Mahakumbh 81-84: Inconsistencies abounding (Page 2)

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@Shyamaldi I had first thought of your option. Leela dying to save Maya which is the most expected hari hui premika  but there are some other reasons why I put the above thing.  I was telling about Triveni sangam right.
See the point of combination of 3 rivers. Point of combination of 3 ladies Maya, Katherine, Leela. Bhairavi tells Katharine is the joining point. Jodthi hai is the word she uses for Katherine.
Note that Lupta Saraswati is visible only for 7 minutes and in the end we see only Ganga and Yamuna only. Ganga the power and Yamuna the life giver. Knowledge once again goes Lupt.
Similarly if you look the 3 ladies Kat has to be there as she is the Garud. And one among the other 2 ladies has to go Maya or Leela. But at a certain point Maya, Leela banti hai and that point is when you understand or the knowledge emerges why certain things happened.
MB tells Ishwar ki Leela samajthe, samajthe hi samaj aayengi. If she has come to be a bali you don't need brains for it. It's obvious.
What is not obvious is Maya being Naga vanshi. And her death is also Naga bali something which will be done in the tug of war by Garud themselves or shall I say Katherine who is now hypnotized by Shiva and is in perpetual fear.
Bali of Maya is not something Garuds want because she is theirs. Her Bali can also show that when you try to take power from others bali tho apnon ki hi chadthi hai. But it is inevitable for the victory of the dharma.  This is one possiblility
Possibility 2 is Dansh telling if Leela betrays him even Rudra cant save her. True Rudra wont be able to save her, but Maya will save the woman who saved her husband and with Dansh hand itself Garud's power will be activated.
I have connected quite a lot to arrive at the theory of Rudra-Leela marriage.
Anyways crying Maya is unbearable for me in the precap. Not sure how long we will have to suffer her LOLLOL

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i don' t know how more inconsistency will be shown. now only bhairavi is constant.

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Thank you Shyamala for putting our thoughts into such well-articulated passages...

You have hit all the nails on their heads, and these are multiplying like rabbits as well...
What a sad letdown. I now watch for the actors sake and inspite of the writers!! Wonder what led to Utkarsh's exit. We can set our expectations appropriately now..

About Rudr's vish odyssey it was wholly pointless was it not? If his purpose was to save Maya then even that was an abysmal failure! For after Leela cured him, he had no vish left in him! ! Why does the writer have to dish out such inane stuff?  Bah

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Thanks for the update Shymaladi...
Am just too fed up with the inconsistencies galore that have stopped thinking...will watch till the end but don't have much hope for the story now... Heard The lead writer also left...thought it was a limited episode 
Iocked in script serial!! That definite does not seem to be the case...the story makes no sense...the characters are inconsistent, the plot is full of holes... sigh...

Let's see how it goes this week...


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Thanks Shyamalaji for this detailed post. 
Whosoever writes the story for this show now onward has a mammoth task ahead. many loose ends and bizarre situations to explain. I am not interested in speculating  how they are going to do itEmbarrassed

Nile Mississippi can be next season's destinations for MK. The dislodges between Rao and Greyerson were absurd. Tongue
Most senseless was 3 drops of Leela curing Rudra. Leela had her wrist slit in previous episode which was nursed by T mai. In next episode she was cured fully only to cut same wrist again. 
Ye flaw ka MK hai.Angry
Loved Dansh-Mb scenes . they were like 7 min Amrut scenes baki sab shunya. Embarrassed
it is going to be increasingly difficult to watch the show with 'conscious Maya. 'Wink
I dont know how many will agree with me, but Maya Rudra love story flagged the downfall of the show. 
This is going as 'Apanehi jaal me phasat jaat , hum marat jaat' Unfortunately the writer is not Chatur as it was expected. 
Shyamalaji do take good care of yourself. We all always love to read your posts. Good luck for your knee replacement. 

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Shyamala ji,
Agree with you.
I too felt that Nag in vishkendra dying was the nagabali needed and wrote about it.
MB had assured that the poison wont spread in Maya. So why the urgency to get the cure when the mission is in shambles and when his dad is in trouble?
We have to reset our expectations big time after UN's exit. Saw his replies to you.

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Originally posted by sashashyam

The biggest  bonanza about a pathetic  week is the added bonus of cracks in your posts aunty. More the inconsistency  more the sarcasm  and wit.

-Augustus Rao: Augustus (Agastya Parashar Gautam) Rao, with those AK- 47 toting guards all lined up, and a  dim tent  with more zombie like guards in it, looked more ludicrous than scary.  Julius Caesar's nephew, the first Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar,  would be horrified at the sight of such a downmarket namesake!


What was it with that Ruritanian style uniform? He would have been   definitely more sinister in  his regulation grey jacket. Rao  is also a remarkably wooden faced actor, which does not  help matters.  He cannot convey menace even when the recipients, the Veshes, are more than ready to genuflect before him in rank fear.

