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Manan FF-Nandini fell in LOVE again(only 18+) (Page 9)

N_Niya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Doc_manan

<font size="5">Next Part Will be uploaded tonight...Tongue</font>

yippee yippee.. I want a long long hot update!! Big smile

parthsha Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 6:01am | IP Logged
Waiting waiting update soon if possible in evening...Big smileBig smilen yes a log long update..hehe
Doc_manan Newbie

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                                CHAPTER 4
Hello friends once again...
Im back..
And sorry to keep you waiting..
WARNING:This update is extra hotTongueWink
                   So who can not handle plzz stay awayy...
                   Dont blame me afterwardsWink

 Nandini POV

Yes i wanted to b with Manik...we would spend soo much time together..
He must have understood change in my behaviour...But he was not taking any initiative..

I would sleep closer to him purposly...and pretend to be asleep..
I was holding his hand every now and then..
I used to stand extra close to him if we go out for shopping,movies,dinners..
This went on for about a week...I was alredy in love with this gentelman and now he is making me crave for him even more by his extra sweetness...

Then day Manik called me and told me that we have to go for a marriage party in the evening so I should come early from office.
I got ready for the party in his favorite colour saree..RED with backless blouse...Hairs loose on one side..I draped the saree in the most seductive way...to impress my hubby Manik...
He always used to compliment me in friendly manner..but this time i wanted him to fall for me...

When I came out of room he was just awstruk to see me in saree..His eyes were shining as if he wants to tell everyone around that this is my beutiful wife..Only and only mine..
He came near me removing the strand of hair from my face and whispered near my ear.."U look beautiful as always!!!"and moved back..I said and U r not being less handsome Manik..im sure girls r gonna look at u instead of groom...He just smiled.. 

I was getting out from the trance created due to his warm breath near my ears when he said we r getting late lets go...
He was also looking handsome dashing young man in black coloured shirt..perfectly done hairs..He always looks like greek god to me..
We went to the marriage; actually it is a love marriage of his collegue, so every thing needs to be taken care by all of us.It's a Hindu marriage like our's-looking at the marriage I remembered our marriage.
I was looking at Manik often; he was also looking at me. Some unknown communication were happening between me and Manik.
I was with the bride and he is with the groom, but we were looking at each other.After some time he came near me and we both were watching the marriage.

Now I am feeling his breath and heart beat near me.I felt his smell and each sense is telling some thing to me. I sat near him touching his body. I was so happy that Manik  is my husband.I understood that he is also feeling something, as a result he kept his hand on my shoulders and sat as if he is hugging me from side. Our senses are talking I belive.

After marriage is over, they have also arranged for the first night for the couple in the hotel.We all married couples went there and gave final touchups to the first night room.All the people are teasing the couple.We both are silently looking at each other.I am not able to see into his eyes but at the same time not able to look away from him. Manik became so silent and his face looked very disappointed while every one is joking about first night and all.He must have remembered our first night..I felt so bad that I am punishing Manik.

I thought Why I am doing like this?
Why I am hurting Manik.
Till now he never hurt me.
Looking at all this I felt I need Manik.
I really want him now.Very badlyyy... 

After Dinner we started home in his car.
He was driving and I was sitting beside him..
While driving to home also Manik is very quite. He might be thinking about our first night.
I am still feeling his hands on touch on my shoulders. I strongly felt that I want him. 
I am thinking how Manik will be on bed? 
Will he be smooth or hard. 
Will he kiss me all over and do fore play or not? 
I am remembering his touch and our teasing game on our 2nd night on the road. 
I completely became hot and wanted sex with Manik. 

Manik was driving silently, I was looking at him continuously, he looked at me and asked " What?" 

I smiled and still continued looking at him. 

He asked " what , am I looking so handsome? Or you are trying to do some black magic on me?" 

I didn't stopped looking at him. 

Now my eyes are filled with teasing and they are welcoming. 

Manik smiled and said" if you look like this don't blame me after that" but I didn't stopped my staring at him. Because I was not concerned for the consequences..Even I wanted the same..

He concentrated on driving and I continued staring at him. 
He was smiling and enjoying my teasing.
We reached home. He opened the door and we went inside.
He sat on the chair near by and was removing his shoes.

I closed the door and slowly went back to him.
I suddenly hugged him from his back side very tightly.

Manik was surprised and said''Hey Hey...ohhh my"
he stood up like that only and turned towards me.
I felt shy and did not open
 my eyes and did not release my hug.
I was feeling so much secured in his hug. 

He also hugged me and said " Nandu.. Ohhh Nandu.. Thanks a lot. I am so happy.. I love you Nandu I love you very very much..!!!".
I didn't answered any thing, as he is taller than me, I slightly lifted my legs and stood on my toes. Now I can reach his neck.
I smelled him,I felt so secured and I started kissing him on his neck and hugged him very tightly.It was a bone breaking hug..
He became so horny with that action of kissing on his neck.I could see it in his eyes..
He started kissing me all over madly.
I also kissed him madly. I felt like I got some lost treasure.
He now took my face and started kissing my lips.
I also opened my mouth for him and kissing, he inserted his tongue inside my mouth and we were kissing madly. 
And he was pressing my body and I am pressing him towards me. 
We kissed like that for almost 10 to 15minutes I think. We don't want to stop that. 
We separated for 2 seconds took breath and again started kissing.

