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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 26)

SalmanShahidSm Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2015 at 5:38am | IP Logged
hey..!! god u r an awesome writer sabke emotions u describe so welll just perfectt plz PM me when u update next m in love with this story

VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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SwaRon FF: Healing Of The Hurt Souls
                                                               Chapter 11
"Shar?? U here? Where are you lost huh?" Simmi's voice brought Sharon back from her thoughts. "Umm.. Nothing.. Ok then Simmi.. I'll meet you tomorrow.. Bye." Sharon hurriedly said and turned back to leave. "Hey.. Ek second, can you give this file to Swayam? Actually I would have gave it, but I have some work." Simmi said, smirking mentally at Sharon's reaction. She knew something was brewing up between Swayam and Sharon. And her confrontation with Swayam today had proved her right. Well, she was the smartest one anyways. "Umm.. Ya ok.. I'll give it to him." Sharon said. "Anyways where's he?" Sharon asked nervously. "Here's his home address.." Simmi said and handed a small piece of paper. "Ho... Home??" Sharon gulped. "Sharon? Everything's fine na?" Simmi asked, now quite surprised. "Ya..ya.. What can be wrong.. Everything's fine.. Perfectly fine.." Sharon faked a smile and just ran from there, leaving an astonished Simmi behind.  

"God.. I knew it.. Yeh hoga.. I was so damn sure about it.. Phir why this awkwardness and nervousness? Oh god.. Why did I kiss him? Why??" Sharon was constantly thinking. She was quite nervous after kissing Swayam. And as expected, there was awkwardness after they broke apart. Swayam had smiled lightly for the first time that day. He stood up and without uttering a single word had left from there, only to have Sharon's mind all messed up. She had blushed the whole day and was be heaving mad, not at all like the Sharon Rai Prakash. "Simmi must have thought I had went crazy. Argh?!" Sharon now was frustrated. "And look at my fate.. Swayam ka ghar Jana hai.. God.. Why me?" Sharon was constantly cursing, slight blush visible on her cheeks. "Ma'am we've reached." Her driver's voice brought her back to earth. "Yaa, ok.. I'll be back soon.. Just wait for me." Sharon said. "Umm.. Ma'am my wife's in hospital.. She is in labour.. So umm.. Actually.. I.. I can't wait.. She may deliver any time now.. And the hospital is also quite near from here.. Mein gadi lekar aapko kal pickup karne aajaunga... Can I go today? Please.." The driver requested Sharon. "Oh.. Yaa.. You can go.. I'll take a taxi.. Dont worry.. And all the best.." Sharon said and turned towards Swayam's home. "Hmm... Not bad.." Sharon said as the driver went away. "Ok.. Sharon.. Come on.. You can do it.." Sharon muttered to herself and took a long breathe. There were not many houses around. The compounds of every houses were big and the road made the houses even far from each other. It was dark even the two street lamps at each side of Swayam's gate were not lit. Just then she noticed that the whole area was dark. The place had loads of huge trees. Sharon stood there alone for nearly ten minutes and finally decided to go in. What other choice she had anyways? She reached the front door and rang the bell, but it did not make any sound. Then Sharon knocked the door. She knocked many times and on not getting any response slowly turned the door knob herself. It was open and the moment she looked in, she gasped. There were candle lit all over. The house smelled of lavender and jasmine. Candle all over, not a single light turned on. Sharon slowly entered the hall. "Beautiful" she murmured. There were huge paintings hanged all over the wall. One one side, there was a big photo of a beautiful women hanged above, candles lit below, making it stand out. Sharon knew it had to be Swayam's mom. Those deep chocolate brown orbs, sharp features no wonder Swayam was so handsome. Sharon too had her dad' photo hanged on her home. As Sharon was admiring the candle lit hall, she heard a soft guitar melody and someone singing. The sound was from up stairs and due to her instincts, Sharon followed it. She climbed the stairs and reached a room. The sound was coming from there and unmistakably it was Swayam's voice. Sharon without knocking entered the room, but Swayam kept on singing. His room too, like the whole house was lighted with candles and gave it a peaceful and warm feeling. Sharon stood at the door and took in the beauty of the room. There were photos and paintings all over the walls, the wall themselves painted in different patterns. Swayam did not stop singing or playing his guitar. To Sharon, it felt like a dream. She slowly moved forward and sat beside Swayam on the floor. His voice was perfect. Slow, shooting and melodious. Something exceptionally romantic. All her nervousness, awkwardness, insecurities drained. All that was left in her was admiration, affection and well, she had to admit, like. Sharon did not speak anything. Just sat beside Swayam and hummed the lyrics in sync with him. Few months back, when she had first him, their first encounter, never had she thought that she would be this close to this guy. He broke all her shields and barriers. Spoke wise words to her when she needed them the most. Made her laugh when the only thing she felt like doing was cry. Well, love was still quite far, but she had definitely started liking his smile, his hidden talents, his deep brown eyes, the tight grip when she was about to fall during a lift, his comforting words and warm embrace. All in all, she had started liking him.. The Once Selfish Swayam Shekhawat.

