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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 34)

gsk4 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
It is written beautifully. Swaron moments were awesome. ClapClapClap
Please update fast.Big smileBig smileBig smile

Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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                                               SwaRon FF:
      Healing of the hurt souls
              Chapter fifteen

Sharon was swinging on the swing when she suddenly felt someone sitting beside her. "If you don't mind.. Can I know your name??" Sharon turned to see who it was and immediately recognized him as the Jay guy from the party. "I do mind.." Sharon smiled sarcastically and stood up. Just as she was about to leave, she felt someone grasping her wrist. Sharon knew it was coming. "Chodo.." Sharon said calmly. Jay nodded his head in negative. "Chodo.." Sharon once again said, gritting her teeth. Jay gave the same reaction as before. "I said leave damn it!!" Sharon shouted. "Shh.. Don't shout.. Tumhe koi nahi sunega.." Jay hushed Sharon and tried pulling her towards him. Sharon realized he was right. The palace garden was way too big and they two were at the farthest corner anyways. Sharon stayed firm on her feet. "Oho.. So strong girl huh... Not bad.." Jay said and stood up his grasp on Sharon's wrist getting stronger and painful every passing second. Sharon tried jerking his hand away but failed miserably. Sharon did not speak anything but kept on fighting. She was not a girl to get scared with a rich filth. She knew it was dangerous,not calling anyone for help.. She knew someone had to be around, if not anyone then guards or at least gardeners but Sharon chose to fight. If not for anything then her self respect. "Who the hell do you think you are huh??" Sharon asked, gritting her teeth and trying to get out of his grasp.. Jay was fully on his feet then and was holding Sharon's wrist with one hand and waist by the other. Sharon felt the pain that was slowly creeping up through her arms. She could feel her goosebumps. She kicked, bit and even somehow landed some random punches, but all in vain. Slowly she could feel Jay's hot smelly breath nearing her face. And that was when Sharon finally screamed. At that particular moment, Sharon could die rather than cry but she felt little hot beads streaming down her eyes. Stinging her face. She struggled her best. She kept on shouting for help but nothing changed in the situation. Sharon had already anticipated what was going to happen and believed that only some sort of miracle could save her. She stopped struggling and closed her eyes the tears still flowing from her eyes. That's when she felt Jay being forcefully pulled away from her. Sharon jerked open her eyes and the first thing she saw was Jay being held from his collar and blood streaming from his nose. She saw Swayam landing two more blow on Jay, on his stomach. Jay was struggling to breathe and Sharon knew one more punch or even a little slap and he may need some serious medical help. His condition till then was at least good than what would happen after few seconds. Sharon slowly went beside Swayam and pulled him. "Swayam.. Chodo usse.. Mar jayega woh.." Sharon said, both scared and nervous. Swayam too realized the situation and got control over himself. "Hope aapko aapka lesson mil gaya hai.." Swayam said gritting his teeth and pulled Sharon with him. Instead of palace, Swayam pulled Sharon to some another corner of the colossal garden. There was an old wooden bench and loads and loads of trees, it was like a mini jungle in itself. Swayam made Sharon sit on the bench and kneeled down in front of her. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Swayam slowly reached out his hands and wiped out the tears from her face. He cupped her face and made her face him. "Shar.. Don't cry.. Please..." Swayam requested softly. Sharon got hold of Swayam's hand and finally spoke. "I feel so disgusted..." Sharon said, fresh set of tears brimming in her eyes. "You have nothing to feel disgusted about.." Swayam said looking straight into Sharon's eyes. "He was so near to me Swayam... Agar tu...tum.. Nahi aate toh pata nahi kya ho jata.." Sharon said, trying her best to clam down. "Par mein aagaya na??" Swayam asked, still cupping Sharon's face. Suddenly Sharon got down on her own knees and threw herself on Swayam. She held him tight and buried her face deep into his shoulder. Swayam could feel his shirt getting wet, but it did not matter to him. He held Sharon tight and murmured soft words of consolation in her ears. "Shar.. Clam down.. Tum abhi mere saath ho.. Shant hojao please..." Swayam said, still holding Sharon. Sharon's grip grew even more tighter on him and Swayam had to lean against one of the trees to maintain his balance. He knew Sharon was still crying.. His shirt was soaking all the tears and his skin felt cold against it. "Thank you so much Swayam... I..lo.." Sharon was about to say something more, but instead stopped mid sentence and squeezed Swayam tight with both her arms. Swayam smiled softly realizing what Sharon was about to blurt out... He kept on caressing her hair and soothing her hair, helping Sharon to clam down and compose herself. 

