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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 35)

prajana Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2015 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Awsome updateEmbarrassed
The whole update was like a movie
Sharon sleeping part was funny
I am falling for this story really hard with each update
Looking forward to next part
Plz update soonSmile

SalmanShahidSm Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2015 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Superb Awesome
that stupid Angry swayam aa gaya tym pe
sharon sleeping LOL aur fir unka wo chota sa arguement LOL
loved it!
Shar uski hot body dekhe Embarrassed
Amazing writer u are

thnxx for the pm
update soon
--Ecstasy-- Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2015 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. 
Swayam was stabbed by Jay. But nothing much happened to him. 
Waiting for confession,  hope to get soon. 
Update soon. 

VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 1:33am | IP Logged
                                                     SwaRon FF: 
     Healing of the hurt souls
                                                              Chapter sixteen
"Shar.. Chalo.." Swayam said and pulled Sharon's hand. "Kaha?? I'm really tired.. Ghar Jana hai mujhe.." Sharon complained like a small kid. "Aur mere promise ka kya??" Swayam asked. "Mujhe kya pata??" Sharon frowned. "Arre... Chalo na.. Please.." Swayam made a puppy face and Sharon couldn't help smiling. "Ok.. So aisa karte hai.. You go home now.. And mein tumhe pickup karne aaunga.. Around seven.. Cool??" Swayam suggested. "Umm.. It's four now.. So..ok.. I'll be ready by seven.." Sharon replied said her bye to Swayam and left. She was the last one to leave his house. Simmi was waiting for Sharon outside. Swayam for the first time felt content with the silence that followed with everyone's departure. Apart from his injury, he felt peaceful and relaxed. Smiling to himself, Swayam went to his bed and dozed off thinking about her...

"Ding dong.." Sharon heard the bell ringing. Smiling, she went to open the door, but frowned as she saw a delivery boy standing infront. "Yeh aapke liye bheja hai.." He spoke and gave a box of chocolate to Sharon. "Thank you.." Sharon said and closed the door. Just as she passed her living room and headed for her bedroom, she heard a small thud in her bedroom. Ignoring it, Sharon sat on the couch and slowly closed her eyes. "I love you.. I love you Swayam Shekhawat.." She whispered to herself, confessing it in a soft and tender tone. Still closing her eyes, Sharon smiled to herself. She was waiting for that perfect moment now. She had no idea when it all started but she knew it had and believed it was for good. She let her fear hide inside her.. Or maybe it had just vanished. Her insecurities were all gone mysteriously, or maybe it was not at all a mystery anyways. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. This time, it had to be him. Smiling, Sharon opened the door and as expected, Swayam's soft and charming face greeted her. He was wearing a semi formal dress looking as handsome as possible. "You look beautiful/ handsome.." Both Sharon and Swayam whispered together and smiled. Sharon was wearing a simple black knee length one piece with a simple pendant. "Chale?" Swayam asked and forwarded his hands for Sharon to hold. "Yup.. Let's go.." Sharon locked the door and both of them got into the car. "Waise.. Where are we going??" Sharon asked, pretending innocent. "Surprise hai..." Swayam said and smiled. "Come on ok.. Itna toh mein humare dressup se bhi guess kar Sakti hu.." Sharon said, making a face. She thought they were going to a restaurant for dinner or some like that. "Hmm.. So.. Keep guessing.." Swayam smiled and replied. After nearly half and hour of drive, Swayam's car came to a stop. "Come on..." Swayam said, getting out of his seat and instantly going the other side for opening Sharon's door. "Huh?" Sharon was taken aback to see the empty road. "So tumhara guess wrong ho gaya??" Swayam smiled. Sharon  smiled back and got out of the car. Swayam slowly