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Manan FF-Nandini fell in LOVE again(only 18+)

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Hello friends im new to this forum...but loving all the stories here..This s a short story..will continue only if u like..

Sorry for typing errors n long post..


Here nandini was in a bad relationship which she ended with harshad..and now getting married to handsome boy Manik..

Nandini and Manik are working in different MNC but in same city .

[Nandini POV]

8months after breakup..

 I wanted love, I want some one to kiss me with so much of affection in the eyes and passion towards me.I want to satisfy my bodily desires. Nights I used to dream about sex. I started thinking. I thought I cannot live like this, I need love and sex in the life, but my heart is not ready to think and love. In between I got a promotion in the job after 6months and I happened to meet so many nice persons of higher status (Eligible bachelors). Some proposed me also. But knowingly I kept all of them at a distance as I do not believe myself. My parents are forcing me for my marriage.


My mother used to visit me regularly, (mother can understand the pain in the daughter's heart) some how she came to know all that happened to me. But she never talked about that. She started telling about the relative girls who got married recently and how happily they are living. She managed so well so that I think about marriage. She took me for a marriage, there I saw the glow in the face of the bride, how happy she is and how proud is the groom. There is some bond; there is some security in the whole atmosphere. Every one wants the bride and groom to talk and be close. But to the lovers no one give them respect. Some different angle of life opened in front of my eyes. That night I dreamed about my marriage. My husband, whom I can belive for life time, who will take care of me, who will bring me all the small small gifts, who will play with my small kids, who takes me to hospital and takes care when I am sick, who takes me to the relatives house, who introduces me to his whole world very proudly about me... Ohh really a great feeling to have a husband. My mother observed the change in me; she started giving me some photographs of the grooms whom they are looking for me. Previously I used to shout at her and never opened the cover. But now silently I am looking at the pictures and looking at the details. My mother said " you don't worry about anything, now a days educated guys are very good and they respect women a lot" she knows what is my thinking process. She said "life is so beautiful after marriage only, you will have your own people and your own everything". She said "in the arranged marriage everyone is responsible for the couple's happiness. They take care". She said" if your brother is married We will love our daughter in law as we love our daughter. Like wise you will have the love of a whole New family. My mother knows a woman heart how greedy for love and family. Finally I agreed for marriage. And frankly speaking I am not bothered who is the groom, my parents took care of that. My only condition is I will never stop working still I feel bored. Some guys they don't want their wife to do job, but so many guys left the decision to the girl only. Finally my marriage fixed with Manik Malhotra. He has done his MBA and working with private company. When my parents arranged for a meet with them at first I was very nervous. How to behave? How to talk? All the nonsense. Finally I said I cannot sit like that in that traditional "marriage looks". My parents worried how to say this to them. But suddenly one day when I am in office, our office attendant came to me and said some one named Manik came to meet you, sitting in the lobby. My heart jumped.is that the groom.?? When I saw him sitting there my legs shivered and I am not able to go there. Normally I am very brave and behave very well with men. But never had an experience to speak with an unknown person with a thought of marriage directly. I managed a smile on face and sat in front of him. He said: sorry, with out intimation and taking appointment I came all of a sudden. I said: its ok, he said: "shall we go out for just half an hour; I am not comfortable with the traditional system so I thought we should have a talk personally". I felt happy that he also thinks like me. I asked him whether he can wait for me one more hour so that it becomes my lunch time and we can have lunch together He is so happy and said yes immediately.


He  gave me his number and asked me to call him once I am free. I felt he is so nice that he did not mind when I asked him to wait. I met my boss and took half day; he gave me some important work which needs to be completed before I leave. So I completed that, it took 2 hours. I gave a ring to Manik and he said he is already waiting in the nearby hotel since 2 hours. I was shocked and went there in a hurry. When I observed from the distance, he is talking to the waiter; already 4 empty coffee cups are there on his table. I smiled and went there n wished him. We ordered for lunch and ate very sincerely with out talking as if we are starving for so many days. After that also he is not talking anything. Then I said "ok Manik Malhotra, time is over I have to leave now" and looked into his face. He is very confused and hurried said: no no no, pls , sorry, we have not talked anything." Then I said that's why I took half day permission, so that we can talk clearly. He felt relief and we talked for 2 hours. He said all about him. His studies, friends, wishes, likes and dislikes, what he expects from marriage etc and asked about me. I also told about me. We came to an understanding that we don't have any complications and can happily get married. We decided to tell the parents about this. After that everything happened very fast and time came for marriage. I started giving cards in the office. One of my friends looking at the card asked me: Nandu, do you think you are doing right thing? You had affair with Harshad for 2 years and now very innocently marrying an innocent person, is that not cheating? I was shocked ... Till now I am thinking about me only, I thought about my pain, my failure, my sorrow, my wishes, my happiness, my security everything about me. Even for a fraction of second I never thought about Manik. I am not a person who feels woman's body as a vegetable or perishable good which once used will be spoiled. But I don't know about Manik. How can I expect him to think like me? Atleast I should have told him about this to know his idea. I came home.


