Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian


Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian
Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian

SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 15)

Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Hey friends thanks a lot for the lovely feedbacks.I am here with the next chapter and hope you guys will like it.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews...

Samaira pushed Radhika forcefully inside her room in her and Neil's apartment closing the door and literally dragged Radhika to her bed and made her sit on it and sat beside her.
''Tell me every single details of your date with Neil now''asked samaira in a demanding voice and Radhika smiled seeing her freinds act.
''Ok samaira i will but atleast let me sit properly''said Radhika and samaira gave a nod.Then both the girls sat on the bed resting their back keeping a pillows on their back and Radhika stared to tell how Neil proposed her.


''Neil will you please tell me where are you talking atleast now as i was literally dying out of your so called suprise?''asked Radhika who was sitting on the back seat Neil's bike holding to his waist for support.
''Arrey yaar you asked the same for like 50 times from the moment i started the bike.I really don't why you girls are hell bend on spoiling a man suprise.So keep quiet shut till we reach the location as you can't anything out of me today''said Neil .Hearing this Radhika huffed and slapped his back playfully .
''You know what Neil you are so mean.I think sam was right when she adivced me to consider 1000 times before becoming more than friend with you as she really didn't want a girl's life to get spoiled and that mine by becoming your girlfriend''said Radhika and Neil's jaws dropped hearing this.
''Sam said What?''asked Neil still in shock not able to believe his best friend said that.But at the same time he know something like this will happen as he know how much samaira will tease and make a fool out of him if she wants and eventhought he acts like he hates her for it,he know she is the only one has this right and will never ask her to stop it.
''Well you heard me well.And i really think I must consider it''said Radhika and Neil just shook his head.
''I really doubt whether sam loves me or hates me in times like this yaar''said Neil but in his heart he know no one can love his like his best friend sam does.Then he speed to his deatination and they reached a resturant and both of them got off  the bike once Neil parked his bike there and Radhika looked at him with a smile which he returned.
''So shall we go Miss.Radhika?''asked Neil holding his hand out for her and Radhika took his hand with a smile and both of them walked inside the resturant.Once they entered the resturant the manager greeted them with a smile .
''Welcome sir ,welcome mam.''said the manager and ReNeil smiled back at him.
''Hey i made a reservation under Mr.Khurana''said Neil.
''Everything is ready as you asked sir.Follow me ''said the manager and RaNeil followed him.After few minutes the managed stopped infront of a closed door and Neil smiled at him.
''I will take care from here''said Neil and the manager left with a nod.Once he left Radhika gave him a confused look.
''Neil what are we doing infront of a closed door?''asked Radhika and Neil just gave a smile.
''Just wait and watch''said Neil and he opened the door taking Radhika inside by holding her hand.Once they entered the room Neil closed the door behind them and Radhika was little nervous seeing the room was completely covered in darkness as she was always uncomforable with darkness.But before she could worry more the lights came and Radhika find the whole room covered in balloons rose petals and in the middle of the room she found a table and two chairs with two plates and a bottle of white wine.Seeing all this made her heart skip as she never thought Neil will suprise her like this.Then she saw Neil coming and standing before her with a smile.
''Radhika i know i should ask you this after having the dinner ans some dance.But i really can't wait anymore as i was waiting a long for to say this''said Neil and Radhika smiled seeing the typical Neil speaking .Then the next moment he got on his knees and pulled and took her hand in his.
''Radhika i know we know each other only for a short period of time and we didn't even know each other well.But the time i spend in these few days are so much precious to me and i want many more moments with you like this.You are only women who got a special place in my heart after my mom and samaira and i can never give that place to anyone.So Radhika will you give me pleasure of having more memoriable and precious moments with you by becoming my girl freind?''asked Neil leaving her hand and taking a red rose from his back and forwarded it to Radhika who was standing there with mosit eyes hearing this simple yet unquie confession.She never in her life thought she would find friends like samaira and Neil let alone a gem of a guy like Neil proposing to her.Though she was first afaird to give an answer she know she could never no seeing the love his eyes was holding  for her and she nodded with a smile.
''I will Neil.I will be your girl freind''said Radhika taking the rose from his hand and Neil stood up from his placed and pulled her in his arms hugging her tightly and Radhika too hugged her back with a smile on her face.Then after few minutes Neil broke the hug and smiled at her.
''Lets have the lunch''said Neil and Radhika nodded as both of them had their lunch and spending the rest of the evening getting to know each other more.

