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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 42)

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Posted: 13 September 2015 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Awesome Chappy Clap
Swayams talk with his dad
taani teasing him ;)
Shar ke ghar ki wo halat Shocked

Thanxx for the pm:)
Update soon :)

gofi Groupbie

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Hey..amazing chapter
Loved swayam and his dad convo
They both miss each other soo much
And on the other hand there is this avantika
Hope swayam quickly finds some big evidence against her
Also loved the kitchen scene
Waiting to read more
Plz update pretty soonSmile
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Main hoon singh

Tu hai kaur
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Di saddi
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Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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                                                  SwaRon FF: 
      Healing of the hurt souls
                                                               Chapter nineteen

"K..kon hai??" Sharon whispered scared. She was in her room, reading a book. After all that had happened today, Sharon was extra careful about every slight sound and movement in her home. Kaka was in his quarter and Simmi, Swayam and Rey had already returned back. So basically Sharon was all alone in her home and now she could hear and feel slight movements outside her window. Sharon gulped and slowly looked over finding that the window was all open. "Damn.." Sharon muttered under her breath and gripped her hard cover book, prepared for anything. The next thing Sharon knew, suddenly someone fell into her room, jumping from the window. Sharon let out a slight scream and shut her eyes tightly. A nanosecond and Sharon could feel a warm hand covering her mouth. She still had no idea who was it, as her eyes were shut but Sharon felt a bit relieved after the person came near to her. "Shh.. It's me.." Sharon heard Swayam's soothing voice and jerked her eyes open. Instead of shouting or screaming at Swayam, this time she surprisingly hugged Swayam tight. Swayam felt his heart breaking. The reaction she gave that time was so not Sharon. Swayam knew after the palace incident, Sharon had grew more scared and cautious. He could feel the stiffness in Sharon's body and the tight grip of her hug. "Clam down.." Swayam whispered and caressed her back. After few seconds they both finally broke off and that was when Sharon managed to ask Swayam what was he doing in her room at the middle of the night. "Baat karne aaya tha.. We could not talk in the evening.." Swayam softly said, holding Sharon's hand. "Hmm.. Chalo uper terrace mein chalte hain.." Sharon said and slowly stood up. "Chalo.." Swayam too stood up and went behind Sharon.

