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TaaRey FF - #1. Life At Stake (Stake Trilogy) [Updated Ch1 on Pg 2] (Page 5)

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by raddhi

Damn welcomed back girl miss you
And congrats yaar we want party
Look you came back in action this
Is amazing stry well taani always get
A dream note down scary dream it's
Something related to her life let see how
Taani solve this dream Mistry well I really
Adore taani & swayam his dad bond it's lovely cute family so taani got a new Frd as Sharon good wahi is her bro nice I guess that Mistry man is rey well waiting for taarey meet thanks for PM thanks for coming back to us

Hey Raddhi,
It's been so long to c u.
Well, thank u for d bang on welcome re. Party toh def banta hai boss.
I'm glad that u liked d story.
Thank u dr.

Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Thank u to all my readers. Sorry that i couldn't reply individually to everyone. I'll be doing it very soon. Thanks again. Keep ur love coming.

Love- Asha!

Chapter 2: Reincarnation of Friendship!

Sharon n Wahi were bickering continuously. I faked a smile enacting I was listening to them. In reality, I was completely lost. I couldn't skip off d lingering effect of d person who was watching me like a piece of cake, minutes ago. He held a power of storm. It urged me to-come-n-reach. That was really breath taking. But he had disappeared in a blink. With that had gone d tingle on my neck too. Was I overreacting? If yes, I really suck daydreaming.

A pair of soft hands clasped my eyes. I jolted with d ache of familiar touch. I forgot everything. New college, Sharon, Wahi n even d sweet stalker and amber eyed girl slipped out of my mind in d moment. Sweet Jesus... It really can't be... Oh seriously he can't be here... My palm clenched on his tracing d familiar smoothness. Ring? A red star embedded in steel. My fingers loitered on d metallic substance. It was d same ring I presented to my best friend on his departure to Chicago as a memory of mine. An energy of pure bliss burst into tears. My throat went dry. Words lacked to express d ecstasy bulged in me. As if sensing my emotional breakdown, d hands let go my eyes. He held my shoulders turning me. I didn't dare to open my eyes. I couldn't. If it's a dream, I'll be shattered. Please God... Let it be him in real. "Hey..." D soft melodic voice touched my ears. God damn! I was hearing him. A thousand of thoughts debated in d back of my mind blurrily. "Gods, Taani bear. How much I missed u, man." His hands stroked my waist length sluggish black winded-curls. "Yaar, look at me." "Please tell me it isn't a dream" My voice choked in a motion of brawling. "Uffo Taani bear, I'm right here in front of you for real." He cooed reflecting d intensity of my emotion. I know. He was feeling d same way. Even without looking at him, I can commentary his action. I slowly opened my wet eyes. That's it. The tears flooded like a Niagara fall. He was grinning like freak joker. He looked ... well, very different. Implicitly same but explicitly exotic! His handsome features flexibly incorporated in white v-neck black shirt, buttercup sweat pants n shoes. I touched his face confirming his presence. He held on to me. His skin was bit tanned, beautiful as ever though. His always disheveled almond hairs were combed blandly. His brown eyes matching mine had slightly turned on to grey-brownish. I couldn't figure how it's possible. As far as I know, d color of eyes was no chameleon. But this color...Huh...lens...He never was a lens using type of time to think out of board. "Mary mother of Jesus... Harshu, I'm gonna kick ur butt idiot" I threw myself into his arms. He was tough n rigid. My move didn't surprise him. He caught me fluently. I clung to him like a younger monkey lapping in its mother's warmth. He smelled ocean. Like always. But there was a swap of mud odor rumbled in it, this time. He twirled me.

