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|YuvAni-SaRaj AT#31|Kuch Duriyan Nazdeekiyan,Kuch Hans Padi Tanhaaiyan

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Welcome to the YuvAni/SaRaj Appreciation Thread!

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Rules That Have To Be Followed By All Members Who Have Joined YuvAni-SaRaj AT

1. Do Not Go Off Topic, Discussion Only regarding yuvani/saraj other characters can be discussed but mostly only yuvani and saraj discussion

2. Do Not Quote More Than Three Times

3. Those Who Are Not Fan Of yuvani/saraj, Please Dont Even Bother Coming Here

4.  We Want  this thread to be Friendly and Keep In Mind That No basing or humilating of YuvAni or SaRaj. if you want to make your point , you can post single post on forums

5. Do Not Bash Any Members.

6. Any member who will seen going off topic or seen bashing or fighting or instigating situation or using abusing words regarding yuvani or saraj will be reported by the AT admins .

7. Sahil and Rajshri signally can be discussed, appreciated but please don't use any words against them which can hurt their fans emotions. And keep the mood light.

8. Do not discuss Sahil and Rajshri's personal life. Do not speculate on their lives offscreen.

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...Jes... *admin*
yanks28 *admin*

If your name is NOT on this list, plz hit the LIKE button to be added! If it's still not added, then just PM me. PLEASE DO NOT LIKE THIS POST IF YOUR NAME IS IN THE MEMBERS LIST.

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YuvAni Scenes Start-Now (Partial List).


9th June 2014- Suhani sees Yuvraj for the first time and her dupatta falls on his face
10th June 2014- Suhani and Yuvraj meet for the first time while Yuvraj blames Suhani for coming in between him and Soumya.
12th June 2014- Suhani hits Yuvraj with a rod and Yuvraj scolds Suhani for hitting him
13th June 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani dance together during Bhavna's engagement ceremony
16th June 2014- Yuvraj saves Suhani from goons planted by Sharad but they end up fighting
17th June 2014- Yuvraj goes to Suhani's house to apologise and falls on her. Suhani is scheduled to go to Yuvi's house for Radha-Krishna dance practice.
18th June 2014- Suhani comes to Yuvi's house for dance practice and Yuvraj-Suhani bicker
19th June 2014- Suhani tries to spy on Yuvraj's team because of a misunderstanding and gets caught in the washroom with him. Suhani then badmouths Yuvraj in front of the girls' parents and Yuvraj is accused of teaching them vulgar moves. Yuvraj and Suhani again get into an argument.
20th June 2014- Yuvraj scolds Suhani for getting the teams changed and Suhani feels guilty about misunderstanding him. Yuvraj decides that he has to be nice to Suhani for Soumya's sake. Suhani's saree gets stuck in Yuvraj's belt.
21st June 2014- Ragini tears Suhani's saree and Yuvraj sees Suhani crying. He consoles her and brings Pratima to cheer her up. Suhani fills in for Soumya as Radha when Soumya leaves and dances with Yuvraj who is Krishna.
23rd June 2014- Suhani crashes into Yuvraj with her scooty and they get hurt. She sees the tattoo he got for Soumya and thinks it's for her. She starts falling for him.
24th June 2014- Suhani sees Yuvraj taking a dip in the Ganga and they have an interaction where she is infatuated with him. Yuvraj wants to drop Suhani home so that he can meet Soumya but she thinks it's to be with her.
25th June 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani spend time together at the old age home.
26th June 2014- Misunderstandings emerge as Suhani lights a lamp for Yuvraj while he sees it and assumes it's from Soumya.
28th June 2014- Yuvraj comes to Suhani's house during engagement preparations and helps her
30th June 2014- YuvAni and Soumya go the market where Yuvraj is beaten up because of Krishna. Suhani tends to his injuries.


1st July 2014- YuvAni  get caught in the rain and catch a cold. Yuvraj goes to Pankaj's room to change. While he is in the bathroom, Suhani enters and decides to wear his Sherwani, thinking it's her dad's Sherwani, because the hook of her blouse is broken.
2nd July 2014- Yuvraj stares at Soumya while Suhani thinks he is staring at her. She teases him
3rd July 2014- Yuvraj helps Suhani out when RagMen damage the car sent for Bhavna-Amit and then offers to help Suhani-Soumya in stealing Amit's shoes
4th July 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani are in the storeroom with Amit's shoes. Pankaj asks Suhani to return Yuvraj's clothes to him.
7th July 2014- Pratima asks Suhani to stay in Yuvraj's room. Yuvraj comes and sleeps beside Suhani and is shocked when he sees her .Later, he falls asleep holding her hand.
12th July 2014- At a pre-marriage ceremony for, Yuvraj brings the necklace he has bought for Soumya and is shocked to see Suhani accepting it. Yuvraj tells Soumya he loves her.
14th July 2014- Pratima has a minor heart attack; Suhani brings a doctor and cares for her while Yuvraj is aghast.
16th July 2014- Yuvraj plans to have Dadi reject Suhani through a webcam meeting but fails. Pratima tells him Suhani's presence soothes her.
18th July 2014- Yuvraj sets up a meeting with Suhani to tell her he loves Soumya.
19th July 2014- A policeman catches YuvAni in Yuvraj's car and troubles them. Yuvraj tells him she is his wife to be.
21st July 2014- Though Yuvraj tries to make sure he gets engaged to Soumya, he slips the ring onto Suhani's finger because of a power cut.
23rd July 2014- Yuvraj tells Pratima and Pankaj he doesn't love Suhani and doesn't want to marry her.
25th July 2014- Yuvraj bumps into Suhani outside her home but doesn't tell her the truth because of Pankaj's blackmail.
26th July 2014- YuvAni's marriage ceremony begins.
28th July 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani place garlands around each other's' necks and complete their wedding rituals while Yuvraj vows to hate Suhani.
29th July 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani come back to Birla House post their wedding ceremony.
30th July 2014- At YuvAni's wedding night, Suhani sleeps on the floor while Yuvraj sleeps on the bed.
31st July 2014- Dadi meets Suhani and questions Yuvraj!


