Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian


Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian
Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian

SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 20)

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aww much awited part Radhika ..neil confession part it
Thanks for pm..

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Originally posted by Subhashiniii

aww much awited part Radhika ..neil confession part it
Thanks for pm..
Thanks and welcome dear...Glad you loved it...
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tks for pm.. 
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Originally posted by dv19

tks for pm..
Thanks and welcome dear...
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Hey friends thanks a lot for the lovely feedbacks.I am here with the next chapter and hope you guys will like it.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews...

Neil who was getting ready in his room to leave for the office heard a knock on his door and he opened it only to find Radhika standing there ready to leave.
''Good morning chashini.Wait for couple of minutes then we can leave''said Neil.
''Sure Neil''said Radhika and entered his room taking a seat on his bed.
''Is sam awake?''asked Neil packing his bag.
''Nehi Neil.she came home late last night from the drive with Arjun so she was still sleeping ''said Radhika.
''Okay then lets lock the door and go.I am sure Arjun will come to pick up todays as sidarath is coming  from France''said Neil who spoke with Arjun this morning.
''Sure.But Neil can we go and pick my laptop in my apartment before going to the office?''asked Radhika and Neil gave a nod talking his bag.
''We can chashini.Lets go''said Neil and both of them left the room.Once they reached the living room Neil took his bike key and looked at Radhika.
''Tum parking mein wait karo.I will be there seeing sam once''said Neil and Radhika left the house with a smile.Then Neil left to samaira  room.
Once Neil entered her room he looked at his best friends sleeping  form and shook his head with a smile.Then he walked towards the bed and covered her properly with the blanket till her neck which was tossed aside and increased the degree of the A/C as it was mansoon time and he didn't want samaira to get sick.Then he took a sticky note from her bedside table cupboard and wrote a note telling that he has to leave for a emergency work tonight and will return only by tomorrow noon and stick it on the top of her mobile and left the room placing a kiss on her forehead.
As Neil entered the parking he saw Radhika waiting near his bike and went towards her.
''Lets go chashini''said Neil wearing his helmet and started his bike as Radhika sat behind him and circled her arms aroung his waist.Once making sure she was comforable he drove the bike out of the apartment to Radhika's house.
Its been nearly 30 past 9 in the morning when Arjun entered NeSam's apartment using the spare key samaira gave him.Then he closed the door and walked towards samaira's room to see his sleeping princess.Arjun who entered her room smiled immediately seeing the sleeping  form of  his samaira and went and sat beside her.Then he soft caressed her forehead and samaira smiled slight in her sleep like feeling his touch.Then after few seconds she opened her eyes slowly and looked Arjun sleepy giving him a lazy smile.
''Good morning my sleeping beauty''said Arjun in a soft voice caressing her face.
''Good morning''said samaira with a smile and pulled Arjun beside her holding his hand and once Arjun laid beside her she moved closed to him and rested her head on his chest hugging her tighly and closing her eyes as Arjun too hugged her back tightly and placed a kiss on the top of her head.
''What are you doing here this early ?''asked samaira in a low voice as Arjun started to caress her hair softly.
''Sam its nearly 10 in the morning''said Arjun.
''So what?Its early for me''said Samaira and Arjun couldn't help but smile seeing her childishness.
''Well i came here to take my girlfriend to show a suprise''said Arjun and samaira looked up at him once she heard the word suprise.
''Kya hai woh suprise?''asked samaira 
