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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 16)

aneesha93 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Awesome, awesome, awesomeClap. This update was really great. How they both could see through each other's eyes, how they felt each other's pain and inner turmoil. Brilliantly executed. Loved how they showed their real self rather than their masked emotions after dance. Am in love with this FF and I more importantly loved this update. If this was your first attempt at writing based on a song, I say, do it more. The song selection was apt. KhamakhaEmbarrassed . Kudos!
Thanks for the pm. Update soon.

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--Ecstasy-- Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
This was amazing.. 
Didn't expected it.. I thought they'll be fighting.. But seriously it was unpredictable. 
Swaron dance.. The song selection was perfect.. 
Khamakha Nahi.. I was visualizing original swaron dance on Khamakha Nahi. 
You brought back some memories with this song. 
I guess after this dance their equation is going to change in a good way. 
Looking forward to it. 
Update soon. 

Thanks for PM 


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Sovereign_K IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Loved it...
i loved this part the most...
it was so lovely..and u have done a amazing job...Clap
loved the way u penned their emotions and it was really unpredictable.LOL
The song nothing to say about is the one of the fav of all swaron fans so it was coolEmbarrassed
Update soon im waiting to

With love

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ndcdance Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 12:34am | IP Logged
i may not comment at times or comment short...but I've been reading..
so ur a gr8 writer sweetheart..keep writing..
this was jst beautiful

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 10:35am | IP Logged

SwaRon FF:

Healing of the hurt souls

Chapter seven

"I cant believe its him.." Rinni gasped seeing Swayam. "Neha faint being.." Neha said. "Omg.. He's more hot in real.. I so cant wait to dance now.." Kriya too joined the other girls. Even Taani was awestruck with the boyish charm Swayam Shekhawat had and looked at him with immense appreciation. "Kitne handsome types hai na ye.." Aashi too said and Simmi face palmed. "You all have gone crazy.. Now shut up and chalo jaldi.. And please don't behave you'll have never seen him. For gods sake guys, he studies in your college." Simmi said and literally pushed all her friends towards the rehearsal hall door, where Swayam was waiting for her and the others. As they reached nearer, the girls were so lost that, they even did not hear Swayam saying hi to them. The boys whereas were just looking for Sharon. "Arre Nil, kaha hai wo?" Vicky asked in a low voice. "Shayad on the way hogi.." Nil whispered back. As the boys were back of the girls, they could not see that Sharon was already in. Swayam after saying hi numerous time to the girls, not getting any response, finally went in. Simmi dragged everyone in. "They're excited to meet you both, That's it.." Simmi said, chuckling at her friends behavior. "Yaa yaa, I can understand. I have that effect on every girl u know.." Swayam said and smirked. "Haha.." Simmi said sarcastically. Their bantering was disturbed but the sudden gasping of the boys. "Sharon.." they gasped dreamily. Just then, Simmi noticed that Sharon was already there, fiddling with the speaker behind Swayam. She turned to face them all, and wait, her face, unlike other days, had a genuine happiness plastered. And just then, Simmi noticed the glow in Swayam's face as well. He too was smiling genuinely. "Hi Simmi. Hello guys." Sharon said, in a bit loud tone, to bring everyone back from their respective dreamland. Hearing her voice, Swayam's heart felt warm, as they brought back the little moment they had shared few minutes ago. And this sudden change in Swayam's expression did not go unnoticed by Simmi.

 "Umm.. Guys, first let's plan the routines and performances then, kal se we'll start the practice." Swayam said in an authorized yet friendly tone. He knew he had to behave good to the gang, because he would be working with them and sharing one of his biggest passion with them as well, which left Swayam no choice except to behave nicely and friendly with them. But he did have that tinge of attitude in his voice and he really could not help it and if the gang wanted really to get along with him, they had to accept him the way he behaved. "But first things first, let's get to know each other. We know you all obviously know us, but we, as in me and Swayam don't know anyone of you, except Simmi of course. So first introduce yourself. And show us your signature moves, that is, if you have any." Sharon said, in an "I don't care whoever you all are, just dance and go" tone. She really did not find any reason why she should just behave good or all sweet with them. If they wanted to stay and dance with her, they had to bear with her. There was no way Sharon Rai  Prakash was going to change for her so called new dance group members. Bharat gave "I want to get of this hell right now" look to his other friends, who in return gave a faint smile. They all knew Sharon and Swayam. And both of them were famous for their attitude, talent and wealth. The gang knew, there was no use messing up with those two, because they would miss their only opportunity to showcase their talent, which they all could not afford at any cost. And however they were, they surely had immense talent and no one could ever deny the fact.

