Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian


Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian
Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian

SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 25)

Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Hey friends thanks a lot for the lovely feedbacks.I am here with the next chapter and hope you guys will like it.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews...

Arjun felt like someone was hitting his head with a hamer when he tried to open his eyes.After few moments of strugglings he opened his eyes and was confused to find him in a hospital room with an IV attached to his hand.Just then he saw sidarath entering the room and once he saw Arjun awake he rushed towards him with  a relief.
''Thank god AJ you are fine.I was really scared''said sidarath giving him a hug.And once he broke the hug Arjun looked him with confusion.
''Sidarath what actually happend to me?Why am i in the hospital and the most important question why is samaira not with you?''asked Arjun as he was really confused on not finding samaira when he was admitted in the hospital for whatever reason.But on hearing his last question a pain crossed sidarath's face and he didn't even know how he is going to tell this news to his best friend.
''Arjun what is the last thing you remember?''asked sidarath and Arjun thought for a moment.
''Well i went with sam to drop her home in your car and we were talking then sam...''said Arjun and his widen as he started to remember everything.He couldn't believed the girl literally scarificed her own life to save him when she would have jumped out of the car as she was the one who saw the truck first.Remembering how the car crushed with the truck Arjun heart started to beat fast and sidarath who saw his increasing heart beat in the monitor started to get worry and tried to calm him.But Arjun was in his own world as he remembered the last smile she gave him when they talked about letting others know about their engagement
''Samaira''was the first words left his mouth as he spoke and Sidarath left out a sigh.
''Arjun first calm down and listen to me okay?''asked sidarath sitting infront of Arjun.But Arjun just looked him and seeing the lost look in his eyes literally broke sidarath's heart.
''Sid?Meri sam kahan hai aur kaise yeh woh?I want to see her now.I am going to see if she is alright''said Arjun and tried to get up from the bed.But he crumbled back on the bed as he was too weak and sidarath immediately helped him to sit back.
''Arjun just listen to me okay.You can't see her now as she is on the OT for the last three hours and you are too weak even to stand up so just rest for now''said sidarath and hearing this Arjun's blood started to boil.
''Rest?you are asking me to rest when my samaira is fighting  for her life there coz me and you are asking me to rest sidarath''shouted Arjun 
''Arjun i can't understand what you are going therough.Even i was worried for her but there is nothing we could do now except to wait to get some news from the doctor.And Arjun stop blaming yourself for everything.Whatever happened is not your fault it was an accident so stop blaming youself''said sidarath trying to calm his storming friend .
''No sid.Its all my fault if she didn't pushed me out to save me ,she could have jumped out of the car and saved herslef in that time.Sidarath please take me to her ,i really want to see her atleast once''said Arjun in a pleading voice and his got moist.Sidarath thinking for few seconds decided to let Arjun see his samaira and nodded his head.
''Okay i will.But let me call a nurse first and take your IV out''said  sidarath and Arjun nodded.Then after getting his IV removed Sidarath took Arjun out of his room to the OT to see samaira.
As Arjun walked to the OT with sidarath beside him he felt his heart beat increase more and more with each passing second.He was really not prepared to see whatever he was going to see in the OT.Even the thought of his samaira being operated inside the OT send chills in his spine and he didn't even want to think about her state still he see it by himself.Just then they reached the OT and Arjun saw Neil sitting outside resting his head back on the wall with closed eyes.
''Neil''called Arjun and Neil opened his eyes and looked Arjun.On seeing Neil's pain filled,red eyes which are buffy from crying Arjun some fear engulfing his heart.
''Thank god Arjun.Atleast you woke up''said Neil and came and gave Arjun a light hug carefully not to hurt him coz his injury.
''Neil how is sam?''asked Arjun and hearing her name bought the same pain which he saw on sidarath's face.
''Go and see for yourself Arjun''said Neil and Arjun moved towards the OT taking slow steps and as he reached the OT he looked inside only to feel his breath stop seeing  his samaira laying on the bed like a broken doll  as the doctors operated her.He couldn't it was the same sam who said yes to his proposal with her bright smile which never failed to light his dark life.But now seeing her laying on the bed connected to lost of wires and the doctors operating on her with sharp kinfes.Seeing all this made Arjun to loose his balance and he crumbled on the chair as tears started to roll down his cheeks which he was holding back for so long.He couldn't think anything after seeing his sam like this and the only thought came to his mind was him living a life without her to guide him in his darkness and even thinking of that life felt like hell for him.Without her he didn't even want to live a life,even for his revenge he has yet to take on samrat khanna.Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up to find Neil standing with moist eyes beside sidarath and the next moment Neil hugged him to give some support as he was going through the same pain.
''She will fight this too like always Arjun.If its not for anyone atleast she will fight for you''said Neil and Arjun just nodded as he didn't have any strength to form any words after seeing his samaira's condition.Arjun really felt weird to share this close and understanding with Neil now as first hated him for sharing a close relation with samaira.Though he know it was nothing but pure friends he really felt jealous and hated him for nothing.But once he understood how Neil loves and cares for samaira more then anything he started to consider him as freind and even respected him as it was really hard to find a guy like Neil nowadays.He just wished whatever he was saying will be true coz for him his samaira is his life line and he will not last even a hour without her.
Its been nearly 30 minutes after Arjun saw samaira in the OT and now he was resting in his room after sidarath and Neil literally dragged him and convinced him to take rest and he was having a deep injury on his back and some cuts on his forehead.Though he wanted to argue with them and stay there till he gets some news on his samaira,he didn't have the heart to argue with them seeing thier tired face as they both are already hell worried about samaira.Just then he heard the door of his open and he looked to see doctor and Neil entering his room.