''If i tell you that now how it will be a suprise.So get ready if you want to see the suprise and will make some breakfast for you''said Arjun and samaira got up from his arms and searched for her clip to put her loose hair in a bun.Once she found it under her pillow she put her hair in a bun and got up from the bed.
''Okay i will be back in 30 minutes and please like a good boyfreind prepare some milk shake for me''said samaira and Arjun nodded as he laid on the bed keeping his hand on the back of his head.
''I will now go and get ready''said Arjun and samaira left to the washroom to get ready putting her mobile for charging and reading her idiot's note.
After 40 minutes samaira came out of her room in a flower printed shirt and a plain blue shirt with her bag and mobile and entered the kitchen to see Arjun seating the table and she then went near his and kissed his cheek wrapping her hands around his neck.
''Good morning Arjun''said samaira with a smile.
''Good morning my princess.Now have your breakfast ''said Arjun and made her sit on a chair and served her the dishses he made.Seeing her favorite dishes Samaira smiled like a cat in the fish shop.
''Arjun these are my favorite you are the best''said samaira and Arjun sat beside her.
''Ofcourse i know i am the best sam.''said Arjun and he started to feed her the food.Once she took the first bite and Arjun looked her with excitement as it was the first time he cooked for her.
''So how was my preparation?''asked Arjun and seeing her excitement Samaira gave a nod with a smile.
''Its was so lovely Arjun''said samaira and Arjun then started to feed her more.After feeding her for few times Arjun decided to eat the remaining knowing samaira will not have more.But as he was about to take the food in his mouth samaira held his hand and sallowed the food.
''Hey that's was my share''said Arjun but samaira just shook her head negatively .
''Its was made for me so i am going to have it all''said samaira.
''No sam i am going have a taste and thats final''said Arjun and he sallowed some food and as soon as he did that his eyes widen and he spit the food out.
''samaira how did you even eat this crap called food?''asked Arjun drinking a glass full of water as the paneer butter masla was contaning a lot of  salt.
''sam i really sorry.I must have checked before serving you''said Arjun holding her hand like a little boy.
''Arjun there is no need to be sorry for anything.It was really good as it contains your stop apologizing for evrything and anything.I know you can never hurt me knowingly''said samaira with a smile holding his hand more tightly.Seeing her trust on him made Arjun's guilt increase more.
''Now get ready and take me to my suprise Mr.Mehra''said samaira standing up from the chair and gave her hand to Arjun which he took with a smile and both of them left to Arjun's house.
''Arjun will you please tell me why are you covering my eyes in your own house''asked Samaira as Arjun walked behind her covering her eyes with his hand.
''Patience Sam Patience.You will see your suprise soon''said Arjun and took her to the guest room and opened the door.Once both of them entered the room Arjun took his hand from her eyes and samaira opened her eyes in annoyance.But as soon as she saw the person standing near the bed a bright smile covered her face with suprise and happiness.
''Sidu''said samaira and sidarath laughed lightly as she used the pet name he hated the most.
''Haan sammu thumari siddu hai''said sidarath and the next moment samaira ran and hugged sidarath tightly which he turned with a smile.Then after few minutes they broke the hug.
''Sidarath what are doing here?Aren't you suppose to return by next month''asked samaira and Sidarath look Arjun for few seconds and looked back at her.
''Well the work for which i went finished soon so came back as i was missing my sister a lot''said Sidarath with a smile.
''Awww i too missed you meri bhai.I too missed you''said samaira with a smile and then she looked at Arjun.
''So this is the suprise you are talking about haan?''asked samaira and Arjun nodded with a smile.
''Yea.So how was my suprise and do you like it?''asked Arjun coming and standing before.
''I love it Arjun''said samaira and the boys smiled at her.
''Okay as i came back we are going to our beach house so both of you pack your bags''said sidarath.
''But sid you returned just today and you must take rest right.We can even go tomorrow na?''asked samaira with concern and sidarath could help the affectionate smiled formed on his lips.This is the main reason he started to love this girl as his own sister,her caring nature,doing anything  for her friends and most importantly loving his best friend selflessly and uncondtionally .
