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TaaRey FF - #1. Life At Stake (Stake Trilogy) [Updated Ch1 on Pg 2] (Page 2)

skfirdous IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Welcome back dear
nice concept
continue soon


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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Welcome back dear...!!
Eagerly waiting for the further updates...!!
Loved the plot of the story...Smile
Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Chapter1: Stranger In D Shadows...

Holy Crap...

I sat bolt upright in my bed holding my thumping heart, as someone rocked my shoulders. I could yet feel burnt lungs, smoke flaring nostrils, fear dripping heart. "W*F..." Breathing was difficult to me in d moment. Swayam was hovering in front of me. His tired face wearing that annoying wicked smile. The sweat beds attached to his neck length nest hair trickled along his nape. His rational muscular body showered in dampened vest n boxers, clearly signifying his morning workout. "Language Taani, language" His long bony arms landed on his hips. "Shut up, brother." I threw my pillow at him for cracking my ethereal dream in a cliffhanger: whether I will die or not? "Woah... Then u should stop freaking me out by ur slumber dream babbling." "Whatever" I yawned. I have been haunting by d same nightmare past several months. Actually to be accurate, my nightmare born on my 17th birthday and it continued every night. Not a single night had passed in tranquil. Bitter-sweet nightmare for first half part, though! Except I have never seen d face of mysterious man in my dream who's presence makes my body tingle. Dad says DREM IS ONE OF D WAY OF VISIONS. I'm not sure how far it's true. Because I was freaking dying in my dream! Swayam snapped his fingers, pulling me out of rebuking. "Same dream again?" A look of concern passed over his long triangular face. He sat beside me. I felt guilty. For freaking him and dad every time I woke up gasping and clutching my thundering heart. I nodded. He looked worried. "It's just a dream" I tried to convince myself more rather than him. "Yeah..." He said, actually not meaning it. His face contorted into thin lines. He looked paler than before. Whether it is because of change of place or...I really don't know. Then he shrugged. "Ok my sleeping beauty its 8AM in d morning. Stop falling back to sleep n get ur butt up." "Argh..." I cursed. Thinking of my junior year at new university, I really miss my old one. "U better hurry, if not, I'm going to send dad in" He mocked sweetly.

"Oh no, please" I threw up my quilt n hurriedly dragged my sleepy body to bathroom before my dad showed up in d room pampering me in a very sarcastic way. Besides, I didn't want him to be tensed about me and my dream. Ever since I confessed him, he's more than curious to analyze it's indicating some news. I didn't believe him. Dad sometimes frightens me by his unusual talks regarding non-existing supernatural creatures walking on this earth. It's not like I don't believe them. It's just still weird to c how there is a world invisible to humans. I have grown up learning things from my father. After all, he's one heck supernatural-Wikipedia. I showered and changed into white sweater, pair of red denims n red high heels. A platinum chain with a zigzag star-heart shaped pendant dangled across my neck. It's my lucky charm. I don't remember how on d earth it ended up with me, because as far as I remember, I never really purchased it or none gifted me. Ironic much, isn't it? Still, it's very special, ok. I looked pretty good for college. I rechecked for one last time in d mirror as my reflection pouted back. I had waist length blackish straight hairs. I was slender and supple. Being foodie, I still have a figure where guys go gaga over. That's little exaggerating about myself. Na...I'm much content of a good fitness. I grabbed my red back pack n trotted downstairs. It's my first day in d college. I was excited as well as nervous since I was d new student about to join in d mid-semester. It was really hard to leave my old college in TEXAS when dad suddenly announced to relocate to LOVE LOCK. I initially cried, begged not to. But his one sentence just shut my mouth, WHATEVER-I-DO-IS-FOR-U-BABY-JUST-TRUST-ME'. Even Swayam didn't speak a word against. He simply agreed his command. And I know what he meant. If not for my attack after a week of my 17th birthday at Texas, we would have still been there. I don't even remember what or how d assault happened on that night when I was out of d town library except for d bruises and animalistic claw marks on my arms and shoulders like someone wanted to kill me. Those memories were still distinct. Thankfully, Swayam was d one to find me before I passed out. But I can swear to God, d same tingle of my dream erupted on d mid of my attack and suddenly I was out of danger.

