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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 44)

trisha19 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 September 2015 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Awesome Update!! Loved it...

SalmanShahidSm Goldie

Joined: 23 June 2014
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Posted: 03 October 2015 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome update!!
SwaRon convo emotional
Well written Clap
Avantika Angry
prajana Senior Member

Joined: 08 July 2014
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Posted: 04 October 2015 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Hey..awsome update
Especially swaron convo on their parents
So their friends have decided to spy on avantika
hope they find some solid proof
Update soonSmile

sanchiswaron Goldie

Joined: 26 April 2013
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Posted: 04 October 2015 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Loved the updates 
I like Swayam-Sharon of your story
Keep writing 

Update soon

Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2015 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 July 2012
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Posted: 09 October 2015 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 15 October 2015 at 10:14am | IP Logged
                                                SwaRon FF: 
     Healing of the hurt souls
                                                             Chapter twenty

"Swayam.." Simmi's worried voice jerked him out of sleep. "Yaa??" "Kaka ka phone aaya tha.. Sharon has not reached home yet.. Uska phone bhi switch off aaraha hai.." Simmi blurted out, scared. "What do you mean she has not reached home??" Swayam asked, eyes wide with concern. "Pata nahi.. I'm at her house.. Kaka bhi Bohot worried hain.. And Maine har possible contact try kar liya hai.. She is literally no where.." Simmi added. "Ok.. I'm coming there.. We'll go to the police.." Swayam said, grabbing his car keys. Millions of thoughts crossed his mind. "Where was Sharon??" The question clear and scary in his brain. It was already eleven in night, therefore the road was mostly clear of traffic. He increased the car's speed to maximum and in no time reached Sharon's home. There, Simmi was already waiting for him at the gate. She climbed into the car and jerked her phone murmuring a curse. 

"So you mean that Sharon Rai Prakash is missing??" The police officer asked Simmi and Swayam, eyeing Swayam suspiciously. "Did we speak in Chinese?.." Swaym said sarcastically. Simmi immediately nudged Swayam in his arms and he shut up. "Yes sir.. I think we had reported an attempt in robbery few days back as well.." Simmi said politely, trying her best to maintain her clam. "Exactly how many days back?.." The police officer asked. "Six.." Swayam gritted his teeth and replied. "I see.. We cannot start any official investigation until twenty four hours has passed.. Maybe she will return within then.. Hope for the best.." The police officer replied nonchalantly. "Are you insane??" Swayam suddenly asked, his eyes sparked with frustration and anger. "Excuse me??" The officer asked, taken aback. "I asked, are you insane?? Here some one is missing.. There is an attempted robbery in her house few days back.. She goes in a tour and gets attacked.. And Look at you.. Saying us to "Hope For The Best".." Swayam said, suddenly raising his voice, his knuckles white. "Swayam.." Simmi pulled him by the arms, urging him to keep clam. She knew, if Swayam would burst out, then there was going to be loads of huge problems lining up, one of the major one being, Swayam's sudden negative highlight into the media. "By the way.. May I ask what relation do you have with Sharon Rai Prakash?? I mean.. Itna care toh yaa Bhai karega.. Ya..." The officer taunted Swayam, making the situation all worser, caring less about the fuming Swayam standing in front of him. "THAT.. Is non of your concern.. You better do what you are meant to do...I want Sharon back all safe within two hours in her house.. Or.. I swear I'll make you forget your job.. And.. You know who I am.. Don't you?? And you also know who Sharon Rai Prakash is.. So if you are willing to be this nonchalant, then surely you should prepare yourself for the consequences.." Swayam poked his fingers in the officers chest, giving him one last cold glare and stormed out from there, Simmi following close behind.