1st August 2014- Dadi berates Yuvraj about marrying Suhani and he defends his choice.
2nd August 2014- Yuvraj sees Suhani crying and wants to take her on a drive.
4th August 2014- Yuvraj takes Suhani to a restaurant and leaves her there. Suhani defends him in front of Pankaj.
5th August 2014- YuvAni have a romantic moment and Suhani goes home for Pagphera.
6th August 2014- Yuvraj lies to Suhani that he has hurt his leg and will come to take her home later. Suhani arrives at a restaurant to see Yuvraj hurt his leg in reality.
7th August 2014- Suhani takes Yuvraj to her house and takes care of him.
8th August 2014-  Suhani tells Yuvraj about Dadi's fairness cream and diet chart.
9th August 2014- Yuvraj sees Dadi taunting Suhani about eating samosas
11th August 2014- Yuvraj asks Suhani about the treadmill Dadi has gifted her and Suhani gets hurt.
12th August 2014- Yuvraj takes care of Suhani and helps her with a statue Dadi has ordered. Yuvraj defends Suhani against Dadi's taunts.
13th August 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani get ready for the family picture and share some camaraderie.
14th August 2014- Suhani tries to get Dadi and Yuvraj to make up and changes his Facebook status thinking its hers.
15th August 2014- Suhani asks Yuvraj whether he wants her to use the fairness cream and he asks her if she cares about everyone's feelings.
18th August 2014- Suhani comes to a party hosted by Dadi in a mud stained dress and Yuvraj gets angry.
19th August 2014- Yuvraj pulls Suhani aside because he doesn't want her to upset Dadi. He tells her that she is not fitting in with the Birlas.
20th August 2014- Suhani is looking for something under the bed while Yuvraj changes. He asks her what she is doing there.
21st August 2014- Suhani makes Yuvraj's favourite food and wonders why the Birlas care so much about presentation.
22ndAugust 2014- Suhani gives Yuvraj her laptop to use but he is upset seeing a picture of Suhani-Soumya in it. Suhani again misunderstands and thinks he wants their picture to be the wallpaper.
23rd August 2014- Suhani makes a presentation for the Birlas and Yuvraj hears her sing
25th August 2014- Suhani tells Yuvraj she is fasting for him
26th August 2014- Yuvraj finds out that Suhani didn't trick him into marrying her and softens towards her.
27th August 2014- Yuvraj brings samosas for Suhani and all the Birla siblings go to a party
28th August 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani dance on Amitabh songs at the party and have a lot of fun
29th August 2014- Suhani and Yuvraj get entangled in a curtain because of Snoopy
30th August 2014- Yuvraj defends Suhani when Dadi accuses her of dirtying her bedsheet


1st September 2014- Yuvraj saves Suhani from Dadi by going and buying a new bedsheet in the rain while Suhani plans a surprise for him
2nd September 2014- Yuvraj fights with Suhani because of Pankaj's anger
3rd September 2014- Yuvraj feels guilty when he sees Suhani crying but they later get into an argument because of Abhilasha and he grabs her arms
4th September 2014- Suhani tells Yuvraj he is hurting her and he lets her go. She changes her ringtone for him.
5th September 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani go to meet Abhilasha
6th September 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani solve the mystery of the faulty cream
8th September 2014- Yuvraj doesn't like the coffee Suhani makes
9tH September 2014- Yuvraj sees Suhani wishing that he doesn't scold her
11th September 2014- Suhani hugs Yuvraj after meeting Soumya Yuvraj consoles a crying Suhani
12th September 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani meet Soumya at a restaurant
13th September 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani have a moment while she washes dishes
16th September 2014- Yuvraj discovers Suhani is at her home meeting Soumya
17th September 2014- Yuvraj pampers Suhani to irritate Soumya
19th September 2014- Yuvraj pulls Suhani on top of him thinking she is Snoopy
20th September 2014- Yuvraj is shocked to see Suhani on top of him while her birthday approaches
22nd September 2014- It's Suhani's birthday and she daydreams that Yuvraj has arranged a surprise for her
23rd September 2014- Yuvraj exchanges Suhani's saree with Soumya's to make her jealous
24th September 2014- Yuvraj organises a surprise birthday party for Suhani, gives her a saree and makes her happy
25th September 2014- Yuvraj and Suhani share happy moments while he tries to make Soumya realise what she rejected.
27th September 2014- Suhani wants to thank Yuvraj, so hugs him and kisses him on the cheek
29th September 2014- Suhani falls on Yuvraj
30th September 2014- Suhani talks to Sharad about Dadi accusing Sharad and Ramesh of theft

list compiled by clarity

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Please wait till previous AT finished (150 pages) before posting here.

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Congrats on the new AT.. Party Love the title... 

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Originally posted by yuvani_fan

Congrats on the new AT.. Party Love the title... 

 Yeah Kuch Khaas Hai is such a hot song Embarrassed

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Congos on new At...
Nice song selection Yanks...

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