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LOVE BEGINS FROM HERE ..msg from me on 26 (Page 17)

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Best of luck.for your exams

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All d best for ur exams

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Sorry Sorry for this so so so late update...I was stuck wd something so unable to update but i promise try to update regularly hope it's upto d mark...sorry for all grammitical error ...enjoy reading and give ur likes and comments...


Raghav was busy in his work but his more attention was on Kalpi...here Kalpi's condition was also same..she can't concentrate on her work...next day  Raghav has one meeting and as a marketing manager Kalpi's presence required there...so he tell her to make presentation ...Kalpi has given her best for it as usual.. and now it's time to show preview to Raghav..but when she enter into his cabin..she was lost in himself..his whole attention was on his laptop..he was reading something..Kalpi was lost into him.. her attention divert when Raghav cleared his throat which bring her back..

R:if ur staring session is over than u can come into and show me ur presentation...Kalpi felt uncomfortable as she caught up like this...she enter into cabin and sit in front of him and show him presentation..Kalpi was giving him every information of project but Raghav was lost in her beauty when her silky hair come around her cheeks ..he want to put it behind her ears..and want to touch that soft cheeks...but soon he came out and think..,"what m I thinking...she is nothing for u Raghav..nothing..ur revenge is everything for u...not she.."..

K:sir is there anthing which u want to change or is it ok???Kalpi asked wd curiousity...Raghav looked here and there as he has hardly listen some parts but coz of that and coz of Kalpi's previous performance he know he need not to do anything wd it..

R:it's perfectly all right no need to change anything...Kalpi nod her head and left d cabin without glancing back at him..Raghav follow his gaze until she disappeared...he sighed and put his head on back of his leather chair...

The day passes like this and it's time for everyone to reach home...but Kalpi was still doing her job after her office hours...Raghav and Kalpi were alone in d office...Raghav has completed his work so he decided to leave but when he came out from his cabin he saw Kalpi's cabin light on..wd curiosity he step towards her cabin and found her still working...he shook his head and enter into cabin but she was still busy in her work..Raghav observe her for few seconds and said,"Miss Jadav if ur work is done u can go home ..it's too late ur family must be waititng for u..."Kalpi looked up from her work and watched Raghav for few seconds...than she closed her file and walk upto him,"Mr Singhaniya may be u have forgot coz may be it is ur habit to destroy someone and forgot it...but I remembered that my family has broken their all relations wd me and now I have no one in my home who will wait for me...even I have no home too...and I lost my family...who always waited for me...and now I don't think so if I got late to reach at my so called home no one will be waititng for me and I don't care if someone do it or not..so plz let me do my work..."Raghav was totally stunned by her words ..he never expected this bitter words from her...but he compose himself and said,"miss Jadav let me remind u that u r married now and atleast u have some little duty towards ur mother in law who must be waiting for u..who consider u as her daughter..."Kalpi looked away from him as she don't want to listen anything about Gauri right now..coz she has witnessed of her love but it's doesn't cover the wrong thing they have did wd her..

K:mr Singhaniya don't remind me my duties...my responsibility coz duty always stuck wd relation and I have no relation wd my MIL nor wd my so called HUSBAND...Raghav felt pain in left side of his chest..he doesn't understand what is it but Kalpi's words hurt him a lot which clearly seen into his eyes...Kalpi also lowered her eyes unable to see that pain in his eyes...

K:Mr Singhaniya if u have done wd ur words plz excuse me I have lot's of work to do ...i have very important presentation tomorrow...so plz excuse me...

Raghav left d cabin immediately though he want to take Kalpi wd him and he can do it but still he doesn't want to do that...doesn't want to force himself on her...so he left d office leaving Kalpi alone there...

While in Kalpi's cabin she took a deep breath and seat on her chair putting her hand on her head..."why it's hurt me so much..he did all this wd me..he snatch my family from me I have to hate him but why I felt that pain which I have seen in his eyes...wait...pain but why that pain in his eyes??does my words hurt him so much??does I said too much...??no Kalpi what are u thinking...he is just pretending..he has no relation wd u...he only use urself for revenge...he destroy u...yes Kalpi ur only goal is to achieve more and more success and u have to show that Raghav Singhaniya that u r not weak..."wd this determination she again start her work...

It's almost 12 a.m and Kalpi was still working alone in d office..when she completed her work it's 12.30 so she decied to go back home..."HOME" wd this word tears come out from her eyes as she felt homeless today...but still she decided to leave for that home..she come out from building and was searching for auto..she tried a lot but didn't found any single auto...alas she found one auto which took her towards home...

She reached at Singhaniya mantion at midnight and when she enter into house she found Gauri lying on d couch wd her head on d edge of couch...Kalpi felt bad looking at Gauri like this which seemed that she was waiting for her...Kalpi took steps near her and shake her slightely...Gauri woke up and see Kalpi standing der.."Kalpi beta u have come...I was waiting..."but before Gauri complete Kalpi said,"u don't need to wait for me till night...I don't want that anyone hurt or bother himself for me...