"Sharon.." Swayam called out softly. "Hmm.." Sharon hummed in her response. There were many things going on in her head that time, too much to process. "I think I know who is behind all this.." Swayam whispered softly and cautiously. Sharon slowly looked into Swayam's eyes. "Look Shar.." He continued, holding her hand in his. "I want you to understand this.. Avantika does not like you.. Yeh tumhe bhi pata hai... All she wants from you is the properties. I mean.. bhi hua woh palace mein, abhi yaha pe.. Jay Wala incident.. It all cannot be co incidence right? Tumhare college se ghar aane se phele woh sab karna.. That has to be someone who knows all these basic things about you.. Dekho.. I think the mastermind behind all.. All these is Avantika.. She has a really bad reputation among the business people as well.. Of course, we all have seen her ways towards you.." Swayam said, slowly, emphasizing every words carefully and softly. "All I want is Sharon.. You to be safe and strong.. I mean.. Please thoda careful raho.. I don't know.. Tumhe yeh Avantika wali baat click hui ya nahi, but do think about it.. And please Shar.. Don't let anything, both emotionally and physically happen to yourself.." Swayam softly whispered, looking straight into Sharon's eyes. "Hmm.. I'll say you the truth Swayam.. Nahi.. Yeh Avantika wali baat mujhe ab tak nahi click nahi hua tha.. But now that you have mentioned it.. I think you are right.. I mean, she does hate me.. We don't go along well and she is furious on me.. And yes.. I will be careful.. Anyways, I have you with me.. I know nothing will go wrong.." Sharon said, softly, giving a light smile to Swayam. "You are scared aren't you?" Swayam suddenly asked squeezing Sharon's hand. "You are even more scared than me.." Sharon replied chuckling, trying to lighten the situation. "Well.. That I am.." Swayam grinned. Sharon slowly leaned her head on his shoulder. "Too much similar.."Swayam added, looking at the sky, silently praying. "Shar.. Ek baat puchun?" Swayam asked, softly. He knew the time had finally come to bring up the topic. "Yup.." Sharon replied, smiling. "Don't you miss your dad?" He asked, directly to the point. "Is it even a thing to ask??" Sharon asked softly, but sarcastically. "I mean..I was so close to him.. Shared each and every secret of mine with him.. Talked.. Played and sometimes even argued.. Everyday Swayam.. When ever I get into the car alone.. After going out with Simmi, returning home to see the empty armchair.. You can understand right?? That feeling.. The emptiness that eats you so much.." Sharon said, her tone soft and serene. "And.. What about you? Don't you miss your mom??" Sharon asked, without hesitating even for a second. "Hmm.. Yup.. I do.. She was the one who encouraged me to take up dancing.. Hiding from dad.. She taught me dance.. Hey.. By the way.. Did I ever mention.. Mom too used to dance.. She was fully trained in Bharatnatyam and contemporary.. But After marrying, she was so caught up in all the works and socializing that she kind of left it.. And when I was born, she told me once that I never actually walked.. She said that the moment I stood up I had the dancer's feel in me.." Both Sharon and Swayam chuckled at that point and he continued. "Well.. So it's no more a secret that the first form I learned was Bharatnatyam.. Yaa.. So basically, mom was my mentor, critics, best friend, teacher, everything. In simple words, she was my life.. And then.. One day.. She was all gone.. I mean., it was not like we didn't knew it earlier.. I knew sooner or later she was going to go.. The disease she had was slowly eating her from inside and yaa.. I was there with her all through the treatment process.. All the hospital visits... And stuffs like that.. Yet.. You know Sharon.. When she took her last breath.. It all banged into me like a concrete block.. One moment, I was there, holding her.. Her hand, consoling her that everything was going to be fine and the next moment, she was gone. Her hand went cold within seconds.. Mom had prepared me for that moment Shar.. Yet when it came, I failed her.. I broke down.." Swayam added, tears brimming in his eyes. It was the first time Swayam had talked about his mom to someone so openly after her death. "Hmm.. Atleast.. You were there with her during her last breathe.. I could not even see dad's face.. They said that it was all crushed.. No body even informed me which hospital was his.. His.. Bo..body in.. Avantika behaved as if she didn't care at all.. And Simmi.. Even she tried helping me so much.. But no.. Nothing happened. I could not even say good bye to him.. It felt so bad Swayam.. So so so bad.. They even did not let me attend his funeral..After nearly one month or so.. A police officer came to my house and gave me a small briefcase.. No doubt it was dad's.. That was the only thing that had survived from the crash.. Don't know how.. Anyways, there were some photos and many letters.. One of the picture was, I think of mom.. That was when I realized that the case was meant to be my birthday gift.. I have till now read only one of the letter.. Mom always knew she would not survive.. Yet she took the chance Swayam.. She had mentioned everything in the letter.. She had even already thought of my name.. She always knew it was a girl.. She had wanted my name to be Sharon.. Even dad knew that mom was about to go.. That's why he kept my name to moms consent.. Yet he never ever let even a slight doubt creep inside me.. I know now that he did not want me to feel guilty.. There are a few letter Swayam.. Addressed to different people whom mom was certain would one day come in my life.. I am strictly not to read any of them.. But I am to give it to them, whom I think deserves each letter the best... And yup.. Dad.. You know.. I feel he is always with me. Whenever I close my eyes, and call him.. I know he does listen.. Maybe not appear out of no where and fulfill my wish.. But I know he is always there to push me up when I'm about to fall.. Or send someone like you in my life to bring back what and whom he had left behind and went.." Sharon said, silent tears flowing shamelessly from her eyes. "Hey.. Shh.." Swayam slowly engulfed Sharon into a hug and hushed her. "We both are too much of a mess.. Aren't we??" Sharon suddenly asked, still in Swayam's arms, giving a light smile. "Well.. That we surely are.." Swayam smiled and replied, his eyes too having traces of tears. "Aww.. Look at you.. You too are crying.." Sharon made a face, tears still rolling down her eyes, but smiling. "Look who's speaking.." Swayam frowned, wiping Sharon's tears. "Arre.. I am a girl.. Anyways.. Rona toh birthright hai mera.." Sharon chuckled. "Yaa ya.. Sirf mere samne na? Khud toh roti ho.. Saath mein mujhe bhi rulati ho.." Swayam said, faking a frown. "Arre.. It's not like that.. You are special.. Sirf tumhare and yaa.. Simmi ke samne hi Rona accha lagta hai.." Sharon smiled and replied sheepishly. "Hmm.. Chalo.. I'll leave now.. Kal college hai.. And uske baad shooting bhi hai..and dad se milna bhi hai.." Swayam added, making a face. He had already narrated Sharon about his visit to his dad. "Hmm.. Kitna busy ho tum.. Seriously.. And ya you too take care ok.. Goodnight.." Sharon replied, pecked Swayam's cheek and ran away. It took some time for Swayam to resister, but slowly he smiled, locked terrace's door and ran down to the main door, then realized that it was key locked. "Hey Bhagwan.." Swayam murmured and ran to Sharon's room door, he slowly knocked and called Sharon. "Shar.. Open the door.." but did not get any response, and that was when an idea click in his mind. "Arre.. Sharon.." Just as he was about to enter her room the door slowly creaked open and there stood Sharon, hand on her hips. "Are you angry on me??" Swayam asked, wide eyes. Sharon did not reply anything, instead kept on shooting draggers to Swayam. "Shar??" Swayam slowly moved towards Sharon, scared. Suddenly, Sharon burst out laughing. Swayam looked bewildered. "Hey.. I was joking.." Sharon waved her hands in front of his eyes. "The door is locked.." Swayam replied in a straight tone. "Are.. Come on.." Sharon Replied, sensing that Swayam was annoyed. Swayam did not say anything, instead walked over to the main door, Sharon following close behind. "Hey.. Swayam..." Sharon pulled him by his arms, and next thing she felt was Swayam's warm lips on her cheeks. "Now.. That was my payback.." Swayam whispered huskily, smirking. He pecked her other cheek as well. "And.. That's with interest.." He whispered, his tone and smirk unchanged. 

