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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 32)

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 12:25am | IP Logged
                                            SwaRon FF:
                          Healing of the Hurt Souls
                                                               Chapter fourteen.
"Sharon Rai Prakash.." Rishi Shekhawat whispered. Sharon recognized him... But what the hell was he doing at the college, that too in the annual day. "Umm.. Hi.." Sharon said nervously. One modern girl she was.. "Gautam's daughter.. So, u too dance??" He asked in a mocking tone. "Yup I do.. Actually, dad encouraged me..." Sharon was no less mocking. "Shar..." Sharon heard Swayam calling out to her. Sharon turned back and she could sense the awkwardness in the air. "Oh.. So my good for nothing son knows you.." Rishi Shekhawat said sarcastically. "Umm.. Actually no.. Your good for everything son knows me..." Sharon smirked and replied. Both Sharon and Rishi could hear a distant chuckling, Swayam's it was. "Umm.. Shar.. Let's go.." Swayam said and came beside Sharon, completely ignoring his dad's existence. "I want to talk with you... Alone.." Swayam's dad said, eying Sharon. "But I don't want to.. Let's go Shar..." Swayam said calmly. "Bhaglo jitna bhagna hai.. One day, mark my words Swayam.. Tumhe mere paas aana hoga.. And you.. Mr. Gautam Rai Prakash ki so called lovely beti.. U should start respecting people elder than you.. Your dad is still a big name.. And you better start maintaining it.. Dance se kuch nahi hone Wala.." Rishi said and it hit a wrong chord in Swayam. "Dad.. With all due respect, please don't make me loose my clam. I don't want to create a scene here. I study in this college and you better leave me and my friends alone..." Swayam said scarily calm. Sharon shuddered. She had seen angry Swayam before, but this time, Sharon could notice the way he was trying to maintain his voice. Of course, however angry you were, no body would probably shout at their parents. "Swayam.. Chalo.." Sharon said and pulled Swayam by his arms. "I'm saying it.. Mark my words dad.." Swayam said, stressing my. All these was being observed by a distant viewer and now it was her turn to play her cards. 

"Guys.. Avantika ma'am ne bulaya hai.." Vicky announced. They all reached outside the cabin and Swayam knocked. "Get in.." She ordered. Everyone went in and Rey closed the door behind him. "So guys.. Let's keep things straight.. Today's event was not at all good. I'm not satisfied with any of the dance performances, they were way to simple... And especially, I'm really very disappointed with the duet.." Avantika said, in a pretended disappointed but naturally mocking tone. The boys gang couldn't hold themselves together. They all, except Rey and Swayam excused themselves, went out and few seconds later, bursts of laughter could be heard inside. Others, who were in the room too were trying to maintain their face straight. Even VP sir who was sitting at the far corner was biting his cheeks to control his laughter. "This is not some joke I have cracked here.. I'm serious.." Avantika said in her defense. "Oh yeah... You are so serious.. That's why there were nearly three thousand people present and each of them clapped so hard for us right??" Sharon said sarcastically. After her encounter with Swayam's dad, fighting with Avantika was last thing she wanted to do that day. Sharon was way too tired. The pressure of the responsibility and up of that the performances. Damn too much to handle for her. Without another word, Sharon went outside of the cabin, Avantika gave a look to others indicating that they could leave. As there was no Sharon, it was no point saying anything to the others, anyways, she had way too big plan in her mind to concentrate on.

