Sidyali-FF Destiny will bring us together. chapter:5 updated on Page3 (Page 2)

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Siyali, niti and uttu left for their homes , and parth told her to be ready and he will pick her up at 9 pm. 
Rajput Mansion
Sid and ayaz were together at sid's home and krissan came 
Krissan: Hey sid! 
Sid: Hi kesi ho ?
Krissan: Main theek hun and woh sb choro , i have planned a big surprise for you , and you can't resist , i have put so much of efforts , you have to come.
Sid was about to talk when ayaz Replied her: ya ya he'll definately come krissan after all you are inviting him
Krissan smiled and said she will msg the address where he has to come and she went.
Sid: yeh kiya kya yaar ? you know na i am not interested in her ? Angry
Ayaz: Array dude thoray hi tou time ki baat hai konsa tujhe relationship main janay ka bolrha hun 
Sid: Dude i can't handle her ! she irritates me Confused
Ayaz: but dude , tune dekha na she is crazy for you aise kisi ka heart break karna bhi theek nhn. 
Meanwhile Utkarsh came
Utkarsh: Hey bro what's up?
Ayaz: hey
Utkarsh:Pointing towards sid "isey kiya hua"
Ayaz: krissan planned a surprise party for him aur isko nhn jaana.
Utkarsh: SmileD; krisssan ne invite kiya hai ..
Sid: Wait ! you like her na ? tou merii jaga ttu kyun nhn chala jaata ?
Utkarsh: Ennocently "han i like her" per main aaj nhn jaaskta.Ouch
Sid: kyun ? kyun nhn jaskta bay ?
Utkarsh: kyun ke today is siyali's birthday and we have planned a grand surprise for her! Wink hey ayaz bro ? you will also come na ?
Ayaz: ofcource dude! 
Sid: uffo yaar ! Cry yeh kahan phas gaya main Cry

Malhotra Mansion 
siyali got ready in a beautiful Blue gown which was specially designed by Country's big designer just for her birthday.Parth came to pick her up he was lookin hot in a Black Coat , White simple T-shirt and blue denims.
Siyali: where are utkarsh and niti?
Parth: they will come directly to the spot.
they went and reached the spot!
Parth folded her eyes with a black piece of cloth and took her inside where everyone was waiting for her.
Parth took out the black cloth and she was totally surprised , it was totally a grand Birthday party , Parth and utkarsh Booked the most luxurious Resort of the town for her Birthday.
She Was speechless and had no words to describe her feelings right now , she hugged parth and niti and uttu also came and joined the hug they had a group hug 
Niti: Ok tou chalo ab It's time for the princess to cut the cake.
Utkarsh: haan let's go to cut the cake
They went siyali cut the cake. the party was going on awesomely.

Whereas Sid was also in the same resort , as krissan booked one side for sid and parth booked another for siyali.
Sid was waiting for krissan , as it was already too late for her to come , so he got annoyed by waiting for her and decided to go.
Unknowingly he went to the other side of the resort where the party was going on .
Siyali excuses her from the party and was going to washroom and Sid was also coming from another way.
Siyali's drink got splashed on sid's jacket!
Siyali: oops ! sorry sorry sorry ! 
Sid: it's ok.
Siyali Realised it's sid's voice and she saw his face 
Siyali to sid: Tum
Sid: tum ! ab it's not okay ? clean my jacket!
Siyali: what ?
Sid: Suna nh ?  Repeat karun ?
Siyali: shutup and now that its you so i take back my sorry! Angry by the way Tum Yahan kiya karrhe ho ?
Sid: oh medam tum yahan kiya karrhi ho ?
Siyali: This party is mine and you are not invited MR Siddharth Malhotra so tum btao tum kiya karrhe ho yahan! Angry
Sid: ohh ! khd hi bolti rahogi ya mjhe bhi bolne dogi? i am not here for your party but for... "he was about to talk when ayaz came"
Ayaz: array sid ! tu yahan ? 
Sid explained everything and that he is going 
Ayaz: Ohhh !
siyali went from there..and sid also left

Finally the party was over! it was a Bang on Party for them ! Parth dropped siyali at her home and siyali thanked him for everything.

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Awesome Clap Clap

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Loved it plz do write more on sidyali Thumbs Up

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Next Morning

The Day of warrior high entry tests.

