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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 38)

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Intzaar kr rhe hai hum

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Intahaaa ho gai
Intzaar ki
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Aai na
Kuchh khabar
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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                                                     SwaRon FF:
      Healing of the hurt Souls.
                                                            Chapter seventeen

"And it's time for one of the most awaited award of the night.. The youth icon 2015.. To present the award, I would like to invite on stage, Mr Siddharth Kotain.." The host announced. There were five people nominated and Swayam was one of them. While some of them glanced at each other nervously, a guy sat relaxed on his place, giving the charming half smile which had captured millions of heart. Undoubtedly he was our very own Swayam Shekhawat. "Every year, this certain award is given to those youths who have excelled in their field of entertainment and have succeeded to inspire others through their work and achievements.. This year, the award is even more important as the winner of this category was decided on the basis of public vote.. So.. Without further delay, the winner of "youth Icon 2015" is none other than.. The dancing sensation of our country, Mr. Swayam Shekhawat..." The crowd burst into applause as Swayam climbed onto the stage. He was confident having the same smile. He tried searching for Sharon through his eyes, but could not find her. Finally, after continuously scanning the crowd, Swayam finished his thank you speech and got down from the stage, somehow disheartened. He had wanted to see Sharon at that moment, her beautiful face, those glittering eyes. As much as he wanted to go and search for her, he could not because he had a performance on queue and the people present did not give him even time to breathe. 

"Swayam.. Help.. I'm in the older part of the auditorium.. Come here fast... Please.." Swayam read Sharon's message. It was three hours past end of the function and Swayam was still on the now empty venue, searching for Sharon. The last time Swayam saw her was when she silently confessed. She had not picked up her phone at all. He read the message and his heart sank. He was in the parking that time. He ran from where he was, scared, the past incidents running on his mind in a loop. 

                                        Thode bheege bheege se thode nam hai hum,
                                               Kal se soye voye bhi to kam hai hum.

It was dark all around, but Swayam somehow managed to make his way. Half way through he heard yet another ding which meant yet another message. He chose to ignore it and keep running. He reached the elevator and got in. Getting down from it, he realized it was the one for the newer side. "Damn.." He muttered and once again ran towards the older part of the auditorium. By the time he reached the entrance, Swayam was panting and kind of out of breathe. 

                                         Thode bheege bheege se thode nam hai hum,
                                               Kal se soye voye bhi to kam hai hum.

As he opened the auditorium's door, his heart was beating fast. He ran to the bottom of centre stage, but there was nothing except pitch darkness. As Swayam was about to take his phone out for the light, suddenly the lights on the stage went on and Swayam heard a voice, the same melodious voice which he was craving to listen that very moment. "And the award for best person in the world goes to Swayam Shekhawat.." Sharon said through the microphone chuckling. 

                                                         Dil ne kaisi harkat ki hai...

"Shar.." Swayam sighed, covering his face with his palms. "Ok.. Ok.. I know you are angry with me.. But before you say anything.. Just listen to me for a while..." Sharon said and got down on her knees.. "Okay.. So.. Here it is.. Phew.." She said nervously, yet smiling. Swayam collapsed on the front row chair, smiling helplessly at Sharon. His Sharon. The girl who had  taught him to love once again. The crazy, stubborn, mad yet one of the most beautiful and innocent girl he ver knew. "I love you.." Swayam whispered for Sharon but more to himself. And he knew he meant it.

                                                        Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
                                                       Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai
                                                       Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
                                                      Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai,

" kept your promise Swayam.. You made me fall for you.. In these recent days, even more than I already had.. All those moments spent with you were some of the best moments of my life..." Sharon said, smiling but the slight glitter of tears evident in her eyes. She had gathered a lot of courage to speak out what she was going to that very moment. She had took the chance and finally about to give Swayam one as well. She Inhaled heavily and continued.. "I love you Swayam.. Believe me..I love you more than anything in this entire universe.. I don't know if this sounds or looks too cheesy.. But.. I'm helplessly in love with you Mr. Superstar Shekhawat...I... I don't want to make this long, heavy.. With all those thank you and stuff.. You exactly know where you stand in my life.." She said, smiling admits tears. "...and no I'm not crying.." She said, wiping her tears. 

                                           Aankhein doobi doobi si surmayee madham,
                                             Jheelen paani paani hai bass tum aur hum,

"Ok.. Well.. I can see that you are in very need of your medicine.. But one last  question please..." Sharon asked, with the cutest expression possible. Swayam nodded, urging her to continue, smiling. "Will you be my boyfriend??" Sharon asked smiling nervously, still on her knees, her tone uncertain and beautiful. 