Sharon got out of the washroom. She sat in front of the mirror, drying her hair, the days event playing on her mind in a loop. It was already quite late and outside the window it was pitch dark. Well, usually it did not matter to Sharon. She was never scared of dark or stuffs like that, but today, Sharon had this small fear in her. Sharon had a small gut feeling that something even worser than what had happened earlier that day was about to happen. Just as she rose up from her chair, Sharon heard a gunshot sound. Her heart sank into her stomach. Though the sound came from far, Sharon knew it was from inside the palace. Two more shots. Sharon knew that others too had heard the sound, because, there could be footsteps heard running downwards. Suddenly, there was a knock at Sharon's door. "K.. Kon hai?" Sharon asked, stammering a little. "Shar.. It's me.." Sharon could hear Swayam's voice from outside. She slowly opened the door and sudden wave of relief washed over her, just for a few seconds. All the color from Sharon's face drained out when she realized what was about to happen. "Swayam!!" She shrieked. Sharon pulled Swayam in, shut the door behind and locked it with shivering hands. But she realized, she was a little late. Swayam's sleeve had turned red and there was a long cut in his sleeve, well, in his arms as well. Everyone had heard Sharon shrieking, but all the room doors were locked from outside, so that the guests present could be safe. All doors except Sharon's and Swayam's as their doors were the last ones in their corridors. Suddenly Sharon's phone vibrated. Sharon was shaking really bad, she was reaction less. Swayam caught Sharon with one hand and took the phone from her hand, it was a call from Rey. "Sharon!! What happened??" Rey asked concerned. "Rey it's me Swayam.. Sharon is with me.. We both are safe.. Don't worry.. Tum baaki sab ka khayaal rakho.. If something happens, I'll call you or you call me.." Swayam said in a rushed tone. He could feel Sharon shaking against him. Swayam had just heard Sharon screaming, he had not yet realized that he was wounded. There was a pounding sound on the door, but it faded away as the door was too thick to break open. He knew Sharon was really scared. "Swayam.. Tum Sharon ke saath hi raho.. The situation outside is quite bad. All of us are in my room.. Hum sab safe hai.. I heard Sharon screaming.. Take care.. And galti se bhi room se bahar mat nikal na.. Close all the doors and windows.." Rey ordered and disconnected. Swayam slowly kept the phone down and that was when the reality struck him. He felt a sudden rush inside him as he felt the coldness of the blood slowly soaking his skin. He turned pale but he had to keep strong, if not for anyone then atleast for Sharon. Swayam could literally feel her heart thudding against his. "Shh.. Sharon.. Everything's fine.." Swayam hushed Sharon slowly caressing her hair. Sharon buried her face deep into Swayam's chest and held onto him tight. "Shh.. I'm here with you Shar.. Clam down... You are a strong girl.."  Swayam slowly caressed Sharon's back. Sounds could be heard from everywhere. There was chaos going on outside. One more gun shot and everything went silent. Muffled voices could be heard from downstairs. Swayam slowly moved towards the sofa, with Sharon still holding him. He slowly settled himself and pulled Sharon down with him. Suddenly, Sharon left him and stood up. She went to her backpack and came with a fresh piece of handkerchief. She slowly came and pulled Swayam's sleeve slowly above. She tied the handkerchief around the cut, and without a single word, sat down beside him and held him tight. Swayam was right.. She was a strong girl.. She had been in situations worser than this.. Sharon had to keep herself together. Though, She knew that it was not a small cut. While tying the bandage, she could see the cut was really deep. But there was no point exaggerating the matter. Getting the doctor was out of question. She had plenty of tissues and handkerchief and a little bit of first aid training, if needed, she could use those. At that point of time, Sharon did what she could do best, just hold Swayam and be with him. "Dard ho raha hai??" Sharon asked, in a small voice. "Nope.. Tumne woh dialog nahi suna? Mard ko dard nahi hota..This is just a small cut... Just forget whatever happened.. And try to get some sleep.. Anyways we are going from this place tomorrow the first thing in the morning.." Swayam said and held Sharon close. After few minutes of silence, Sharon held Swayam's hand and dozed off.. Swayam closing his eyes, took in what had happened few minutes ago. He knew, if Sharon had been a minute late to pull him in, he would be in the hospital or at the worse case, in heaven. Or hell probably..