"mom u still wake up..."Raghav come from behind...Kalpi was surprised looking him in office suit which show that he has just come home.."how could he come so late??he has left office two hours ago than why he got so late??"she can't stop herself and asked him,"u have left office two hours ago na than why u come so late home??"Gauri looked at Kalpi surprised and than smiled looking at Kalpi who is asking Q to her son..no no to her HUSBAND...Raghav raised his brows towards her and Kalpi realised what just she had aksed...but before he could say anyting to her she changed d topic and said,"I think u were waiting for me so late..but I was wrong u were waititng for ur son..i'm sorry if I bother u.."saying so she left from der..Gauri try to stop her but she has already left ...Gauri felt bad so Raghav said her,"look mom I told u she never forive u mom..plz stop showering ur love on her and stop taking tension for her..."he was about to leave but Gauri stop him,"look who is saying me not to think about her who is protecting his wife by waiting for 2 hrs behind his own office han??"Raghav got surprised by it and looked at Gauri uncomfortably.."mom what are u saying..i...I was stuck in..in meeting..."Gauri raised her eyes and said,"meeting that too at midnight han...whom u making fool Raghav..don't forgot I'm ur mother..now go and sleep it's too late..."before Raghav could say anything further Gauri went into her room...Raghav also went into his room...

After few minutes Raghav was standing at d window ..he turn and look at Kalpi who was sleeping peacefully on his bed forcing him once again sleep on his couch...he think about Gauri's words and remember how he has been waited for her 2 HOURS out side of his office...yes Gauri is right..he has waited her for almost 2 hrs how much he was worried for her when it was midnight and she was still working in his office..though it's his own office but still he can't take risk for her...how relief he felt when he saw her coming out side of his office...how much he want to go towards her and tell her that come wd him but he knew he can't do this and if he will do it she never accept his help...after all he has hurt her so much...how he felt that moment when he saw that auto driver taking wrong route of his house...he felt like someone taking something much from him...and than finally he saw her outside of his house...but still he was waiting for her to go inside and than after few minutes he went inside..."what happened wd me...why I'm getting so much worried for her..she is not child...but still she is my responsibility and I have promised mom that I'll protect her at any cost...and I have to follow my promise..."[LIER U R DOING THIS FOR HER ONLY..]he sighed heavily and went to sleep on his couch...

When she found him sleeping on his couch she opened her eyes and looked at him ..."why I felt that he has no meeting but he was...no no no no...it's can't be happened why he will take so much care for me...I was outside of house in midnight still he has no care for me...what if something happened to me??how much I felt scared when that driver has took that short cut but why he care for me??he just left from der..leaving me alone...wait Kalpi why are u expecting anything from him???he has no relation wd u that's it...so just concentrate on ur goal that's it..just on ur career..."thinking that she also left for sleep...

They both were sleeping on der place but still they were thinking about eachother...they said they don't care what another think for them but still every action of anyone hurt them...they said they have no relation wd eachother...their ways are different still there is no single second in which they both are not thinking about eachother  still they are saying they didn't meant to eachother...

Next moring was as usual in Singhaniya mantion...as Kalpi was taking her breakfast alone without talking wd anyone...while Raghav was trying his level best to control his anger wd Kalpi's rude behaviour towards him and most important wd his mom...while Gauri just try to stop him as she doesn't want to ruin der relation more...it was d day when Kalpi has to give presentation for big deal of her office...she went into temple to take blessings from bappa...she was standing in front of bappa and than remember her aai who always give curd and sugar to her whenever she was going to give any exam or any presentation but today she is not here and still she missed her so much...her baba's love which he shower on her by putting his hand on her head and than pakya's teasing...she missed them...though her aai has never give her first place in her life...for her pakhi is everything...but still she missed them...she was still standing in front of bappa's idol folding her hands..."bappa today my family is not wd me...plz help me bappa today I have just u by my side...help me bappa..."she felt someone's hand on her shoulder she turn and found Gauri standing der wd smile on her face wd curd and sugar in her hand..."I know beta I can't take kamla's place in ur life but yes I know that if someone going to do something good we have to do this...and today my child is going to give this big presentation so let me do this for u..."saying so Gauri show spoon to her which Kalpi took in her mouth without saying any single word...she doesn't know when she automatically touch her feet and Gauri just put her hand on her head and give her blessings to her...Kalpi realised what just she has done so she left from der immediately ...Gauri was very happy as unknowingly Kalpi has accept her...Raghav has not come inside d temple but he has seen her mom and Kalpi and a smile appear on his face when he saw Kalpi taking spoon and than touch her mom's feet...

And they both left from their house though they both went individually there but their goals their life are same...they think they didn't belongs to eachother but they didn't know that destiny and bappa has think something else for them...



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MadhuGupta Goldie

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lovely update.next part soon.

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Amazing update

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Hi falak lovely update Clap Star o ye attitude singhania or jassi ki rani and there ego Ouch kalpi chahthi hai ki raga uski figure kare or rags in the other hand kalpi sai madly pyar karthi hai oops sorry jaan guary keliye na poor guy LOL Wink I love this story waiting for next part.

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awesome update
hmm kalpi n rag still lost in each other
hmm kalpi hurt words hurt rag
rag waited for her n gauri i feel sad for her
she did that for their sake then still none is accepting it
update soon
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Fab! When 1 person has an 'attitude' ,its bad to deal, but with 2 people [RagNa ] have an [bad ] attitude it will be a tedious job for Gauri to deal ! But Loved the stubbornness in them ! Good.

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