samaira just wished her life will remain like this.In the past few months Arjun became her entire world and she can never think her future days without him.Though she loved Neil and Radhika too the love she has for Arjun is nothing compared to the love she has for her best friends.After a lond time samaira felt like she is living with a happy family and she will do anything to keep this family united.Arjun,Neil and Radhika are her family now and she will do anything to keep her family happy and fine,coz if she loose any of them samaira know she can't live with herself.With this though she pulled her car in the airport parking and walked towards the airport to received her Arjun who was returning to Mumbai after 3 weeks from canada from a business trip.
Once Neil entered his office his eyes immediately searched  for the girl who was haunting his dreams for the last couple of months.After few mintes of searching he found her taking with her friend clad in a beautiful black salwar and walked towards her with a smile.
''Good morning Radhika''said Neil with a smile and Radhika returned the smile brightly.
''Good morning Neil.Priya i will talk to you later''said Radhika turning towards her friend and priya left with a nod.
''Come on lets go and talk in my desk''said Radhika both of them left to her desk.Once they reached her desk Radhika sat on her chair while Neil sat beside her on the extra chair.
''Radhika are you ready for out lunch date today?''asked Neil.
''Ofcourse I am.''said Radhika with a smile.
''Good.I will amke this date memoriable''said Neil and Radhika gave a nod.
''Lets see then.So how is samaira.Its been 2 weeks since i saw her and even Arjun is out of country right?''asked Radhika.
''Haan yaar and madam is not herself  for the last few days as she misses both of you.Today Arjun is coming back and i hope after seeing him my friends will be back to her normal self''said Neil.
''Even i miss her Neil.I will come and see her tomorrow if possible.''said Radhika .
''Sure yaar.Let me call samaira.Arjun's flight should gave arrived by now''said Neil and took his mobile and called samaira as Radhika gave nod.
''Hey sam.Arjun arrived?''asked Neil putting the mobile in loudspeaker.
''No Neil,his flight is 30 minutes late and i am waiting in the waiting area now''said samaira.
''Awww sam don't worry your Arjun will be there in 30 don't feel my friend''said Neil in a teasing voice.
''Neil shut up and stop irritating me.''said samaira in an irritated voice.
''But sam i am saying the truth.He will be there in 30 minutes and you guys can share the hugs and kisses which you both missed in past weeks.''said Neil with a smile and Radhika slapped his arms lightly.
''Neil Khurana if you say another word i will make you sleep in the balcony today''said samaira and before Neil could replay Radhika took the phone from him and disabled the loud speaker and kept the mobile to her ear.
''Hey samaira''said Radhika with a smile 
''Hey Rads.How are you?''asked samaira and Radhika could sense the smile in her voice.
''I am fine samaira.What about you?''asked Radhika .
''I am good Rads.Hey why don't you come home tomorrow if you are free,we can have a girls night''said Samaira.
''Even i was thinking the same samaira.I will come tomorrow if i am free''said Radhika.
''Okay then.I will see you tomorrow''said samaira.
''Sure samaira.Hey our boss will come i will call you later okay''said Radhika looking her watch.
''Sure Rads.Bye''said Samaira.
''Bye samaira''said Radhika and was about the disconnect the call but Neil snatched it from her.
''Bye sam and please control your romance till you reach his home''said Neil.
''YOU DOG''shouted Samaira and Neil disconnected the call laughing imagining his best friend's angry face.
''Neil why are you always hell bend on making her anger?''asked Radhika.
''That the real fun Rads''said Neil controlling his laugh.
''Whatever Neil.I am sure one day she is going to kill you for this.But now get up go to your desk  before the boss arrives''said Radhika and Neil stood up fromhis chair.
''Okay i will.But be ready for our lunch date sharp at 1.30''said Neil and Radhika nodded with a smile.
''I will be ready.Now go''said Radhika and Neil left to hus desk and Radhika just shook her head with a smile and turned her laptop to continue her works which she left unfinished yesterday.
''YOU DOG''shouted samaira who was sitting in the waiting area and before she could continue Neil disconnected the call .
''I am going to kill him one day or another if  he continued to annoy me like this''said samaira after few momets she just smiled shaking her head coz of his friends antics.
''Pagal''said Samaira and remebered how one of her best friends annoyed act is the reason that Arjun is her everything now.