''How are feeling now Mr.Mehra?''asked the doctor once he reached him.
''I am fine doctor.But first tell me how is my sam?''asked Arjun as he desperately wanted to know samaira's condition.
''Mr.Mehra i will inform about Miss.Khanna's condition once i finish your check up so please co operate with me?''asked the doctor in a polite voice undertsanding his desperation.Then the doctor finished his check up
''Mr.Mehra you are perfectly fine except the deep cut in your back and some small cuts on your forehead and you will get fine with a week of bed rest''said the doctor and Arjun didn't even wanted to hear anything about his condition now as his samaira was the only though revolving in his mind and heart.
''Then about Miss.Khanna's condition her operation is sucessful and she is out of danger''said the doctor and that's the moment Arjun felt like he got his life back which he literally lost seeing his samaira in that condition.
''But we have put her in induced coma as her injuried are sivere but fortunately its not life threading.She will be fine and she will wake  up in couple of days.So you calm stop worrying about her and first take care of your health.I will see you later''said the doctor.
''Thanks a lot for saving my samaira doctor''said Arjun with gratiude and the doctor just smiled in reaturn.
''Its okay Mr.Mehra its my duty''said the doctor.
''can i see her now doctor?''asked Arjun.
''No Mr.Mehra. You can't see her now as she was in observation.But you can see her once we shift her to the ICU tonight''said the doctor and Arjun nodded as the doctor left.
''I said na Arjun she will fight this too.Samaira Khanna is a fighter Arjun and she will not give up on her life just like that''said Neil with a smile which Arjun returned.
''Yea.After all she is my warrior princess''said Arjun with a smile as he got his world back
''Haan haan of course she is your warrior princess and she will fight after all she is your half patni now.''said Neil with a teasing smile and Arjun looked him with a jerk.
''How did you know this?'asked Arjun as he was confusion how Neil came to about their engagement.
''Well coz of this said Neil and took their engagement ring from his pocket and kept it in Arjun's hand and seeing the ring Arjun hearted ached thinking its in his hand now not on his samaira's where it belongs.But he was glad it will be back on to its belonged place soon and he held it tightly.
''So when you both got engaged?''asked Neil sitting on the chair next to his bed.
''Well this morning and she wanted to inform to all of you by tomorrow in her khanna mansion.But now...''said Arjun with a painful sigh holding the ring more tightly.
''Arjun just stop thinking about what happened okay.Its was an accident and you both are fine and out of danger now and thats what important now''said Neil and Arjun nodded knowing he was right as he know thinking about what happened is defintely not going to help anyone.
''I know Neil.By the way where is sid?''asked Arjun .
''Actually he went to my apartment to take some clothes for sam and myself as i was not ready to leave sam alone''said Neil and Arjun nodded his head with a smile seeing how much this guy loves his best friend.
Sidarath who entered NeSam's flat first entered Neil's room and packed some of his clothes and took some necessary things went to samaira's room.As he entered samaira's room he opened her cupboard and packed all the necessary things and was about to leave the room when a photo frame on her bedside table caught his eyes.Then he walked towards it and took it in his hand.And as soon as he clearly looked at the photo his eyes got moist seeing the edit of him,Arjun,Neil and samaira smiling at the photo which they took last new years and it was cpations as ''My Lovely Family''.Never in his life after loosing his family in a cruel earth quake he tought he would get a family's love again.But this girl who entered his life like a ray of sunshine gave him love more than his own sister could and he didn't know how he was going to repay for all this.But he promised himself not to let anyone or anything hurt his sister from this moment as he realized it will literally kill him too with his friend if he lost her nearly loosing her in this accident.With this thought he wiped a lone tear escaped his eyes and left the room keeping the photo back taking the bag.Sidarath who was about to leave the house locking it noticed a envelope laying behind the door and took it in his hand as he didn't want anyone to miss it if it was important.But as he took the envolpe he saw it was adressed to Samaira and he got suspicious on not finding any from adress and decided to look inside it.As he opened the envelope he found  folded paper and he keep the empty envelope and unfolded the paper and found a SD card attached on the top of it.Sidarath took the SD card with confusion and decided to see its content later after reading the letter.But as soon as he finished reading the letter his eyes became wide and he immediately took his mobile and inserted the SD in it after removing his.Once he saw the video which was stored in it sidarath cluthed the phone tightly and controlled himself from breakig it by throwing it on the wall.He couldn't belive ou of all people Arjun will be the reason for his sisters current state and he really wanted to kill him with his bare hands.with this thought he left the late to the hospital to have a word with Arjun.
Arjun was sitting alone in his room reading a magazine the nurse gave to keep him entertained after Neil left to see Radhika as he was getting continous call from her.Though he was looking at the magazine his mind was full of samaira who was recovering in the observation room and he wanted nothing but to see and hold her in his arms .Just then he saw sidarath entering the room with a pissed expression and became serious seeing his expression.But before he could react sidarath slapped him as hard as possible Arjun who didn't expect this closed his eyes for few seconds.Once he came out of shock he looked sidarath who was giving his death glares.
''Sid what happened?''asked Arjun knowing something was terribly wrong as sidarath was the type of guy who would get this much angry without any valid reason.
''Its all coz of you Arjun.samaira is in this condition just coz of you and your bloody revenge''said sidarath in an angry voice and Arjun looked in shock.
''Kya?What are you talking about?''asked Arjun and sidarath throw the envelope to him and Arjun took it with a confused look. 
''Kya hai yeh?''asked Arjun .
''Open and read by yourself''said sidarath and he went to standing near the window as he really didn't want to loose his cool on Arjun again.Arjun who was really confused by his anger opened and started to read the letter.