"Here comes my little girl" My dad, Arnab Hathway, d great journalist of BBC world was setting d dinner table like a perfect chef. Bias or not, everything he did seem perfect to me. He looked dangerously beautiful in d purple moon spectacles. Unlike my brother, I had inherited my father's dark chocolate brown eyes. Swayam got mom's jade watery eyes. "Dad, I'm month less 18. Stop calling me little girl" I gave him a quick peck on d cheek. The freshly cooked beacons and fried eggs were begging me notoriously to swallow them. "How much ever u grow up, you will ever be d same little girl, kiddo" My annoying brother smirked, already filling his plate. "Am I not right pops?" Without contradiction, dad nodded "Of course yes." "Huh...u guys r 2 much" I stuffed my plate wholly to have heavy breakfast. Hey! Don't judge by my slender appearance, I have heavy appetite. They both chuckled. Ever since my mom died in an accident when I was 7, they are over possessive and protective towards me. At d same time, they do care for me greatly. In turn, snaps my irritation most of d times for treating me as child even when I'm month less 18.

"She got d same dream again, pops" Swayam announced. He always call dad as pops. That's 2 squishy. "What?" Dad befuddled. Thin stubble had smeared on his jaw. His cheeks crinkled in pain. "We have to do something" Swayam was serious. Dad gripped table for support and sat beside me. I threw daggers at my brother, from my cleanly finished plate. Hey, I was bit gluttony, ok. I was so not like the chicks die drying their appetite in diet. He didn't care. "Dad, it's just a dream." I snapped. Irritation was obviously pouring out of me. "It's about time, pops" Swayam said, ignoring me. "No, not now" Dad swallowed, giving him a hard look. They exchanged unspoken conversation through their eyes. I watched them in disbelief. "What is this It's-about-time?" I poked into their conversation. They stared me in silence. "Are any one of you going to tell me?" I scowled. Instead of answering, dad gave me side hug "It's nothing important" I sensed there was sure something going on with me. "By d way, you have a surprise" He excellently shut d matter, swaying my mood into something I'm interested in. Instantly, my mood lit up. I knew I should be angry since they were hiding something from me. But I didn't want to break d joy filled face of my father. So, I shrugged, for now. "What surprise?" I beamed. "Your surprise is in college" He winked. "Wow, then I should hurry" I picked d car keys. "U r not driving, Taani" Swayam who was sipping OJ snatched keys leaping to his foot. "Oh come on" I turned to dad. "He can't be serious dad" He gave me a small apologetic look. Swayam chuckled. My patience was obviously a big zero. I was not a baby anymore. If they don't allow me to drive, then no way I sedated in a passenger seat accompanying his kickass show ups. "Huh... I hate u both" I glared both n stomped off d house. I could see my dad's disappointed face through my shoulder but heck I didn't care. Although I hate to c him vulnerable, he had upset me.

The light rays of sun in d LOVELUCK was light on my skin. The cool autumn breeze curled my black hair resulting them to fall on my face. The weather was considerably cozy. There had been no much time to sight view Love Lock nature since fixing up d house along with dad and Swayam within a day had wore me out, though they insisted me they'll handle. I felt more joyous, since I enjoy d nature. It made my ankle white-hot as a rush of ethereal bliss rushed out of my body. It started at my toes, curled across my stomach and passed out of my fingers. My jaw hit d floor, because suddenly a series of VIBGYOR lights crackled around me. The sparkles were so tiny star-like, it looked spectacular. I stood numb staring at those resplendent twinkling. As my joy replaced into surprising horrification, d lights faded into thin mist completely dissolving into d air. I was void. There was no way, I did that.  If I believed it, I would be cheating myself. Because it isn't d first time happened. Since my 17th birthday, my life is something I couldn't explain. Like when I was at Texas, a guy called Hunter: my biology partner had pushed me on d tree trunk and tried misbehaving with me. As a result of my uncontrollable anger a tree trunk had hit a guy, all of a sudden. I still couldn't believe d energy blasted out of me while I had narrowed my mind to hurt him with anything possible at d moment. D energy passed during d time felt alike as of now. Except it was an outburst. One more incident where, fire had scorched our camp nights at Vegas, my instincts of fear for d people in those camps did something I couldn't even trust myself to bring upon telling someone. My soul concentrated on ocean beside d camp sight. A tornado of water sprayed killing d fire. Believe me I was aghast then, as I'm now. Whenever my emotions rise to pinnacle, something conjures inside me. And it frightens me, because everything isn't normal with me.

