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SamArj FF:Love For A Lifetime[CH 7 UPD] (Page 12)

Sphinx. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 12:06am | IP Logged
nice concept dear!!!!

Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 4:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dhivyakrish31

nice concept dear!!!!
Thanks dear...
Dhani_ Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
very nice
loved arjun in this ff
plz update soon
Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Dhani_

very nice
loved arjun in this ff
plz update soon
Thanks dear...
Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Hey friends thanks a lot for the lovely feedbacks.I am here with the next chapter and hope you guys will like it.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews...

Arjun who was taking with vihaan for the last 20 minutes started to get concern as samaira didn't return till now.
''Vihaan i will be back seeing if samaira is okay''said Arjun.
''Okay bhai''said Vihaan and Arjun immediately left to see samaira.As Arjun reached the washroom he knocked on the door as he didn't want to enter without warning if she is indecent.
''Sam are you inside?''asked Arjun and waited for her replay .But he didn't get any replay in return he started to get worry and decided to check he opened the door and walked inside the washroom only to see it empty and they was no trace that someone used it recently.He immedaitely left the washroom and was about to go from there to check for samaira a piece of fabric stuck between the door of the room oppsite to the washroom got his attention and he went there and took the piece of cloth in his hand and his eyes seeing it was none other than a piece from his samaira's saree.Then without even wasting a second he pushed the door open and the scene he saw there made his blood turn cold.There he saw his sam laying on her back on the floor and a guy stood infront of her and was bending to touch her.Seeing this Arjun immediately went and pulled the guy by his coat collar before he could touch his samaira and started to punch him hard on his face.After few punches the guy fell on the floor and then Arjun looked at samaira on the floor and rushed towards her taking her in his arms to amke sure she is with him.Then he flet samaira hugging him back tightly burying his face in his chest as her body shook with sobs.This made Arjun hold her more tightly rubbing her back.
''Shhh sam you are fine.I am here now and no one is going to hurt you''said Arjun in a soft voice rubbing her back.Though it stabbed his heart to hear her painfull sobs Arjun know she needs to let it out so he decided to let her cry as much as he want.After few moments he noticed her reduced sobs and he cupped her face breaking the hug.
''Samaira are you alright?Did he hurt you?''asked Arjun and before she could replay he noticed her slightly bleeding  forehead and and the finger prints on her left cheek and he gritted his teeth as his blood started to boil in anger realising a guy even had the guts to hurt HIS samaira and he got up from the floor and rushed towards the guy and made him on standing back on his legs and started to punch him hard.
''Tumari kitne himmat tum meri Samaira ko tapad mara''shouted Arjun and continued to punch him without even caring a bit about the consequences if he beat him to death.He just remembered his samaira with the wound cause by him and he didn't need anymore reason to make this guy go through hell.Just then he heard a samaira calling his name,eventhough it was not more than a whisper he hear it clearly as he can't ignore her voice even inbetween thousand people and her looked towards her direction only to find her loosing her balance holding her forehead and he dropped the guy who was barely conscious and moved towards samaira before she could hit the floor and hurt herself more and caught her soft body in his arms and she landed in his arms unconscious.
''Samaira open your eyes honey.''said Arjun tapping her face but samaira didn't even stir in response.Just then he noticed the empty syringe and he controlled himself  from killing the guy,though he was temped to do it he know samaira needs him now.
''Arjun bhai what happend''came a voice behind him and Arjun turned to see Vihaan standing there with worry
''Get that basta*d out of here who had the guts to raise his hand on my samaira and  drug just take him away before i do something worse than i did already.''said Arjun in a calm yet dangerous tone.
''Bhai i will take care of him,but you take samaira bhabhi to the guest room as she needs medical attention now.I will be there in few minutes with my medical kid''said Vihaan and Arjun gave a nod as he lifted samaira in his arms and went to the guest room as he know this house well.