"Shar.. Sharon.. Ruko.." Rey was calling out to Sharon, the whole gang, including Swayam and Simmi following him. "Rey.. Let's we all meet at my place tonight.. Im tired.. Let's freshen up and we can meet after couple of hours, ok??" Sharon asked, or rather ordered, because, her ok meant that it was final. "Cool then.. Your place at umm.. Seven then??" Simmi asked, to which, Sharon replied with a ok. After everyone had left, Sharon was walking her way to her car when she felt someone grab her arm. On an instinct, Sharon kicked the persons leg and after hearing the shout, immediately regretted it.. "Bitch.." Swayam muttered under his breath. "What the hell.. Who do you think you are talking to huh??" Sharon asked, genuinely angry. "You.. Miss Kung fu Rai Prakash.. Dance ke saath Kung fu ka bhi training liya hai kya??" Swayam gave Sharon a disgusted look. "Don't give that look to me.. Maine kaha tha kya, aise khali parking mein aakar mera Haath pakadne ko??" Sharon immediately retorted. "Oh really.. So tumhe bhi daar lagta hai??" Swayam asked softly and intensely to Sharon, slowly pinning her to one of the corner pillars. "Swayam.. What has gotten into you huh??" Sharon asked, tinge of nervousness evident in the voice. "Why don't you just say it??" Swayam slowly moved his face towards Sharon. "Say what??" Sharon immediately retorted, her tactics to look confident. Now Swayam was seriously too close. Sharon was nervous, but she was Sharon as well, she maintained her calm. Swayam slowly raised his hands and with the tip of his somehow rough fingers, caressed her cheeks ever so tenderly. "Shar, what if I say that I love you?" Swayam suddenly asked, gazing into Sharon's eyes. Sharon's eyes were soft, she was in loss of words. She knew Swayam meant what he was saying right now.. She knew he loved her. And well, she too loved him.. No doubt on it... But.. Sharon still was somewhere deep down scared to give herself a chance, to let Swayam take chance coming near to her. "And what if I say you that I still need little more time??" Sharon spoke softly. "Don't worry, I have promised myself, I'll make you fall for me.. Hard..." Swayam smiled one of his light smiles and cupped Sharon's face. He slowly kissed her forehead and Sharon did not have any reason to revert. Both Sharon and Swayam were enjoying this unnamed relationship they shared. They both knew they loved each other. Swayam, he had fallen for Sharon long back and Sharon, she never knew when just "like" turned into deep encored love into her heart. "I have already fallen for you Swayam... Hard. Bu.. But I'm scared. I'm scared to loose you. Humesha, whoever comes near to me, in every damn case leaves me n goes..." Sharon trailed off. She was now softly hugging Swayam. "Shar.. Jo bhi daar hai.. Whatever.. I perfectly can understand it.. Just remember.. Whatever happens, I'll always be there beside you.. I owe you this much Sharon.. You taught me to love again.. You brought that old Swayam somehow back.. Tumhare liye.. I can do anything.." Swayam slowly stroked Sharon's hair and with the other free hand, held Sharon tight by the waist. "I love you.." Swayam slowly whispered. Sharon just hummed in reply. "Umm.. I think we should get going.. Meet you tonight.." Swayam whispered the latter part and walked away. It was then when Sharon finally realized what had happened few secs ago. It's not that she did not realize it before, but after Swayam Shekhawat had confessed that he loved you... After he went, Your thoughts were meant to mess up, didn't they?? Sharon did not know what to do. Laugh? Cry? Scream? Dance? What the hell was she supposed to do?? She wanted to do all four of them together. "Ok.. Sharon.. Don't forget who you are.. Don't behave so girlish.. Go home.. Sleep and get some rest... And oh yes!! First of all, take a long breathe.." Sharon murmured to herself. If there would be people around, they would without any doubt think that Sharon had went mad. 

"Abbe ye Amar.. Tu chup kar na.. Kuch bhi bolta hai.." Nil shut Amar up. "Yaa.. Bolo Rey..." Vicky urged Rey to speak more. Everyone were at Sharon's home and discussing a three day trip. All of them needed some time to get refreshed. "So yaa.. I was saying, why don't we go to some sort of holiday.. Kal Friday hai, it's some public holiday.. And Saturday and Sunday ko there's always holiday.. We'll all have fun.." Rey said, concluding his plan. "Hmm.. Not bad idea.." Swayam murmured. "Oi.. Gaali Kyu de raha hain be??" Bharat suddenly shouted, startling everyone. "Bhagwaan.. Woh gaali types nahi de rahe hain.." Aashi said, annoyed. "Ok then.. Chalte hain.. Any problem anyone??" Kriya asked. "Nope.." Everyone said in unison. "Umm.. Then I think we all should head home now.. Packing bhi karna hai.. So let's meet tomorrow morning, college premises. And bus mein chalte hai.. I'll do the booking.." Taani added. "Arre.. But hum jaaenge kaha??" Rinni asked. "Life mein first time Rinni ne Sahi sawaal pucha hai.. Jayenge kaha??" Vicky too asked. "Umm.. That'll be a surprise guys.." Rey smiled and replied. "Ok.. Rey's idea it is then.. Let's see.." Sharon smiled and said. She was trying hard to behave normal after all the happened that early     evening. Swayam noticed it and he was behaving all normal with Sharon. He surely did not want to make her uncomfortable. "So.. Let we all go now.. Bye Sharon.." Neha said and one by one everyone left. Swayam was the last one. "Bye Shar.." Swayam smiled gently and headed his way.

