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Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian

SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 27)

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Originally posted by ponswetha

Wow scarlett awesome...thank you sooo much great works... You are like a ray of Hope for all samarj lovers. Don't forget to pm
Thanks a lot dear...glad you love this...

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Originally posted by beatsdongandy

hmm interesting suspense Big smile loving it
Thanks dear...
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Originally posted by Ri21

waiting fr the next part
Thanks dear ...
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Originally posted by Greys_Anatomy

Wow amazing and emotionalSmile

Eagerly waiting for next update Clap

Great work Doll Star

Thanks a lot sweety...
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Originally posted by arshita235

Lovely update
more excited about next chapter
Thanks dear...
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Originally posted by rekha.366

. Nice update hope Sam will be fine and waiting for my revenge and flash back scenes of samarj
thanks sweety you will get your mr.revenge by next chapter...
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Originally posted by bolonsona

Nice ffClapwaiting for next chap
Thanks dear...
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Hey friends thanks a lot for the lovely feedbacks.I am here with the next chapter and hope you guys will like it.The flashback how SamArj felt in love will start from this chapter and i hope you guys will love this akdu and Mr.Revenge version of Arjun.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews...



Arjun took a deep breath a he walked out of the Mumbai airport.Its been 10 years since he left India and returning back many him all the bitter memories he went through in this country.He can't believe it been 10 years since he lost his family because of one selfish person and  even think about the man who was responsible for him being orphan today made his blood boil and he fisted his hand taking deep breath controlling his anger.Arjun know getting angry is not going to do any good to him or will give the peace he was searching  for the past years.If something is going to give him the peace he was searching then it will be revenge he is going to take on samrat and he will do it at anycost.This revenge is not to get the peace he was searching ,but to provide justice for his family which samrat khanna destroyed without any mercy.Even the thought of samrat khanna made his blood boil more but and took a deep breath closing his eyes.Just then he heard a family voice calling his name and Arjun opened his eyes to see his best friend Sidarath walking towards him with a smile.Seeing his best friend nearly after a years bought a smile on Arjun face and he decided to push all the unwanted thoughts out of his mind and decided to enjoyed the time with his best friend.
''Hi AJ''said Sidarath once he came near his and gave him a brotherly hug.
''Hey sid''said Arjun hugging him back and after few seconds they broke the hug.
''Its good see you again Buddy.How are you?''asked siadarath as they started to walk out of the airport.
''I am fine sid.What about you?''asked Arjun with a smile.
''I am fine yaar.New business and lot of responsibility so my life was really busy for the last 6 months''said sidarath as both of them sat inside his car.
''What about the things i asked for?''asked Arjun once he put his seat belt on and sidarath drove the car towards his house.
''I made everything ready Arjun.You can join the Birdsong in Mumbai by next week.But till then you are staying here as i was going to Bangalore for three days and i want to attend some business meeting here for me''said Sidarath and Arjun nodded.
''I will sid don't worry.Now where are we going?''asked Arjun.
''To my house i bought this house before couple of moths and you will love it AJ''said sidarath and Arjun smiled.
''Okay then lets go and have a look at it''said Arjun and sidarath drove towards his house as they continued to talk and catch up on their life.
Arjun was sitting on the balcony of his room in sidarath's house and looking at the night sea sipping his coffee.Just now he talked to Bonnie the girl who decided to give him each and every information that was happening in Birds song to him and she informed that she will send all the details of samrat's daughter by the end of the next week as she was out of the town by now.Arjun can't wait to start the first step of his revenge that is making samrat's daughter fall in love with him and destroy her like samrat did to his family.From all the research he made on samrat in the past years if he was sure on something then it was that Samrat loves his daughter more than anything and he will do anything  for her happiness.And moreover he was so protective of her and that's the reason he didn't even know her name or seen a single photo of her till now.So he decided to join the Birds song for the next project and get to know more about this mysterious daughter of samrat khanna.Though he hated him with everything he had he know he has to tolerate working with him for the sake the trpping his daughter to fulfill his revenge and he was ready to do anything  for his revenge.With this thought Arjun looked at the samrat's smiling photo in his mobile and a dark looked formed on Arjun's face.
''I will make this smile leave you face for good sooon Mr.Samrat Khanna its my promise''said Arjun and stood up from the bean bag he was sitting and entered his room to get some sleep to wake up early tomorrow as there was the meeting he has to attend for sidarath who left to Bangalore couple of hours ago.
Arjun was cursing his best freind in his mind for making him attend this meeting which was such a bore and it took all this will power not to go out of the conference room.Though he loved his friend to the core something he really wanted to kill him when he landed him in situations like this.After few minutes the meeting got over and Arjun was the first to leave the room.Once he came out of the the office building he called sidarath and crossed the road.But sidarath's number directly went to voicemail.