Once Arjun entered the guest room he placed samaira on the bed and sat beside her holding her hand and rubbing it softly hoping she would wake up and gave him one of  her lovely smiles which never failed to brighten his day.Just then he heard the door open and Vihaan near the bed and started to check her pluse,heartbeat,PB and everythingThe after he finished his check up and took an empty syrige to give her injection.Seeing this Arjun tighten his grip on thier entwined hands as he know how much his samaira hates hospitals and injections.Then Vihaan placed the needle on her arms and Arjun flinced closing his eyes when the needle pricked her arms.
''Bhai she will be completely fine by tomorrow morning and he drug will leave her system by midnight and its juts a normal drug so she is not in any kind of you can relax and you can stay with her here tonight and i will take care of the guy''said Vihaan placing a hand on Arjun's shoulder and Arjun just gave a nod without taking his eyes from his beautiful girl friend .
''Okay the i will leave you both alone but before that i have to insert IV to her arms so please leave her hand and help me''said Vihaan,but on hearing the word IV Arjun looked vihaan with a sharp look.
''IV?For what vihaan?''asked Arjun with worry.
''Bhai as i said before nothing to worry,but the drug will make her dehydrated so its better we take precaution ''said Vihaan and Arjun took a deep breath and gave a nod.Then vihaan inserted an IV in her right arm and connected the glucose bottle to it.
''It will take atleast 4 hours for this bottle to finish bhai so you can rest too and i will come and check on her after 2 hours''said Vihaan and left the room.Once he left the room Arjun sat back on the bed beside samaira and he couldn't help but hate himself  for not being there for his sam when she needed him the most.Then he saw her lightly swollen cheek and he caressed it softly carefully not to hurt her even in her unconscious state and hoped she will forguve him for not reaching her in time and protecting her from all this pain.With this though he placed a kiss on her forehead and laid on the bed beside her resting his head on her stomach and closed his eyes for few seconds as a headached started to form already,but the few seconds turned into few seconds and he didn't know when he drifted sleep.
As samaira gained her conscoiousness the first thing she felt was a heavy headache and she frowned in pain and opened eyes and noticed Arjun sleeping resting his head on her stomach holding her hand in his.Seeing this as a habit she took her free hand to caress his forehead but the next moment she stopped her action as a pain shot through her hand and hissed closing her eyes.Then after few moments as the pain subsided and looked around the room and was really confused to find herself in an unfamiliar room and IV attached to her.But after few minutes she remembered everything from her getting dragged by a stranger into a room,getting nearly abused by him,how Arjun saved her in time and finally getting unconscious coz of the drug.Even thinking about that made send chill in her body from fear thinking what would have happened to her if Arjun didn't reach her in time and Samaira just shook her head as she didn't even want to think about ''what ifs''.Just then she saw Arjun moving lightly in his sleep and getting comforable on her stomach and samaira couldn't help the adorable smile formed on her lips seeing him like this.She wished she could stop the time and continued to stay like this forever.Then she shook her head with a smile on her chessy thoughts and blamed Arjun for these kind of thoughts occuring to her.She never thought she will get this lucky to have a caring,loving,protecting,understanding and possesive boyfreind like Arjun in her life.Just then she saw Arjun opening his eyes and he looked at her.On seeing her conscious he sat on the bed with a jerk and the next moment he pulled her in his arms burying his face in her neck.
''Thank god sam you are okay.I am really sorry for not being there for you when you need me the most and giving the basta*d a chance to touch you''said Arjun and she felt some wetness on her neck and know Arjun was crying as he was balming himself for whatever happened.She then took her IV free hand from the bed and softly caressed the back on his neck .
''Arjun please stop blaming yourself  for what happend as its not your fault.I know you are blaming yourself for not reachin before but you did come and saved me on time and that what matters and you can't always same me from everything Arjun''said samaira in a soft voice and Arjun just tighten his hold on her.