I felt as if my world swept back into childhood, when I was 6 years old, I first met him on Hallowen's party in Texas. He was disguised as zombie. I had laughed on his face ignoring him flushing in embarrassment. But he didn't burst on me. Instead he looked sheepish and asked me if I would become his friend. Though I had been a bitch, I accepted his friendship with whole heart. It changed my life into beautiful one. From then, he had been always with me, in my happiness and sadness. When d loss of my mother hit me like an aching storm, he stuck with me every single second. If not for him, I would have shattered into pieces. This Taani could have never grown strong without him. He had been my other half. Honestly, people who knew us thought we were a couple, except my family and his family. But what do they know? We were much more than a couple. Our friendship was way beyond someone can imagine. We were inseparable. When he left for Chicago, I couldn't imagine how my life moved. So as his! We called, emailed and video chatted most of d time. But...but that wasn't d same. Distance made us realize how lonely we were without d shadow of each other in everything we did. Even my dad got worried seeing me locking up in a room all d day and not enjoying my life without him. And look now, he was here. My BFF was here. Heavenly! After a long last time, he broke d hug yet holding me through shoulders. "Don't say you are here only to say hello to me n go back to ur Chicago hole again. Because if so, I'll kill u right on d spot" I shrieked. He chuckled. His thumb dried d wetness drawled on my cheek. "Of course not, Taani bear. I'm here to join d college along with u" "U r not serious" "Of course I'm" He was quite offended. "Really... Wow, that's..." I was speechless. I enthusiastically punched him in stomach. "Ouch" He faked.

Someone cleared throat at d side. Damn! In d emotional reunion with my BFF, I had completely forgotten Sharon n Wahi. Besides, W*F, whole college was staring at us in total adoration except for a pair of amber eyed girl. I shrugged. It was actually awkward. Eventually, people thud back to their normal sense n passed. Sharon n Wahi were watching us so seriously, I felt too embarrassed. Point to be noted, Sharon was staring at Harshad open mouthed while Wahi's face went pale. Her emotions were high. She was totally knocked out by him. "Snap out, guys" I clapped my fingers. They didn't react. Harshad gave me a cocky grin mocking in their faces. "Guys, seriously? Snap out" I repeated. "Hmmm...That was drastically unexpected." Wahi rolled his eyes on Harshad before settling on me. "Is he ur friend or?" He trailed off in a deep suspicion. "He's my chum, you know." I locked my elbow with Harshad. That brought a sigh of relief from both. I introduced d blacks to him. D sirens of college yelped signaling students to move to classes. "Come on, Taani. We are going to give, Sharon some company today" Harshad looked at me, Sharon and himself. Hahaha...Weird or not, Harshad is like CBI keeping every single detail of me or anything or anyone related to me. "We gotta leave u alone, dude" His comfort with Wahi was normal boyish. Wahi looked utterly surprised which he didn't show on face. But I could feel his surprise. We left. Before entering d class, the tingling sensation on my back ticked alive. I looked around. I did find no one stalking me. I just shrugged no room to think of d sweet stalker in d happiness of my BFF's return.

It got to be d best day of my life in these 3 years. Finally, my BFF is with me. "So tell me" I raised an eyebrow occupying between Harshad n Sahron. "What?" He smiled. "Everything" "Your dad called my parents n convinced them to move back here" "What? Dad did that!" I know dad loved him as much as he loved us, own children. But it's a great deal for him to decide Harshad being away from his parents. I couldn't decipher dad's mood swings, honestly. This was his surprise. Oh, I love it! Immediately, there was a faraway look on his face. Something I couldn't reach beyond it. My heart filled with resentment. But he jolted d matter aside. "Yeah... But Dad gotta business to run on. So he couldn't n mom wouldn't leave him. But they agreed to send me alone only if I stay with u people. I guess that's it." He smiled. Oh, I can imagine Mr n Mrs. Cross chiding him all d way to be careful. They loved him. His parents were d sweetest. They even treated me as their daughter. That's something I always miss about them. "I can't believe u. Oh... u r staying with us. I still can't believe u r here" I shouldered him. "U better believe" He mocked a smile. "U didn't tell me anything until now." I made a face. "Sorry baba. It was a surprise, ok" "I like it" At d same time, teacher entered. He was an all-American. His white shoulder length lacy hairs pulled into a pony tail. His face was pale as crimson milk. He looked practically good n handsome. "Hey stop checking him out" Harshad whispered in my ear. "Oh shut up, frat boy" The blond teacher's gaze groomed around d class looming more than a 5 seconds on me. I shuddered. His watch on me was obviously not pleasant. God, maybe I'm imagining things 2. He then started his lecture reciting some formulas n basics which I already knew. Someone was tugging my shirt. Looking at side, Sharon was making an effort to get attention of mine. How selfish of me to ignore her. Heck. "Hey, sorry" I apologized passing a big smile. "Ok." She made a nervous gesture. "I'll be frank." I swallowed since I'm exactly aware of her upcoming question. "He's not my boy friend, Sharon. He's my BFF. Our relationship is pure platonic. He's all urs if you make a move" I blurted leaving no chance. Her mouth was hung open. I closed it. "Huh...That's embarrassing" She looked at him. He was scribbling notes studiously. She winked wickedly at me. "By d way, Mr. Rehaan Young is very strict" She warned. I frowned in confusion. "Our Math teacher" Her finger pointed him. Oh.

