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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 20)

Sovereign_K IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 June 2015 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Hayyee i loved it..
the moments of sharon and simi was beautifully written...and the way swayam consoled sharon was so sweet cute ...
the twisted way of presentation was commendable, i loved that :)
update soon, waiting to read next past :) 

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ujwal_v IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2015 at 12:33am | IP Logged
great update yaar
loved it

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--Ecstasy-- Goldie

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Posted: 22 June 2015 at 7:57am | IP Logged
You very beautifully penned the bond between Sharon and Simi.  Their care,  their insecurities very well written.  Swaron part was nice.  Swayam very maturely handled the situation.  
Update soon. 

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asthamehrotra Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Read all d chapters just now nd they were a-w-e-s-o-m-e Clap really nice work I liked the arguments b/w swayam nd Sharon in d beginning Big smile also the bond b/w Sharon-Simi as well as swayam-Simi is really something very deep... Also love d caring swayam. The last chapter was really heartbreaking Cry I really felt bad for both of them... Now I really want to see Sharon trying to avoid swayam in the fear of loosing him nd swaym getting affected by this Wink
By the way nice work keep it up nd do pm me Smile

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2015 at 11:17am | IP Logged
   Healing of the hurt Souls
                                                                  Chapter nine
"Hey Sharon.. How's you?" Rey's pleasant voice greeted her as she entered the rehearsal hall. Three days back, she remembered how she had stormed out of it. "Hi! I'm all good.. Waise Itna jaldi today..." Sharon said, brushing aside her thoughts and coming back to her happy self. Well, Sharon being happy was quite a surprise, but the last three days had changed quite a lot in her. Simmi and her were back to being inseparable and crazy and she got a well deserved three days break, though she was sick. Awfully sick, but those three days were some of the best days of her life. Simmi, in spite of all bantering and self created tantrums of Sharon had refused of let Sharon stay alone in her home. So Sharon was staying for a week at Simmi's place. And what more? After the D3 gang knew that Sharon was sick, all of them had visited her the next day itself. Sharon was glad. Elated. And one more person, who made her those three days off the best part of her life was him..
Simmi had went to the college and Sharon was forcefully staying at her home her body slight feverish. After the heavy medicines that the doctor had prescribed her, she felt quite better but still tired. The Medicines were seriously Yuck. And Sharon had not took her second dose for the day. She was home Alone. It was nearly two noon, when Suddenly, she heard the door creaking and the next moment a stranger, mask covering his mouth and nose and goggles covering his eyes came in. Of course, she was scared. Hell scared.Sharon tightly shut her eyes and before she could even think about shouting, she felt his large hands covering her mouth. She tightly shut her eyes. "Shh.. It's me.. Swayam.. Shh.. Shut up.." And she shut up. Her closed eyes now open and wide. She came back to her senses and bit his hands. "Ou..ouch!!" Swayam winced as she had bit him real bad. He took out his