Swayam was finally about to sleep when he heard a soft knock on the door. "Swayam.. It's us.." He heard Simmi's voice coming from outside. Hearing the knock Sharon woke up, startled. "Hey.. Shar.. Relax.. It's Simmi.. I'll open the door.. You stay here.." Swayam said softly and stood up. Sharon too stood up with him. Swayam did not say anything and walked towards the door. He opened the door fast, as it was not safe for others to stay outside. Just as everyone entered and Swayam closed the door, Simmi pulled both Sharon and Swayam into a tight hug. "Thank god aap dono safe types hai.." Aashi spoke. "Yup guys.. We heard Sharon.. What happened?" Kriya asked concerned. Swayam looked at Sharon, she was still scared. But just as Swayam was about to dismiss the matter, Kriya gasped, noticing the blood soaked handkerchief, tied around his arms. "Swayam.. What the hells this??" Simmi shouted, realizing why Kriya had went silent all at once. Following Simmi's gaze, everyone paled. "Swayam?" Taani whispered.  "I came out from the washroom and was combing my hair.. Then suddenly, woh gunshot sound aaya.. Immediately I heard someone knocking on my door.. And I heard Swayam calling out to me.. So I opened the door.. And then.. I saw Jay.. Remember, we had even talked about his cheap behavior..I..I saw Swayam standing infront of me.. And.. And.. Behind him was that guy.. With a knife.. Blood stained... And he was about to stab Swayam..." Sharon whispered, looking intensely at Swayam, her expression and tone mixture of fear and confusion. "I tired pulling him in, but was a little late I guess..." She said, her eyes teary, which apparently was noticeable only to Swayam.  "But why would he do all this?" Nil asked, confused. "That Jay guy right?? He's a psychopath.. He was not a client... He had some men come with him and attack the palace. The police was here and they caught everyone, however, two of the guards were killed in the firing and that guy stabbed one of the maids.. Where were they from exactly is not found yet, lekin he has to be from a big source.." Rey informed everyone. "I had called Raj.. Usne bataya.." He added. "But why Swayam??" Vicky suddenly asked, as a matter of fact. Throughout the whole conversation, Swayam was observing Sharon and he could sense she was uncomfortable. "Guys.. Can we please stop talking about it.. Kal subha we're going from here.. Sleep now if possible.. You girls can manage on the bed and we boys can sleep on the sofa and the extra bed there.." Swayam ordered, irritation evident in his voice. Sensing that, everyone agreed and went to their place. After nearly half an hour, everyone were asleep. Swayam was standing by the window and looking out. Few hours ago, where there was dozens of police car parked, now it was all empty. Swayam took a long breath, inhaling deeply. He thanked god for not bringing the asthma in that situation. Swayam recalled the series of events from yesterday. The time was around three o' clock in the morning, yet it was still pitch dark outside. Suddenly, Swayam felt a soft tap on his shoulders. He turned around to see Sharon standing behind him. "Tum nahi shoi ab tak?" Swayam asked softly. "Do you really love me?" Sharon suddenly asked. She looked like an angel, her face complimenting the moonlight. Swayam was speechless. He just stared deep into Sharon's eyes, letting his eyes do the talking. Suddenly, Sharon hugged Swayam. "Don't you dare leave me.. Ever.." She whispered. "I won't.." Swayam whispered back. After few minutes, Swayam slowly pulled Sharon back and cupped her face. "Sleep now Shar.. Just forget whatever happened today.. I promise tomorrow will be one of the best day of your life.." He said and kissed the top of Sharon's head.