The next two classes were Bio n Greek. I didn't share both d classes with Harshad n Sharon. Instead they were put together in Latin n French classes. Holy heaven! Sharon will be glad. But unfortunately, Wahi shared Greek class with me. Unfortunate because, he kept distracting me often by his attractive face in my favorite class. Also, his witty comments unnerved me. For one thing, he resembled wholly Swayam. Oh damn! Where d hell was my brother? I haven't seen him in d college. Oh, he's in d senior year, if u r wondering. Bell rang ending d class. I picked up d stuff to meet Harshad n Sharon for lunch. "Hey, Kitten" Wahi fell beside me. "Stop calling me that" I sniffed. He chuckled. "You know, u do look like a kitten. Besides, u act as same" I looked up to him. "Really" He winked. I felt a smile tugging to my lips. We had reached canteen. Harshad n Sharon were chatting so friendly, hi 5ng each other, Wahi's pupils would have popped out soon. "What d heck is that?" I didn't feel any teenage crush between both. They were being genuine with each other. Good. "Oh come on. Now, you don't be a frat" I pulled chair beside Harshad while Wahi sat between me n Sharon.

Harshad had already ordered a Latte with whipped cream on d top and sandwich, as for my taste. He remembered. Sweet! Wahi eyed him sheepishly sipping d coke given by Sharon. He was still suspicious. "So... I'm thinking we can bunk d class n go home. We can all watch Movies. Like old times." I made a puppy face at Harsahd. "Hey, that's a good idea" Wahi was suddenly interested. Harshad and Sharon exchanged looks. "What?" I demanded. "No chance" Harshad gave me a sad smile. "Why?" "Because we have defense classes at afternoons, thrice in a week" Wahi choked on his coke while Sharon patted his head, quite hardly suppressing a grin. My...Wait. What? Training! I had no idea of freaking defense classes in a junior year. "Defense class?" I had no clue. Unlike me Harshad was an encyclopedia. His lips twitched into a lopsided smile "Well, it's mandatory. Otherwise, we'll not be allowed to attend any other classes or to give exams" My stomach lurched. No more interested in any lunch. "W*F U got to be kidding me?" "I bet" Wahi fluttered. "No shit. We have no choice" Harshad bumped his shoulder to me. "Hey how come u don't know about defense class" I looked Wahi in bewilderment. "Since this is d first time defense classes are being included for junior year students... That too impromptu since it's already mid-semester, he had no idea" She chuckled. I snorted. "Come on, Taani. Probably we would get to be mentored by some handsome trainers at least. Oh, how I wish to have to be trained by d hot, sexy, delicious Rey St Delphi" Sharon grinned. "Rey St Delphi...? God, what do girls see in that guy? Every girl in this college is like mooning over him. And to my horror, my sister is no exception" Wahi grunted. I couldn't suppress a smile. There was someone who can irritate Wahi to this extent. Ah... But that was all not in my mind. Suddenly, the name she mentioned was dearly similar to me. My heart gave a flutter, all of a sudden. Oh, God. Now I'm brooding over a name. God help me. Not to disappoint Sharon's effort to lit my mood, "Maybe" I reflected her action, though d knot in my stomach had redoubled in fear n anticipation. "Girls..." Harshad and Wahi sighed.