''Arrey meri sammu i am fine so stop worrying.I really want to go to the beach house and i can even rest there so now get ready to have some fun''said sidarath and Samaira nodded with a smile.
''Okay meri bhai i will.But haan i am driving the car today''said samaira and sidarath gave her his car key knowing how much she loves his car.
''Thanks sid you are the best.I will pack the bag in 5''said sam and left the room to Arjun's to pack her things.As samaira left sidarath smiled at looked at Arjun.
''I missed her a lot AJ''said sidarath and Arjun smiled a little hearing his freind call him by thier childhood pet name.
''I know.But sid what if miss her completely in my life.Though i hate to say this the guy who called me was right.If she comes to know about it she will never forgive me''said Arjun and sidarath heart ached to see his brother like friend in pain.
''Arjun please stop worrying and just enjoy today and tomorrow.Then we can decided what to do about this problem okay?''asked Sidarath and Arjun nodded.Then sidarath gave him a smiled and patted on his back.
''Now go and help your Juilet to pack Romeo''said sidarath and Arjun just left the room smiling while sidarath went to take a bath.
Arjun who entered the room saw samaira packing his bag after packed hers.Seeing her roming in his room packing his clothes made him feel like she was already his wife and this thought bought a warm feeling in his heart.Just then the ring box sitting in his pant pocket felt so heavy and he caressed it softly hoping the ring sitting in the box will be on her finger tomorrow as he planned to propose her tomorrow to beautiful girl who turned his black life in a colorful one with her love and caring.Though Arjun know she would say yes he still couldn't himself from getting nervous knowing she deserve much better than he just hoped she will say yes as he didn't know if he has the courage to face the rejection from her.He may sound like a love stuck puppy or a coward guy,but without his samaira he would never have a life so he didn't care what others thought for loving his life this.Just then he felt a familar touch on his shoulder which bought him back from his thoughts and he looked at samaira who was now standing infront of him.
''Arjun where are you lost?I was calling you for the last few moments?''asked Samaira.
''I was thinking about something.Nothing serious.''said Arjun with a smile which she returned.
''Teek hai.I packed our things and once sid gets ready we can leave''said samaira and Arjun nodded.Then both of them walked inside the room and sat on the bed as samiara rested her head on his shoulder as Arjun pulled her closer by wrapping his arms around her shoulder as both of them sat in a comfortable silence holding each others hands.
''Hey love birds we can leave if you both are ready''said sidarath standing near the door frame and SamArj with a nod got up from the bed and left with sidarath.
Its been an hours since they arrived in the beach house and after chainging into comfortable clothes samaira,Arjun and Sidarath was walking on the beach as the waves hit their legs.
''Guys go and play in the water?''said samaira looking at the clear water.
''Sam are you 5?Come on playing in the water?''asked Arjun and samaira gave him a glare.
''You know what Arjun you are such a spoil spor.I am going inside the water and that's it''said samaira and ran inside the water.Once she the water reached till her chest she looked at Arjun.
''Are you sure you are not coming Arjun?''asked samaira and Arjun nodded his head negatively.
''No way sam.But why don't you ask sidarath''said Arjun and sidarath looked him with wide.
''Saale mujse marne ki plan kar rahiho ka.You know i don't know swimming right ?''asked sidarath.
''Ofcourse i know buddy''said Arjun and sidarath just rolled his eyes and just then he heard his mobile ring and he sighed seeing the caller ID.Its was one of his bussiness partner calling him as he has to leave the meeting in the middle after Arjun called.
