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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 40)

prajana Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2015 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Simply awsomeHeart
Loved their confession
Especially when sharon says -"will you be my boyfriend?"
I liked the texting thing
Especially sharon's second text..
Very innovative Thumbs Up
Long or short..just update soonnSmile

gofi Groupbie

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Just read the whole ff and its soo awsome
Cant believe that i missed out this work before
I love swaron in your ff
And the confession part was just awsome!!
Really loved the message idea
"Somebdy stole my heart"--just loved itEmbarrassed
Plz update soonSmile
gsk4 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 September 2015 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Written so beautifully Adity. I love the way Sharon has declared her love. So cutely done. Waiting eagerly for more. Please do update fast.Thumbs Up
--lavanya-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2015 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Update na Adity ..pls ,,Smile
vrushan_deeksha Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2015 at 1:22am | IP Logged
plz update it soon plz
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 September 2015 at 9:43am | IP Logged
VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 10:11am | IP Logged
                                             SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt Souls
                                                           Chapter eighteen

"May I come in.." Rishi Shekhawat got the biggest shock of his life seeing his son at the door step of once their mansion, which now was only his. "Swayam.." He whispered and stood up, keeping his laptop down. "May I come in??" Swayam once again asked. "This is your house.." Rishi replied. "May I?" Swayam once again asked. "Yes?!?" Rishi said irritated by Swayam's attitude. Swayam finally went in and his eyes immediately fell on the huge family photo hung on the wall above him. He, his mother, father and kaka, all smiling and happy. Now,the only person Swayam had with him was kaka. He somehow managed to control the tears that blurred his vision for a split second. "So.. Youth icon huh??" Rishi asked, his tone unusually soft. As much as Rishi hated Swayam from outside, he loved him and was one of the proudest father from inside. Swayam's teary eyes were not gone unnoticed by Rishi. It was the first time Swayam had stepped in that house since Mrs. Shekhawat had passed away. The home where he was born. Where he grew up. Where he lived with his happy family, danced hiding from Rishi. So many memories were attached and Rishi could understand it properly. "Sit down.. I'll say the maid to bring some tea.." Rishi finally broke the silence. "I have not come here to have tea with you.." Swayam said, but nevertheless sat down. Rishi too sat down, right opposite Swayam. "So.. What brought you here??" Rishi asked trying to be as clam as possible. "Do you know Avantika Rai Prakash??" Swayam directly came to the point. "Why do you care??" Rishi replied curtly. "Do you??" Swayam once again asked, emphasizing his own question. "Umm.. I think so.. Gautam Rai Prakash's wife??" Rishi replied, trying his best not to break into an argument with Swayam. "Woh meri college ki principle hain.. Itna toh mujhe bhi pata hai.. Anything more??" Swayam asked again. "Phele batao why do you want information about her??" Rishi asked, in full on dad style. Without having much option, Swayam finally narrated what Simmi had said to him to his dad. "Hmm.. I knew it.." Rishi muttered under his breath. "What?" Swayam asked, giving a blank look to his dad. "No..nothing.. Swayam.. Look.. She was once our company's partner.. Abhi ke liye... I only know this much.. Mujhe kal tak ka time do.. I'll try to find about her as much as I can.. Ok??" Rishi asked, with the softest expression he had in years towards Swayam. "Ok.. But dad.. Please.. U don't know how important it is to me..." Swayam whispered, his look distant and tone soft. "Dad.." The word echoed in Rishi's ears. So many day since he had heard it so genuinely from Swayam. He looked at Swayam and suddenly realized how much he had missed him. Those long hair, soft chocolate brown eyes like his mother's, the faded jeans and the t-shirt. The boyish charm Swayam had was undeniable and Rishi, looking at it, smiled lightly. Well, he had not missed much of Swayam's growth had he? The look on Swayam's face that time was so vulnerable and soft that tears started brimming in Rishi's eyes. Swayam was the same Syawam whom he loved more than his life. His stupid, sensitive, responsible, dedicated, short tempered and the most adorable son. "I'll try my best Swayam..." Rishi whispered and wiped the tears that had formed. "Umm.. So I'll leave now.. I'll come here tomorrow.." Swayam said and stood up. He gave a quick glance to the house and his father and left from the place, content. Swayam felt himself sighing just as he got into his car. The trip to the house had brought many happy but equally painful memories back. Nothing had changed in that house since Swayam had left it. As much as Swayam had wanted to go roam in the house, he could not. He did not want to or maybe could not handle all those memories that would come flooding back. But well, he surely had noticed the change in his dad's behavior. Swayam had noticed how the once strong hands of his dad had now started to wrinkle. How he looked more old and soft. Syawam suddenly felt a little guilt creeping inside him and he remembered what Sharon had said to him once.  "You are selfish Swayam.. And it's high time you accept that.." Her words rung in his head. "Yes..I was and I still am selfish Sharon.. I finally have that strength to accept it.." He whispered to himself. "And I promise I will change.. For you Sharon.." He added and smiled lightly. "Thank you.." He sent a text to Sharon and drove off to his home for a new beginning, a brand new tomorrow. 