''wow i never thought my idiot best friend has this romantic side to him still now''said Samaira with a smile and Radhika smiled back.
''Even i didn't know that samaira''said Radhika and samaira smiled at her naughtily.
''But you know now right .Now tell me did you just find his romantic side or naught side too.Are you sure you are not leaving anything  out which is M rated?''asked samaira and hearing this Radhika blushed and slapped sam lightly on her arms.
''Shut up samaira nothing happend like that.''said Radhika and samaira nodded her head.
''Okay.Whatever you say''said Samaira and Radhika just shook her head.
''So how Arjun allow you out of sight after what happend yesterday.Actually i was expecting a call from you to infrom that our girls night is cancelled?''asked Radhika and as soon as she heard Arjun's name a smile automatically formed on her lips.
''Well i offerd him a deal that if we let me have our girls night's today i will spend tomorrow with him and he agreed''said samaira.
''You really did wrapped him around your finger haan na?''asked Radhika and Samaira laughed lightly.
''That i did''said Samaira with a lovely smile thinking about Arjun.
''Okay lets watch some movie''said Radhika and samaira nodded.
''Okay you select it from my collection and i will prepare popcorn and milk shake in the mean time''said Samaira and she left to the kitchen as Radhika took samaira's pendrive from her bag and started to go through her movie collection.
Its been near 40 past 11 when samaira stood up from the bed making Radhika who already fell asleep comfortable and switched off the Tv taking her pendrive form in.Just then she saw her phone on the bed blink and she took it with confusion thinking who will sent her text this late.But once she unlocked her phone and saw the message her face broke into a bright smile as it was from no other than her Arjun.

''Can't sleep without hearing your voice if  you still awake call me''