Samaira was walking in the busy streets of delhi with her small travel bag and cursing Neil for forgetting to book a hotel room for her to stay for today.Just then she spotted a park and decided to rest there for few mintes then check for available rooms in other hotels.Once she entered the park she spotted a bench under a tree and samaira walked towards it and sat on the bech with a sigh.Just then her mobile rang and samaira looked the screen to find Neil's name's flashing.
''Sam i really really sorry for not booking the hotel room.Last night my boss called for an emergency meeting and in that tension i forgot about it.I am really sorry sam''said Neil and samaira who was anger till this moment with him felt the anger leave her sensing the guiltness in his voice.
''Neil its okay.I will manage here.I will stay in any small motels today''said samaira.
''No sam you are not going to stay in any motel as its not safe just give me few mintes i will check for any available room in hotels there''said Neil.
''Okay.Call me if you able to book any room.Otherwise i will stay in any motel''said Samaira.
''Sure.But i will try my best to book a room.I will call you soon ,bye''said Neil and disconnected the call.Samaira kept her mobile back in her bag and took the water bottle and drank some water.Just then she saw a guys in a bussiness suit crossing the road speaking in his mobile without noticing the speeding truck.Without wasting any seconds Samaira started to Run towards the man and just when the truck was about to hit him she pulled him out of  the road with her full strength and both of them landed on the side walk and samaira closed her eyes and bit her lips from screaming coz the pain course through her right hand elbow.
''Hey are you alright?''came a manly voice from her side and samaira opened her eyes and looked at the guy who she saved just a few moments ago.Seeing the guys who carelessly crossed the road Samaira stood up and looked him with anger.
''No i am not and thank you for that.Can't you where you are walking while you are on the phone.How can you be this careless?''asked samaira in anger but the guy just looked her with a small smile.
''I am really sorry for being careless and i will be more carefull from next now tell me are you alright?''asked the guy.
''Yea i am fine just some small cut on my elbow''said samaira looking her elbow which was bleeding slightly.
''I am really sorry.come on i will give you first aid from my car''said the guy.
''No its alright.I have to go i left my things in the park alone''said samaira.
''Okay then you wait in the park i will be there with the first aid box ''said thr guy and samaira though for few second and gave nod.
''Okay i will wait in the bench''said samaira and the guy gave a nod.
''Okay i will there in few minute,you go and wait there''said the guy and left to his car to take the first aid box while samaira went to the park again holding the paining elbow.
''Ouch.Aaram se yaar''said samaira as the guy he applied the antiseptic to her wound.
''Sorry''said the guy with a smile and applied it more softly this time.
''Its okay''said samaira and then after few moments she looked him with a curious look.
''Naam kya hai tumara?''asked Samaira and the guy looked up and smiled a little.
''Arjun.Arjun Mehra''said Arjun and samaira nodded her head.Just then her mobile rang and samaira attend the call .
''Haan Neil bolo''said samaira.
''Sam i am really sorry yaar but there is no room available in any top hotels as it was holiday season.''said Neil in an aplogizing voice.
''Neil its alright as i already said.I can manage to stay in motel,its just for tonight .so its not a big deal ''said samaira.
''But sam...''started Neil to protest but samaira cut him off.
''Neil no buts and ifs so leave this topic and i will reach home tomorrow and i will stay in a motel so stop worrying about me and do your work''said samaira in a stern voice.
''Okay sam i will but please be careful''said Neil and samaira smiled hearing her friend's concern.
''I will my friend now you go and rest for sometime and i will call you this evening''said samaira.
''sure sam.I will be waiting  for your call ''said Neil.
''Bye Neil''said samaira .
''Bye sam''said Neil and disconnected the call then she looked at Arjun who was sitting beside after dressing her wound.
''Thanks Arjun''said samaira with a smile looking her dressed wound.
''Actually i am the one who should thank you for saving my thanks a lot for saving me''said Arjun with a smile.
''Its okay.Well i must leave now as i have to search for a motel to stay for tonight''said samaira and got up from the bench.
''Why motel?You can stay in a hotel and motel is not safe''said Arjun .
''I know Arjun but my friend forget to book room on hotel ,so i have to go for a motel''said samaira and Arjun thought for few mintes.
''Why don't you stay in my house today and you can leave tomorrow morning as you planned''said Arjun and samaira looked him and shook her head.
''Its really nice of you for offering this,but i can't.I can't stay in a stranger's house Arjun ''said samaira.
''See i know i am a stranger,but let me repay you for saving my life .you can even give my photo and adress to your friend for safety.''said Arjun and samaira  thought about his idea for few minutes and finally decided to accept his offer.
''Okay i will come with you but i will send your photo and adress to Neil''said samaira and Ajun gave nod.
''Sure''said Arjun and then samaira took his photo and send in to neil with Arjun's adress and explanied everything to him about everything and left to Arjun house.
''Hmmm lovely house''said samaira once she entered Arjun house as Arjun followed her with her bag.