 "Hey" A window slid down from d black car, drawing my attention. Her beautiful red lips, high cheek bones, perfect dark round eyes back burned even THE PRINCESS BRIDE, I guess. Holy Gods! She is a driving beauty in LOVELOCK. Wait a...Holy Jesus! If not for d girl prospecting me in d car, I would have fainted right away on d asphalt driveway seeing my dream car. Cadillac. I loved to owe one of my own. But according to d rules set by my dad, I couldn't have freaking car of my own unless I turn 18. He's a nuts case sometimes. I wonder all those supernatural stuff had endangered my dad's mind on normal world.

"Are you here?" D girl clapped her slender red painted fingers at me. "Sorry. How can I help u?" I asked politely. She laughed throwing her head back. W*F! She was d one to stop n say HEY n now she was laughing at me. "Excuse me?" Light acridness edged to my voice, vanishing admiration on her beauty. "Sorry, I thought it was my question" I watched her in a raised eyebrow. She shook her head in a light humor. "I thought maybe u wanted a lift. Honestly, u can't reach d college in time if u goes on wandering. I'm ur neighbor by d way." She added. "Were you spying me?" I folded my hands across d chest in curiosity. "Oh dear God, no, Hop in, I'm on d way to college" "Are you sure of it? If not, I don't want to be abducted by such beautiful girl" I paused frowning "Unless u r lesbian". She laughed harder. "Your virtue is safe with me. Now, get in girl." I opened d door feeling d giddiness of touching Cadillac. "I'm Sharon Black" "Nice to meet u, Sharon. I'm..." "Taani Hathway. I know. I just met ur dad as well as ur annoying brother." I forgot my struggle at seat belt n flipped at her. "Don't tell me it's my dad and brother's request to ride me?" "Of course not, I was d one to found u alone here." I doubted it. "So, tell me, did u like LOVE LOCK?" She asked. "Actually, I got no time to visit d place" I made a face. Like that our conversation went on to shopping, Friends, Family, likes, dislikes, etc. She was very friendly in fact. She told me everything about her family. She was born and grew with a brother and her grandmother in this city. Much to my dismay, she didn't talk about her parents, though she revealed their parents were dead while she was just 3years old. And I found myself enjoying her company. She was so happy and adaptable. Her quirkiness hit me in an awed fascination. All in all, thank God, I just made a friend before I could look like as a creature migrated from mars in crisis in front of any others at college. At least, I would have a company in this anonymous city.

The car swayed along d high way. Every often, there was hills n greenery pitched sideways. It almost gave d feeling of TEXAS but difference was it could never be. My whole child hood was spent there. Especially, d cherish of MOM. Also my BFF, Harshad Cross. On my 15th birthday, he moved out to Chicago along with his parents. I kind-a really miss him since he's d only one best friend I ever grown up with. Wish he was here with me. "Here we are" Sharon honked d car into halt. Brooding over my life had cost d distance count to slip. We finally had reached college. "Nervous?" She asked me. "Quite not" I slid out. "Awe...Wait here. I'll go park d car n be back in five minutes." She took off to d parking lot.

I had 5 minutes. I simply couldn't stand in place more than a second. So I just decided to take a trip of outside area of d college. The compound was enormous. The well built lawn was evasively occupied at d left by number of students. On d right probably, all d handsome hunks of d college were in games fraternity, since they were all occupied in playing one or d other games. While sassy pure bitches cheered in mouth drooling, huh... People roamed free. Few eyed me suspiciously as if I was d most curious person on d earth when others minded their own business. Note: I like d second category. Not that I don't like attention. It simply irks me when someone peer me as if I'm a cactus of desert or sunflower of garden. Suddenly, there was a familiar tingle on my neck. As if someone is watching me. The same warmth of tickle as in my dream spread through me. I shuddered. Not because of fear. But d similarity of d feelings in dream was exactly d same of now. It happened once before back in Texas as I said. Suddenly I had d urge to search someone, maybe d mysterious man of my dream. I know it's dumb to expect such a thing. But, as u may know I'm exactly not normal. So who knows if I found d person. I rummaged my gaze cautiously on d surroundings, no luck. Maybe, I'm hallucinating. But d burning chill seethed deep into my skin. I felt feverishly breathless. Christ, now I'm fussing over invisible stalk. I suck.  