"Taani.. Sharon ko dekha hai kya??" Swayam asked as he entered his classroom. "Haan.. Yehi thi.. Pata nahi kaha chali gayi.." Taani smiled and replied. "Waise Swayam.." She slowly pulled his arms and smirked. They two were the only two who were there. "Kya??" Swayam asked, giving a nervous smile. "Bol diya usko??" Taani asked, the sweet smile never leaving her face. "K..Kya Bol diya??... Kisko??" Swayam asked, pretending innocent. "Arre.. Mein itni stupid nahi hu.. Sharon ki baat kar rahi hu.. Bata diya na usko.." Taani asked, mischievously and directly to the point. Swayam smiled sheepishly. And ushe bhi kehdiya??" She asked again. Syawam noded his head slightly, shyly. "Yes! Yes! Yes!.. Finally.. I'm so happy for u Swayam.. Like seriously.." Taani jumped and pulled Swayam into a friendly hug. "Huh.. Tum itni Khush kyun ho??" Swayam asked, surprised by Taani's sudden reaction. "Sirf Khush?? Main toh bohot Khush Hun.. Man kar raha hai Pure college ko treat du.." Taani said and chuckled lightly. "Kyun??" Simmi and Kriya asked entering the class. "Kyunki yeh pagal hai.." Swayam replied smiling, hitting Taani's head slowly. "Haan.. Maybe.. But iss baar yeh reason nahi hai.." Taani said excitedly. "Hua kya??" Kriya asked, curious. Simmi too was excited, but she had guessed a little what was coming. "Isne usko kehdiya... And usne bhi isko kehdiya.." Taani said, smiling hard. "Kisne kisko kya kaha??" Kriya asked, not able to understand what Taani had wanted to say. "Arre.. Tumhe Rinni ne kata hai hai kya??" Taani asked Kriya in a teasing tone. "Saach?!?.." Simmi asked, pulling Swayam into a bear hug. "OMG.." Kriya squealed, getting Taani's point. "Wow yaar.. Finally tum dono ko akal aagayi.." Kriya said, smiling. "Arre.. Rey.. Kya yaar tum bhi.." Sharon and Rey entered the classroom and everyone immediately started faking coughs to tease Sharon and Swayam. "Guys.. Please.." Sharon blushed whereas others left no stone unturned to tease them. Slowly, Sharon looked at Swayam in his eyes and everything went silent for both of them. Swayam could see the happiness in Sharon's eyes and he felt happy himself. Whereas, Sharon could feel the intensity Swayam's eyes held at that moment and felt thankful. Sharon and Swayam's reverie was broken by the sudden entering of the whole gang. None of them knew about Sharon and Swayam and those who knew i.e. Kriya Taani Simmi and Rey, chose to keep quiet and save Sharon and Swayam from the gangs college famous teasing..