''I just wish that day never comes where i can't save your from dnagers sam''said Arjun and samaira just placed kiss on the top of his head as she know there is no use in agruing with Arjun when it comes to her safety.Then after few minutes Arjun broke the hug and helped her sit on the bed comfortably placing some pillows on her back and stood up from the bed.
''I will be back in few minutes with our dinner okay?''asked Ajun to which samaira just gave a nod with a smile.Then Arjun left the room while samaira just closed her eyes and rested her head on the bed rest.After few minutes Arjun came back with their food and he started to feed her in return she too feeded him ad both of them finished the dinner in complete silence.All this time samaira could see he was hurting more than her coz of today's happening and she wished he will stop all this self blaming and lothing as she always hated to see him like this.
''I will be back with Vihaan and we can go home once he makes sure you are fine''said Arjun holding her hand.
''Arjun please stop this''said samaira in a stern voice and Arjun looked her with confusion.
''Stop with what sam?''asked Arjun and samaira gave him a pointed look.
''With all this self  blaming  for what happened Arjun.Its hurts to see you like this so please so this''said samaira placing her hand on his and Arjun just tangled his fingers with her and looked her with a pained look.
''But samaira what if i didn't reach there on time or what if he hurted more more than this?''asked Arjun caressing her cheek where the guy left his finger marks.seeing the pain in his eyes samaira placed her hand on his face and caressed it soflty.
''Arjun as i said before you came on time and protected me as always so stop thinking about ''what ifs'' and let it go.coz if we keep on thinking about what if's we can never move on in our life''said samaira and Arjun just gave a nod and placed a kiss on her lightly swallon cheek and softly caressed the bandage on her forehead and looked at her with a smile.
''I will back with vihaan''said Arjun with a smile and  samaira nodded with a smile and Arjun left the room with the empty plates leaving a relaxed samaira behind as she was glad to see him smiling again.
samaira sat on the bed with a jerk sweating hard from the nightmare she just had and closed her eyes to control her racing heart.Its been only few hours they reached home from Vihaan's house after he assured Arjun she is perfectly fine and onlt before few minutes she was able to get some sleep.But yet again her sleep was disturbed by the stupid nightmare.Just then she felt Arjun pulled her into his arms and she felt herself getting relaxed feeling his touch and inhaling his fragrance and she closed her eyes as her hearted beat started to become normal.
''Shhh sam its juts a nightmare and you are safe''said Arjun as he rubbed her back to comfort her.
''I know ''replied samaira and Arjun laid back on their bed again and with samaira resting on the top of him and pulled the duvet to cover them and samaira hugged him more tightly and Arjun placed a small kiss on the top of her head .
''Just sleep sam.I will be here with you''said Arjun caressing her hair softly.
''I love you Arjun''said samaira and Arjun heart skipped a beat hearing this.Though it was not the first time he is hearing her confession,it still made him realize how lucky he is to hold this beautiful girl in his arms like this and call her as his.He just want to kill the guys who made his sam suffer like this,but now his sam needs him and he is going to be there for her.He can take care of him tomorrow but for now he is happy and relieved to hold her again in his arms. 
''I love you too sam.Now sleep''said Arjun placing a kiss on her neck and caressed her back till she fell asleep soundly and he too joined her in his sleep soon.
The next morning samaira walked out of the bathroom after taking a bath in her blue geans and black Sleeveless top drying her wet hair with a towel.Just then she heard a very familiar voice shouting and she closed her eyes shaking her head knowing well to whom this voice belonged.Then the next moment she saw Neil entering the room with Arjun fuming in anger.
''Mein uss kaminae ko nehi choodongi Arjun.He is going to pay for all hurting my sam''said Neil.Then he looked at samaira who was standing there and rushed towards her taking her in bone crushing hug.Samaira too hugged him back with a smile as she can feel how worried he was about her just by his tight hug.
''Thank go sam you are alright.''said Neil and broke the hug.Then as he was cup her face,he noticed the fading finger marks and he fisted his hand.