"Swayam.. I found out something.." Rishi Shekhawat called Swayam, his tone urgent. "Haan.. Boliye.." Swayam urged him to continue. Swayam was then in the building of Shekhawat industries, a name so familiar yet so strange to him. He was in Rishi's cabin, talking. Never had Swayam thought he would enter that building, let alone the cabin and never had Rishi thought it would happen in front of him. "Umm.. Actually Swayam.. Avantika is funding a small group of gangsters. I know this may sound weird, but I had some of my people look into her profile.. And yup.. I think Your and Simmi's doubt is right.. She is behind all that is happening with you people, most probably." Rishi continued, his tone worried. "You mean secret agents.. You hired them??" Swayam chuckled, even amidst all the worries that was clouding within him. "Yaa.. Something like that.. Anyways.. Seriously Swayam.. This is dangerous.. I know I have long lost this right.. But careful rehna please.. And yup.. I'll try helping you people as much as I can.." Rishi added, in a worried tone. Just as Swayam was about to say something, his phone rang. Swayam excused himself and went to the corner, where Rishi, unintentionally though could hear Swayam's side of conversation. "Umm.. Swayam.. It's me Simmi.." Simmi added, her tone concerned. "Hey.. Sab thik hai na.. Kya hua??" Swayam asked, scared. "Ya..yaa.. Everything is fine.. Just that things are getting pretty weird.." Simmi replied. "Kya hua?" Swayam asked, directly to the point. "We were in this coffee shop.. The one beside the college.. And suddenly Sharon got a call.. She went to pick it up and a women came to our table.. And warned me to stay out of all these.. And not to say anything about her to Sharon.." Simmi said, worried. "Stay out of what? And who was she?" Swayam asked, confused as well as worried. "I know nothing Swayam.." Simmi muttered helplessly. "Hey.. Wait a second.. Where is Sharon??" Swayam suddenly asked, remembering the woman's warning. "She is still outside., I can see her.. I immediately called you.." Simmi replied worried. "Waise tum kaha ho?" She added. "Umm.. I'm with dad.. Kuch info mile hain.. I'll talk to you later ok.. And yaa,, Sharon aur tum.. Dono please stay cautious.. Ok?" Swayam asked, as well as pleaded. "Yup,, don't worry.. We both are together.." Simmi said and hung up. Seeing Swayam keep his phone down, Rishi decided to finally intervene. "Kya hua Swayam??" He asked and Swayam narrated whatever he had heard. "I think you people should report it to the police.." Rishi suggested, but Swayam cut off. "We did.. They said they will "Look On It."" Swayam said, air quoting angrily. "And anyways.. We don't have a solid evidence against Avantika as well.," he added, frustratedly, head in his palms. Rishi hesitated for a moment, but slowly raised his hands and patted Swayam's head. "You really love Sharon.. Don't you??" Rishi asked, in a soft caring tone. "You bet.." Swayam smiled lightly, raising his head. He was about to say something bitter, but at the right time had corrected himself. "I'm glad.." Rishi whispered, more to himself. 