In d mayhem of events, I haven't even window viewed the architecture of university. It was huge in 8 blocks. It was built in ash brick stones in an American modern model. D corridor was clean n perfectly nourished. All my morning classes were in d ground floor, so no idea with d top floors. Harshad dragged me to d corner room of ground floor. Blow! Sharon and Wahi followed. 10-12 students were already present. Even d amber eyed girl was there. As usual she was glaring at me, like in d corridor and compound. I again shrugged her hateful look. The hall was spacious. Mini theatre mirror was intricate on d one complete side of wall like a dance rehearsal hall. At least I would have swayed my body if it was dance. But this self defense training, God bless me. Several kind of weapons were hung safely on d other side of wall. It was guarded in a glass showcase. A punching kick boxing bags were draped in d middle of d room. Dummies were placed around d corners. Work out machines sedated along d protruded narrow corner which led to some other room, perhaps. There was a single window which was kept closed. "It's amazing, right?" Harsahd looked at me. I glared him. He chuckled in mockery apology. A middle aged man in a plain grey T-shirt and violet sweat pants shushed us. "Welcome to self defense training class. My name is Arziz Andros, head of defense department" He gazed us with utter curiosity. His white rubber hairs sprinkled derisively in front. His thick eyebrows pinched. "I don't like to waste my time speaking any speeches. But one thing u should understand must. So let me get it straight." He looked at each student intently. "Each student will be partnered with one of ur seniors. They'll be mentoring u. And yes, their position is no less than me or else I should say a teacher. So be aware whom u r playing with if in case u plan to share any hostility between them. Am I clear?" He was fast-paced man. Oh, respecting our ass kicking seniors is d last thing on my mind. Anyhow when we nodded, his not so speech continued "I trust u'll put ur 100% efficiency into learning these art as d same way u put on studies." Our reaction must have satisfied him, he said "Ok then. Go check ur partner's name in d notice board. And join me at d grounds"

All d students waltzed, gathered at notice board. "Man, this is crazy" Wahi muttered more to himself. "IKR" I twitched my head. "Guys, this is going to be fun, ok. Stop brawling like KG kids" Sharon's hand landed on her petite hip. "Actually, she's right" Harshad grinned. "Don't you think you both kinda synchronizing so fast" Wahi looked annoyed. "Oh shut up, Wahi" Sharon mouthed not so rudely. "Let me check who d bloody hot dude is gonna be my partner...Oh, please let it be Rey...let be Rey..." She pushed forward students. I joined her. "Who d hell is Swayam" Her mouth hung open. I was little 2 shocked to react. Swayam Hathway, as in my brother! Man, this is worse nightmare. No wonder of his horrifying surprise to Sharon. Poor girl! "OMG" Harshad squealed listening to Sharon. "That can't be any worse" He chuckled. "I'm assigned to Huma Andros. Ping-pong" He was ecstatic. "Did u know this?" Sharon asked me still in frozen state, ignoring him. I nodded in defiance. "OMG... Taani... Ur brother is my partner...And to top on that I was not so polite to him in d morning when we met. Gosh! It's going to be long year" Her cheeks flushed deep pink. I had no idea what interaction had been gone between her and my brother, but I know he wouldn't hold a grudge. Though, it would be very nice to c these two working with each other before either killing one another. How sweet! I just nodded. "Don't worry Shar, u r gonna enjoy his classes" Harshad comforted. I glared him in a "Really" look. But I didn't say it louder, not wanting to disappoint Sharon furthermore telling how strict d idiot is. "Neha Roy...Awe" Wahi looked sheepish, staring at notice board in a dreamy look. Probably, he hadn't heard a single word of us. We all looked at him. "What?" His smile faded little. "By d way, who's ur partner, Taani?" Sharon jabbed her finger on d board searching my name. I scanned along with her. "OMGGG... I'm so jealous of u right now, Taani" She screamed. Like really screamed her lungs out! Students around us gave her a look which told she-is-gone-crazy'. "Ur partner is REY St DELPHI..." That was d last thing I expected.

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anum_6 Goldie

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Hy amazing
N swayum is also there
Prologue is really amazing
Update soon
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OMGGG that's dreaming amazing
Ok I kind of luv taani & her BFF meet
That was really sweet hmm Sharon &
Harshad mixing up nice wahi is cute
Wow taani is rey partner baby wait to
See their training com romance thanks for PM
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dis is amazing ..
eager for further updtes..
thnkww for pm.
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Early waiting to read further
Awesome update
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Wow awesome
Waiting for next part
Finally rey taani encounter
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superb update
very well written

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