Swayam felt Sharon sitting beside him yet he continued singing. Her presence brought back all his bitter sweet memories of today. The bitter part, well, he would forget that, with friends like his and Sharon, he knew he would dance. And the sweet part, her warm lips on his cold ones. The constant blushing of hers the whole day. She messing up her conversations and smiling all day long. He had thought it would be awkward, facing Sharon after the kiss, but to his surprise, he was no where near to being nervous. Infact, Swayam felt much light and happy. He did not care anymore if he had asthma, he was ready for the battle. Simmi, knowing the news had panicked a lot, her face had gone all tense and she was damn worried for Swayam. But, like Sharon made him understand Swayam made Simmi understand, and Simmi being the best friend she was had gave Swayam a tight hug, assuring him, no matter what, she would always stand by his side. And well, she was the one who made him realize the most important thing in his life today. Not that Swayam needed Simmi to understand the havoc in his hearts nowadays. But Simmi had made his head a lot clearer and made him understand the feeling which he was struggling with since quite a lot days now.

 Swayam knew he had already lost a lot and could not bear an another heart break. But now, after seeing so much, facing so much in his life, he also knew that all he needed was to love someone and to be loved by someone. And finally, he found someone who he loved. Everything damn thing about her was perfect. Though not being loved back by her was one tiny little fear in his heart, he knew and believed that he would make her fall for him. 