"Guys.. I'm afraid Our doubt was right.." Swayam entered Simmi's house, where Sharon and everyone had decided to meet. "Kya doubt??" Vicky asked, obviously confused. Swayam settled himself in the couch and Simmi narrated everything to the gang. The trio- Sharon, Simmi and Swayam had realized that, if they wanted to do something, they were too less. They needed some more people who could help them and who could be more better than the gang. Some of the cleverest, funniest and the most hard working people. Swayam had filled in the detail of his conversation with his dad to Simmi and Sharon already. "But oh my goodness guys.. So fun na.. Hum sab ab detective banenge.." Rinni clapped, where other all were worried. "Rinniii.." Simmi gritted her teeth and Rinni shut up. "Guys.. This actually is dangerous.. Yeh sab phele kyun nahi bataya??" Kriya asked, serious. "We thought to look through all this first.. Kind of be sure it was Avantika.." Sharon replied. "Hmm.. So now all the pieces are coming together.." Rey muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear. "Exactly.." Swayam and everyone agreed. "So.. What we Doing now??" Neha asked, like everyone, worried. "No idea.." Just as Sharon muttered, "Idea!!" Vicky and Nil shouted at once, startling everyone. "Avantika pe nazar rakhte hain.. Anyways.. Ab toh college inspections vi suru ho rahe hain., so Avantika ko college aana hi hoga.." Vicky started. "And that will make our job more easy.. Hum college mein pure time uspe nazar rakh sakte hain.. And after college..." Nil added and trailed off, grinning at Vicky. "After college what??" Taani asked, confused. "Unka driver hai na.. Ab itna legal kaam kar rahe hain toh thoda sa illegal kaam toh chalta hai.." Vicky once again trailed of, leaving everyone confused. "You mean.. Hum Avantika ke driver ko bribe types denge?" Aashi asked, getting the hint. "Yup.." Nil and Vicky grinned. "Sounds fair to me actually.." Swayam agreed with Nil and Vicky's plan. The other too agreed. "Guys.. But this may be troublesome later on.. I mean.. Mere liye., you all will get into trouble agar kisiko bhi ye sab pata chala toh.." Sharon suddenly spoke. "Dekho Sharon., we don't know how close friend do you consider us to be.. Lekin, for us you are as close as any other from this group.. And for us we don't care about the consequences, unless we are seperated... So don't worry.. Ek toh we won't be in any trouble.. If if we do.. We will not leave each other's side at any cost.." Nil replied, others too adding their points in between. Sharon softly smiled and murmured a small thank you. To break the silence and lighten the mood, Amar and Bharat suddenly started to clap. The gang looked over to them, surprised. "Wah.. Kya dialog maala hai.." Amar started. "Haan be.. Lagta hai isme na kisi woh.. Kya.. Phi..ol.." Bharat was about to say something but instead got stuck. "You meaning philosopher..." Neha added and everyone burst out laughing. 

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Great update..loved it..
Swaron terrece talk was awesome..beautifully written

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