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A Manan,Dhruv n Cabir SS:No one can tear us apart(new prt Tsrs pg 3) (Page 3)

Sandhirrocks Senior Member

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Part 2:-
Nandini:-Good morning Cabir,Dhruv n mom.
Nyonika:-Good morning beta.
Dhruvbir:-Good morning Nans.
Manik:-Good morning people.
Everyone:-Good morning.
Nyonika:-Guyz please have ur breakfast cauzr u all r coming with me to S.P.A.C.E as I too had some urgent work overthere.
Nandini:-Thanx mom for coming with us that too on our first day to college.
Nyonika:-Ur most welcome my baccha.
Cabir:-Waise few minutes back jab tu stairs seh aa rahi this toh itna blush kyon kar rahi thi.
Dhruv:-Maine bhi dekha tujhe.
Nandini:-What ...have u guyz l..lost it .I was not blushing at all .
Cabir:-Then why r u stammering.
Nandini:-Guyz while eating we should not talk its very bad for health.
Nyonika:-Enough of ur nonsesnse Cabir n Dhruv,stop pulling my sweethearts leg.
Cabir:-What aunti?Abb hum apni friend ki taang bhi nahi kheech sakte kya.
Manik:-Kheech sakta ho but not rightnow cauze rightnow my star is eating aur main nahi chahta ki tum dono ki mazzak ki wajah se isse kuch bhi ho.
Nyma:-Hwww...how sweet of u my son in law.
Manan:-Mom we relly missed u so much.Aapki U.S.A. wali campaign se abb apko ko fursat mili hai humse milne ke liye.
Nyma:-Aww...my babies missed me so much.
Nyonika:-Not only them but ur best friend missed u too.
Nyma:-Hey Nyonika how r u now
Nyonika:-M fine but what about my friend.
Nyma:-M also fine but by the Nandini where's ur dad.
Nandini:-Mom dad is at home only doing some importan confrenss calls to some of his doctors.
Cabir:-Finally aunti abb aae.
Dhruv:-Aapke Sambhar aur dose ko bohot miss kiya.
Nyma:-Don't worry aaj shaam ko tum sab ki sambhar aur dosa party pakki.For now u guyz go to ur college with Nyonika till then I take ur leave.
Nandini:-Fine mom tc.
Nyma:-Hmmm beta.
Nyonika:-U all finish ur food now.
Nandini:-Maine aur Dhruv ne toh almost khatm kar li mom but these two slow eaters they have not even finshed even half of their plates.
Manik:-Nans main kha raha hoon but this Cabir I tell u,he is not letting me eat.
Cabir:-Ulta chor kotwaal ko daatein,Nans see..
Nandini:-Shut up u both n eat fast.
(Soon all four of them finished their food n headed towards the car.)
Nyonika:-Dhruv u sit with me at the front seat n Manik,Nandini n Cabir u guyz sit at the back seat 
Manik:-Fine we'll sit at the back seat.
Dhruv:-Yaa I too have no problem.
(Soon all five of them headed towards their destination that is S.P.A.C.E with the car.After about 25minutes they reached the college.All of a sudden hustle bustle started there among the people)
Person1:-Who r they?
Girl:-Its The Nyonika Malhotra.
Person2:-Who r along with her?
Girl:-The one who is sitting at the Front seat is Dhruv Manik's best friend n at the back seat Manik's best friend cum girlfriend Nandini Moorty,Manik's best friend Cabir Dhawan n  last but not the least Manik himself.
Person3:-Now who is this Manik?
Girl:-He is Nyonika Malhotra's son.
(Nyonika ,Dhruv,Cabir n Manan came out of the car.All have them had their most stylish fast track googles.Manik was wearing his brown lofers n blue T-shirt,Nandini was wearing white off shoulder top n denim shorts,Cabir was wearing a simple denim jeans n red colured T-shirt,Dhruv was wearing a black T-shirt n torned denim jeams n Nyonika was wearing a flourel jumpsuit .)
Person3:-Omg Nandini looks so hot.
Girl:-Don't even dare to think like that otherwise next time it will be ur death.
Girl:-Cauze he's damm possesive about her.
Person3:-Do u like Manik too...
Girl:-No no not at all,I mean he is a very good guy but I don't have any soft corner for him.
Person2:-Then whom?
Girl:-Dhruv ,I have great crush on him since my childhood.
Person1:-That means u know them personally 
Nandini:-Hey Alya how r u?
Alya:-Hey Nans m fine what about u.
Nandini:-M absolutely fine .
Alya:-By the way meet them they r my newly found friends Nil,Abjay n Manjeet.
Nandini:-Nice meeting u people.
Cabir:-Hey Alya.
Manik:-Long time Alya.
Alya:-Hey whats up all fine.
Alya:-By the way wheres Dhruv.
Cabir:-Ahaaa someone is missing Dhruv.
Manik:-Don't worry I'll call him.Buddy...
Dhruv:-Haa buddy 
Manik:-Come see Alya is here.
Dhruv:-Abhi aaya...
Alya:-Hie Dhruv.
Dhruv:-H. ...iee Alya how r u 
Alya:-M fine.
Dhruv:-Main bass abhi aaya.
Manik:-Buddy listen.
Nandini:-Alya don't worry yeh idiot apni feeling jaldi hee confess karega sooner or later.Tumhe toh pata hee hai naa how much shy he is?
Alya:-Hope so.
Manik:-For now hamein classes ke liye chalna chahiye.
Nandini:-Oye bandarr chal classes ke liye.
Cabir:-Kya yaar Nans thori der aur sone deti tujhe acche se pata hai naa I hate such boring classes.
Nandini:-Tu chal raha ya ek chpper lagaaun tujhe.
Cabir:-Accha accha utth raha hoon .
Manik:-Nans tu isse aise hee utthaya kar tabhi yeh sudhrega.
Cabir:-Accha toh thori der pehle Nans seh daant kon sun raha tha.
Nandini:-Guyz enough of ur chatting now please lets leave for the classes.