He can compete  with  maya in blandness quotient.

Pointless bravado: His boasting about how he will become the second Bhagwan, the one on earth -   who would have found out the formula for  creating amrit  by analyzing a sample (this is itself a very tall claim, but let that pass!), would manufacture it wholesale in a factory, and then sell immortality at extortionate prices -   would be comical if it were not so illogical.

Did he really?ROFL. Just  imagine  Rao's  'immortality  for sale'. In different  sized bottles.LOL. And why  would  the  client pay. Well, he would  initially  and then come back to grab it. He cannot  be  harmed anyway as he is immortal. LOL

Now, Rao, out of the blue and quite casually, informs his ADC Greyerson: Bharatiya shastron ke anusaar, dharti ko ek jeevit vastu maana gaya hai. Isiliye yahan ki sanskriti mein ise maa kaha jaata hai. Ab jis prakaar maa apne bachche ke liye doodh paida karti hai, waise hi yeh dharti samay samay par amrit paida karti hai. Us amrit ka durupayog na ho isliye us amrit ko nadi mein undelne ka kaam kuch logon ko saunp diya jaata hai.

America mein Mississippi aur Colorado, Africa mein Nile, aur India mein Ganga, in nadiyon mein amrit undela jaata hai. Isiliye in nadiyon ka duniya bhar mein bada mahatva hai. Par yeh bahut gut rakha gaya hai, taaki is prakriya mein koyi baadha na pahunche.

Now what is the viewer to  make of this sudden revelation? The Nile is of  course the  River of Life for Egypt, but I never knew that the Mississippi and the Colorado were sacred rivers as well!  I have visited the  valley of the Colorado twice, and the Grand Canyon as well. Pity I did not know that the river water was laced with amrit, nahin to ek lota Colorado ka jal to saath mein lati aur pooja ghar mein Gangajal ke saath rakh deti!Wink

ROFL. Jai Mississippi  maatha. Jo koi thumko dhyaatha, Colorado hey maatha, moksh mil jaatha, Jai Mississippi  maatha  .

And what is it about those tasked with the undelna of the amrit , that Mother Earth apparently disgorges spontaneously and sporadically, into these designated rivers? When and where? And who are those designated for this ultra secret task?

It is all more that bizarre.  If Rao knows of the when and where, why does he  not go there and collect an amrit  sample  at the very source, from the earth? Why indulge in all this complicarted and long rigmarole?

Jokes apart, the whole thing is nuts. It demolishes, at one stroke,  the whole basis of our tale thus far:  that the amrit  can be seen, and if possible got, only from the Saraswati at the pre-destined time and place, at the special Mahakumbh once every 144 years.  If one can get amrit  from the Nile and the Mississippi and the Colorado, then why wait for 144 years and then congregate only at the Mahakumbh in Prayag?

It sounded as if the writer had been high on  something quite potent!WinkWink


- The great vish hunt: As I had expected, this was pure abracadabra,  straight out something like Hatim Tai.  There was the  bubbling, boiling brew of vish,  and the Guru Maharaj sticking out his forked tongue and waving it about repeatedly  in front of  a totally unmoved  Rudra. Perhaps he did it to reassure himself that it was indeed there in his mouth, for there was no other valid reason that I could think of.Wink


Instead, questions, all logical, surfaced. Why does Rudra not take Leela with him to the vish kendra? She should know best how to tackle it.  If he does want to go alone, why does he not take one of the DM's jeeps  with him, so that he can make it back fast, and without having to provide such prolonged delectation for the Naga Pramukh?

Logic not allowed. 

-A  naagmani, a naagmani!:   

Why, that  she had no other choice but to betray Rudra and lead him to his death, because Dansh ke paas wo mani hai jiske kaaran hum sab ko uske ishaaron par chalna padega..  In short, the naagmani beloved of writers  and directors of  fantasies involving ichchadaari nagas  and nagins,  often with the sultry Sridevi heading the cast. Wink

And Amrish puri as sapera.ROFL. Who knows , we may have a naag dance by Mona Darling.LOL

Still ruled by his heart: But then he lapsed into folly, going alone and on foot to find the vish kendra  and tackle the  naga  guardian of the kendra, the Guru Maharaj. Why does he not take Leela with him, which would have been the only logical thing to do? Not only does he go alone, but he does not even think of going by jeep up to the point nearest the location, so as to be able to rush back with the vish,  nor of providing himself with some safe container for the vish. How did he think he was going to transport it back to his tent?In his mouth?


Shyamala B.Cowsik

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Maya has woken upShockedShockedShocked
Aunty, in DKDM, they are showing "Samudra Manthan"...and Shiva thanked snakes for helping him in drinking this formed the base story of MK

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