Reading the text samaira immediately called Arjun walking towards the balcony and locking the door as she didn't want to disturb a sleeping Radhika.
''Hi''said Arjubn picking the call just in a single ring.
''Hi.Didn't sleep?''asked samaira with a smile leaning on the railing of the balcony.
''Can't.Without hearing my love's voice''said Arjun from the other end.
''Hmmm well now you heard my voice go and sleep now''said samaira.
''I will.But can i see you now?''asked Arjun.
''See me?Now?Where?''asked samaira with a soft smile expecting to get a dreamy replay.
''Infront of your apartment''said Arjun and samaira who didn't hear it well first smiled at this replay too.
''In front my...In front of my what?''asked samaira in shock and looked down to see Arjun standing in a simple T-Shirt and shorts leaning aganist his black Audi.
''Arjun what the hell are you doing here in the middle of the night?''asked samaira in a stern voice.
''Sam please can you come down i really want to see you''said Arjun and hearing the deperation in his voice which he was trying to hide samaira became concern and decided to go to him first then ask the explanation.
''Okay Arjun i will come down now''said samaira and disconnected the call and rushed out of her apartment locking it with a spare key and taking a scarft wrapping it around her neck.
Arjun who was leaning on his car infront of  NeSam's apartment building sighed as he pocket his phone .He really didn't wanted to disturb samaira tonight as he know she was going to spend some girl time Radhika,but after getting that damn call this noon and he really wanted to see her atleast once before going to sleep as the fear of loosing her started to grow like a wild fire and he really didn't know what he was going to do.So he came here as he didn't get any sleep even after trying for 1 hours in hope that would be awake and he can see her beautiful face through her balcony knowing well she will always come to her balcony for their midnight calls.By first he decided to text her as he didn't want to wake her if she was already asleep and as he expected she came to the balcony calling him and hearing her melodic voice and beautiful face in the moon light only make his longing to hold her in his arms increase in ten folds and he asked to meet him going aganist his previous idea of going back home once he talked to her.He really can't belive she is the same girl whom he hated before few months with everything he had and wanted to see her in the most miserable state.But today he can even tolerate seeing a single tears escaping the eyes of the same girl and Arjun didn't know whether to get angry or laught at his fate.Some times he really wanted to tell samaira everything about him but seeing the trust ,love admiration for him in her eyes stopped him as he didn't have the guts to see her in pain when comes to know what kind of guys she loves and trust with everything she has.Arjun just hoped she will atleast let him explain when the truth comes out as he can never surive with the thought that samaira hates him as she was his everything now.Just then he saw samaira walking out of the gates of the apartment building and without even thinking he rushed towards her taking her in his arms hugging her tightly burying his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her fragrancy which finally gave some peace to his peaceless heart.samaira on the other hand was first shocked by his unexpected hug but after few moments she hugged him back as she too missed him the whole day.Then after few moments Arjun broke the hug and held her by her shoulder.
''I am sorry if i disturbed you''said Arjun cupping her face softly with one of his hand as other remained on her shoulder.
''Its okay Arjun.You didn't disturb me.But now tell me what's wrong and why you wanted to see me this desperately this late?''asked samaira keeping her hand on his which was in her cheek.
''Nothing is wrong sam.I just missed you and wanted to see you that's it''said Arjun but samaira know he was lying .
''Arjun i know you are not telling the truth and you are hiding something  from me.But i am not going to coompel you to tell me this as i trust you and i know you will tell me yourself when you feel.But just remember you can tell me anything and everything if you want and i will never judge you.okay?''asked samaira in a soft voice and seeing the complete trust which her words held for him only cause him feel more worse and he just nodded and kissed her forehead.
''I know sam and i will tell you when the time comes''said Arjun and samaira gave a nod with a smile.
''Okay.Hey can we go for a drive its been so long i went for a drive at the night''said samaira and Arjun nodded with a smile.
''Anything  for you.Come on lets go for the bench i will drive''said Arjun and samaira nodded as both of them entered the car and drove towards the beach as samaira texted Neil and Radhika about her whereabout suppose if they wake up in the middle of  the night.
Arjun and samaira are lying on the hood of the car in each others arms looking at the sky which was filled with stars in a complete comforable silence.Its been near 40 mintes since they arrived here and lying like this looking at the sky in each others arms and samaira just loved this kind of soul connected moments like this.When they spend time like this samaira always thought how sometimes word are not needed between them to communicate and this proved how both of them are made for each other.Then samaira turned to look at Arjun only to a lone tear escaping his eyes and she wiped it softly and placed a kiss on his cheek.Then Arjun looked at her took her hand which wiped his tear placing a soft kiss on its palm and tangled his fingers through his and placed it above his beating heart and looked at the sky again.