"Smmi.. I don't think Hume police pe completely relay karna chahiye.. I mean.. Tumne dekhna na??" Swayam asked, getting into the car, taking a long breath, trying to clam himself down. "But where should we start from??" Simmi asked, raising her hand in frustration. "I saw her last in college.. Woh keh rahi thi that she had to complete a presentation.. What about you??" Swayam asked, trying his best to recollect things. "I too saw her in the college.." Simmi replied. "Then let's check out there.." Swayam said and started the car. "Umm.. Swayam.. I think we need to climb this wall.. Gate pe guard hai.." Simmi said and tried climbing the lower part of the wall. "Ok.." Swayam replied and with all force pushed himself up the wall and jumped into the damp grass of the football court. "Let's start from inside.." Swayam said and moved forward, cautious not to make his and Simmi's presence visible, incase someone was still about. Once inside the main hall, both Simmi and Swayam heaved sigh of relief, sure that no stranger was there. "Simmi.. You go check the rehearsal hall, canteen and the abandoned corridor.. I'll check out the classrooms.." Swayam said and moved swiftly towards the classrooms. "Shar.." He softly called out her name, but loud enough for any one near around to hear. After looking into nearly ten classrooms and calling out Sharon's name for nearly fifty times, Swayam was finally about to give up when he heard a loud crash from a far dark corner. "Simmi.. Is that you.." Swayam rushed towards it, his heart thudding in his chest. "" He muttered as he saw the sight there. There was Sharon, looking perfectly fine, except for the fact that her hands were tied and her mouth taped. In between them lay Sharon's broken phone which successfully had grabbed Swayam's attention. He immediately ran towards Sharon, and untapped her mouth and untied the rope. Without saying a single word and letting Sharon to speak anything, he gathered Sharon in his arms and cuddled her into a loving embrace. "What happened??" After two minutes, Swayam finally broke off the silence. "I..I.. Don't know.. I was working in the projector And then suddenly I started feeling dizzy.. And there was complete blackout.. Then.. All I remember is waking up here li.. Like this.." Sharon whispered into Swayam's chest. "Shar.. Come on.. You should be careful.. Itna kuch ho raha hai.. You should have been cautious.. We had talked about it right?? Anything is possible Sharon.. You don't know me, Simmi and kaka were so worried.. Tumhe apna khayaal khud bhi rakhna chahiye tha??" Swayam said,out of concern, but due to all the bottled up frustration, concern and worry coming out, sounded rude. "Rakh Sakti hu.. Maine nahi kaha tha yaha aise aane ko thik hai.. And mujhe bhi koi maza nahi aata tum sab ko tension de kar.. Nahi aate na.. Toh bhi chalta.. Kal subha koi na koi aakar mujhe dekh hi leta na.. Mere liye taklef kyun liya??.." Sharon suddenly jerked away from Swayam, hurt at his sudden behavior. "Sharon.. I did not mean it that way okay..  And tumhare liye kuch bhi karna is not a problem for me.. I was just saying you to take care of yourself a bit properly.. Like you know be a bit responsible towards yourself.." Swayam replied, unintentionally rude. "Ok.. So you mean I am not self responsible.. Swayam... Before you came.. I was surviving on my own okay??" Sharon too replied, again, unintentionally rude. Now it was Swayam who got hurt. "You mean.. I changed you for bad?.." He whispered, giving a cold stare to Sharon. Sharon was dumbfounded. She did not mean whatever she had said that particular moment. She wanted to apologize, but again, Swayam's question had left her speechless. "Guys.. Pagal ho kya tum dono.. Yaha argue kar rahe ho.. And mein waha Sharon ko idiot ki tarah dhund rahi thi.." Simmi made a face and came to the corner where Sharon and Swayam were standing. "Chalo.. It's getting late.." Swayam gave a hard stare to Sharon and walked briskly towards the exit. After getting into the car, Simmi intensionally sat at the back seat, urging Sharon to sit at the front. Sharon was too tired to revert, she quietly went and sulked beside Swayam, closing her eyes. This guy surely had some nerves, sending Sharon Rai Prakash to an awful guilt trip. "Why did I have to open my mouth.." She gritted her Teeth and murmured, still closing her eyes, letting the tiredness take over her. Halfway through, Sharon's soft breathing could be heard amidst the silence. "Umm.. Simmi you call kaka and inform him that Sharon is going to your home today.. It may not be safe in her home.. Isko toh gussa ke alawa kuch nahi aata.. And you know how much of a deep sleeper is she.. Koi aakar uthakar le jaye., toh bhi pata nahi Chalega isko.." Swayam said, his tone frim, but full of love and concern. "Umm.. Swayam.. Actually mera ghar full hai.. Mom, dad, Bhai and some uncles and aunties are here for a cousin's wedding.." Simmi informed in a guilty tone. "Then I'll take her with me.." Swayam replied. He, Somewhere down the line, knew he should not have asked that question to Sharon, but anyways, to cut the argument, it was the need of the moment. Though Swayam was still hurt at what Sharon had said, he knew it was not intensional. And anyways, He could never ever stop loving Sharon or caring about her, could he?? He was helpless in this matter, and Swayam, unlike the Swayam he was, who could not handle his own temper, was ready to handle this special helplessness throughout his life. 