Phewww finally second part update kar diya guyz now its up to u how u take it.
Sandhirrocks akka Diksha.

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Awsm update
Continue soon
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loved it 
next part soon 
Sandhirrocks Senior Member

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Part 3:-
Manik :- Shhh... chup kar Cabir marwayga...
Nandini :- Cabir n Manik chalo I said... n Dhruv what ur doing there chalo we r getting late. 
Dhruv :- Ok chal Nans...
Manbir :- Ya chal...
(All of them along with Alya n others went away for their first class . It was basically a class in which theoritical knowledge about Music )
Professor :-Good Morning students...
All:-Morning Professor. 
Professor :-Take ur seats everyone. So I'll not take much of ur time n I'll introduce myself to all of you; I'm Professor Bakshi ur new teacher for  Musical theories. I know u guys must not be liking those boring musical lectures so to keep sticked to music I'll teach u playfully. 
Nandini :- Professor u mean to say without even seeing also we can learn it. 
Bakshee :-Yes ur right cause music is something which u need to feel it not learn. If u can feel music then only u'll be able to excell in that. So now I 'll ask u guys a question can u play any instrument while u'r blind folded? 
Cabir :- Sir but that's impossible. ...
Bakshee :-No it isn't dear ... Nandini what do you think? 
Nandini :- It's possible Sir cause as now only said we need to feel the music. 
Bakshee :- N u Mr. Manik Malhotra...
Manik :- Yes we can cause music is bond of any obstacles .
Bakshee :- M very impressed from both of u. 
Manan :-Thanks Professor Bakshi. 
(In a hurry someone knocked on the door)
Girl :-May I come in Sir...
Bakshee :-Is this the time to come...
Girl :-M sorry Professor but my flight was 2 hrs late n I directly came from there only...
Bakshi :- Fine take ur seat fast Miss...
Cabir :- Navya Naveli Sir. 
Bakshi :-  Miss Navya take ur seats. 
(Navya took the sat between Cabini)
Navya :-  (whisper)Hey guys.
All 4:- Hie...
(Professor again started the class n all got engrossed in it as the class was very intresting n soon after good 1 hr the class got over all headed towards the canteen for some fun)
Manik :- So "The Navya Naveli" is back haa .
Navya :- Yes indeed I'm  but anyways chuk that n tell me what kind of fun u guys were having today in the morning. 
Manik :- Kisne bataya...
Nandini :- Aur kon Manik it must be Cabir. 
Cabir :- Navya yeh tune kya kiya abb yeh dono mujhe kaccha chala jaenge.
Navya :- Let them. 
Cabir :- Navya tu aise kaise kar sakte ho. 
Dhruv :- Jaisa karega na waisa hee fal milega balak.
Alya :- Guys u all carry on I have to report too the administration office for some paperwork.
Manik :- Yeh sure...
(Rest of the lectures for the day was cancelled so they headed towards Nandini's place)
Nandini :- Hmm... God mom is making sambhar n dosa... yeah...
Cabir :- Oye madam pehle main khaunga...
Nandini :- No pehle main lungi...
Manik :- Mom mujhe pehle dengi I know that. 
Navya :- Tum sab ko pata na but Naima mom will only give me dosa n sambar first. 
Nandini :- No me...
Manik :- No me...
Cabir :- No me...
Navya :- No me..
Dhruv :-  Shut up tum me se kisi ko pehle nahi milegi mujhe milega.
(Naima came with sambhal n dosa along with the servant )
Naima :- Kya baat aaj meri iss dish ki wajah se world war -3 kyon ho rahi hai...
Nandini :- Mom jaldi dona aap bahot bookh lagi...
 see the rats r playing hide n seek in ur babies chotta sa tummy. 
Naima :-Aww my princess..
Manik :- U r so cute Nans. 
Nandini :- Manik stop it na (blushing )
Cabir :- Nans easy otherwise tera face pura red ho jaega. 
Nandini :- ( blushing ) Shut up Cabir...
( Manik was just adoring her cute antics. Soon Naima started serving sambhar n dosa to everyone. )
Naima :- By the way where's Alya she told me she would come. 
Alya :- M here aunty...
Naima :- Sit beta I'll serve. 
Alya :-  Sure aunty... but u too have to eat with me.
Naima :- Ofcourse...
(All started eating their food but our Manan n Cavya were stairing at each other. )
Manik :- Mom this was very tasty thanx once again. 
Naima :- Mom bhi bolta hai aur thanx bhi. 
Manik :- Ok aage se bikul nahi hoga Nandini promise. 
Nandini :- Mom aapne toh apni beti ko hee side kar diya not fare hmh. 