''Sidarath can me once you are free.we have to talk about the meet...''said Arjun but before he could finish the sentence he felt himself being pulled by a pair of hand and found himself landing on the side walk of the road and just then he saw a fast moving truck moving on path where on which he was walking  just a second back and he looked at the stranger who saved him from the death at the last moment.But as soon as he saw the person who saved him his breath got caught seeing the most beautiful girl he ever saw in his life and he was lost in her beautiful face for few seconds.Just then a horn sound bought him back from his trance and saw the girl frowning in pain and he looked her in concern.
''Hey are you alright?''asked Arjun with concern and the girl opened her eyes and stood up looking him with anger.
''No i am not and thank you for that.Can't you where you are walking while you are on the phone.How can you be this careless?''asked the girl in anger,but seeing her angry yet cute face Arjun smiled despite himself.
''I am really sorry for being careless and i will be more carefull from next now tell me are you alright?''asked Arjun with concern.
''Yea i am fine just some small cut on my elbow''said the girl looking her elbow which was bleeding slightly and Arjun too noticed it and he immediately felt guilty.
''I am really sorry.come on i will give you first aid from my car''said Arjun but the girl nodded nagatively.
''No its alright.I have to go i left my things in the park alone''said the girl.
''Okay then you wait in the park i will be there with the first aid box ''said Arjun and the girl nodded after thinking for few moments.
''Okay i will wait in the bench''said the girl and she left as Arjun gave a nod.Then he immediately rushed to his car and went to the park to treate her wound.
Once he entered the park he saw the girl sitting on the bench and he walked towards her and kneeled down infront of her.
''Hey give me your hand''said Arjun and the girl placed her hand on his and Arjun looked the wound on her elbow and looked with a guilty look.
''I am really sorry''said Arjun but the girl smiled softly.
''Its okay''said the girl and seeing her smile made his heart skip a Arjun just smiled back slightly and started to clean the wound softly with some water first and then applied the antiseptic.
''Ouch Aaram se yaar''said the girl as soon as the antispetic made contact with her wound and Arjun smiled softly.
''Sorry''said Arjun and not applied it with more care.
''Its okay''said the girl and Arjun continued his work .
''Naam kya hai tumara?''asked the girl after few seconds and Arjun looked up with a smile.
''Arjun.Arjun Mehra''said Arjun and the girl nodded her head.Just then her mobile rang and she attend the call .
''Haan Neil bolo''said the girl and Arjun started to listen to one sided conversation
''Neil its alright as i already said.I can manage to stay in motel,its just for tonight .so its not a big deal ''said the girl and Arjun looked her in confusion why she must stay in a motel as he know how much its unsafe for girls.
''Neil no buts and ifs so leave this topic and i will reach home tomorrow and i will stay in a motel so stop worrying about me and do your work''said the girl in a stern voice.Arjun who finished the dressing smiled lightly seeing her bossy talks and sat beside her .
''I will my friend now you go and rest for sometime and i will call
you this evening''said the girl 
''Bye Neil''said the girl and disconnected the call then she looked at Arjun who was sitting beside after dressing her wound.
''Thanks Arjun''said the girl with a smile looking her dressed wound.
''Actually i am the one who should thank you for saving my thanks a lot for saving me''said Arjun with a smile.
''Its okay.Well i must leave now as i have to search for a motel to stay for tonight''said the girl and got up from the bench.
''Why motel?You can stay in a hotel and motel is not safe''said Arjun .
''I know Arjun but my friend forget to book room on hotel ,so i have to go for a motel''said the girl and Arjun thought for few mintes.
''Why don't you stay in my house today and you can leave tomorrow morning as you planned''said Arjun and the girl  shook her head negatively.
''Its really nice of you for offering this,but i can't.I can't stay in a stranger's house Arjun ''said the girl.
''See i know i am a stranger,but let me repay you for saving my life .you can even give my photo and adress to your friend for safety.''said Arjun and the girl thought about his idea for few minutes and finally decided to accept his offer.
''Okay i will come with you but i will send your photo and adress to Neil''said the girl and Ajun gave nod.
''Sure''said Arjun and then the girl took his photo and send in to neil with Arjun's adress and explanied everything to him about everything and left to Arjun house.
''Hmmm lovely house''said the girl once she entered Arjun house as Arjun followed her with her bag.
''Thanks.But can i have the pleasure of  knowing you lovely name?''asked Arjun with a smile as he was dying to know the name of this beautiful stranger who was stirring many feelings in him which is really not good.
''Ha where are my manners.I am samaira by the way''said the girl with a smile
''Hmm beautiful name for a beautiful girl''though Arjun but didn't voice it.
''So samira i will show you the guest room and you can fresh up there and stay there today''said Arjun and samaira gave a nod.Then Arjun took samaira to the guest room and left her to fresh up as Arjun went to his room to talk with sidarath.
Arjun knocked on the guest room door in which samaira was staying after talking with sidarath and waited for her replay
''Come in''came the replay and Arjun who entered the room stopped on his tracks mesmerized seeing her in wet hair and without any make up.After few moments samaira's voice bought him back to reality.
''Samaira i have an important meeting and i have to go.I will be late tonight so when going to sleep locked the house and i will take the spare key and call me if you need anything and order food for lunch and dinner''said Arjun and gave her a paper in which he written his personal number.
''Sure Arjun i will.''said samaira taking the paper from him.
''Okay then.I will leave now.Bye''said Arjun.
''Bye''said samaira and Arjun left the room.Once he came out of his room he shook his head not knowing what is this feeling this girl awaking inside him as this was the first time he was getting attracted to a girl like this and he know this is not good as he was here for some other important purpose.
Arjun entered the house nearly at 11.30 coming back from the office and he was feeling damn he immediately rushed towards the kitchen.But as soon as he entered the dinning area he stopped in his tracks to see the dinning table was covered with couple of closed bowls and a plate on which a small paper was sticking.Arjun walked towards the table and took the note in his hand.