took her hand and closed her eyes with the other. "Slowly.." Swayam kept leading Sharon. After few minutes, he slowly left her eyes and Sharon gasped. There, below her was the whole city, shining like bright stars below them. "Oh my goodness..." Sharon whispered amazed by the beauty of the place. "I knew you would love it..." Swayam said and flashed one of his most enchanting smile. "I never knew this kind of place ever existed around here..." Sharon whispered enthralled. "Well.. I always came here.." Swayam said, the smile never leaving his face. She was born in the same city, grown up there, yet she had no idea about the beauty that lied around just half and hour from her home. Maybe it was some sort of highland Sharon thought. "I used to come here every time with my mom... Then.. After she was gone.. I came here alone.. I love this place you know.. The city looks so small and bright.. And the air has a different beauty here.." Swayam said in a tender tone, holding Sharon's hand. "This.. This place is so nice Swayam.. I could build a house and settle here.." Sharon said and chuckled at her own joke, Swayam smiled mysteriously. "What??" Sharon asked, smirking. "Nothing.." Swayam grinned. Before Sharon could realize what was happening, she felt herself being pulled towards Swayam. He delicately held Sharon by her waist and looked directly into her eyes. "Dance?..." Swayam asked, his face so close to Sharon that she could feel the warmth radiating from it. After not getting any response from Sharon for sometime, Swayam's smile slowly faded away into a hurt expression. He slowly made his grip on her waist loose. But just as he was about to leave her, "Itni jaldi give up kardiya??" Sharon softly whispered into Swayam's ear, snuggling herself closer to him. Swayam nodded his head in negative and gave a light smile. "Oh Sharon.. I love you so so so much.." Swayam spoke with such excitement that Sharon had to bit back her cheeks in order to not break the perfect moment. Sharon smiled, nothing more. Well, by that time, of course Swayam was not that big fool who would fail to notice that Sharon too loved him. He knew she was testing his patience and Swayam took it as an exam. He showed the patience he had all his life. Anyone who knew Swayam better, knew that whatever Swayam had may go away someday, but patience was probably one of his endless and the best quality. And well, Sharon too was well exposed to the fact and was well impressed. She knew for one thing that if Swayam had the most lasting patience, she lacked it like anything. Sharon was anything but patient. And she faced worst of it all that certain moment. With Swayam's confident yet deep pleading eyes watching out to every word in search of what it wanted to hear, Sharon wanted to scream at the top of her lungs how much she loved this guy holding her. More than Swayam, she was the one who was getting more impatient every passing minutes to say the things he wanted to hear. And Swayam knew Sharon well enough to notice this urge within her. Without any further words from anyone of them, Swayam softly moved with Sharon in some simple and soft steps. "You know what, it feels like I am dancing on the top of the world.." Sharon whispered excitedly, trying to divert her mind from the stupid idea of yelling I love you straight into Swayam's face and well, giving him a heart attack. "But he is really young ain't he to get an attack??" Sharon thought in the one part of her mind. "Shut up.." The other part hissed. "Well.. That's where you belong.. Top of the world..." Swayam's gentle voice brought Sharon back from her reverie. Sharon could not help but smile.  After few minutes of standing that way, finally Swayam and Sharon sat down on the partially damp grass, their back leaning against a tree, hands intertwined and Sharon's head leaning on Swayam's shoulder. She slowly looked up to his eyes and ever so softly pecked his cheeks. Swayam in return kissed Sharon's forehead and held her close. Their soft breath clear and distinct in the peaceful silence. The light beneath giving a beautified touch to their still unnamed relation. Indeed the best and the most peaceful day of both their lives...