Precap :-  Soha Khurana trying to come close to Nandini's Manik. 

So guys this is the next part of my work.  I know m very late... almost it's been 4 months but still m sorry  for that. Hope u guys spare me...

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Waghalekar Senior Member

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I read all your parts awesome con soon
jainishah061997 Groupbie

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superb update ...PLSSS UPDATE REGULARLY from now on wards Smile
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Part 4:- (Spoilers)
 Nandini:- By the way mom where's dad...
Naima:- Your daddy dearest is busy in hospital today as he had important surgeries .
Nandini:- Oh like that...
(Soon they were done with the food so everyone settled on couches n sofas. Nandini settled herself in Manik's lap beside Naima)
Naima:- How was your first day in S.P.A.C.E. guys ?????????
Cabira:- So boring aunty...
Manan:- (glaring) Cabir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dhruv:- Aunty just chuck Cabir he's like that only isse toh Navya ke alawa koi aur cheez intresting lag sakti hai bhala but anyways today's musical theory class was the best part of the day.
Alya:- So true...
Nandini:- Ya mom u know Professor Bakshi he's such a gem.
Manik:- Seriously I also take bow man... he's something u know.
Naima:- So except your great Cabira all of u liked the Professor hmmm.
Alya:- N u know what was the funniest part of the day!!!!!!!!
Naima:- Tell me m waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alya:- When Cabira's dearest Navya enterd in the class that too very late n Professor Bakshi was really very annoyed with the disturbance but but she was saved from the punishment as she had a proper reason.
(Cabir ,Dhruv n Manan hit there forheads while Naima Mooorty was about to burst)
Manan:- (scared) Marr gaye...
Naima:-(angry) She is Mumbai n guys never bothered to inform me
(Suddenly Navya entered , directly went towards Naima n hugged Naima)
Navya :- Awww Bari maa gust just chuk off ur anger naa kyu bicharon pe gussa uttar rahe ho aap maine hee inhe mana kiya tha apko mere bare mein kuch bhi batane se cause I wanted to surprise u

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