''That basta*d.I really going to kill him for hurting you like this''said Neil with anger and samaira just shook her head thinking how all the men in her life are angry young men.
''Okay anger young men you both can do whatever you want with that guy.But now i have to go to office as i have an important presentation,so let me get ready''said samaira and the next moment both of Arjun and Neil gave her a ponited look.
''You are not going anywhere today sam.You are taking rest and that's final''said Arjun.
''Haan sammy he is right you must rest.''said Neil supporting Arjun.
''Guys as much as i like taking rest today,i have an important meeting and i can't avoid i going ''said samaira and moved to the dressing table to get ready.
''But sam what about the finger marks.I mean you can't go out like this as others will think your boyfriend is abusive.Do you really want others to think about me like this?''asked Arjun and samaira couldn't help but roll her eyes seeing his playing the guilty card.
''Oh Arjun this is not going to work with me today.And moreover my concealers can do magic with this finger marks,so nothing can stop me from going to the office today.''said samaira and Arjun took a deep with knowing he can't win this arguement with her.
''Okay meri warrior princess you can,but atleast let me drop you''said Arjun holding her shoulders.
''Arjun i know you are worried about me but you must need your rest too as you didn't sleep well yesternight.So rest  for sometime and i will go with Neil.Please''asked samaira with a puppy look to which he could never say''NO''.
''Okay but call me once you reach the office and i will pick you and drop you home this evening''said Arjun and samaira gave a nod.
'' now let me get ready'''said samaira and started to get ready while Neil sat on the couch busy with his mobile and Arjun went to the kitchen to make them some coffee.Then once samaira got ready she left to the office with Neil while Arjun left to take with Vihaan about the guy who gave nightmares to his samaira yesternight.
As samaira entered the office she directly went towards piyali's cabin with the presentation.Once she reached the cabin she knocked on it lightly.
''Come in''came the replay and samaira entered the cabin and saw piyali was taking the one of the project partner.
''Good morning''said samaira with a smile .
''Good morning Miss.Khanna we are just taking about you.So is the presnatation ready?''asked Mr.sihanaia with a smile.
''Ofcourse Mr.Sihanania everything is ready and i am really sorry for making  you wait,but i was not feeling good this morning as i met with a small accident last if you are ready we can see the presentation''said samaira.
''Sure we can see it.But are you alright now?''asked Mr.Sinhania with concern.
''I am fine Mr.sinhania.Can we procced for the presentation now?''asked samaira and he gave a nod.Then they went to the conference room to see her presentation.
Samaira was packing her things with a smile on her face in the conference room afte everyone left except piyali as they are every satisfied with the presentation and they decided to give this project to birdsongs.Just when she was about to leave the room piyali's voice stopped her.
''Ruko samaira''said Piyali as she got up from her chair and samaira stopped and turned to look at her.
''Yes Mam''said samaira and piyali walked towards her and stood infront of her.
''How are you feeling now?''asked piyali.
''I am fine.''said samaira in a netural voice.
''How did the accident happened?''asked piyali.
''Well none of your business Mrs.Khanna,but don't worry i didn't MURDER anyone coz of my carelessness and stop worrying about me as i have my Arjun,Neil and Radhika for that.You are my boss here and i am your employee so lets not cross that line.And morever why are you worried about your son's murderer?''asked Samaira and Piyali flinched hearing her last words.
''Samaira I...'''started Piyali but samaira stopped her.
''Please i don't need any of your explanation after the way you treated me in the party.I was still in the birdsong just for Paa .so you don't have to worry about me anymore and you can live your life.''said samaira and before piyali could even replay she left the cabin.
Arjun was sitting in his office reading some files when his mobile rang .He took his mobile from the table and frowned slightly seeing the unknown number flashing on his screen.
''Hello''said Arjun.
''Hello Mr.Mehra''came a man's voice which he never heard before from the another end.
''Yea.But who is this?''asked Arjun with confusion.
