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SwaRon FF: Healing of the hurt souls. Part twenty one. PG 68. Updated. (Page 14)

Shivika-fan Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Nice update and interesting story...update next part soon. 

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ujwalv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 5:37am | IP Logged
hey loved the update..
luving this story
update soon 
this time swaron moreWinkTongue

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flyinghigh_ani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2015 at 4:37am | IP Logged
i know i  did not comment on the last chapter...
sorry for that...Ouch

and now coming back tot he in both the updates...

i love the way you write... simple yet crisp writing...ClapClap
and this is one of my favorite ff ... i am just waiting eagerly to know
how the story is gonna move forward...
i love swayam's character... as i told you before...

and i really liked the way you connected swayam and sharon with simmi this time
(most of us do it with rey , kriya or taani )

so really hats off to your creativity...ClapClapClap

do update soon...

love ani

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 10:31am | IP Logged
                                               SwaRon FF: 
  Healing of the hurt Souls
                                                Chapter six:
"Wanna dance with me?" Swayam asked. "In your dreams." Sharon replied. Swayam slowly moved forward. "So be it a dream. Waise reality mein toh even I'll not ask you for a dance." Swayam replied. "Oh really. I said in your dreams, not mine." Sharon smirked. Swayam swiftly moved forward and caught Sharon's waist. "Hey you.. Tum samajhte kya ho apne aap ko huh? Just leave me.. I said leave me." Sharon said, struggling to get out of Swayam's grip. But Swayam was way too strong for her. "Scared?" Swayam asked, softly yet in a teasing tone, looking straight into her eyes. For the first time he saw the glint of innocence in her eyes. Her big beautiful orbs, her plump inviting lips, rosy cheeks, man she really was beautiful. First time after joining St.Louis, she saw the old 6 years old, sweet and caring Sharon, hidden in those eyes. He felt as if he could see her soul, the easily forgotten childhood memories replaying themselves in front of him. But the difference was, the all innocent and glittering eyes then had now faded their glitters due to the unshed tears and the pain and intensity, those eyes held covering up her pure and beautiful soul. He understood them perfectly, because he too was going through the same emotional hurricane.
 The feeling was mutual with Sharon as well. She too was staring straight into Swayam's eyes. The eyes, which were otherwise ice cold were warm and beautiful then. The emotions that were running in his eyes were mixture of many emotions, but the most evident one was obviously pain. His looks were intense and were numbing her senses even more every passing second. The sweat beads formed on his forehead, due to the dancing and the intensity was not doing any good to her as well. In those eyes, she could see how hard he was trying to overcome his moms death. She had heard about his and his dad's relationship from Simmi. And it really pained her heart to see him that way. His squared jaw, his soft long hair, his chocolate brown orbs, perfect, she thought. Then as if in a trance, Sharon slowly moved her hand and gently touched his hairs, which were more softer than they actually looked. "Dance?" Swayam asked softly, leaving Sharon by the waist and forwarding his hand. Sharon did not say anything, just gave her hand to his, she knew what was coming, but she could not resist her urge to dance with him.
Swayam slowly pulled Sharon to the centre floor, lightly catching her hand. Swayam took the speakers remote and played his favorite song and coincidently hers as well.
Swayam caught Sharon's waist with his right hand and Picked her hand delicately with his other hand. And he pulled her more closer to him. Sharon too caught Swayam's arms with her free hand and they started.. Lost in a trance, the revenge blurred due to the intense atmosphere built around them..
                                                        Halki halki aahein bharna
                                              Takiye mein sar de ke dheeme dheeme
                                                     Sargoshi mein baatein karna
                                                  Pagalpan hai aise tumpe marna
                                                       Ubla ubla kyun lagta hai?
                                 Ye badan, ye jalan tto khamakha nahi, khamakha nahi
                                              Ye khalish jo hai, wo khamakha nahi
                                            Haan tapish tto hai, par khamakha nahi 
Both Sharon and Swayam were lost in each other.. Their steps slow and seductive. All their past encounters flashed in front of them, making them realize, however they fought with each other, how much they showed attitude, how much big ego they had, they really could not resist each other.. 
                                                      Jo nahi kiya, kar ke dekhna
                                                     Saans rok ke, mar ke dekhna 
                                               Ye bewajah, besabab, khamkha nahi
                                                            Ye khamakha nahi
                                                            Ye khamakha nahi
                                                            Ye khamakha nahi
They were still dancing, Swayam leading and Sharon following.. Though it was the first time they were dancing together, any distant viewer would think them to be a madly in love couple, or at least dance partners since ages. They looked perfect and so was their dance. The mild rays of the sun peeping, the music, and the intensity was just adding to the serenity of their dance. Every lifts, every step, every single movement was in sync and beautiful.
                                                            Saari saari raat ka jagna
                                                      Khidki pe sar rakh ke rote rehna
                                                         Ummeedon ka jalna bujhna
                                                     Paagalpan hai aise tumpe marna
                                                         Khali khali do aankhon mein
                                                Ye namak, ye chamak, toh khamakha nahi
                                                                   Khamakha nahi
Their dance was progressing into more passionate one every passing second. Sharon and Swayam had their eye locked ever since the song had started. Swayam snaked his hands around her waist and lifted Sharon high above...There was turmoil going on in both of their hearts, both of them saw the pain in each other's eyes. Not because they knew each other or any such reasons. The mutual understanding between them was mostly due to the fact that they were similar. The insensitive and heartless Sharon Rai Prakash and the selfish and egoistic Swayam Shekhawat had many thing in common. Both needed something to divert their mind, to make them feel loved and belonged, both had faced the biggest loss of their life and both had the same mask pulled up. Maybe that was why they both, at one glance to each other's eyes, could directly see their inner soul, which was the most pure, beautiful and kind inner being ever...
                                                        Fikr rehti hai jo, khamakha nahi
                                                       Rikr rehta hai jo, khamakha nahi
                                                   Ashq aankhon mein, bhar ke dekhna
                                                          Aaina kabhi darr ke dekhna
                                                 Ye bewajah, besabab, khamakha nahi
                                                   Deewangi sahi, ye khaamakha nahi
                                                 Haa junoon tto hai, par khamakha nahi...
                                                                   Khamkha nahi...
They swirled, twirled, waltzed, felt and Finally the song and their dance ended. Both of them were still caught in the magic. And no one was there to break their reverie. They both stared into each other's eyes. There was complete silence but this time it was a peaceful one. Swayam was the first one to come out of the trance. Swayam's sudden change in expression made Sharon too come back to the real world. She had already guessed what was coming and she was very prepared for it. Swayam pinned Sharon to the wall, and raised his hand to cup her face, but before he could do any further, Sharon flipped their position. Now Swayam was the one who was pinned. Swayam knew what Sharon thinking, but he really did not have strength to do anything bad to Sharon, especially after seeing Sharon's beautiful and innocent eyes and heart. Sharon was about to speak, when suddenly, Swayam, kept his fingers on her lips and hushed her. "Shh.. I'm sorry. For everything I said to you yesterday. I'm really sorry. I.. I don't know Sharon, I've never felt so guilty after arguing with anyone ever before. I could not sleep the whole night. This has never happened to me . I'm always saying bad stuff to people, that's nothing new for me, but don't know why, when it came to you, it really did feel bad. I'm so sorry..." Swayam said and  a lone tear rolled down his cheeks. Sharon was taken aback, as she had anticipated hurt and argument and revenge, but whatever Swayam did was completely unpredictable. Then as if in reflex action, Sharon slowly raised her hand and wiped the tear that had fallen. She realized how strong yet weak Swayam was. "It's ok. Even I'm so sorry." Sharon said, before she could say anything further, they both could hear excited voice of girls and boys at distant coming towards the rehearsal hall. "They must be the dance team." Sharon said and just moved away from Swayam. She quickly went towards the speaker, pretending to fix it, where as, Swayam stood at the door, pretending to wait for Simmi and others.
But both of them, for the first time in these many days, were genuinely happy and not pretending to do so, maybe due to the new found feeling they had for each other.
Please Read The Note Below.