"Hey Simmi.. What's up??" Swayam asked, smiling brightly catching up with his best friend. " All good.." She replied, giving him a warm smile. "Waise Swayam.. I need to tell you something.." She added seriously. "Hmm.. Batao.." Swayam said, confusion evident. "Not here.. Kahi saant jaga chalte hai.. It's important.." Simmi replied. Indeed, the college hall was full of students, chattering and mumbling. "Yaa.. I think that's better.." Swayam made a face and both Simmi and Swayam headed towards the projector room, which luckily was open and empty. Both sat side by side. "Hmm..bolo.." Swayam asked. "Swayam.. Jay remember??" Simmi asked him. "Yaa.. That jerk.." Swayam made a disgusted face and gave a slight glance to his bandaged arms. "I think he was sent there by Avantika.." Simmi whispered and Swayam gasped. "And why do you think that way??" Swayam asked, taken aback. "Listen.. I don't want Sharon to know this lekin Swayam, I have heard Avantika conspiring against Sharon many times. Though it has always failed and kisine abhi tak notice nahi kiya.. But Woh Jay Wala incident ke baad, mujhe pata hai she is the one. She is really bad Swayam.. Sach bol rahi hu mein.. And the worst part, she hates Sharon.." Simmi said, whispering as if she was planning a detective strategy. "Hmm.. I see.." Swayam mumbled under his breath. He knew one person who could give him all the informations he needed about Avantika. He knew she was bad but anyways, she was a business women as well.. And there were very less business people whom Rishi Shekhawat didn't knew about. "Who exactly is she?" Swayam asked Simmi first incase she knew more about Avantika. "Jaha tak mujhe pata hai.. She was a small firm owner before she married Gautam uncle. He had wanted someone to take care of Sharon and Avantika, maybe due to his wealth and well the name he had, agreed for the marriage.. Then.. For some years I believe everything was quite smooth.. And by quite, I mean quite..Gautam uncle knew the way Avantika treated Sharon and from how much you know Sharon, you must have probably guessed her reactions as well..  She was not like some Cinderella sitting at a corner and crying.. I must accept that Sharon was no less in making Avantika's life hell, but that woman deserved that.. Anyways,  due to all the fights in home, after some years, as far as I know, there were huge tiffs between Gautam uncle and Avantika as well. Uncle wanted to leave her but I don't know why he didn't.. And when he died, Avantika had her eyes on all the property but it was announced that Sharon had all the property inherited... Except the college.. And that's why Avantika has turned even more crazy now.. She is really outraged for that fact.." Simmi concluded, her look distant. "Ok.. So now you think, she wants to destroy Sharon and get the properties?" Swayam asked. "Exactly.." Simmi whispered, just as he was about to ask something more, someone entered through the door and sunk heavily into the seat beside Swayam. He turned to see Sharon sulking behind him, with an expression on her face which clearly declared that Sharon was trying hard not to break or throw something. "Hey.. What happened??" Swayam asked concerned. "That lady.. Our so called Principal.. I cannot handle her anymore... I Give Up.." Sharon groaned, raising her hands on the air and waving her hands. Simmi chuckled lightly. "Hey.. Oh no.. I remembered something.. Damn.." Swayam muttered. "Hey??" Sharon asked in a what the hell happened to you tone. "Swayam??" Simmi asked concerned, seeing Swayam be heaving like a typical teenage boy so suddenly. "Sharon.. You'll have to come with me tonight.." Swayam spoke urgently. "Why? Where??" Sharon asked, confusion clear in her tone. "Award function.." Swayam said and both Simmi's and Sharon's eyes popped out.. "What are you up to Swayam??" Both of them asked suspiciously. "Well.. I have an award ceremony to attend and perform tonight and I want Sharon to come with me.." Swayam smiled sheepishly at Simmi. "Dost.. Dost.. Na raha..." Simmi sang dramatically giving a fully fake hurt look to Swayam. "I'm the actor here baby..." Swayam said and Sharon gave a light laugh.  "Yaa.. Yaa.. That tends to slip out of my mind sometimes you know..." Simmi replied and sulked in the seat, she checked her phone, still fifteen minutes for the class to begin. "So.. Shar.. Please?? I really want you to be there.. Please.." Swayam got down on his knees and pleaded. "Should I click this picture and send it to the news paper publication?? I may get like damn highly paid..." Simmi asked, joking. She was not so amazed to see Swayam and Sharon so comfortable with each other. She did not leave the place though.. Simmi wanted to tease Sharon and Swayam.. She had always dreamt of these cute relationships for herself and both Swayam and Sharon. Like everyone, Simmi had probably never imagined Swayam and Sharon to be together before Swayam had joined the college. But, after he did, Simmi knew that it was Sharon-Swayam or no one at all. "Ok..ok..I'm coming.. What time??" Sharon finally agreed after the constant nagging of Swayam. "Get ready at eight.. I'll pick you up.." Swayam said. "No.. I'll come there myself.." Sharon suddenly spoke. "Why??" Swayam asked, amused. "I'll come by myself Swayam.." Sharon said in a that's final tone. It was not that Sharon was not invited to the function. Being the daughter of one of the most reputed businessman, Sharon was also a quite well known name in the industry. Her dad had always encouraged her to socialize and be with people. Even after the tables turned in Sharon's behavior, she was still known and well appreciated. "Ok.. As you wish.. Your wish is my command..." Swayam whispered slowly holding Sharon's hand. That was when Simmi finally decided to leave. "Ok..ok.. Guys.. I'm leaving... And yup.. My eyes are closed..." She chuckled and literally ran away from the projector room. Sharon just smiled lightly and realized that Swayam was still on his knee, flashing that smile which possessed the power of melting her heart every damn time..