''Thanks.But can i have the pleasure of  knowing you lovely name?''asked Arjun and samaira mentally slapped herself  for not introducing herself.
''Ha where are my manners.I am samaira by the way''said samaira with a smile.
''So samira i will show you the guest room and you can fresh up there and stay today''said Arjun and samaira gave a nod.Then Arjun took samaira to the guest room and left her to fresh up.
After few mintes samaira came of the washroom in the guest room in a comfortable loose pants and t shirt drying her wet hair.Just then she heard a knock on the door.
''Come in''said samaira and Arjun entered the room and stopped on his tracks mesmerized seeing her in wet hair and without any maeke up.Samaira who saw him standing there without any respose waved her hand infront of his face and Arjun can of  his daze and looked samaira.
''Samaira i have an important meeting and i have to go.I will be late tonight so when going to sleep locked the house and i will take the spare key and call me if you need anything and order food for lunch and dinner''said Arjun and gave her a paper in which he written his personal number.
''Sure Arjun i will.''said samaira taking the paper from him.
''Okay then.I will leave now.Bye''said Arjun.
''Bye''said samaira and Arjun left the room while samaira went to dry her hair.
Its been 30 past 2 in the morning when samaira woke up from the bed unsucessfull in getting sleep for the last 20 minutes as she slept well this noon.Then she decided to have some water and left to the kitchen wrapping a scarf.As samaira crossed a room she heard the sound of a glass breaking and she opened the door only to see the room was covered in complete darkness.Then she searched for the switch board and turned the lights on and turned to look at Arjun who was laying on the bed asleep.But she could clearly see he was having a nightmare as his face was covered in sweat and he was tossing and turing in his sleep.Seeing this samaira immediately rushed towards the bed and sat beside him.
''Arjun get up.Its just a nightmare and you are okay''said Samaira keeping a hand on his shoulder.But Arjun continued to toss in his sleep and he face was covered in some much pain.
''Arjun''called samaira again and this time Arjun sat on the bed with a jerk breathing hard.
''Hey you are alright,its just a nightmare''said samaira rubbing his arms and Arjun looked her with a panicked look.Then samaira took the glass of water which was on his bedside table and handed it to him.
''Come on drink it''said samaira in a soft voice and Arjun took the glass from her and drank the water.Once Arjun drank the water samaira kept it back on the bedside table and turned to him again.
''Hey are you alright?''asked samaira in a concern voice and Arjun took a deep breath and gave a nod.
''I am fine samaira.But how you are here?''asked Arjun with confusion.
''Woh actually i came to drink some water when i heard a glass break inside so i came to see if something is wrong''said samaira and that when Arjun saw the broken glass jug laying on the floor and understood he must have accidently pushed it in his sleep.
''Thanks samaira for everything''said Arjun and samaira just gave a soft smile.
''Its okay Arjun.Now you sleep for sometime''said samaira and got up from the bed.
''Okay.Good night''said Arjun.
''Good night''said samaira and left his room hoping he will be alright.
Then the next morning she left his house as he dropped her in the airport exchanging her number with him hoping to see him again.
Samaira who was lost in her thought came back to present when she heard the announcement of Arjun's flight arrival and a smile automatically formed on her lips.Then she stood up from the chair and went to received her Arjun after missing him for the past weeks.After few minutes samaira saw Arjun coming with his travel bag and rushed towards him.Arjun who saw her smiled and dropped the bag down and the next moment as he expected samaira launched herself in his arms hugging him tightly burying her face in his shirt inhaling his scent which always made her feel home.Arjun on the other hand too hugged her back burying his face in her hair and inhaled her lavender shampoo and closed his feeling relaxed finally.
''I missed you Arjun''said Samaira and Arjun hearing this hugged her more tightly and placed a small kiss on the crook of her neck.
''I missed you too sam.''said Arjun and he broke the hug and cupped her face and his heartached when he saw few tears escaping her gorgeous eyes and he wiped it softly.
''You know i hate seeing your tears right.''asked Arjun looking her with his intense eyes.
''I know.Lets go home''said samaira with a smile and Arjun smiled back and gave a nod.
''Lets go''said Arjun and both of them left the airport hand in hand to Arjun home feeling complete and content after 3 week.

-To Be Continued.

With Love, 

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Ri21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
this is so beautiful Embarrassed
just loved both samarj and raneil 
shinelove Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Amazing start..loved it both the couples r so cute continue soon. ...
Kri_19_ Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
Awesome!! Clap
Loved both SamArj and RaNeil!Embarrassed
And thanks for the PM!Smile
Lifez_Beautiful IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
Wow!! I'm really loving this story! I was actually imagining it scene by scene! Simply fab! Clap

Thnx for the pm. Do continue soon! :)
AartShefa Senior Member

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Awesome dr. Great job. Continue 

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