As Swayam finished singing, he slowly turned towards Sharon. "Kaisa Laga?" He asked softly. "Beautiful Swayam.. That was excellent.." Sharon looked into his eyes, her own eyes full of appreciation. "Well.. Thank you.." Swayam smiled and replied. "Kya Kya karte ho tum? Acting, dancing, singing.. Superb Swayam." Sharon replied softly. "Well, Paint bhi accha kar leta hu.." Swayam said and nodded towards the walls. "You made these??" Sharon suddenly cried, amazed. "Uh huh.." Swayam smirked. "These are so so so beautiful.. Like seriously Swayam. So amazing.." Sharon stood up and went near the paintings. The candles were still on and it made the paintings look even more pretty. "Thank you.. And yaa, sorry for the lights... Actually there's a power cut and the generator is not working." Swayam said and stood beside Sharon. "Hmm.. I like candles more than bulbs.." Sharon said. "Me too.." Swayam said intensely and turned Sharon towards him. "Swayam?..." Sharon whispered. Swayam slowly cupped Sharon's face. "Thank you.." He whispered gently and softly. Sharon was taken aback. "For everything Sharon. For the encouragement today. For your kind words. Thank you Sharon. Thank you for being there." Swayam whispered softly. "I hate you." Sharon suddenly said. "Huh?" Swayam asked taken aback. "Yaa.. I just hate you. Here, I started considering you as my friend and tumne toh friendship ka first rule hi break kar diya.." Sharon said with a pout. Swayam stared at her with awe. Few hours back, he had seen Sharon shouting on a poor boy, little less angry than she used to be before, but still some arrogance present. And now, this Sharon, standing in front of him with the cutest expression possible. "Ok.. Sorry.." Swayam was about to say something more, when he suddenly got interrupted by Sharon. "I hate you more now.. Second rule bhi break kar diya.." Sharon again said, glaring at Swayam. "Hey Bhagwan!! What am I supposed to say then?" Swayam asked Sharon confused. "I'm hell hungry.." Sharon said. "I'm hell hungry" Swayam replied mechanically. "Oh shut up.. I'm really hungry.. Bhook lagi hai.." Sharon said frowning. "Simmi was right.. Tum na puri pagal ho.. Phele, when we were not friends, you were so reserved. And ab, friends ban gaye toh you are suddenly so cute and crazy." Swayam said, smiling. "Please haan.. Waise, I came here to give this to you.. Annual day ke liye budget file hai.. You left it in the college today.." Sharon said, taking the file out from her bag and handing it to Swayam. "And I'm leaving now.. Khana bhi nahi khilaya.." Sharon murmured and just as she was about to leave, Swayam caught her hand and stopped her. "Gosh.. Gussa toh tumahre naak pe hota hai na.. Humesha.. Just wait here.. I'll get ready and we'll go.." Swayam said. "Go where?" Sharon asked. "I know you sent your driver away.. And iss waqt, taxi not safe. So I'll drop you and on the way we'll have some food as well." Swayam said calmly and without giving a moment for Sharon to protest, went towards the washroom to change. "Chalo.." Swayam came out of the washroom and said one by one blowing the candles. "You live all alone here?" Sharon asked. "Why..yes.." Swayam replied, a momentary emptiness evident in his voice. Both Sharon and Swayam came out, but Swayam's car was no where to be seen. "Kharab hai.. Work shop mein diya hai.. We'll go by motorbike." Swayam said, reading Sharon's thought. "Umm.. Ok.. But what if people will notice you?" Sharon asked, unsure. "Yeh helmet kab kaam aayega?" Swayam wore it and climbed the bike. "And waise bhi it's quite late now. Hope on.." He said and Sharon climbed back, without much option, catching Swayam from the back. Swayam took off in speed and the empty street buzzed with the engine's sound. They rode on for quite a while and Swayam finally came to halt. They both got down and ate some good and super tasty street food in a small tea shop. The empty road, filled with their laughter, giggles, bantering  and most importantly the heart warming talks. These were the Sharon and Swayam, the original ones. Not the Diva Sharon Rai Prakash or Handsome hunk Swayam Shekhawat. Just Simple them,  not disguised in the  hard mask of arrogance and attitude. Simply them. 

On finishing their food, both again got onto the bike and finally reached Sharon's home. And as Swayam said good bye to her, Sharon swiftly brushed her lips against his cheeks and ran towards her home giggling. "What the hell was that??" Swayam shouted behind her, smiling, taking in the shock. "Nothing.." Sharon Sharon shouted back, reaching the door, giggling. As she went in and Swayam saw the lights turning on, he once again started the engine and took off to his home, smiling to himself. "Damn.. I love her." He thought.

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ujwalv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 10:19am | IP Logged
luving this ff more n more
beautiful update
it was awesome just awesome from start to the end..swayam singing..swaron ride n der masti the way u described it..felt beautifulBlushing
n last part Day Dreaming 
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
want to read more..update soon

asthamehrotra Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 10:27am | IP Logged
First of all thank god nd "thank u"...i was so worried that they would start behaving like strangers after that kiss...but that did not happen...nd what happened was totally amazing Wink loved every bit of it...waiting to see what comes next Embarrassed
Update soon!!!! Smile

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VReSHna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 10:31am | IP Logged
n i love u Hug
my heart is so filled...baas maan bhar gaya :)

--lavanya-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 10:38am | IP Logged
wow ..!! 

super good yaar...

the enttire chappy was a treat ...

so beautiful...the entire concept...

is so differnet so beautifull

ke kya bolu ...

thanks for writing such a beautiful thing on swaron Smile

u are superbly talented dear Hug
Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Wow wow wow
This is superb..
Simmi,, you are the best yr..
I m loving swaron bond way too much..
Great going..

Can't wait
Update sooner plzz
ExpectoPatronus IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
superb update...  loved it...  der bond is awsmly penned... Smile

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