''Well Mr.Arjun knowing who i am is not important now.I just want you to leave the matter that happen last night without creating any problem,coz if you did anything you will pay a lot for it''said the guy and Arjun sat on the edge of  his seat.
''Who the hell are you and how did  you know about what happened last night.?''asked Arjun as she cluthed his phone in a tight grip.
''As i said before knowing about myslef is not important.I juts want you leave the guy who hurted your sam.Because if you did anything to him you will loose your samaira forever ''said the guy.
''DON'T YOU DARE THINK OF HURTING MY SAMAIRA''shouted Arjun standing  from the chair.
''Oh Arjun i am not going to hurt your sam.But if she comes to know your real intention when you entered her life and how you planned to play with her feeling,she will leave you for good by if you didn't want this to happen and loose your precious samaira leave the matter as it is''said the guy and Arjun felt like someone poured cold water on his hearing this.
''What nonsense are you talking about?''asked Arjun .
''Arjun Arjun Arjun you know well that whatever i am saying is not at all nonsense .We both know what i am talking about and i am sure samaira will never forgive you if she comes to know that you came here to take revenge on her family and going to destroy her father whom she loves the most.Now you decided to what to do next as i have all the proof aganist you and  it will not take me long to send to samaira who is staying with her best friend.So Arjun think about what i said and i will call you soon.Till then take care Arjun Mehra''said the guy and before Arjun could replay he disconnected the call and Arjun controlled himself  from breaking the phone in anger.Though Arjun was angry on this unknown guy ,he know whatever he said was true and if his samaira comes to his true colors before he fell in love with her.And if she comes to know about it he know he will loose his samaira ,so he didn't know what to do.He know he was making a big mistake by keeping this truth from her.But Arjun know the risk in telling her the truth and he was definitely not ready to take the risk by which he may loose his Samaira too.So for now he decided to push the truth back of his mind and decided to find about the guy who called him now.With this Arjun took a deep breath and called the only person who was his best friend from childhood.
''Hey buddy how are you?''came the voice from the other end and Arjun smiled slightly hearing his best friend's voice after many days.
''I am fine sid.What about you?''asked Arjun.
''I am good how are you and your love life?''asked Sidarath .
''Its going well sid,but now i need you help so can you come and stay here for few days if you are free''asked Arjun hoping he would give a positive answer.
''Arjun i will be there ASAP.But first tell me what's the problem?''asked Sidarath with genuine concern.
''Sid i will explain everything in person once you reach here.So for now make arrangement to reach here soon''said Arjun .
''Okay Arjun i will there by tomorrow evening and we can talk everything .''said Sidarath and Arjun closed his eyes in some relief.
''Thanks sid.I will pick you from the airport tomorrow.''said Arjun 
''Sure buddy.I will see you tomorrow.Bye''said sidarath.
''Okay sid,see you tomorrow.Bye''said Arjun and pocketed his phone once he disconnected the call.Then he took samaira small photo frame from his desk and caressed her face softly.
''Sam i know i am literally breaking your trust by keeping this truth from you,but i was afarid to loose you coz of this ugly truth.I just hope when you face this truth you will forgive me and give me a second chance.I know i was aking  for a lot sam,but as you know i was very selfish when it comes to you.So just don't leave me sam i will die if  you leave me as you are the only reason for my survival now''said Arjun as a lone tear escaped his eyes and he closed his eyse hoping he will never face a day where he has to live without samaira beside him.

With Love,

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soni595 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Thank you for updating so quickly Scarlett! I really enjoy reading your fan fiction chapters. This chapter was so beautifully written & it tugged at my heart. Aww..SamArj!!
OmkaraKiParvati IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 7:08am | IP Logged
Day Dreaming I love this chapter.. Arjun's care for Sam is no cute.. And who's this guy that's blaming Arjun ?? Hope it comes out in the light.. Waiting for the next update Big smile
Ri21 IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing.. really hearttouching

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