mask and goggles and sat beside Sharon on the couch. "Are you nuts?" Swayam asked, "Not yet.. But agar aise behave karoge toh people will surely assume you as one." Sharon immediately retorted. "By the way? You should've been in college right? Yaha kaise? N why the hell did you come here like that? To kidnap me?" Sharon asked. Swayam decided to play with her. "Umm.. You understand me so well you know.. Now should I pull you or you'll come?" Swayam moved his face dangerously close to Sharon's and smirked. She was dumbfounded. She looked at him shocked. "Wha..what.. Rubbish.. Kyun aaye ho yaha? And this get up?" Sharon said, stammering due to the closeness of their face, trying to divert the topic. "Hmm.. Fever kaisa hai?" Swayam asked, his eyes clearing the mock ness and showing pure care. Swayam still had his face near Sharon's and he could feel her hot breath on his face. He slowly touched Sharon's forehead with the back of his palm and his hand lingered there for quite a while. Her soft skin, warm and beautiful. There was nothing intimate about the moment, nothing uncomfortable. It was just a pure act of utmost care. Both Sharon and Swayam did not know when did their rivalry had turned to this relation, so bitter yet so innocent and sweet. There was no name to it, and they did not need one. What they had was perfect. Nothing more needed. "Abhi bhi hai.." Swayam took his hand away from her face and slowly moved back, until they were facing each other. "Doctor ko dikhaya?" Swayam asked Sharon. "Yup. Medicines diya hai. Wo bhi three, three." Sharon said, making a face. "And tumne wo abhi tak nahi liya." Swayam stated it as a matter of fact. Sharon noded. "Good.. Very good. And tumne kuch khaya bhi nahi hoga.." Swayam again stated, in I know it all tone. "Kuch banana aaye toh khaungi na. Simmi ko vejh diya maine, tantrum throw karke. Ghar pe kaka the, yaha nahi. Maggie banana aata tha, woh bhi ban hogaya." Sharon replied helplessly. "As expected." Swayam sighed and stood up. "Where are you going?" Sharon asked him. "Tumhare liye Italian pasta banane." Swayam said and moved towards the kitchen. "Ha Ha." Sharon replied and stood up, following him. "Waise you could have come without the mask and goggle as well.." Sharon said, in a confused tone. "No. I could not. I'm famous you know, these media people they need some juicy gossip everytime. I could not take that risk. And you won't believe it, I came here on an auto." Swayam said, his tone horrified and somehow amazed. "Oh ho. So mister famous is cooking for me huh. Not bad. And anyways, how did you know I was here? As in Simmi's place?" Sharon asked. "I had talked with her over the phone today morning. She had called to apologize, but we ended up discussing about your fever. She was so worried you know." Swayam replied casually. Sharon climbed on the slab and sat on it, watching Swayam cook. He was preparing mushroom soup and toasts. Through out the cooking process, both of them, kept on chatting, discussing and sometimes even fighting. But at the end, both were smiling. Genuinely. Sharon, after loads of drama and fighting had finally had her medicines. Swayam's soup, amazingly and quite surprisingly got lots of praise from Sharon. Time passed quickly and finally it was time for Swayam to leave. He touched Sharon's forehead one last time murmured a "that's better" and left. The next two days had the same routine. Simmi used to be with her at mornings and evenings and well, at day time, the most stupid, argumentative, stubborn yet most caring Swayam Shekhawat. She had that fear of loosing him, but she also knew the consequences of pushing someone away, she herself being the biggest victim of it.