 "Bilkul Failytel jaisa ta na?" Amar finally spoke as everyone settled into the bus. "Huh?" Swayam asked, confused. "Arre.. He means, Fairytale.." Rinni explained. "Haan be.. Jaise wo picture mein hota hai na.. Do din mein, palace dekha.. Wo ball dance bhi kiya.. Ek sachi rajah se baat ki.. Raat ko sabse bura sapna bhi saach mein dekh liya.." Bharat said, amused. "Yes.. Bharat true saying.." Neha agreed. This time too, like before Sharon and Swayam were sitting together. Rey-Taani, Simmi-Nil, Rinni-Amar, Neha-Vicky, Sharon and Swayam. Kriya, Bharat and Aashi were sitting comfortably at the last five seater row. Almost everyone were asleep. Simmi, Taani and Swayam were only three who were wide awake. Simmi knew what had happened the previous day with Sharon. And she also knew the reason why Swayam was attacked. Swayam had not said anything to Taani because he knew Sharon was not so close to her and may feel uncomfortable. There was a peaceful silence in the bus when Swayam's phone buzzed suddenly. It was a reminder about an upcoming award show where he was nominated for five categories and was to perform. It was the next day. He closed his phone and settled his gaze on Sharon. She fitted perfect on his shoulder. 

"Shar.. Sharon.. Utho.." Swayam called out to Sharon, but she did not even budge an inch. Of course, why would she? The previous night was so tiring, and Sharon had hardly slept, so when she got a chance to sleep, she was not even listening to anyone. "Sharon!?!" Swayam suddenly shouted, expecting Sharon to wake up, but Sharon was a deep sleeper, and especially, when her head was leaning on Swayam's shoulder, why wouldn't she sleep peacefully? Everyone from the gang were laughing looking at Sharon and Swayam. "Pagal hai na yeh dono.." Kriya and Taani were talking with Rey and Simmi. They four were the only people who were intelligent enough to guess that something was up. And anyways, Simmi already knew. "Saach mein guys... Swayam ke bare mein, ushe janne ke pehle jo bhi suna tha.. It all feels so wrong.. I mean.. He is a different person when he is with others... And he is so kind and nice when he is with us.." Rey said. "Same with Sharon.. Remember, that incident, Sharon ne ek ladke ko college se suspend karwaya tha.." Taani added. "Arre.. Wo suspend toh different.. Imagine... Wo humare taraf acche se bhi nahi dekhti thi.. Yaad hai, Sharon ne ek baar mera pura dress kharab kardiya tha.. And look at her now.. Bilkul baachi jaisi hai.." Kriya too said, amused. "They were same all the while guys.. Bas, tum logo ne wohi dekha what they had wanted you all to see.. What they are at the moment was always in them.. Sirf darte hai dono to show it infront of others..." Simmi added wisely. "Hmm.." Everyone hummed in response. "Sharon.. Wake up or I'm gonna pour this on u.." Swayam warned, taking a bottle of water in his hands. "Kya yaar Simmi.. Sone de na.." Sharon complained. "What the hell.. Mein Simmi.. Just wait you..." Swayam said and poured a cap full of water over Sharon's head. The sudden coldness, made Sharon open one eyes. Another cap full of water and Sharon was all up, ready to kill Swayam. "What the hell.. Pagal ho gaye ho kya tum? Chilla ke utha nahi sakte the kya.. Pani dal na jaruri tha??" Sharon said angrily, yet enjoying it all. Now, Swayam was not the one who could easily be scared. "Oho.. Chilla chilla ke mera gala sukh gaya hai.. Agar sote waqt tume koi uthake lejaye na, toh bhi you won't know.." Swayam said, making a face. "Simmi??" Sharon shouted. "Yup??" Simmi asked, enjoying the argument. "Ye Mr. Superstar ka ghar aagaya hai kya??" Sharon asked. "Haan.." Simmi replied. "Go to hell then.." Sharon hissed at Swayam, stood up and went out of the bus. "Hello madam.. Aap ka luggage khidki se phek na hai kya?" Swayam asked from the window teasingly. "Phek do.. I don't care.." Sharon shouted back smiling. Everyone inside the bus burst into giggles.