Hey Arjun,
Well as i was feeling damn hungry i cooked some dinner for myself and if you didn't have any dinner have this otherwise keep it in the frigde.But i am warning you before i am not a great cook so adjust if you didn't like the food.


Arjun just shook his head with a smile after reading the note and sat on the table and started to place the dishes she prepared on his plate and as he ate a hand full of it Arjun closed his eyes in pleasure as the food made his taste buds burst with the its wonderful taste.Its been so long he had food like this and he couldn't help but moan slightly coz of the taste.Once he finished eating he decided to thank samaira and left to her room.
As Arjun was about to knock on her door he decided against it as he didn't want to disturb her if he was he softly opened the door and looked inside only to find samaira sleeping on the bed and Arjun carefully walked inside the room to her bedside.As he reached her beside he kneeled down as he got mesmerized by her pure beauty and in only glowed more coz of the moon's light falling on her face.Arjun really didn't know what he was feeling for this girl whom he met only few hours back,though he know this is not right he could stop himself from getting attracted to her.Just the he saw few hairs falling on her face and Arjun soflty removed it and stugged it behind her ears with a soft smile.Then he softly caressed her face and stood up talking a deep breath and left the room looking her back once closing the door.
As Arjun laid on his bed he couldn't help the thougts of samaira forming in his mind.As much as he wanted to smile about the thoughts he know its not possible as he was about to get into a fake relationship with samrat's daughter and it will be injustice to samaira if he gave her some wrong signals.He just hoped whomever the lucky guy who is going to get samaira as his life partner will be worth of her as he know samaira is a great girl just within few hours and he know he didn't deserve a girl like her.With this thought Arjun drifted to sleep hoping atleast he will be lucky to have samaira's friendship.
Arjun felt like his whole body was burning in fire as he saw the scene of his family getting murdered by samrat khanna again infront of his eyes and Arjun ran to save his family.But as every time two goons held him back and Arjun struggled in thier hold to get free.But like befor he failed and his family died infront of his eyes and then the two goons let him go and they took a iron rod and started to beat him with it and once he became barely conscious they poured the petrol inside their house and after few minutes the house got in fire .But Arjun couldn't escape this fire like he always did and his started to struggle as his body started to get hurt from the heat radiating  from the fire.But after few minutes he heard his name being called but Arjun couldn't even react to the voice.But as the voice got he find himself sitting on his bed in his room breathing hard.
Just then he felt a soft touch on his arms and he heard a very familiar voice which started to give some please to his racing and pancking voice.
''Hey you are right,its just a nightmare''said samaira rubbing his arms and Arjun looked her with a panicked look as the nightmare was still fresh in mind.Then he saw samaira taking the glass of water which was on his bedside table and handed it to him.
''Come on drink it''said samaira in a soft voice and Arjun took the glass from her and drank the water.He was really glad that he decided to help her today coz it really felt somewhat good to wake up beside someone to give some comfort after having the one of his  nightmare.Once Arjun drank the water samaira took the galss from and hand kept it back on the bedside table and turned to him again.
''Hey are you alright?''asked samaira in a concern voice and Arjun took a deep breath and gave a nod.
''I am fine samaira.But how you are here?''asked Arjun with confusion.
''Woh actually i came to drink some water when i heard a glass break inside so i came to see if something is wrong''said samaira and that when Arjun looked at  the broken glass jug laying on the floor and understood he must have accidently pushed it in his sleep.