''Guys i will be back once attending this call.Its really important''said sidarath while Arjun gave a nod and samaira shouted a okay in return.Once sidarath left Arjun sat on a bench rested his back and got himself busy in his mobile seeing the annoyed and cute anger face of his samaira.As much as he want to join her in the water he decided to annoy her for sometimes as he always loved his sam's cute annoyed face.
''Okay Arjun don't come i am going to enjoy this water and swiming as much as i want''said samaira and started to swim.Then after few minutes Arjun decided to join her and stood up from th bench and looked at the sea to find sam but he couldn't find her anywhere.This made his panic and ran into the water.
''SAMAIRA.SAMAIRA.''shouted Arjun searching her in the water
''SAM IF THIS IS A JOKE ITE REALLY NOT FUNNY''shouted Arjun looking for her in all the direction.Just then he felt himself being pushing in the water from his back.Once he got up from the water he saw samaira standing there laughing holding her stomach.Though in other situation her laught would have bought smile on his face remembering how she scared him just a moment back.
''I thought you said you will not come inside the water''said samaira between her laught but Arjun who was damn anger by what she did didn't find it even a bit funny.Then walked closer to her and held her shoulder tightly but even in his anger he was careful not to hurt her.
''BAS SAMAIRA ITS ENOUGHT''shouted Arjun holding her shoulder and samaira stopped laughing immediately sensing his anger.
''Arjun i was just joking''said samaira in a soft voice knowing she really did cross a line
''Joking?Are you out of your mind.Pagal ladki tek koi majak karneki bhath hai kya?You know how much i was scared?''asked Arjun with a anger face and voice but samaira can see his care,concern behind it.
''Why are looking at me like that haan?Kuch bolo''said Arjun seeing her quite.
''Hmmm...I am sorry?''said samaira with a cute face which melted Arjun's anger immediately and he shook his head and pulled her in his chest hugging her tightly.
''Pagal ladki.Don't do somthing like this again''said Arjun as samaira hugged back and nodded aganist his chest.Then after few minutes Arjun broke the hug and looked at samaira with a smrik
''For what this smrik mister?''asked samaira looked him with an raised eyebrow .
''Lets race like last time and who reaches back first will do what others says.Deal?''asked Arjun and samaira gave a nod.
''Deal.Then lets race''said Samaira and both of them look their position and started to race with excitement.Sidarath who saw all this from the bench smiled seeing his best friendly geuine happiness after so long and prayed to keep their samaira with him always like this as he know Arjun will be death man without his samaira.He decided to help Arjun in this problem and find the guy as soon as possible who called Arjun coz he too can't loose a sister whom he found in samaira.with this thought he decided to go and prepared some coffee and snacks for everyone.
Samaira entered the house with a anger face as Arjun followed her with a smile.
''Sam..''called Arjun but samaira just kept walking with a huff.
''Don't talk to me you cheater.You won the reace just coz you cheated''said samaira .
''Ofcourse i did.But i didn't set any rules that we shouls not cheat''said Arjun with a smile and hearing this samaira stopped and turned back and looked at him with a glare.
''Don't try to act so smart mister.You are not getting anything for wining but cheating now i going to chance the dress so don't disturb me''said samaira and left to their and closed the door with a bang.sidarath who came out of the kitchen carrying two mugs of coffee looked Arjun.
''Why are you annoying her like this?''asked sidarath handing him the coffee and Arjun smiled at his friends question.
''Well i just her more when she gets annoyed sid.When you fall in love you will know this''said Arjun and sidarath rolled his eyes.
''Whatever.Now go and change .I prepared snacks for everyone we can have it watching some movies and give this coffee to sam''said Sidarath and Arjun nodded taking the coffee mug  from the coffee from him and left to see samaira.
Samaira came out of the bathroom after chaning into a blue loose pants and white t shirt drying her hair and entered the room only to find Arjun standing near the window and sipping his coffee in his dry clothes.But seeing this wet hair from which still the water  water droplets are dripping she shook her head seeing his carelessness towards his health and went towards his taking a dry towel from her bag.once she came near him Arjun who sensed her presence turned and smiled at her.