We were still in our Hall only..
Hall had a big red velvety carpet..
 We both laid on the floor carpet there itself and he now started kissing me all over my neck and face, and pressing my body, stomach. 

That day as it was marriage party I was in sari,
he pulled out my pallu and kissing all over. 

I was moaning ahhh, Manik... pls , pls don't leave me pls do it hard. 
And he was saying "Nandu, Nandu ... how to say, how much I love you. I love you. I really love you. I am so happy" and pressed him very strongly towards me. 

He said "now don't stop me, I can't control any more" 
I said" who asked you to stop, even I want you so much". 
He said, "you idiot, if you also love me this much why you wasted our time" and he bite me on my cheeks and my lower lip... And started tickling me.

I laughed and begged him to stop. 
He stopped for a while and looked into my eyes, and kissed me on my eyes. 
I kissed his chin and bite it slowly. 
And asked him "Shall we play the teasing game, which we played on the national highway?" 
And I started biting his upper lip and licking and teasing him. 

Now he moaned "hmm" and his hand was pressing my stomach and back. 
He was kissing on my neck and chest. 
I was pressing him and kissing him. 
His hand slowly started to remove my blouse buttons. 
I did not stop him. 

He then looked into my eyes. 
I also looked into his eyes. Our eyes talked that we need some thing more. 
His eyes "oh my god they are filled with sexual urge" they are pulling me. 
I am not able to take my looks from his eyes, they are so powerful. Looking deep into my eyes so passionately, he slowly lifted up my petticoat. 
His hands are touching my legs and he reached near my thighs.. 
He is pressing my thighs. Now I cannot look into his eyes. 
He went down and completely lifted my petticoat up, And staring at my all body parts. I felt his hand removing my petticoat. I am completely nude in front of him now.
He was staring at me. I opened my eyes and looked at him he smiled at me. I felt shy. Till now he has not removed his clothes, but he made me completely nude. 

He is smiling and saying "happy birthday new born baby." 
He was teasing me. I closed my face with my hands. He removed my hands, I pulled him by holding his collar of his shirt he fell on me. 
He started kissing me. 
He said -"why don't u make me also a new born baby...and took my hand near his shirt buttons. I removed his shirt, he removed his pants.
He is in his vest.
Now we both are nude. His body is touching my nude body.
We both felt the naked skin hot touch and became very hot.
I was pressing him towards me, and I bited his ear. He got horny and he is pressing me all over and licking me all over. He was very confused and in hurry what to do, where to do. 

Ohhh what a feel. We both moaned at a time now we are not in control. 
He came on me; 

He liked that, and he moaned.


I enjoyed it a lot. 

His whole body is on me in touch with me. 

my whole body wet with his kisses and licking. His hands are pressing me here and there. 

Ohhh my, he is so good in sex. This school boy faced man is killing me... He is asking me in between, you want me to do faster or slow? Am I hurting you??? I felt so happy... how Much caring is he. 

I said "Manik... you idiot why did you waste our time" now I am not able to control myself. 

He also made his grip tight and he is pounding me very fast. I feel as if I am in a different world all together. I came to climax. I tightened my grip, all my body parts jerked once and I felt my whole blood and senses are concentrated at the same one point and I came out. 

At the same time Manik was pounding me very fast and pressing me tightly and I know he also came out... We collapsed. 

Our grips became loose. 

He was still inside me and sleeping on me. After few minutes I inserted my fingers in to his hair and kissed his fore head and tears came out of my eyes. 

I felt Manik is mine. 

Nothing can come between us now. He is enjoying my kisses. 
And he is also kissing me without any specific space. Now in his kisses there is no hurry, they are filled with satisfaction, they are saying so many things with out speaking.

 We are very silent but our bodies are talking. 

We forgot that we are on the floor carpet in the hall all the windows are open and we forgot about every thing. 

We are busy in exploring each others bodies and busy in loving each other.

Manik... separated from me and lay beside me. 

Now the air is directly touching my body and drying my sweat ...we both are looking up towards the ceiling...

Manik called me... "Nandu", I asked - what? 

He asked -"do you love me now?" 

What to answer. 

I slowly moved and kept my head on his chest and hugged him tightly and asked " do u want me to tell you I love you..."

I felt that word " love" is not enough to express my feelings for you". 

He said my heart is saying " Nandu loves me so much and she cares for me. She is so nice than anyone in the world. He said "even if Nandu don't love me I don't bother I love her, that is enough for me". 

Can any one imagine what happens in a woman's heart listening to these words? I simply tightened my hug and said  I Love u sooo soo much Manik...

We were like that for some time and slowly I started feeling something... 
I started rubbing my face to his body and kissing him slowly. 

To know more keep commenting..
Let me know if I should continue this...
I wont be able to give much chapters..soon gonna end this...
#**removed some extra hot parts seeing ur reactionsEmbarrassed


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irresistible Embarrassed

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Originally posted by musicialtie


he he Teri hi bat kr rhi thi
ab study kaise karegi yeh par kr

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urvisaini IF-Rockerz

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that was actually too hot!
*handfanning myself*

continue soon

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Yes yes!! Do Continue :D !!

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ohh fish!!
It's so HOT dude! Ermm
meko chakkar aarahe hai!! Wacko
Please don't end this.. I wanna see how der life goes on after that.. after all it's not only bout sex! u can bring harshad track also na!.. Smile
thanks buddy for d update!


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