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Balika Vadhu 11.05.2015 Written Update

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Excuse all the errors plz...Embarrassed

Kamli is apprehensively seeing outside the window.Guards are walking with their guns.She heards noise and she sees Nandini slightly opening the door.Nandini asks whether Gopal has come.Kamli says she was about to ask the same question to her,does she know when or how he will come?Nandini says no.She says when everyone will go to welcome the groom then the guards will also go there and then Gopal can come.Kamli says very less time is left now.Tomorrow is her wedding.If Gopal fails to do something then everything will be finished.Nandini feels sad but asks her not to say such things.She says she will search Gopal and will bring information.Kamli asks how will she go!Nandini says she will do something and asks her not to worry.

Nandini is thinking and searching for a way to go outside.Harki asks where she is going.Nandini says she is going to see the house from outside.She wants to see how the house looks with all the decorations.Harki says no need to go anywhere.She says when all will go to receive Groom then she can see it.Nandini happily asks will she also go with them.Harki says when Kundan will receive the Groom with garland who will hold the plate!She asks Nandini to get ready.She gives her some jewelery.Nandini is very happy.She says she will wear these now and says these are very beautiful.She leaves.Harki mocks her thinking how she is getting happy with imitations.

Dadisa,Ganga,Anandi,Mannu and Abhi all are in the hall.Makhan Kaka comes with luggage.Anandi asks him had he put all the luggage.He replies yes and the remaining two he is taking now.Dadisa asks where Shivam is.Anandi says he is coming.Shivam comes downstairs.He is crying badly.He comes to Abhi and gives him his video game.Abhi says its yours but Shivam says from now on its Abhi's and he will remember him while playing it.Dadisa and Anandi smiles.Abhi says yes and takes the video game.He thanks him.They hug.Shivam hugs Mannu.Anandi is happy.She holds Ganga's hand(Rishtey bharose plays).She says she hopes her this step will give their relation a new start.They hug.Anandi touches Dadisa's feet and Dadisa blesses her.She says its a different thing that she will not be in front of her eyes,she will be far away but her blessings will always be with her.They hug.

Shivam touches Ganga's feet.Ganga holds his face and caress him.Shivam hugs Dadisa and asks her whether she will come to meet him in Shiv Niketan.Dadisa says how she will not come.Then Anandi says lets leave.They leave.

Akheraj family is waiting for the groom side.Finally they come.They get happy.They greet all of them.Groom is not ready to come outside.His Mom asks him not to get shy.He gets out of the car.Kundan greets him and others with garlands.They enter.

Ganga is talking to someone on phone.She asks him to calm the patient.She says she is reaching hospital soon.She is coming downstairs while talking.She sees Makhan Kaka and she is leaving for hospital.She says tell Dadisa and Anandi and stops realizing that Anandi is gone.Then she says she meant to tell Dadisa that she will return soon.Makhan Kaka says ok.

Ganga thinks how she is not able to accept Anandi is not here.She wonders what Jagya's reaction will be.She thinks should she tell him otherwise he will think such a big incident happened and she didn't inform him.She is about to call but says no,she doesn't know how he will react,if she will say all these things on phone.It will be better if he will get to know when he will be back.Dadisa will also be there to make him understand.She looks tensed.

Akheraj talks to Kamli's FIL about the decoration.He praises the decoration.They gets happy.Groom asks for Jalebi.Akheraj says he can eat anything he wants.All this is for him only.He asks Kundan to take Groomsa and do his Khatirdari.Kundan gets upset and thinks to himself how Akheraj is binding him with a mad man.He thinks he will have to take care of a baby now.Akheraj again asks Kundan and Kundan gives a smile and takes the Groom with him.

FIL and MIL notices Nandini who is trying to calm down a baby.MIL asks who that girl is!She says such a small girl but handling the baby so well.Akheraj says she is a maid.FIL says according to the ritual they will come to their house in the evening with marriage related stuffs.Akheraj says no problem.Nandini is serving Sharbaat.Akheraj says they will have to come in Sangeet.They will celebrate the happiness together.MIL shows outfit and jewelery and says they want Kamli to see it first.Harki says all will happen according to their wish.MIL says its not an order,its just a request.

Akheraj asks Kundan to take his Jijusa and take full care of him.

Akheraj requests FIL to let Kamli and Pushkar come and join the fair of Majisaa temple after two days of their marriage.FIL says it seems they respect Mataji a lot.Akheraj says they respect her a lot and can do anything for her.Mangla is watching all this.FIL says they can't say no as Pushkar will be their son after marriage.

Kamli comes.MIL sees her crying.She asks its the most happiest day of her life then why she is crying.Harki says she is crying as she will have to leave.MIL says she understands.She says Kamli will get the same love like what she got from her house.

The ritual begins.Kamli is crying.Pushkar is playing with anklet.His mother says to give it back.Akheraj gestures Kundan to take him away.He takes him from there.Rituals continue.

Kamli says to herself its their last chance when will Gopal come.She is obviously crying.

Precap : Harki sees a lady with Nandini.She asks where she is going and who the lady is?She says its Rami Kaki.Harki asks Rami Kaki is outside then who was with Nandini?Kamli and Gopal is escaping through the window.Harki opens the door and Gopal is shocked.