"It's useless to even try and wake her up.." Swayam made a face, slowly got out of his car and opened the main door of his home. Then, Opening the passenger's seat door, he slowly pulled Sharon in his arms and kicked closed the cars door and carried her inside and once again, kicked close his home's door. He slowly and carefully carried Sharon in the darkness towards his room. He could adjust in the guest room. Swayam knew Sharon loved his room and also knew she would be more comfortable there. He slowly lay Sharon in his bed and took off her shoes. He slowly pulled the duvet up and tugged Sharon. He stood there for a moment, looking at Sharon's face, so pure and innocent. "How could someone be angry on her?.." Swayam looked at her softly pouted lips and smiled. "You have made me crazy too.. You crazy girl.." He smiled softly and gently kissed Sharon's forehead, wishing her a silent goodnight.

"By the way.. Did you bring me here??" Sharon asked Swayam, again her legs dangling from the kitchen slab, biting an apple. "Nahi.. Aladdin ke flying carpet ne tumhe yaha drop kiya tha.." Swayam replied sarcastically. "Oh come on.. You know I did not mean those words.. And mein gusse mein khud ko toh itna stupid cheez kehti hu.. Tum toh mere liye khud se bhi jyada important ho.." Sharon smiled sweetly and dropped down from the slab, following Swayam to the dining. "Yaa..ya.. Yeh cheesy line mujhpe try karne ka na soch na bhi maat.." Swayam somehow hid his smile and maintained a straight face. "Ok.. Nahi karungi.. Anyways.. It's so not me.." Sharon flashed her diva attitude and sat down on the table. She was going nowhere without making Swayam accept her apology infront of her. Behind, she knew Swayam too well not to know that he had already accepted it. "It's so not me.." Swayam imitated Sharon and concluded making a face. "Ok..ok.. Sorry.." Sharon made a puppy dog face and tried apologizing. "Yaar.. Tum itne early morning mujhse argue kar rahe ho?" She added with the and puppy dog face. "Ok.. Give me three reasons why I should accept this sorry.." Swayam folded his hands, sitting across Sharon and asked. "Umm..ok.. One.. Because I don't like to see you without that smile.. Two because.. I love you.. And.." Sharon trailed off stood up from her chair and went to Swayam. She slowly wrapped her hands around his necks. "And three??" Swayam asked, now no more able to control his smile. "And three because.. I know you love me too.." Sharon smiled and softly whispered into Swayam's ears. "Oh really??" Swayam too whispered, teasing Sharon. "Uh huh.. Trust me.. I know you a lot better than you know yourself.." Sharon smiled and whispered back, still hugging Swayam from his neck. "And I love you more than you love yourself.." Swayam whispered, smiling.

"Guys.. Look at this.." Nil and Vicky took out a phone and played a video. "Yeh kya hai??"Swayam asked and took the phone from his hands. There was no sound to be heard anywhere except in the video and after completing the two minute long video in complete silence, everyone started hi fiving and shouting in excitement. "Nil-Vicky.. Tum dono naa, such mein genius ho.." Simmi said, patting both of their back. The video, to be precise was  of Avantika, giving some money to the women who had visited Simmi few days back at the restaurant. "I swear.. I so wish I could go and punch her right now.." Kriya gritted her teeth and whispered. "The driver actually was really very helpful.. Seriously.. Usne ek rupee bhi nahi li humse... Woh Bechara khud Avantika se itna pareshaan hai. Basically he just wants to get rid of her. And haan, he said that he also has some photographs, which hopefully we can use as evidence. And usne bhi witness banne ke liye agree kar diya hai.." Nil announced happily. Everyone was elated. "So this was Avantika all the way. Awesome guys. Mystery solved." Taani chirpily added in. One look at Sharon and Swayam knew that she was finally tension free. The smile she had, made Swayam's heart skip a beat. Sharon too looked over at Swayam, and saw a happy and radiant smile on his face. But looking carefully, she noticed that the smile was not so happy and real as it should have been. There was something bothering him, but Sharon dismissed the thought thinking that she was overthinking.
But..Was she?

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vrushan_deeksha Senior Member

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Posted: 15 October 2015 at 10:47am | IP Logged
this is one of my favorite ff
just loved this update

hope u will continue soon

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