"Rey.. Aur kitna dur??" Simmi complained. "Just one hour more.." Rey said and smiled. The gang were on the bus and were heading to their holiday destination. Only the problem, they didn't know where. The bus was big and airy. It was a first class bus that Taani had booked. Rey had pulled on the curtains in full daylight, because he didn't want his surprise place to be guessed so fast. "Aww.. Still one more hour.." Sharon complained. Swayam looked at Sharon and grinned. They two were due to certain circumstances, sitting together on one of the double seats. Everyone were asleep except Rey Simmi Sharon and Swayam. Rey was awake to keep and eye on others that they don't peek out. Simmi was awake because well, she could probably never sleep on moving buses. And Sharon and Swayam were awake because they were way too busy talking with each other. Swayam was a great companion while traveling. He would talk about all random things and make you laugh hard over things, which otherwise you would probably think were stupid. Rey and Simmi were noticing it all. Rey and Taani's seat was just in front of Simmi and Aashi's. He slowly stood up and kneeling down on his seat, turned back. "Simmi??" He whispered. "Hmm??" Simmi hummed. "In dono ke beech kuch toh hai.." Rey whispered as softly as possible. "Pata hai mujhe.. They look so good together na?" Simmi asked, smiling, looking at her two best friends so happy. "Yaa right.. Wo toh hai.." Rey too smiled and replied. "Hope they stay like this forever.." Simmi whispered as well as prayed softly. 

"What the hell..." Vicky gasped as everyone entered the big house Rey had taken them to. It was like an old mansion with carved walls and beautiful portraits hanging big and haughty on them. It was sparkling clean and the tiles on the floor were from pure marble.  There were huge stairways that led to endless corridors with even endless rooms. "Well guys.. Welcome to my family home.." Rey grinned and announced. Everyone's eyes literally popped out. "Rey.. Are you serious??" Kriya asked suspiciously. "Don't say me that you are the prince of this town.." Taani shouted. "Hell. no.. I'm not.. My cousin is.. It's my uncle's. He passed away few years ago, then my cousin took over this town. This town's actually small, but they are one of the few remaining royal family of this state." Rey explained to everyone. "But.. But.. This is grand.. I mean.. It's like Those fairy tale movies.. Castle with so many rooms, huge beautiful gardens.. Royal service.." Nilesh said awestruck. Just as he completed his sentence, three young looking boys dressed in perfectly ironed suit came and took away all their luggages. "Welcome here everyone.." Prince Raj came and welcomed. He, living up to his status, was a well built man around thirty five, handsome and tall with gentlemanly behaviors. "I wish you all a pleasant stay here.." He smiled and added. "Hi Raj.. How's you??" Rey asked casually. Of course, however big prince he was, Raj did not want his own cousin to be formal with him. "I'm all fine Rey.. It's so good to see you after so long.." Prince Raj replied. "Umm.. You all freshen up first.. And then the maids can give you all a tour to the palace.." He added and excused himself. "Umm.. Girls.. Promise me you all won't kill me.." Rey smiled nervously and said. "Kya hua Rey?" Sharon asked. "Umm.. You all have to wear traditional dresses here.. I forgot to tell you.. I had said Raj to make the arrangements for the dresses.. And well.. If you all get me.." Rey smiled sheepishly. He was expecting a blast off from everyone, but to his surprise, everyone were smiling.. Excited.

Swayam was walking through one of the corridors, looking at all the pictures and paintings there. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a black bow tie. There was a formal party thrown by the Prince and everyone were getting ready. Swayam, however, was already ready and was roaming around the dimly lit corridors, examining and admiring the art works. Just as he was about to turn to another corner, a sudden gust of fresh air made him stop. He turned back and, there stood Sharon, wearing a white ankle length anarkali, with fine emerald stone embroidery and a pair of diamond earrings dangling on her ears. She had let her hair open, letting her loose curls fall and bounce each time she walked or moved. Her makeup was minimal, but she had worn kajal which was very unusual of her. After fiddling with her bangles few more time and spraying her Calvin Klein perfume, Sharon finally stepped out of her room, her head held high, glitter in her eyes. As she started walking forward, Sharon could sense a gaze fixed on her, as she turned back she saw Swayam, standing at a corner, watching her as lovingly as anyone ever could. Swayam took slow steps towards Sharon. He reached her and staring deep into her eyes with deep love evident in his own, whispered in a ever so loving tone, "Khubshoorat..."