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VrushanianAdity Groupbie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 10:31am | IP Logged
                                                       Author's Note.
First of all thank you so much guys for the great response in the previous chapter. Though the demand of 3 pages of comments was not fulfilled, but the long and beautiful comments you all gave was enough for me.
Hope you all liked the update. I really don't know how's this because it's the first time I'm trying to write something based on a song. And above all, do let me know how was the song selection. I really could not find a better song than this.
And as promised there was only SwaRon in this chapter. About Swayam's revenge, I want my stories to be unpredictable, so it was the other way.
Hope ya all liked it. Please do let me know how was it.,

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Rockingbhardwaj IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 10:39am | IP Logged

Adity dear..this is great nd lovely

Their dance, eye lock
Everything is just perfect

Swayam's apology was the highlight


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flyinghigh_ani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 11:31am | IP Logged

i just know what to write!!!!... in a trance...

first of all standing ovation for the song selection...ClapClapClap
and the way you wrote the chapter i am speechless...

i could see a new version of the dance playing in front of my eyes...
n trust me when a reader can visualize what you have written as a scene , then you have succeeded as a writer...

frankly after today i am never gonna comment about your writing coz i stand no where in compared to you...

the beginig dream and reality part cracked me up... so like teh swayam sharon in your story...LOLLOL

and what i love about this story is in each chapter you portray everything that you want to but never slide an inch away from the characters... u stay true to your characters...

honestly this is my favorite ff now... i log into IF hoping to find a PM from you...

i know it's a long comment.. sorry if i have bored you but then coudn't control but write what i felt...

do i need to say after all this that i'll be waiting for the update????LOLLOL

so basically pls i want to see your PM as soon as possible...

love and lots of it


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anjuvrushan Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Omg...superb update...first ur song khamaka fav swaron scene...the way they feel for each other ,the situation all were so clear..
Thankyou for the pm...waiting for the nxt update

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