                                                             Baat badi hairat ki hai...
                                                         Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
                                                         Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai

 Swayam had started to cough a little but nothing more mattered to him than Sharon that particular moment. He looked at Sharon for a moment with a weird expression. Swayam could not fathom what was going on for a while. As reality struck him, Swayam jumped from his seat and directly ran up the stage, with such energy that it surprised Sharon. He pulled Sharon in his arms and held her for sometime. "Shar.. Shar... Shar.. Shar.. Of course I will.. I love you so much..." Swayam whispered and twirled her, silent tears of happiness making their way through his eyes.

                                                            Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
                                                           Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai

 Swayam buried his head in the crook of Sharon's neck and that was when he finally got that, yet another attack was on its way. The already breathless Swayam started coughing due to all the sudden excitement. Sharon, still in his arms, instead of running and searching his pump like before, slowly got on her toes, stared into Swayam's eyes for a moment with all the love she had and kissed him full on lips. Both of them could feel their heart thudding against each other. Though it took time for Swayam to resister, he was quite quick in responding. The kiss was soft, but the emotions that flowed with it, made it passionate and wild.

                                                      Khawab ke bhoj se, kapkapati hui,
                                                     Halke palkein teri yaad aata hai sab...

 All the wait, all the longing.. The memories they had captured.. Each and every time spent with each other.. The slow process of falling in love.. Everything felt complete at that particular moment..

                                                Tujhe gudgudana... satana yuhi sote hue,
                                            Gaal pe teepna... meechna bewajah besabab...

By the time Sharon and Swayam broke off, surprisingly Swayam's cough and struggle for breathing had stopped. Instead, he was panting softly like Sharon. "Well..well... Now this is what I am going to do if this damn thing comes between us again.." Sharon said leaning her forehead on Swayam's, referring to the asthma and the kiss. Swayam smiled softly, unsure if the happening was real or a beautiful dream. 

                                                              Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
                                                            Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai
                                                              Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai...

"I got scared.." Swayam said, once again holding Sharon's tight in his arms. "When I got your message, I thought something happened to you.." He whispered into her hair, kissing it lightly. But I had sent you an another message..." Sharon said, unsure of what must have happened. "I know.. But I have not checked it yet.. I was busy running..." Swayam said, lightly squeezing Sharon. "Well.. You should have checked it.." Sharon smiled and replied. Swayam slowly took out the phone with one hand, the other still holding Sharon. He opened his inbox, what he saw there made him grin. " Someone stole my heart away.." Was what was typed just below the help message. "And the thief is hugging me right now.." Sharon whispered into Swayam's chest giving a fake frown, yet smiling form her heart.

                                                            Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai...


Author's note

Ok Guys.. So I'm here with a update.. So soon.. ;P I could not help myself from posting it..  Hope you all liked it.. :) I know this chapter is short, but I wanted to incorporate only confession in this certain chapter. Adding something more would have taken the effect away... Hope you all understand.. And.. About the song.. It's 'Pheli Baar Mohabaat Ki Hai' from the movie Kaminey. To those of you who have not listened it, well, you guys should check it out.. Hope it was apt to the situation.. 

Please do give in your precious reviews..
Thank you all and loads and loads of love..
Adity :)

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res... again i didn't get the tiem to unres.. but i'll get back today only...
cholly adityEmbarrassed

sholly for being late...
n kaan pakarke sholly for not unresing the previous comments...Cry

this ff is beyond beautiful and i have said this so many times that i had lost counts...

the confession was brilliantly written.. i love this swayam and sharon in your story...

the best part about them is they are weirdly realistic characters...

hats off to you for sketching them and penning the story so brilliantly...


love ani di

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oh shit !

u updated before i could unres ! Embarrassed sholly ! 

yeh wala abhi karungi !


taking no more chances  i unres this right now LOL

what an awesome superb update ClapClapClap

You amaze me like anything !!

Such a beautifully written update Clap

I dont really care how long it is !  its just perfect ! and as u said yeah , the song is apt as well Thumbs Up

They confessed  ! yayyayy!  that  too in such a unique way ! Day Dreaming

i'm so happy Big smileBig smile  Dancing  Dancing

really i'm smiling ...the way you wrote the way  this chappy  unleashed before is just too brilliant ! ClapClap

Now i'll come often and read this piece !

Both swayam and sharon  of your ff are so unique !  And you justify the title every time ..Embarrassed

i loved these lines...Embarrassed

All the wait, all the longing.. The memories they had captured.. Each and every time spent with each other.. The slow process of falling in love.. Everything felt complete at that particular moment..

Day Dreaming

And in the end sharon's gonna kiss him if asthma comes in between LOL i also loved the msg part LOL Adorable  chappy it was !

Too good Adity ! Big smile

Love you for writing such a beautiful thing  Hug

And this time i already unresd i'm not afraid that u'll update before i unres Embarrassed

ignore the previous line that was stupid Tongue

Update Soonest !  Long or short  just UPDATE !!

Love ,
Lavi  di  Embarrassed

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I Love it!!!
Unpredictable it is :)
Very Well Written AdiThumbs Up

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