''You know sam when i was small and get hurt one my maa said everyone has a angel and she will appear in our life when we lost all our hope like a shining star and heal all our emotional and physcal wounds with her magic.And i will ask her where is the angel now.For that she will point the sky and tell that the shining stars are the angels and one day they will come down from the sky to make us happy.And from that day i always wanted to see my angel and want her to heal my wound whenever i got hurt.But after maa died my wish to see my angel to died with her as i didn't want to see the angel who refused to save my mom who was my everything.Then once i grow up and became matured i understood these angel are nothing but a lie and a story my mom said to me.But one day i understood my mom didn't lie to me about my angel when i saw my angel''said Arjun and then turned and looked at samaira who was only looking at them this whole time.
''Do you know who this angel is sam?''asked Arjun caressing her face softly looking into her eyes.Samaira on the other hand who know who this angel nodded her head negatively as she wanted to hear it from his mouth and in his voice.
''You.Tum ho angel.My angel.My shining start.The angel who healed my wounds and still healing with her magic called love.And i never want to loose this angel in my life at anycost''said Arjun and samaira with moist eyes as his declaration really touched her heart.
''I love you samaira and i always will''said Arjun and samaira just gave a teary smile in return.
''I love you too Arjun,i love you a lot''said samaira and the next moment she felt Arjun lips on her and she flet a lot of feelings in it.But like yesterday the kiss was not wild and rough but soft and passionate and she responded back without holding back running her hands through his soft hair.After few minutes Arjun broke the kiss and rested his forehead on hers and samaira caressed his face softly.
''I love you Arjun and this angel of yours will never leave you''said samaira in a promising tone and pecked his lips once again sealing the promise with the kiss.
''And i will not let my angel go even if she wants''said Arjun pulling her to his chest and holding her to him in a possesive grip and samaira rested her head on his chest and closed her hugging him back.
''Not even planning on it''said samaira and Arjun smiled placing a kiss on the top of her head.Then both of them laid like this in each others arms listening to waves.
Samaira felt someone carrying her in their arms and she opened her eyes with confusion only to find herself in Arjun's arms and gave him a confused look.
''Arjun what am i doing in your arms and why are you carrying to my falt?''asked samaira in a sleepy voice and Arjun looked down and smiled at her cuteness.
''We my sleeping beauty felt asleep in the beach and i decided to take her to her house''said Arjun and samaira gave him a embrassed smile.
''Sorry Arjun.I was really tired as i didn't get enough sleep last night''said Samaira and Arjun just smiled in returned.
''Its okay my princess.I know you are tired and there is no need to apologize.''said Arjun and made her stand on her legs once they reached infront of  her flat.
''Now go and sleep comfortably and i will pick you tomorrow noon as a suprise is waiting  for you tomorrow''said Arjun with a smile.
''Well then i am eager to know what the suprise is.Now you to go and sleep well.See you tomorrow.''said Samaira and Arjun cupped her face and placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled back.
''Good night princess sleep well''said Arjun and samaira smiled .
''Good night Arjun''said samaira and entered the falt locking it.Once she locked the door Arjun turned and left to his car with a smile on lips.He may still worried of the problem he have to face in the future in their relationship,but spending the precious moment with his sam like this gave him more strenght and determination to fight all the odds to keep his samaira happy and safe with her and he will do it at any cost.With this thought Arjun drove back to his house as samaira's promise of not leaving him ever echoed in his mind giving his heart peace and happiness.

With Love,

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shinelove Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
It was so sweet and romantic yar..and even raneil were super cuteEmbarrassed.can u pls write more on these 2 also in your nxt updates. .my samarj Day Dreaming Cvs have already Broken HeartMy dreams ..but your stories r super cute .I can so imagine everything u wrote on them..continue soon. .
..krystal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
loved it to bits dr !!
raneil confession was soo beautiful!!
continue soon nd pm!!

Edited by ..krystal - 02 June 2015 at 2:09pm
Ri21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
this is so amazing. i litrly feel fairy tale romance. really love ur writing
do continue 
update soon
beatsdongandy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
ur writting skills r awesome.both the raneil and samarj part r so beautifully written Embarrassed I literally wished this kind of storyline in the show where there ll b everything the show is about n logically then only dosti yaariyan manmarzian would hv been possible.
fatimary Newbie

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
such sweet , romantic & heart-warming story.. 
luv it
Mysticaldivine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
lovely dearClap
romantic one...

must say Samaira is bossy but cuteLOL

Edited by .ArshiHamesha. - 01 June 2015 at 2:53pm
hemvb Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
so sweet :)
btw thanks for the pm :)

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