"Swayam.. Can you please come over to my place??" Sharon's panicked voice made Swayam nervous. "Kya hua?" He asked. "Umm.. Yaha aao.. Khud samjhoge.." She said and before Swayam could ask anything more, Sharon hung up. Swayam, immediately, without wasting a second grabbed his car keys and took off to Sharon's home. "Shar.." Swayam entered Sharon's home and gasped. It was in a mess. The furnitures were all jumbled up, the showpieces were all over the floor and there was Sharon sitting on the sofa, her legs crossed. "Don't.. Yeh kuch bhi nahi hai.." Sharon interrupted Swayam just as he was about to speak. She slowly got down from the sofa and pulled Swayam with her towards the kitchen and other parts of the house. There, in the kitchen, kaka was cleaning up all fallen vegetables and spices. On the sink, there were all shards of glass and china dishes. Next was Sharon's study room. There was paper all over, pens on the floor and ink splattered on the table. Sharon's bedroom was the biggest of all messes. There were clothes all over the floor, perfume bottles, lotions and make ups sprawled on the floor, some broken. One of her two night lamps was broken whereas the other one was lying on the floor. And there were photos thrown almost everywhere. "Sharon.. What happened here?? It looks like a battle field..." Swayam finally spoke. "How am I supposed to know?? College se ghar aayi toh this was the condition here.." Sharon replied and once again sat on her bed cross legged. "Police ko phone kiya??" Swayam asked, concerned. "Haan.. They were here and asked if anything was missing.. I checked.. And informed them that everything was there, except few ofcourse in broken state and all of them misplaced.. They said that they will look up to it.." Sharon made a face and replied. "Maine Simmi aur Rey ko bhi bulaya hai.. Let's try to make this place.. Back to normal.. Kaka kitchen saaf kar lenge.. help me clean this place..." Sharon added. "Ok.. Lekin start kaha se Kare??" Swayam asked, frowning looking at the rooms condition. "Pata nahi.." Sharon too replied, frowning, raising her hands in exasperation. "Ok.. So.. You start picking up the clothes.. Main yeh sab photos uthata hu.." Swayam said and got down to work. Sharon too agreed and started picking up her clothes. Few minutes of silence and the next thing Sharon heard was burst of uncontrollable laughter. She turned back to see Swayam lying on the floor, laughing his stomach out. "Kya hai.. Aise waqt par bhi tumhe hasi aa rahi hai?.." Sharon glared at him. "I'm so sorry.. Haha.. Shar.. Bu..but... Just hehe..look at this pic.." Swayam said and held out one of Sharon's childhood photos. Indeed it was funny, Sharon too could not hold back her smile. "I was funny back then.." Sharon said, grinning. "No.. You were tooo cute.." Swayam stood up and pulled Sharon's cheek, smiling. "Kyun.. Abhi nahi hu??" Sharon asked, pouting. "Nah.. Abhi toh tum khubshoorat ho.." Swayam replied, grinning. "You are impossible.. Seriously.." Sharon smiled and got back to work. Swayam too got back to his job, but he noticed the emptiness in the photos. There were nearly hundred of them and each were of Sharon's childhood, but it had either kaka or Sharon's dad or Sharon alone. Swayam felt weird, suddenly seeing no mother in it. He slowly looked at Sharon, Sharon sensed his stare and turned, raising a brow. Swayam nodded his head in negative, gave a light smile to Sharon and continued his work.

"What the hell.." Rey and Simmi gasped as they entered the hall of Sharon's home. "Thank you.." Sharon muttered sarcastically. Her room was done and now both Sharon and Swayam had just started to arrange the hall. "Hua kya yaha pe??" Rey asked, eyes wide. "Guys help?.." Sharon asked, blankly. "Sharon.. Maine kitchen saaf kar diya hai.. Tum log ye sab saaf karo tab tak mein study room saaf kar deta hu.. Thik hai?.." Kaka asked Sharon, coming out of the kitchen. "Thik hai kaka.." Sharon replied warmly. "Oh come on.." Sharon murmured in frustration. "Kya hua??" Simmi asked concerned. "Yeh couch hil kyun nahi raha hai??" Sharon replied, kicking the poor couch. "Madam ji... Kabhi Kabhi na.. Sirf strength kaam nahi karta.. Dimag bhi use karna Padhta hai.." Swayam replied, chuckling and carried the couch from the other end, as there was a slight bump which was trapping the couch's leg. Rey and Simmi too chuckled. "By the way Sharon.. Hua kya yaha pe??" Rey asked curious. Simmi and Swayam gave a suspicious knowing look to each other. "Sach mein Rey.. Mujhe pata nahi.." Sharon replied collapsing into the couch frustratedly. "Don't worry.. Humne almost sab saaf kar diya hai.. It's ok.. Relax.." Simmi said, trying to clam Sharon down. "Chalo.. Kaka saaf kar rahe hai na.. I'll cook food for you all today.." Simmi suddenly said smiling, trying to lighten up Sharon's mood. "Chal.. Main bhi help karunga khana banane mein.." Swayam too said and stood up from where he was. Hearing it, poor Rey nearly got a heart attack. "You what?.." Rey asked Swayam, his tone completely shocked. "Shh.. Yeh iska secret hai.." Sharon chuckled and replied. 