  The rehearsals were paused for Sharon-Swayam duet and the group dance. However, other dances were superbly choreographed by the gang. Sharon recovered fast and within three days, she was back with a bang. Back to being the same old diva, yet with a tinge of kindness this time. More smiling and more beautiful, she was and looked.

"Yup, thoda extra dance u know.." Rey smiled and replied, which brought Sharon back to present. "So, all set to rock now?" Taani entered the hall and asked Sharon chirpily. "Yup, all set to rock.." Sharon said, confidence showing up on her face. "It's going to be the best annual day ever.." Taani said excitedly and both Rey and Sharon laughed seeing her excitement.

"Swayam!! What's up yaar? Long time no see huh?" Simmi asked Swayam casually. "Yup.. Very long time no see, in fact." Swayam replied, pulling Simmi to a tight friendly hug. "Aww.. You are crushing me you know." Simmi said, teasingly. He finally left her and looked at her. He knew no matter how much she tried to hide, Simmi was guilty. Her smile was genuine, yet so fake. "Thank you." Simmi suddenly said, looking at Swayam with immense gratitude. He was taken aback. "Exactly for what??" Swayam asked confused. "For taking care of Sharon. For helping her understand, Swayam. For understanding her and making her smile. So genuinely. Thank you so much Swayam. I love you so much. The best bestfriend ever. And I'm really sorry, for whatever I said that day." Simmi said, as expected her tone guilty saying the last line. "Wow.. Tum mujhse sorry bol rahi ho? OMG!! Sim is saying sorry to me?!?" Swayam said dramatically to make Simmi laugh and he succeeded. "Waise, Sharon is not that bad haan.. I mean, thodi... Nahi puri pagal hai.. Fights bhi bothot karti hai. Stupid hai.. But jo bhi hai, all she wants is care. And..wait a second... I cannot understand how on this earth could I understand Sharon so well in just three days??" Swayam added, scratching his head, his tone too confused as the realization struck him. Simmi noticed Swayam's dazed look and grinned. "Swayam, see Maine kaha tha na? Once you will know her, she is the best. And you know, why did you understand her so well? Because, accept it or not Swayam I know you could see yourself in her. You could feel her loneliness. You could see her true self Swayam because you know how does it feel. And Sharon? She is in a situation same as you. Believe me..." Simmi smiled and said. "Hmm.." Was all Swayam said. He knew Simmi was right. "Hey.. It's already rehearsal time. Let's go yaa Swayam. Now we have to start the prep in full action." Simmi suddenly said, changing the topic. "Yup. Let's go.." Swayam smiled and followed Simmi to the rehearsal hall.The day went all awesome. With the constant argument of Sharon Swayam, the gang's helplessness, Simmi's scolding and most importantly, loads of dance and fun. In the next five weeks, Sharon Swayam and the gang had bonded really well and Simmi was very happy with the fact that even Sharon and Swayam had started bonding really well. Though she knew they both were not fully happy otherwise but when with the gang or each other, she could see the glitter in their eyes. Avantika's constant taunting raised Sharon's temper and led to huge outbursts, but the moment she met with Swayam, Simmi or someone from the gang, she would automatically clam down. Both Sharon and Swayam still had that fear of hurt and loosing, but they gradually learnt to smile through tears. And anyways, it was not that Sharon and Swayam had stopped fighting or arguing, not at all. In fact, once, Sharon had nearly slapped Swayam during their duet rehearsal. Luckily they were practicing alone, but Swayam had obviously loosed his temper and shouted at Sharon real bad saying her the things which he had really not meant to. But then it was quite justified on his side. And however, after two days guilt trip and sleepless nights, Sharon, realizing her mistake had went to Swayam and apologized. He too had apologized her for his words. And both forgave each other, because they knew, if it would have been any other person apart from themselves, they would not have apologized at the first place, which obviously meant they were special to each other. 

It was just another day, annual day being just two weeks away and the preparation was in full swing. All the dances were ready and was being practiced by the respective performers. Sharon was passing through the corridors when suddenly she could hear a slight sobbing sound. It was not Sharon's concern whoever it was, but she could feel something like gravity pulling her. The sobbing was light and barely audible, but Sharon flinched hearing it. Suddenly she had flashes of her dad and few tears escaped her eyes. She swiftly wiped them and followed the sound. And as she went nearer, she could hear that it was a boy's sob. It surprised her. Finally she reached the abandoned corridor from where the sound was coming. There, a boy, his hair ruffled and messy, shoulders sulked down was sitting on the steps. He was inhaling deep, catching his breath. Sharon knew who it was. She slowly closed the door and went by his side and sat. "Hey, Swayam? What happened?" She asked softly. Swayam turned and looked at her, his eyes teary. Sharon felt her heart break. She had never seen Swayam so vulnerable before. "Swayam??.." She whispered barely audible. And he started sobbing. It continued for sometime and realizing that Sharon was waiting for an explanation, he stopped and took few short breaths, coughing a little and calmed down. "Kya hua?" Sharon asked him, taking the opportunity. Suddenly Swayam threw himself on her and ever so softly, he whispered, "I cannot dance Sharon. I cannot dance." And still hugging Sharon, he started sobbing lightly as tears started flowing from Sharon's eyes as well. She needed an answer, "Why not?" She thought, her mind anticipating the worst and heart hoping for the best.

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Posted: 27 June 2015 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Authors note
First things first, So sorry for updating so late.
I was sick and had loads and loads of projects.
Don't know how is this chapter. I have mixed feelings.
Taking about the end, I know I left it quite abruptly, but I did give some hints.
Let's see how many of you get it.
As I have said many times earlier, I love to make my stories unpredictable, which I hope I have succeeded in this chapter as well.
Thank you all for the lovely and constant support,
Love you all, 

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2015 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ires011

Di.. Give some speech.. Waiting for a long comment from you..

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Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2015 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Swayam is a gem yr
Caring nature
Loved it
The way he entered simmi's home...

They seems happy
Bt now what..
Update soon plz

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