I thought about this, what to do now? I cannot stop this marriage at this stage because already two whole families involved. Cards were distributed. All the pain, which I forgot almost all these one month, came back to me again. What to do? Why can't I marry? But why should Manik to be kept unknown about my affair? What is the necessity to tell him? It was a wrong step or it happened unfortunately which I want to forget why should I unnecessarily tell him? Like this I thought differently with mind and heart. But finally I called up Manik and asked him to meet me the next day (we both are working in the same town); we went to the same hotel next day. He is so happy and exited. He said : when I got your call I felt so exited, it seems as if we are lovers and 1st time in my life I am able to feel this excitement." Listening to this I felt so sorry about him he looks like a child to my eyes. I cannot cheat this innocent person. I told him seriously: Manik pls. Do something to stop this marriage I am very sorry that till now I thought about me and took the decision to marry you happily. But I cannot keep you in dark about my...like wise I told him about the affair with Harshad completely and the intimate relation had with him for 2 years. And I told him that I only decided to separate from him because I found him inhuman in his behavior for some reasons which I don't want to share with you. I looked into his face, it is red with anger? Insult? Or whatever. He is not looking at me. His hand on the table is so tightly gripped the table spoon. I said I am sorry for all this. And I will do what ever he say to stop this marriage. With out saying anything he left that place. I was left alone; I felt I am all alone in this world forever. All my dreams about marriage are now dreams only. Slowly I paid the bill and went to office.


After 2 days,Manik called me and he wants to meet me and we met again. He looked down, but his eyes are glowing with something.They are looking very straightly into my eyes. I am not able to see him properly. I felt I have murdered some one and standing in the court to listen to the judge's sentence... slowly he kept his hand on my hand. That is his first touch to me. I looked confusingly at him, he is smiling at me. What to understand? Why he is touching me? What is the meaning of that smile? I got angry immediately. I told him:Manik  I told you about me every thing. If you feel I have cheated you I am very sorry, but just think as a human being, I am still in the trauma of the sad result of my love. What does u think of me? You idiot, now listen to me. Even if you are ready to marry me I am not ready to marry you. Go to hell. Good bye. Saying this I ran out of the hotel. I felt insulted like hell. I don't know what happened just now. What he thinks of me, once I was cheated in life, I had sexual relation with a man, but it doesn't mean that I am a bitch to have sex with everyone. All men are like this, idiots. Why should he touch me? ... Like this I am thinking in my own way of thinking.


But Manik came running to me and told "what happened I want to marry you. Is there anything wrong? I am very sorry if I have done something wrong. ..." I was shocked and staring at him. What is he telling and what I thought of him? I am not able to answer anything. Suddenly I felt how bad I am and my thoughts and how great he is. And I felt he is showing sympathy on me. I managed to say "give me some time" and I left to office. I thought about this for two days, in between Manik  called me two times and told me that he really respect me because he felt that I am a very special lady who is so frank and he feels he loves me or some type of attraction towards my strong personality. He told me that he is sure that I will also love him in future and requested me to don't say no. Some how I am impressed or confused but I agreed for marriage and we got married with all band baza. It's a new life for me. I am so exited at the same time I am very detached. My mind and heart became so blank with out any feelings. During the marriage ceremony Manik  seems very happy and I have observed some spark of happiness in his eyes. I felt satisfied looking at that spark which any girl expects from her husband. This gave me confidence that he is not marrying me with sympathy, he really wants me or attracted towards me. Can I say it is love?He seems so bright in the lightings, till now I have not noticed he has a very good smile and handsome figure. While doing puja, his hands touched me so many times. The Hindu marriage designed like that the bride and groom will be pampered and their emotions will be raised. The Pandit said to hold Maniks  hand and both together need to pour water on the god's murthy.