''Thanks samaira for everything''said Arjun and samaira just gave a soft smile.
''Its okay Arjun.Now you sleep for sometime''said samaira and got up from the bed.
''Okay.Good night''said Arjun.
''Good night''said samaira and left his room .Once she left his room Arjun took a deep breath and got up from the bed knowing he is not going to get any sleep soon and walked towards the window and stood there looking at the sea.He kept looking at the sea as the lifeless body of their family flashed infront of  him and he became more and more determined to take revenge on samarat Khanna at anycost.
Arjun was standing with Samira in the airport as he came to drop her.
''Okay Arjun thanks a lot for everything and i really want you visit my home if come to mumbai''said samaira with a smile which Arjun returned.
''I will samaira.Take care and text me once you reach mumbai safely''said Arjun and samaira nodded.
''Sure Arjun i will''said samaira and just then they heard the announcement of her flight and samaira took her bag in her hand.
''Well its time for me to go.Bye Arjun take care of yourself''said samaira and Arjun gave a nod.
''you too take care.Bye samaira''said Arjun and samaira turned and walked away while Arjun stood there looking at the with an empty feeling untill she disappeared.Then with a depressed feeling he left the airport.
Arjun entered the house by 8.30 after going to the office and when he opened the door his mobile in his pocket vibrated and Arjun took it out and a smile formed on his lips as he read the message.

Hey Arjun finally reached home and laying like a dead person on my bed coz of the tiredness.Will call you tomorrow once i wale up.Have your dinner and good night.


Then he pocket his phone tying a simple replay and looked up only to  find sidarath standing with a naughty smile on his face.
''Arjun who is the reason for this new smile making your fave glow?''asked Sidarath and Arjun just shook his head and started to walk inside the house.
''Nothing like this sid''said Arjun and siadarath just rolled his eyes.
''Come on Arjun don't lie to me.I know something happened in my absence and i really wanted to know who was the girl stayed in our guest room''said sidarath and Arjun stopped in tracks and looked at him.
''How did you know about it?''asked Arjun and sidarath took a scarf from the couch ans showed it to him.
''Well i found this in the guest room while i went to take the spare towel and i am sure none is using girls dress here in this house,so tell me who is she?''asked Siddarath with a smile and Arjun sighed knowing he has no other option but to tell his best buddy everything.Then Arjun explained everything from how  he met samaira and how he helped her.
''Wow finally a girl made you like her at the first meet''said sidarath with amusement and Arjun gave a him a look.
''Sid nothing like that okay.she helped me and i helped her back.End of the story .so stop with your imagination now''said Arjun with irritation.
''But AJ the smile on your face is saying something else''said Siadarath and Arjun glared at him.
''Okay man i will keep quiet.No need to give me that angry look of yours.I am going to take your bath now and you can do whatever with this scarf''said sidarath and placed it on Arjun's hand and went to his room.Once sidarath went Arjun caressed the scarf softly and went to his room.As she entered his room he sat on the bed removing his shoes and looked at the scarf laying on his bed and a smile automatically formed on his lips as samaira's thought crossed his mind.He didn't really know what is with this girl that is making him this crazy.But whatever it is he know he should push that feelings back as its not good for both of them.He just hoped he will atleast see her again once in his life and see her smile in person again.With this thought Arjun wnet to take a hot shower to clear his mind keeping the scarf safely in his wardrobe.

-To Be Continued.

With Love,

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