"Sharon.. Bahar Chalo.. We're playing truth or dare.." Vicky called Sharon out. "Yaa.. Give me few minutes.. Mein aati hu.." Sharon said and disappeared into one of the rooms. As She turned back, Sharon could feel herself redden. There was Swayam, shirtless, standing infront of her, his hair dripping water. Uncontrollably, Sharon gasped. Sharon was literally gawking at him. Swayam smirked. He slowly moved towards Sharon. Sharon was in sync, moving backwards. One step.. Two steps.. Three steps.. And Suddenly she banged into a table and came to a halt. Swayam's grin grew even more charming and he trapped Sharon between his hands. He moved his face slowly close towards Sharon. She didn't know what to do, mechanically, she closed her eyes. Sharon could feel his warm breath on her cheeks. Swayam softly brushed his lips against Sharon's cheek. He could notice the change in her expression. His smile grew even more wider. "Today is going to be one of the best days of your life Shar.. I promise.." Swayam whispered softly into Sharon's ear. Took a fresh piece of bandage from the table behind and left, without uttering a single word. "Idiot.." Sharon whispered, smiling to herself. 

"Chalo Swayam.. Bolo.. Truth or Dare??" Rinni asked. They all were sitting out in the garden of Swayam's home.The gang had decided to have lunch at Swayam's place and then return to their own home. All of them were hungry but as kaka was informed only after they reached Swayam's home, the food was being cooked.  It was a warm and sunny day and the environment there was very refreshing. "Umm.. Ok.. Truth.." Swayam replied, smiling. "Have you ever loved someone?" Rinni asked directly, in a soft tone. Out of everyone, Swayam had never expected Rinni to ask that question. "Yup.." Swayam replied smiling softly, looking at Sharon from the corner of his eyes. "Kon?" Rinni asked again, and somewhere, something in her voice gave gut feeling to Swayam that she already knew the answer. Maybe, some people could understand feelings more than words, Swayam thought. "Ek time mein, sirf ek question.." Swayam smiled and replied, Rinni gave a knowing smile to Swayam. The game continued and so did the fun and laughter. At last, everything was back to normal. The previous days happenings all forgotten amidst the smiles. A heart was waiting to fulfill a promise and the other waiting to see it getting fulfilled. Both though not in a sync, but were beating in the same rhythm, dancing together, in different beats.
Authors note
First of all guys.. So so so sorry for updating the chapter so late... The internet connection in my home is really poor.. Hope you all understand... And secondly.. Thank you all for the constant encouragement... I love you all.. And special mention to Rockingbhardwaj... You rock.. ;) 

And.. And.. And.. 
The main point...
Team desi hoppers won the World Of Dance 2015... These guys are awesome ain't they?? I'm still dancing.. They surely deserved it all.. Ok.. So I want to get back to my dancing now.. 
Hope you all liked the update.. I'll try my best updating it as soon as possible.. 
Loads and heaps of love..
Adity :)

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VReSHna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2015 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Amazing as Always :)
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 July 2012
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Posted: 17 August 2015 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Adity it is awesome as always..

That jerk jay...hate him..

Swayam did the right thingthing to beat him blue n black...
Thank god sharon was safe..
Oh my God.
She was about to blurt it out...
Alas..not now
Bt may be super soon..

Swayam injured..
Sharon was so scared yr..
Happy to saw her concern..

They are back to naughtiness..

Love you Rinni...
What a question..
Superb yr..

Smart swayam..
One question at a time..

Awesome update..

Thank dear..

Nd yaaa
Sooo happy..
Desi Hoppers rock man
Love you shantanu...
aneesha93 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2015 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Wonderful update & it was really long. Enjoyed it.
Hated Jay. CheapAngry. Did Avantika sent him as a part of her plan??

 Loved how Swayam consoled Sharon & was with her throughout to comfort and console. In short, loved the total Swaron moments.Heart

Finally everything is back to normal. Hope it stays that way.

Thanks for the pm.

PS: The best gift u gave the day Desi Hoppers won WOD.Tongue 
VruShan_FanGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2015 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Superb chp
Jay i hate dis guy
she almost said bt alas she stopped her self bt ya confession is gng to be full in swaronish so thank God she didn't
Surprise ...oly sharon is nt waiting we all r waiting so jaldi jaldi upd dena adity
mythreyii Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2015 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Well an amazingly written chapter... Though der were many things in d chap still it was smooth.. Jays part was expected loved swayums shorts on jay
Den d swaron convoy was well penned..
Gun part was clean and legible
Sharon sleeping part was cute and d gang convo was also gr8
Waiting 4 d memorable day

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