The big auditorium was full of people. Glamorous and adorned with expensive dresses, jewels, made up faces. Medias were constantly running behind one or other individual. The fans who had made through the entrance early were either waiting for their favorite to come or was in queue for clicking photographs. The auditorium itself was beautifully decorated with bright lights, amazingly creative effects and the most beautiful stage. "Swayam.. Why are you inside the car??" One of his co-star came and asked him. Swayam was still inside the car in the parking. "The crowd is so much.. Isliye.." Swayam lied. "Hmm..ok.. All the best.." The guy said and left. It was not because of the crowd that Swayam was still inside the parking. He was waiting for Sharon. Though he did not know if she was there yet or not, Swayam decided to wait and see if her car arrived. He waited for fifteen more minutes and still seeing no trace of Sharon coming, he thought Sharon to have already reached before him. Swayam knew trying the phone was useless. There was so much noise, he probably couldn't even think of taking out his phone or making anyone other do so either. He took the elevator and straightly reached the main entrance. Immediately, he felt a whole bunch of people with heavy equipments running towards him. "How do they carry all these equipments and run like that" he thought. "Swayam.. How do you feel being nominated for five categories??" "How excited are you for your performance??" Swayam answered all the questions patiently. "We heard you got injured in a recent trip with your friends.. Is it true??" Now he was speechless. "Do you people hire spies?" He was about to ask the media team, but chose to shut up. Next thing he would know, these people would be asking him about his relation with Sharon Rai Prakash. "No I didn't..." Swayam answered calmly. "And what do want to say about joining St. Louis college.. Sharon Rai Parkah is here.. You two performed in the annual day together.. Are you two friends??" "Bingo.." Swayam thought. "I don't think there's any need to discuss my personal life here..." Swayam smiled forcefully. "Now.. Could you all please excuse me.." Swayam said in his gentlemanly fashion calming himself and pushed his way through. He had finally spotted Sharon. Like him, she too was surrounded by people. Though It took time for him to realize why, Swayam finally remembered who Sharon actually was. He smiled to himself. Gautam Rai Prakash though being from business industry, was really inclined towards entertainment and arts. Unlike Rishi Shekhawat, he had always been attending the function every year. And Swayam had never met him, but had noticed him and Sharon attending it from the past few years. Swayam stood at distance, looking at Sharon answering all the questions calmly and confidently. It was the first time Sharon had attended the ceremony without her father. Finally after nearly ten minutes, Sharon came out of the group. "Hey..." Sharon casually greeted Swayam. "Hi.." Swayam said, smiling at how good actors they both were. Sharon could bag really big roles if she tried, Swayam thought. "So.. You never said me about getting nominated for five categories.. Including the youth icon... All the best.." Sharon smiled professionally and Swayam thanked her being the most formal he could manage to be in front of Sharon. "Umm.. I guess it's time for the show to begin.." Swayam said, looking at his wrist watch and to the main entrance of the auditorium. Suddenly there was huge flock of fans running towards Swayam. He wanted to speak to Sharon but it was next to impossible. He greeted the fans and clicked photos with them. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him, Swayam made his way out of the last group of well wishers, who unfortunately were the most noisiest group of girls he had ever met. He went to a corner and tried searching Sharon. Suddenly he could feel a warm familiar fragrance around him. Swayam slowly felt someone kissing the back of his neck. Luckily, he was in some kind of isolated corner so no one could probably notice him and the person behind him as well. It was an entrance to the older part of the auditorium, which was now not in any use. Well, he very well knew who was behind. Swayam looked like he was being tortured with live current. Sharon once again brushed her lips against the back of his neck.. Now, what was Swayam supposed to do? He just kept on facing the front, with a frozen expression. She slowly hugged him form behind. "Shar??" Swayam asked, softly. She just nuzzled in his shoulder still holding him from back. Swayam could make out that Sharon wanted to say him something. He slowly faced Sharon and cupped her face. "Kya hua??" Swayam asked, softly pushing a strand of Sharon's hair behind her ears. "Kuch nahi.. I just wanted to be with you for sometime.." She gave a light smile and replied. "Let's go.." Sharon suddenly said, dropping the topic. Swayam too did not want to push things, so just agreed to Sharon and moved. They directly went inside from the inner way and reached just in time as the riches flooded through the red carpet. In no time Sharon and Swayam got mixed with the crowd. Just as they were making their way to the auditorium, Swayam heard a soft whisper into his ears which made him hold his breath and stop. "I love you Swayam.." Sharon said and before Swayam could react or do anything, he saw Sharon disappearing into the crowd. Swayam felt Sharon's word tenderly striking against him, making him go numb and feel elated all at once. 

*She came like a wave of fresh air, whispering the words of love. She made him freeze all at once.. He turned back, and she was gone.. But he knew, she was now always going to be there with him, because if he was the golden ring, she was finally the diamond attached at the top..*

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Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 2:20am | IP Logged
This is really good
Loving their equation..

Their moment was perfect..

Sharon confessed..

aneesha93 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Aww man... this was such a cute updateTongue
So, I was right. Avantika is behind this Jay guy.

Swaron conversations and moments and later Swayam simmi conversation. Loved it all. Very well penned.

Thanks for the pm
anjuvrushan Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Wow...amazing update...i loving this feel...nd sharon confession is just like a dream...very nice..
prajana Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Omg..the update was soo cute!!
U beautifully penned it down
i loved their night outing
Sharon confessed??Shocked
I want to read the next part right now
Plz update soonSmile

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