''Here your favorite coffee made by your brother''said Arjun forwarding the mug of coffee to samaira.Samaira just took the mug from his hand and kept it on the shelf near them and made him sit on the couch near the window.
''I will have the coffee later.Let me dry your hair first.How many times i have to tell you not to let your hair wet for so long as you will get sick easily if you did.''scolded samaira as she softly dried his hair like a mother scolding her child.Arjun hearing this just hugged her waist and looked up at her batting his eyeslashes and samaira found it so adorable that she couldn't help but smile.
''Pagal''said samaira and finished drying his hair after few moments and sat beside him taking the coffee in her hand and Arjun just rested his head on her shoulder and Samaira gave a smile and placed a kiss on his forehead and started to drink her coffee.Then once they finished the coffee both of them left to the living room to spend some time with sid.
 samaira got out of Sidarath's car infront of her apartment followed by the boys.Then she took her bag  from the back seat and turned back closing the door.
''Good night guys.see you tomorrow''said samaira with a smile and the boys smiled back.Sidarath then gave her a hug which samaira returned with a smile.
''Good night sammy.see you tomorrow''said sidarath and Samaira gave a smile with a nod.
''I will be back''said Arjun to sidarath and SamArj walked inside the gate of the apartment hand in hand.Once they reached the lift samaira stopped walking and looked at him.
''I will go from here myself.You go home''said samaira with a smile.
'''Okay good night princess.see you tomorrow''said Arjun and samaira gave a nod.
''Good Arjun.Bye''said samaira entering the life and Arjunstood there watching her till the lift door closed and left to the car with a smile.While samaira leaned on the lift and smiled softly.Then once she reached the apartment she talked with Neil once and hit the bed as she was hell tired from today's events and the sleep engulfed her as soon as she closed her eyes.
The next morning samaira was getting ready in her room to go to Arjun's house.Just then her mobile rand from the bedside table and smiled seeing sidarath's name flashing on the screen.
''Haan sid bolo how did you remeber your sister this early today?''asked samaira with a smile.But what she heard next made the smile slip from her face and her face became pale.
''Sam Arjun met with an accident''said sidarath in a paniced voice and samaira felt like her whole world slipped.
''Kya?''asked samaira in a low voice as tears already formed in her eyes.
''Haan sam and he is unconscious come home as soon as possible''said Sidarath and samaira was confused what Arjun was doing in home if he was injured.But the next moment she imagine the pain he must be going through and pushed all her confusion aside.
''okay i will be there.Sid how is he now?''asked samaira in a teary voice.
''He is okay sam.So come soon''said Sidarath and samaira started to leave her room taking her bag and car and house.
''Okay i will be there ASAP''said samaira and disconnected the call and ran out the house to the parking and started to drive towards Arjun's house like a insane as the thought of loosing Arjun increased ten fold by each passing second and even the thought of Arjun going through pain make her heart ache and she hoped nothing serious would have happened to him.
''Damn this traffic''shouted samaira hitting the dashboard with her hand as she was struck in the traffic for the last 5 minutes.she then felt her dam of tears trying to come out but she controlled herself wiping her tears taking deep breaths.
''No sam stop thinking like this nothing will happen to him and he will be fine so stop thinking negatively''said Samaira to herself and just then she saw the traffic moving and she started to car and drove towards Arjun's house fastly.
As soon as samaira stopped the car once she entered Arjun's house compound she ran inside the house and once she entered the house she ran towards his room.
''ARJUN''shouted Samaira as soon as she entered the room.But she found the room empty and found his bed was decorated with roses in heart shape and she went near it and took a card and a box from the centre of the heart and she opened the card.