"Swayam.. Tumhare dimag mein bhi wohi chal raha hai na jo mere dimag chal raha hai??" Simmi asked, mixing the flour and water. "Avantika.." Swayam replied, worry evidient in his tone. "Yup.. I think it's her.." Simmi too was worried. "Don't worry Simmi.. Maine dad se pucha hai.. He said he will try to gather informations about her.. Infact mujhe aaj Jana tha unke paas.. But yaha yeh sab hogaya.." Swayam added, in the same worried tone. It was really hard to describe what he was feeling that moment. He knew Sharon was scared as well as frustrated the way her house was messed up.. He knew she wanted to talk about it.. But she was trying to keep it in herself as much as she could. "Swayam.. Ho sake toh Sharon se baat ker Lena.. I know she wants to talk with you.." Simmi gave Swayam a empathetic look. "I will.." Swayam gave a reassuring smile to Simmi. "Guys... Kya ban raha hai??" Sharon's voice startled both Simmi and Swayam who were then working in complete silence. "Roti..Aur vegetable.." Swayam smiled warmly and replied, trying his best to hide his concern. "Hmm.. Main try karun kya? Yeh roti ko shape dena.." Sharon smiled childishly and went beside Simmi. "Thik hai.. Try it.." Simmi did a sample and gave the roller pin to Sharon. After two torn and one hexagon shaped roti, Sharon finally made a good circle roti and squealed like a child, jumping. "Shar.. Careful waha pani.." Just as Swayam was about to complete, *thud..* Sharon was on the floor, the wheat flour flying all over her like a puff of white smoke. Immediately, Simmi and Swayam, instead of helping Sharon get up burst out into fits of laughter. "What the hell.." Sharon made a face, irritated and angry. She tried getting up, but maybe her stars were in the wrong place, Sharon once again slipped, this time bringing a milk carton down with her. This time an additional laughter could be heard as Rey too entered the kitchen. "Argh!? Koi mujhe uthao.." Sharon gritted her teeth in frustration. After few minutes of continuous laughter and Sharon's angry glare, Swayam finally went forward and picked Sharon up in his arms. "Sukriya.." Sharon murmured sarcastically where as Rey and Simmi immediately started to fake coughs. "Aur aap logo ko honeitus laker du kya??" Sharon added, making a face. 

"Swayam.. Niche utaro mujhe.." Sharon hissed as Swayam slowly closed Sharon's room's door. "Kya kar rahe ho??" She once again glared at him. "Uh huh.. Nahi utarunga.." Swayam made a teasing face and whispered huskily. Sharon gulped hearing his tone. "Swayam.. Please.." Sharon made a puppy dog face and requested him. "No.." Swayam smirked. "Phele ek kiss.." He whispered in the same intense tone and forwarded his cheeks. "Oh come on.." Sharon pleaded but Swayam was in no mood to let go. "You know.. I don't mind holding you in my arms forever.. Except the fact that you smell a bit weird.." Swayam chuckled. "Oh really.. Even I don't mind being here in your arms forever then.." Sharon replied, deciding to play along with Swayam. Before Swayam could say anything more, Sharon softly yet swiftly pecked Swayam on his cheeks and smiled lightly. "Ab toh Chodo.. Please.." Sharon once again made her cute face and pleaded. No how could Swayam resist his Sharon's so cute expression. He finally made Sharon stand on her feet and let her hands go. "Waise Sharon.." Swayam was about to say something when Sharon kept her fingers firmly on Swayam's lips. "Shh.. Mujhe pata hai.. Even I want to talk with you.." Sharon said, completely reading Swayam's thought. "But pehle let me wash this flour off..." Sharon chuckled lightly and shut the washroom's door. Leaving a smirking Swayam behind. 

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vrushan_deeksha Senior Member

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finally updated
it was a good chapter...

and the last part was nice Tongue
this time update it soon

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