Siyali got up and she was bit late Utkarsh called her
Utkarsh: Siyali We are coming to pick you up , get Ready ASAP.
Siyali: nae Utkarsh , you guys go , i will be there on time.
Utkarsh:But siyali!! 
Siyali: Utkarsh ( she said in a complaining yet cute way)
Utkarsh: Ok baba ok , but be on time!
Siyali: Haan haan ab bye.
Utkash: bye.
Siyali rush to the washroom got freshen up and got ready.
Nupur aunty came in her room!
Bupur aunty: Princess aap Ready hogyi ? chaliye aapke dad breakfast ke lye aapka wait karrhe hain.
Before she could say anything more siyali took her bag and ran 
Siyali: Nupur aunty look at the time , i will get late for my test , aur break fast test khatam honay ke baad Wink
Nupur aunty: but siyali
Siyali: Ok bye , love you
Nupur aunty smiled: yeh siyali bhi na.

Siyali rushed in her new car which her dad gifted her yesterday.
She drove the spot where the test was going to be held.

Parth niti and uttu were waiting for her and continiously calling her but it wasn't responding. finally they saw siyali's car coming she parked her car and rushed to them.
Niti: Siyali kahan thi tum ?
Parth: we were continiously calling you!
Utkarsh Pointed towards his watch: yeh dekh time dekh tu , sirf 30 mins hain test start honay main , aur test se 15 mins pehle classroom main jaana hai dont you know Angry
Siyali: Acha baba i woke up bit late , sorry ! now stop it and let's go inside.
They were about to go when parth's phone rang.
Parth: you guys carry on! i am just coming.
All three nodded okay and went inside the school.
Parth picked up the call and it was yaana.
Yaana: hi baby
Parth: Hi 
Yaana: tumne mujhe kal raat party ke baad call bhi nhn kiya kyun ?
Parth: cuz i have a test today so after the party i went home and slept.
Yaana: Tou atleast Good text tou kardete na sweety.
Parth was really getting annoyed by her stupid talks  and he shut the phone without even replying her.and he also went inside
As Siyali entered in the classroom Everyone was gazing at her , as she was a celebrity or something Embarrassed
Sid and charlie also entered as sid Entered in the classroom , his Eyes Directly went to siyali , she was smiling and talking to niti, A smile came into his face he was completely lost in siyali's smile , His Thoughts were disturbed as Krissan's voice came.
Krissan: sid , Sid
Sid: han 
He replied her but he eyes were still at siyali , siyali also looked at him and saw that he is staring her! they had a eye contact.
Krissan: sid Kisko dekhrhe ho tum ??
as she turned back , siyali was sitting and sid and siyali were completely lost in each other.
Krissan got jealous.
She was about to say something when the teacher came, and they both came into their senses and all went and sit.
Teacher: so Students , be active , i am gonna distribute the test papers now.
She distributed the papers .
Utkarsh: Oh God pata nae kiya honay wala hai , agar mene yeh test pass nh kiya tou bari maa will be very disappointed Confused
Sid was sitting behind him
Sid: All best Bro!
Utkarsh smiled: Same to you buddy Smile
The Test started , and the time got over , teacher got back all the test papers. and all the students left the class room.
Siyali: I am pretty sure we will be selected.
Parth: Obvio we will be Wink
Niti: I am tou very tensed about the result... Confused
Utkarsh: me too yaar! My bari Maa is expecting big things from me , itna tou puri life nhn parha jitna is test k lye books ka rattta maara  CryCry
Niti: sahi bolrha hai yaar Confused
Parth: chal kch nae hota don't worry!
as they were talking sid was also their with his friends.
Sid looked at siyali and again got lost in her.
Charlie: Mera test tou buht acha hua , chalo kch tou benifit hua itna parhne ka Sid tu bata tera test?
Sid was not listening to what he was saying.
Charlie: sid 
He again called him: sid
sid's thoughts got disturbed
Sid: han , bol
Charlie: kahan kho gaya?
Charlie looks at siyali 
Charlie: ohhh WinkWink
Sid: aisa kch nhn hai , jaisa tu soch rha hai
Charlie: mene kahan kch kaha LOL

As Siyali was talking with her friends , Parth saw a girl passing through , he realised it was the same girl who he saw at mall , siyali's friend
Parth: hey siyali , woh dekh teri friend
Siyali: kahan ?
Parth: array woh dekh jarhi hai
Siyali: ohh  han! 
She shouted
Siyali: veebha
(In my story veebha is also a classmate of parth , she is not a teacher , she also gave the exam for warrior high)
Veebha surprisingly: Siyali
Siyali: Don't tell me tum ne bhi test diya?
Veebha: Haan , you are also gonna study in warrior high?
Siyali: Wow! that means you will also be with us.
Veebha: thats great siyali! We will study together afterall Embarrassed
they both talked and veebha went.
Utkarsh: ab chalo ya yahan p hi result ka wait karoge?
Siyali: I am going to home , i am tired , i will meet u guys in evening ,come niti i will drop you.
Niti: okay.
They both went together and Parth and uttu went together.
Parth dropped uttu at his place and went to his home.