"*Gasp*.. That's Swayam Shekhawat na??" "Yaa.. The tv guy..." "Oh my godness.." All the young girls present there, started whispering in their own high class manner. "Damn.. I should have known it.." Swayam murmured, Sharon chuckled. They both entered the big hall together, their friends back of them. Everyone were looking handsome and beautiful, but it was Sharon and Swayam who were in the spot light. It was like a fairy tale ball. The hall had huge lights and other small crystal studded lights made the room even more surreal. Swayam was looking even more handsome than the prince himself. And Sharon, well no words for her. "Wow Swayam.. People knowing you here too.." Neha said, half lost in the dream  like place. "Guys.. Is this all real or we all are like seeing a same dream together??" Nilesh asked, to which Rey pinched him hard, making him realize the reality. "My.. My.. Some people are looking very pretty.." One of the high class man came and grinned his crooked grin. Well no doubt he was a rich filth. He was openly checking out all the girls from the gang. At last, his eyes landed on Sharon. His just simple gaze was making Sharon uncomfortable. Swayam was noticing to all. He slowly took Sharon's palm and without anyone noticing, squeezed it softly, made sure to her that he was there. Sharon slowly relaxed. "Hey.. So you all have reached. Please make yourself comfortable around. They all are my really good friends. I'm sure they would love talking to you all.." Prince Raj smiled and came forward. Seeing the guy there, Prince introduced him as his new business client from another city. His name was Jay. "And Pardon me that  I could not recognize you before.. I'm really glad to have you here.. And well, my guests are even more glad.." Prince Raj winked and added addressing Swayam. "Well, even I'm really thankful to have been invited here.." Swayam replied, in his natural gentlemanly manner. "Please.. Come in.. I know you all are really good dancers.. Unlike other palaces, here we have ball dance in each party. I hope you all enjoy.." Prince Raj smiled and vanished into the crowd. Just as he left, the lights dimmed a little and everyone went to the floor with their ones. Rey Taani, Rinni Amar, Vicky Neha and Simmi Nilesh were already on. The only people left were Aashi, Kriya, Bharat, Swayam and Sharon. "Aap dono jayenge types nahi kya..?" Aashi asked Sharon and Swayam. "Will you dance with me.." Swayam forwarded his hands, leaving Sharon no time to revert. Anyways, she would not.. Sharon gave her hands into his. The moment was so perfect that Kriya, without anyone's notice, took their picture with her phone. 

AqSwayam held Sharon close. He had caught her by the waist and they both were just slowly swaying with the slow music. Both of them were looking deep into each other's eyes, catching each change in the expressions and emotions. They both were replaying yesterday's happening. The simple way Swayam had confessed, Sharon's behavior and their love. The moment was so complete that for the first time after their own tragedies, Sharon and Swayam felt emotionally complete. Maybe, their soul though slowly, but was finally healing.. Not healed, but still, slowly and beautifully healing...
Please read the note below.

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                                                           Author's note
Phew.. If you all are reading it, means you people have finished one of the few flimsiest chapter of this FF. Believe me guys.. I felt so funny posting it.. Hope you all like this concept. The next two chapters are already written, and well, they are quite the same as this one..
I'm quite skeptical about this certain chapter.. 

Furthermore, thank you to all the readers who have commented. You people are the best. Loads of love from my side.. Hope that I can give you all reasons to love this story even more n more.. 
Adity :)

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anjuvrushan Goldie

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 1:13am | IP Logged
It ws just like a fairy tale..nice update...
Sovereign_K IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Im really loving the way u making this story ...Wink
Here swaron are just tooo special...their bond and their love, care for each other, trust are these are too special ,,,,
and i love to read this...
and from the last parts as u said it was different,...different way. and i loved it...
but the confession was something i didnt expect , but it was something that i loved the most...Dancing
beautifully written...
specially i loved the confession part it was just apt, so simple and unique at the parking lot.LOL...i was grinning completely while reading that part...Big smile
continue soon and i'm impatiently waiting Day Dreaming
and a big thanku for the pm ...

Keechu :)
VruShan_FanGirl Senior Member

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 2:01am | IP Logged
Lovely upd
swayam confessed Clap
VReSHna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 2:18am | IP Logged
Well the update was quite Royal as it could be..i love your detail work...i all feels so surreal...
everytime i want to say so much but i m at loss of words but all in all you have become an amazing writer Adi...keep Writing :)
n i have a feeling i see glimpse of Alok coming up in the new clientWink
nevertheless waiting to
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 4:37am | IP Logged
Yaa it was filmy nd fairy tale..
I loved it..

So the person was swayam's dad..

I think avantika heard their talks..
Hope her plans get failed..

Swayam confessed so simply

I m loving swaron moments..
Yaa their souls are healing in a beautifull manner..

Update soon
Pm me please
aneesha93 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 August 2015 at 5:02am | IP Logged
I will admit to the fact that the update was filmy (especially palace, Prince and all that) but nevertheless it was awesome. Rishi is so rudeAngry. Loved how she defended Swayam and Swayam stood up for his friendsTongue
Avantika's complaint wasROFL. That lady is insane!

Swayam finally confessed to Sharon and she too did. That was something unexpected and I really loved it.Heart.

I so loved your last line "Sharon and Swayam felt emotionally complete. Maybe, their soul though slowly, but was finally healing.. Not healed, but still, slowly and beautifully healing...". BrilliantClap

As insane as Avantika is, she is equally evil. I hope her 'plan' doesn't create a problem for Swaron. Also hoping everything will go smooth in the palace.

The whole update was detailed beautifully. 

Thanks for the pm

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