Thanks for reading...Smile

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thanx 4 the update.
wen this  sasural nimboli ka will vanish??
so aji left by pretending herself as victim.
ganga is rite that such things shudn't b discussed or told on phone.oderiwse more MUs will b created.
waise Aji isse kahte hain aag laga kar chhod jao aur khud chale jao & baki aag bukhane ka kaam pbaki log  karte rahenge.gud going Aji.
u again proved me rite that u r one selfish woman who uses ppl & then go away pretending 2 b vitcim if sum1 opposes u.

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Thanks for the quick update.

I just hope ds won't interfere between Ganga and jagya. She saw how anandi had to leave. Next it'll be her turn. Cry

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thank you for WU ...
Finally day arrived Anandi Shivam out ... Makhan kaka shows only two bags rest are in SUV... So last Anandi was indeed busy with packing ... BV fav Red bag made an appearance after long time ... Black bag also made appearance too ... Happy tears
DS interference... But DS allowed ... She is family plus BH owner too
anyways Shivam ... Oh my how come fake selfish kid give away his Video game ...which he got for his excellent result ... Pakka some motive
like mother like son ...

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Thanks a lot for being my backup :)
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Thanks for update 

Anandi left i would say good riddance but how Anandi left putting all blame on Ganga  Cunning woman TongueJust how cleverly she blamed Ganga and becoming fake mahaan too  Ganga has said no wrong to her but only showed her mirror but of course blind people cannot see their mistake they can only blame others Same way Anandi did 

Poor Ganga does not know the secret recipe  Anandi cooked with Dadisaa and created such situation that she become victim and blames come on Ganga

Jagya ... Dadisaa will lie in front of him and he will catch that because the great Anandi left because of  only Ganga blaming her she has poison in her heart for her and wants her out of house  and Jagya never wanted to Dadisaa to be hurt with Anandi leaving  the house Jagya definitely cannot see his Dadisaa heart broken and hurt no matter what

  Wah Anandi wah Put false blame on Ganga and became fake victim too Dead

When Anandi was hugging Ganga i was ewww stay away woman You put false blames on her in front of Dadisaa and now becoming mahaan It seems like she was taunting Ganga Now you will be fine Dead

PS its hilarious how people are comparing Anandi and Dadisaa Dadisaa is a relative Anandi is a third person I will never mind my great grandmother lecturing my husband  over my and his personal matters i will never mind her  making decision for my kid She cannot be interfering because she has right Who is Anandi  ? Jagya's ex wife and a friend only what right she has ? Nothing and Ganga has only told Anandi that and it bruised Anandi's ego she ran away  from house putting blame on her  Disgusting Anandi Dead

Edited by faryal-malik - 11 May 2015 at 2:20pm

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Thanks for update 

Wah Anandi Deadwhat wrong Ganga said to you Only that you are crossing your limits your rights Doing things for which you have no right and you blamed Ganga she hates you and your kid and left the house Dead

Ganga was so caring to shivam  even today and this Anandi blamed her she hates her son too Dead

 Ganga does not know what what Anandi said to Dadisaa in their secret conversation so she thinks Dadisaa will clear to Jagya Anandi did not leave because of that tense situation over Mannu matter  Definitely Jagya will want to know what happened behind his back here that a guest left so suddenly and this guest is so special to his Dadisaa Her chidkali  Jagya definitely cannot see Dadisaa heart broken and Dadisaa is so sad why she is so sad like some hell is broken  Angry

so Dadisaa will lie in front of Jagya  Jagya has this much understanding of Dadisaa when she lies or when not  and Anandi has clearly blamed Ganga and made herself victim  wah Anandi Dead Today i must say i disliked  you to the core Don't know what kind of inspiring character Anandi is Dead

Err and for some  Ganga does not mind Dadisaa speaking in their personal matters because she knows Dadisaa has all rights In that breakfast table she did not mind Dadisaa speaking  but she definitely have all rights to mind some tom dick and harry who is  Anandi interfering in their lives so much so Dadisaa cannot compared to Anandi here and Ganga can be mocked comparing bothTongue

Edited by kikyo - 12 May 2015 at 9:00am

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Thanks for update 
Lol what a joke Dadisaa will have to leave too if she spoke in JaGan matters  She saw how Anandi left next can be her turn  so people are comparing  Anandi with Dadisaa I mean Ganga should worship Anandi the great  for her interferences in their lives because she is equal to Dadisaa in their lives ROFLDadisaa is their Dadisaa Who is Anandi to them ?Wacko she is a third person Who  minds a family member speaking their matters but yes everyone one minds  a third person  speaking in their matters and Anandi too minds She minds this much  that she shouted at Shiv right in his office when that poor guy only  was only doing his duty Anandi's school can be her private property but shiv was Jaitsar's DC so he got it registered but Anandi shouted at him at his office so here look she interferes in others personal matters Be decision maker there , always lecture Jagya around with this thinking he listens to her more than his wife God what a Thumbs Downthinking when he showed her that but of course Anandi thinks she owns Jagya and his kids since Anandi has interfered in their personal matters Ganga showed her mirror that Anandi ran away becoming false victim 

What a person  is Anandi  She actually wants to forever have her right on Jagya  if anyone question her on that she will blame that person she hates her and become false victim otherwise what Ganga has  said to her ? She never asked her why you stay in BH She never asked her right on Dadisaa so Anandi could stay with her Dadisaa comfortably without interfering in JaGan matters but she cannot do that She wants to have right on Jagya , his kids otherwise she will leave the house blaming Ganga she hates her and wants her out of house 

What a great woman is Anandi

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