After Sharon, Taani was the first one to speak. "Hi I'm Taani. I'm a trained kathak and salsa dancer, I do hip hop as well." She said , smiling sweetly. She was the chirpiest and the bubbliest of the group. She stood up and showed a beautiful kathak step, which really did impress Sharon and Swayam. Next who came up was Kriya. "Umm.. My name's Kriya. I'm a self-trained dancer in contemporary, and I love Bollywood as well." She said. Kriya stood up and showed her best step. Next up was Rey. "Hi, I'm Reyaansh, but yaa, you can call me Rey. I'm trained from National institute of dance in locking popping and hip hop. And yaa, I do love salsa as well" he said. Rey showed his step and later on, gradually, everyone from the gang gave their brief intro. Sharon and Swayam found the gang really fun and talented, but they knew it would take time for both the parties to adjust in each other's company.

"So it's done.. Annual day mein, two duets, three solos and one group performance." Simmi finally spoke, after nearly three hours long of discussion. "Well now let's decide, who will perform what?" Rey said. "Umm.. as according to you all, Rey and Taani are already dance partners, so you'll be one of the two pairs for couple dance." Swayam said. " And the other two will be Sharon and Swayam." Simmi added. Both Swayam's and Sharon's head shot up and they both glared at her. But Simmi, knowing they both from so so so many years knew that it was fake. "Wha..What? No way. I'm not dancing with him." Sharon immediately retorted. "Guys, from the gang, no one is trained in duets except Rey and Taani. So they obviously they cannot perform right?" Simmi asked them, her voice loud and bit irritated. The gang, seeing Sharon and Swayam's glares to Simmi, were completely dumbstruck and dared not to utter even a single word.

"Guys, stop giving those glares to me. I'm just saying what is true. And we are a team so, we too have right to speak.. And please, stop thinking that the world will always give in to you. And believe me, you both should really stop being so bossy. Otherwise, mark my words guys, no one will be left with you.." Simmi said, in a frustrated tone. She knew, she should not be talking to them like that, but she also knew that it was time now that Swayam and Sharon listen to others as well. She cared for them and she could even take the wrong way to bring them on the right path. But the realization slowly and painfully dawned upon her as she realized she should not have said what she said at last. And those last words she regretted instantly. Sharon and Swayam whereas were shocked seeing Simmi. "O-K" Sharon hissed. Swayam did not speak as he had already understood that Simmi was quite pissed off, and it was not a good signal. "So its decided, Rey-Taani, Sharon-Swayam for the duet, and what about, Aashi, Simmi and Kriya for the solos?" Vicky asked. "Yaa that seems all right. So guys, it's all decided now, let's meet tomorrow, same time and start our practice." Sharon said and without any further word left. She was really hurt as Simmi had never spoke to her like that any time before. Just as she reached the main corridor, she banged into someone. "Blind girl, can't you see?" Avantika hissed. "Blind hu toh obviously nahi dikhega na?" Sharon retorted. "Is it a rule of yours to spit venom to me when I'm talking?" Avantika asked, making faces. "Can I ask the same question to you?" Sharon said, irritated. She was already sad about Simmi's behavior, and now her so called principal. "Just shut up ok. You are talking to your principal now." Avantika said, in a bit loud voice. "Aap meri mom thi hi kab?" Sharon asked, traces of tears slowly appearing in her eyes. Even Avantika was surprised as she had never seen Sharon so vulnerable. "You know what, just forget it." She said and left from there. Sharon knew she was about to break down and just as she was about to go to her favourite place, that was the abandoned corridor, she heard the thunder, which indicated the first rain of the season and for the first time she chose to go outside instead of the corridor.