Wear this dress and come to the garden

said the note and samaira finally understood all this was a parnk to suprise her and she felt her blood boiling in anger and she left the room to the garden throwing the box on the bed and crushing the card.
As samaira entered the garden she found Arjun standing near the wall which was now decorated with flower which said'' I love you sam'' and smiled seeing her.
''Sam what are you doing in this dress where is the dress i kept on the be...''started Arjun to talk but before he could finish he felt and sharp pain on his left cheek as samaira slapped him as hard as she could.
''Sam''asked Arjun in shock and confusion but the next moment she took a hold of his collar .
''Do you have any damn idea what i went through from the moment i received the call from sid.How could you do this to me Arjun.For a moment i thought i lost you and felt like my whole world engulfed in darkness.When did you become this cruel to play such a cruel joke just to suprise me.I felt like i died thousand death till i saw you fit and fine and hear you are standing with a smile when i was literally dying.Yesterday when i play that small prank on you you was so upset and scared right and how could you make me go through the same pain and fear like this.?''asked samaira as tears ran down her cheeks and seeing this Arjun's heart started to bleed as her tears stabbed his heart.
''Sam i am so...''started Arjun to apologize but samiar just left his collar and moved back.
''You know what Arjun i don't want to hear anything.Just ..just don't talk to me''said samaira and was about to leave but stopped seeing a small ring box near Arjun's feet.Then without wasting a second she ran inside the house.
''Sam please meri baath suno''said Arjun and followed her taking the falled box  from the ground.
As Arjun entered his room knowing well she will be there he stopped in his track seeing his samaira crying silently near the window and cursed himself for causing her this pain.Then she slowly walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.But as soon as he kept his hand she pushed it away and tried to walk away from him but Arjun pulled her back and hugged her tightly.But samaira started to punch his back trying to get out of his arms but after few minutes she started to cry softly hugging him back.
''I was so scared Arjun.PLease don't ever do this to me again.Tumari bhina mein mar jaogi Arjun.''said samaira and Arjun's eyes got moist hearing the pain in her voice.
''Shhh sam.I am sorry ,i am really sorry''said Arjun and samaira hugged him more tightly resting her on his chest.Arjun on the other hand felt like kicking himself for igorning sid when he warned this plan will not end good and seeinf her in this much pain made him realised why sid said that.Then after few minutes samaira calmed down completely  and broke the hug.
''So now tell me why you planned this suprise?''asked samaira wiping her tears with a small smile.
''Well i really didn't plan to ask this like this.But now i really want to know your answer''said Arjun and then he kneeled down infront of her.
''Samaira though i know you only for few months it feels like i know for the eternity feeling the love and care you have for me.I never thought i will face head over heels for a girl as i never thought love is true,but once you entered my life you broke all my stupid belives and made me fell in love you.So now i can never imagine a tomorrow where you will not be there to love till my last breath i want to be loved by you and love you.I want to have a great future with you where you will be the mother of my child and want to see our children grow up with you.Then one day with grey hair i want to die with you and your memerioes.I know i am not perfect sam but i will try with my everything to keep you happy and treat you like a princess.So for all this happen will you marry me and become Mrs.Samaira Arjun Mehra?'' asked Arjun with hope,love in his eyes and samaira for a moment didn't even know what to say.When she saw the ring box she thought it must a promise ring but she never thought it will be a ring which is waiting to become her engagaement ring.Then she remembered all the moments they spend together and she know there is no way she was going to say No as there was no way she could imagine her life without Arjun.
''Yes.Yes Arjun i will marry you and will become your wife''said samaira and the next moment a bright smiled formed on Arjun's face and he slided the ring on her finger and crashed his lips as soon as he got up pulling her closer and samaira too responded back feeling the first kiss of his fiance.Though they kissed many timed before kissing him with the finger which made her literally his half wife made this kiss feel special.After few minutes they broke the kiss and rested their forehead on each other.
''I love you sam''said Arjun and samaira smiled at this.
''I love you too Arjun.Always and forever''said Samaira and Arjun placed a kiss on her cheek ,
''Always and forever''said Arjun and hugged her lightly and both of them stayed in each others arms.
Samaira was driving Arjun's car back to her apartment and spending some time with sidarath.Though she wanted to stay she know Neil will come home in few hours and she wanted to prepare food for him.
''So when we are going to tell about engagement to everyone?''asked samaira and Arjun smiled 
''Whenever you feel okay sam''said Arjun holding her hand.
''Okay then tomorrow we can tell everyone''said samaira and Arjun nodded with an approving smile.Just then samaira saw a truck moving towards him and by the look of it it seems the driver was not able to control the truck.Seeing the truck bought back all the memories of  Jai's burnt lifelessly body and the next moment she undid Arjun's seat belt and pushed him out of the car knowing there is no way she is going to avoid the car crashing  from the truck as it was one way and after few moment she felt a familiar feeling she felt before couple years and the Arjun name was the last thing escaped her lips before the unbearble went throught her body and the darkness engulfed.
Arjun on the other hand who laid on the road with his bleeding for a moment could understand what happened but as he looked at his crashed car with the truck he understood everything and samaira's name was the last thing escaped his lips before everything went blank.

-To Be Continued

With Love,

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Lovely awsme

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Keep smiling
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omg :O
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