Manik looked at me and smiled mischievously. I understood the meaning he wanted to say " see you made a drama while I hold your hand and now you have to touch me in front of all the people" I did not responded any thing simply hold his hand. I am little bit bend on his side and our bodies are touching. I can feel the heat from his body. Some different feeling which I cannot explain. Pandit was saying Mantras and it means Oh god I am promising in front of all the people that I will never leave the hand of my spouse in all the work I do, in all the financial situations, in all the wishes of life and even in the worst of my life" pandit said "see children now a days no one is understanding the real meaning of our marriage so I am translating for you all.. From today onwards you both are friends, you both are soul mates  and you need to do all the social jobs together and should be together in all the situations of life.


I kept quite. But Manik said "we do sir" and he looked into my eyes meaningfully. I am not able to read the great meaning which his eyes were telling. Latter it is time for mangala suthra. Now my heart started beating speedily. Till now I was very calm. But Manik stood up and bend to tie the 3 knots in my neck. The pandit said" it means the man is bending in front of a woman to respect her feminity and motherly nature and welcoming her to come to his house and make him happy. Till now I thought that mangala sutra  means tying knots to women freedom, but the pandit said a different meaning which says man is bending in front of female to welcome her to his life. The weight and cold touch of mangala sutras on my breasts made me feel a very different feeling. I don't know why but I felt I am honored. But Manik while knotting the thread he gave a soft pinch on my back neck. I giggled. All my family and relations laughed at once. I felt ashamed. After some time I hold his little finger and made sapathapadi around the fire. Once he came behind me and once I went behind him. Pandit said " in life also some times man will lead and some times woman will lead in all the dharma, who ever have that capacity to lead the situation the other should follow them with out any pride" I am very impressed with the pandit. I felt he is not a very normal traditional pandit he understands the fears of a girl who is getting married and the illusions of a man who is marring a woman and trying to sort it out. After that we have some games " searching the gold ring in a pot, who ever is able to get the finger two times out of three times he or she will be the dominant in the married life people say like that,Manik  immediately catched my hand inside and not let me search the ring and he is acting out side as if he is searching very sincearly, I was not able to pretend like that, so one of his friends identified that and said, " Manik leave her hand inside, we can see that" Manik laughed and left my hand. He did not searched for Ring, three times I only picked up the ring, and you can say he made me win. All the time he is busy in doing mischief and keeping me occupied with his sense of humor.

During reception we both were seated in a Single Big royal chair. I was dressed in Gagra choli white and sea blue shades. He is dressed in white long suit. When we sat on the chair he said seriously in my ear whisperingly" you look sooo beautiful, I cannot control myself kissing you. Don't try to threaten me with your serious looks; even if you slap me also I am going to kiss you before we leave this reception place in front of all. Be careful dear" I am shocked and worried. I moved away from him. But that is a single seat. Whenever some one is coming to wish us I am comfortable, otherwise I am worried. I called my friend to come and stand near me. After some time Manik warned her, "what is this Navya madam, why don't you leave the new couple alone, if you don't leave us alone I will kiss your friend in front of you, don't blame me after that" she laughed and demanded party from Manik to leave from that place, finally Manik agreed to give her grand party if she will leave us alone for some time.


As it is dinner time visitors are busy with the dinner no one near us. I am worried again and saw that my little cousin sister 8 years old, is running from here to there showing off her new dress and make up to all the visitors. I called her and asked her to sit in between us. Manik kept his face like a school boy again. All this I am enjoying only. Manik said " See only till 10'o clock you can escape from me, after 10 your mother and others will bring you to my room, today is our first night don't you know that? You made me mad till now, I will take sweet revenge with you. You cannot stop me" I looked at him with blank face... I really don't know that...!!! How can I sleep with this new person???? Why not he is my husband for the life time??? But how, I am not prepared mentally ...I am in confusion, am I happy? Am I ready for that? I really wanted sex no, then why I am hesitating? But I don't know Manik properly? Or still I am not able to forget Harshad? No no I forgot him. Till now I never thought of him for a single second and in future also I will not remember him, Manik is my husband and a very nice human being how can I compare at all? But is this right to...??? Like this my mind and heart are fighting for a long time. When I looked at Manik, he is so cool and happy and I felt he is so nice...


Precap-First NightHeartWinkKeep guessing...

Thanx for reading..Do post ur replys, likes, dislikes, comments then only I can continue...

 CHAPTER-2         PG 3

CHAPTER-3          PG 6

 CHAPTER-4(last)          PG10

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It's awesome Clap please update soon

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waiting eagerly for d next part! loved it.. Tongue

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Wow nice 
Loved it
Cont soon

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Continue soon...
nyc concept!!!

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Different concept...but nice..looking forward to where u take this...

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Woww very nice n heat touching story... Continue soon dear...waiting for ur updatesBig smileSmile

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Awesome update... pm me when u update nxt part...

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