Rajput Mansion
Anvesha and Urmila were sitting in the living room and saw utkarsh coming.
Utkarsh: hey mom , hi bari mom
Anvesha: utkarsh ! tell me how was the test?
Utkarsh: It was good bari mom , actually very good , i tried my best to stand upto ur expectations.
Urmila: i am sure your hardwork will pay a good result utkarsh.
Utkarsh smiled and sid also came
Sid: woh tou tab na jb inko Krissan ko dekhne se Fursat mile!!!
Utkarsh: Siddd Angry
He went towards sid and sid ran they both were running all through the mansion
Urmila and anvesha were just Smiling at their bonding and childishness.

They both stopped and stepped towards their room.
Sid went to his Room , he got freshed up and changed into a shorts and a t shirt , he lied on his bed
He was thinking about siyali
Sid's POV
That girl is so beautiful , what happened to me when i looked at her , i was like lost in her beautiful face , she is Perfect in every sense, Wait sid! Just a one Problem , Just a one problem she always stays angry whenever i try to talk to Her , such a angry bird ( and he smiled cutely Gusse main bhi sbse cute lagti hai) 
he was smiling like an idiot and thinking about her.Day Dreaming
Siyali's POV
What happened to me when that sid was looking at me ? why i felt so lost in his gaze ? but i have to accept a fact he is such a Cutie pie Smile he always tries to talk to me but i always fight with him Sleepy i am such a idiot , ( she was blushing , smiling and thinking about him) Day Dreaming

So here's the part 3 guys hope you will enjoy.
Share your views Smile

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Nice interesting do continue

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chapter 4
siyali slept thinking about sid , it was almost 6:00 when she got up 
She recollected her thoughts and blushed lightly and just smiled.
She went to Washroom got freshen up and wore a Simple white crop top and a blue shorts with Pair of flat sandals , she was looking simply cute and beautiful.
Siyali went downstairs
Siyali: Dad , Dad
Servant: Mam , Sir Ka call aaya tha ke he is leaving for US for a Business tour , He called you too but you didn't answered. so he called on the landline.
Siyali checked her phone
Siyali: 10 missed calls , pata nae kese i slept. where is nupur aunty?
Servant: woh jaipur gaeen hain for a family function.
Siyali: what ? tou bataya kyun nh mujhe unhon ne ?
Servant: Woh aayeen thi aapke room main when she saw you sleeping she didn't tried to wake you up.
Siyali: ok
Siyali sit in her living room and he was getting bored so she thought to go to utkarsh's home.

Rajput mansion
Sid was still sleeping and watching siyali in his dreams.
utkarsh was playing video games in his room as it was his and siyali's favourite time pass since there childhood.
Anvesha and urmila were talking to each other.
Urmila: So mom when we areleaving for dehradun ?
Anvesha: Tomorrow morning. Smile
they were busy in talking when the door bell rang , servant went to see and it was Siyali.
Siyali came inside
Siyali: hi Bari Mom , hi Aunty Smile
They both greeted her
(Malhotra's and Rajput's were Good Friends and Business Partners also , Anvesha and Urmila loved Siyali)
Siyali went to hug Anvesha from behind the Coach.
Siyali: bari mom , i missed you so much!
Anvesha: i missed you too beta! Smile
They talked a while , sid was watching that view from the corridor he was adoring siyali's beauty!
and sid went to his room.
Siyali: acha aunty where is utkarsh?
Urmila: He is in his Room! 
Siyali: Ok 
and she went upstairs , suddenly niti called her
she was busy talking on phone when she didnt realised that when she entered sid's room , because sid and uttu's rooms were in line.
Siyali entered in his bedroom and saw him shirtless and just a pair of shorts

She got lost in him ,
Siyali: ok niti i will talk to u later.
He was surprised to see her in his Room.
Siyali was still looking at him and completely lost in him.
Sid smiled came towards her

Sid came closed to her and Softly said
Sid: Siyali!Day Dreaming
Siyali came into her senses
Siyali: han
Sid: tum yahan !
Siyali Woh main...
Sid: bolo na Tum mere room main
She was not a state to say anything.
Sid came more close to her , now their lips were just 0.0009 Cm Away from each other , Siyali came took one moment to seal her lips with his and it was a Soft yet a passionate one , sid was surprised to see this sudden reaction by her , but he replied with the same passion!
After some time they broke the kiss unwantingly .
Sid looked at her: Wow Siyali yeh side tou kabhi nae dekha tumhara!
Siyali blushed and was not able to say anything
Siyali: woh i have to meet utkarsh and she went.

siyali left sid's home even without meeting Uttu.
Sid was very happy! and confused also.

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Wow beautiful Day Dreaming plz do continue

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woww!! nice updates
please pm me ur updates

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