A hand landed on my shoulder. I jerked back screaming little. "Man, Chill on babes. I wasn't intended to scare u ok..." His natural pomegranate lips moved. It was still moving. Like a stupid, I didn't hear a damn thing he said next. I was just busy in tracing the beauty of his face. His slight brown hairs tousled by d howling wind. His high cheek bones curved magnanimously. His eyes were dark round shaped. Wait a second, his dark round eyes...It looked similar to someone. Someone as if... Oh man, his eyes were carbon copy of Sharon. I did take bloody minutes to track it. W*F! My brilliance is gradually evaporating into gutter. Huh. Blame my suddenly appeared otherworldly powers. I have to seriously improve. "Hey, are you there?" He snapped his fingers pulling me out of my dreamy liquid gushing. "Huhhh..." I blinked. His lip curved at d corner. God, Good. I embarrassed myself pretty well. "Am I that irresistible?" He winked. Gods, I'm going to kill him if he flashes that stupid killer smile once more. "Oh, don't high yourself gentleman" I rolled my eyes.

"If you are messing with my friend, I'm literally going to stab you, Wahi" D familiar voice interrupted. Thank God, it was Sharon. "Come on, sis. I was just introducing myself to ur friend. But I guess, she's so busy staring at me" He cocked an eyebrow at me daring to deny it. "Well..." I trailed off unable to lie. Honestly, come on. He looks freaking delicious in his crumpled yellow polo-shirt, red jeans and shoes. Also, d red tear-drop pendant across his neck glinted in d mild sun-light ascending d adoration of his features. It was quite attractive. "I see" Sharon giggled. "Taani, Meet my handsome brother, Wahi Black." She introduced, locking her arm with his. "It's always a pleasure to meet such a sexy damsel" He held his hand to me. I hesitated for a brief second but shook it shrugging his intimate comment. His palm felt cold against mine. Chilled like an ice-cube. I wonder which human body produces such cold temperature. I instantly withdrew. He held my gaze for maximum seconds. I shivered. There was something much more hidden in those eyes, other than attractive like heaven. "Ok, come on kitten, I'll show u d college" He held his palm eying me. Kitten! Not bad, haan. His outspoken genuineness impressed me. "Don't be smart, brother" Sharon waggled pushing past him. He innocently looked at me. I shrugged my bantering mind. "No way, smartass" I beamed a thumbs down smile n joined Sharon.

Even during all this, my anguish never left me. Awareness of someone's transfixed gaze on me sent wild thrill instead of frightening pool. D tingle on my nape was intact. Except for d tingle I felt in my dream and once before at Texas, I had never felt it. I couldn't understand. Contrariwise, my gaze roamed around d blocks of d college. Nothing I noticed. As I averted little farther further on d ground office, instantly I froze. Someone was watching me. A guy no maybe few years elder than me! So I was right. Though d distance failed to reveal his face, I could trace d masculine arrogance in his pose. Even from far, I could sense his lips curling up in smugness. Normally, I would have felt it creepy. Guess I wasn't a normal girl. So, I felt it fascinating in a kind of way. I closed my eyes n opened. Within a blink, he was disappearing into d nearby room. And to my luck, an amber eyed girl was gazing between me and Wahi like she would cut my ribs out of my bones. Good Gods! On one hand a sweet stalker, on d other hand, chances of an enemy. What an entrance of my first day!

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sailaja. IF-Rockerz

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Wow awsome update taayam was realy cute

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Damn welcomed back girl miss you
And congrats yaar we want party
Look you came back in action this
Is amazing stry well taani always get
A dream note down scary dream it's
Something related to her life let see how
Taani solve this dream Mistry well I really
Adore taani & swayam his dad bond it's lovely cute family so taani got a new Frd as Sharon good wahi is her bro nice I guess that Mistry man is rey well waiting for taarey meet thanks for PM thanks for coming back to us

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dasv Goldie

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Superb update
Taani swayam was really nice
Arnabnd swayam hiding something mysterious hmmm i like it.

Sharon was cool asusual.
Wahi not normal is he a vampire???
And who is d mysterious guy????
Waiting for next best update
Update soon

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Vishu45 Goldie

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Nyc update
waiting for taarey meet
Update soon
Sona_loveVD IF-Dazzler

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awesome updt
love taayam

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