Dear Arjun Mehra,

If  you are reading this letter then it means you escaped from the accident i planned.But just take it as a warming as i am going to cause you and your lovely samaira many more accidents in future.I was really disappointed in you when i came to know you decided to love samaira leaving her out of your revenge and i really didn't expect this from you.I want to do for you planned when you enter samaira's life and destroy samrat khanna.Otherwise you will lose your samaira permanently the next time.And as i told you during our last conversation i have proof aganist you and i have send a piece of it in the SD.After seeing it decide what you are going to do.Till then take care of yourslef and samaira Arjun Mehra.

With Regrads,
Your wellwisher.

Once Arjun finished reading the letter he felt a chill pass in his spine realising whatever happened is not an accident by a well planned attack.He didn't know who was this guy was hell bend on hurting samaira.Even he was hell bend angry on this guy like sidarath said he was the reason for all this and he wanted to kill himself for becoming the reason for his samaira getting hurt continously.But then he remebered about the SD card mentioned in the paper and Arjun looked at sidarath.
''sid what about the SD card?''asked Arjun and sidarath gave him his phone opening the video.Once the video started to play Arjun saw the reacorded version of him planning with Bonnie in a resturant how to trap samaira.Anyone can say that it was ll true by seeing the video and seeing this video Arjun felt like his world getting shattered as it proved this guy really has proof of him that would snatch his samaira from him for good.But he could think more sidarath voice bought him out of his thoughts.
''I really don't know how you are going to clear the mess you have created Arjun.But if something happens to my sister again coz of you i will skin you alive.Just keep this in mind,you are the only reason for samaira state and if anything like this happens to her again i will make sure you will never see her in your life again.''said sidarath and left the room snatching his mobile .As Sidarath went Arjun closed his eyes in pain as sidarath words hurted him a lot.But he know whatever he said was right and his samaira was in this condition only coz of him.Arjun never in his regretted something he did like he was now regretting for even think of hurting once.How he wished he could reverse the time and chance all the cruel things he did in the first couple of months he met Samaira .But he know its not possible and he have the pay for the sins he caused by hurting a lovely girl like samaira.

-To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Guys from next chapter the flashback how samArj fell in love will start and who wanted to see our Mr.Revenge will see him from the next chapter.

With Love,

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Waiting waiting waiting.. This is loads better than watching those stupid Radhika and Arjun scenes.. This would have fetched loads of TRP..

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Lovely update
The story is going mind blowing
I'm so in love with this story

Love u
Keep smiling
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Nice chapter ScarlettBig smile
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Thanks for PM,Dear.Smile
It was Amazing Part.Smile
The story was getting so interesting.Smile
The way you turned the story was Awesome.Smile
Please update Next Part soon.Smile
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Wow scarlett awesome...thank you sooo much great works... You are like a ray of Hope for all samarj lovers. Don't forget to pm 
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hmm interesting suspense Big smile loving it
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waiting fr the next part

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