Sharon loved rain, she always had. The waters falling everywhere, the smell of the wet mud, letting her hair open and just jumping carelessly was what she loved to do the most, but today she was just sitting in an empty bench. Tears rolling shamelessly from her eyes. She knew she was a kiddo. How much she showed she was strong and hard, she had accepted long back that she did not have any control to her emotions. Maybe that was why, she was so used to running away from people, pushing them away just to hide that vulnerability. And out of all people, today it was Simmi. Sharon's thought travelled, Avantika's words ringing in her ears. "You are a jinx, Sharon." And for the first time, she felt the heaviness of those words. Maybe she was right. First her mom, then her dad, and now she felt that, Simmi too was going, which made her shudder. And the next person she anticipated sent chills to her spine. Maybe if he'll come, I'll lose him too. She thought.

"You should not have said that, at least not in front of everyone." Swayam said to Simmi softly yet frimly and walked away from there, leaving Simmi, at the middle of the hall, alone to face the sudden pang of guilt. The gang had already went, shocked with Simmi's behavior and Sharon and Swayam's reaction. Swayam was the last one to leave, but his eyes too showed hurt and deep sadness. She knew, that the sadness his eyes held, was not only for himself, but also for the other person whom she had hut beyond repair now. "God dammit!!! Why always them? Why could I not just control my mouth? Why god? Arrgh!!!" Simmi said, her eyes brimming with tears, maybe she had gone really the wrong way.  She realized.

Swayam came out of the rehearsal hall and just walked aimlessly. He was hurt, hurt really bad but more than him, it was her who he was so restless for. He knew she felt bad, he could see how her eyes filled up when Simmi said those things, he saw how she rushed out of the hall, and he very well knew why did she do that. The morning's dance flashed in front of him, how she had melted, how she was herself and not any diva. Why are you so cruel god? As if you can never see her smile. Simmi, who was so controlled, spoke today, and so badly did she hurt her. Only, only if she could have controlled a little more. Swayam thought. He did feel bad and somewhere hurt but he was used to people's bitterness, but unlike him, he knew, Sharon still had a heart which felt, which still cried silently, which still got affected. His thought process was broken as he realized that by then, he was nearly out to the main gate and it was raining. He did not like rain, in fact he hated them because it brought back all the bitter past memories. The memories which haunted him every day made him who he was today, but today, he felt a sudden urge, an urge which was irresistible, which wanted him to go out and get drenched, feel the first rain. Swayam slowly moved forward, one step at a time, until he was all out. The splattering of huge cold droplets, for the first time, made him feel clam. He closed his eyes, as he felt his hot tears streaming out of his eyes and getting mixed in the cold rain. He had never cried, he had promised himself not to, but sometimes, he thought, just sometimes, maybe promises were meant to be broken and pain were meant to flow.

"Many things changed that day, the always right were proved humans as they committed mistakes, the always bottled ups learned to let go and as the people got drenched in the first most awaited rain of the season, two numb hearts laying under the same shelter, realized that they too were alive and little did they know that, their sudden and soft beats were beating for each other."

... Still many things were yet to change, as "Change is the only Constant."

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Authors Note
Heya guys, First of all thank you all so much for the beautiful response in the previous chapter. The long comments were surely a treat to read. Keep them coming.. Smile
Hope you all liked this chapter as well.. I feel this one was quite heavy, and I really feel light after posting it.. Wink
Please do give in your reviews,

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ujwalv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 10:39am | IP Logged

Beautiful update..very emotional..

and the best part was- swayam's concern fr Sharon though he was also hurt.

so things r changing

n as u said- Still many things r  yet to change

"Change is the only Constant."

Thumbs Up




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VReSHna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 10:40am | IP Logged
res :)
Adi is it really u writing all this???
when did u grow up so fast yar...
this is totally Mind Blowing, literally my mind Blew...
Its so good, so damn good...
so well written, damn Well written...
Freaking Brilliant writing...
Adi i m So Proud...
This Is A Master Piece i tell u true Brilliance...ClapClapClap

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