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Where do Ranbir and Anushka just wanna have fun? the t2 office

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Where do Ranbir and Anushka just wanna have fun? the t2 office off course! 

- He had us even before hello (as always). She won us over with her warmth.
Pictures: Rashbehari Das and B. Halder

Anushka Sharma walked into the t2 office and spotted Ranbir Kapoor on the cover of the Friday edition of t2 lying on the table. "Full posing!" she ribbed Ranbir. "That was natural!" countered Ranbir. "Full posing, full posing!" insisted Anushka, giggling in a gorgeous green floor-length kurta with slits up to her wow waist. "I was looking at the birds..." said Ranbir with a straight face, looking hot in a black hoodie jacket. "Which birds?" asked the t2 girls. "Er, 
flying birds," he grinned as everyone laughed out loud. And before we knew it, the easy chatter of the two stars, in the city to promote their May 15 release Bombay Velvet, filled the room as they had 40 minutes of pure fun.

Priyanka Roy, t2: Ranbir's Johnny Balraj in Bombay Velvet wants to be a big shot'. Who are the big shots in your life?

Anushka: (Points at Ranbir) His reply is me... he is constantly inspired by me (laughs)! A big shot (thinks)... I think it would have to be my father. He was in the army and obviously as a girl, you grow up in adulation of your dad and my father gave me enough reasons to... Then, it would be Aditya Chopra because he kind of launched me in my first film (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) and put that faith in me, which nobody really had. In fact, people had dissuaded him from taking me in that film.

Ranbir: The person who had dissuaded him was...

Anushka: Karan Johar! Who's now signed me for his own film (laughs). Ya, so I think the men in my life have been hugely, hugely inspirational and supportive of me. Including my brother (Karnesh) in his own way, he's always there to guide me even though he's not from the industry. He's always been a big part of the decisions that I've taken. 

Priyanka: So did you give Karan a tough time because of that?

Anushka: No... abhi toh matlab, he took me in the film (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) so he's like, Ya, I did my bit' (laughs).
Ranbir: I think the two big shots in my life would be my grandfather Raj Kapoor and Messi the footballer.

Riddhima Khanna, t2: Did you see his goal against Bayern? 

Ranbir: Both his goals, ya.

Riddhima: Anushka, you never dress OTT. How did you mould yourself into the sexy siren Rosie Noronha for 
Bombay Velvet?

Anushka: I think I've become a more patient person after the film. I used to hate sitting on that chair. For me, one hour or 45 minutes is the maximum that I can get my hair or make-up done. Beyond that, I think it's criminal because you have to wake up so early as it is and then you have to come so many hours before to get your hair and make-up done. Kam se kam two hours for hair and make-up and then half-an-hour for costumes. And it was horrible. I don't like getting ready so much. I'm not someone who blow-dries my hair; I just wash it and let it dry. So for me it was a big deal!

Karo Christine Kumar, t2: Well, you're looking gorgeous today (Anushka teamed her green kurta with navy blue paisley-print pants and desi jootis, a look she held together with an Eina Ahluwalia necklace)...
Anushka: (Points at Ranbir) He made fun of my costume (laughs). As soon as I came out, he was like Ha, ha ha!' So tell him that, tell him! He was like Are you going to wear this to the airport and back?' I said, Ya'. He said, I'm not going to walk with you!'

Priyanka: Was there any time during the film when you really hated him?
Anushka: Ya. I love him and I hate him. And that hate is not like that dirty-waala hate, it's like I get so annoyed with him that I just want to hit him. He can annoy me so badly. But that's what makes us friends.

Asmita Nandy, second-year student of Loreto College and a Ranbir fan: Did you play pranks on each other on set?

Ranbir: I made her cry on the first day. (Everyone laughs) Not because...  it wasn't intentional... but we were doing this big intense fighting scene for the first time...

Anushka: It was this romantic scene...

Ranbir: Okay romantic scene, and I guess it was her early days and she just wanted to get into the character so she was sitting on the steps in isolation and all. So I was... I don't know, what was I doing?

Anushka: You were talking, talking, talking... so I'm like okay, whatever. Then what he started doing... it was very annoying... he started telling me, Why is your right hand there? Why is your right foot coming out first?' He's like, You're pulling my hair, you're pulling my hair' because we had on these wigs. Then he told me, You've spoilt the focus'. So I'm like, What are you talking?' So I asked the focus puller, Maine kuch kharab kar daala?' and he said no... Ranbir was just trying to pester me and it was this whole romantic scene. At that moment, I wanted to kill him (laughs)! I thought, how is this going to happen? And then I just couldn't control. I was feeling so overwhelmed that I just started weeping... but not weeping in front of him because of my pride and all (laughs). I went out of the room but I had my mic on so Anurag (Kashyap) heard me. And Anurag came out saying, What happened to you?' Then he was like, You just go. And you just start shouting loudly'. So I went outside and just shouted like a mad person!

Riddhima: So how did you take revenge on Ranbir? 

Anushka: He understood. That way he's sensitive. He actually realised that she must have been crying for something that had happened. Then he himself came to me at the end of the shoot saying, I did too much kya? Okay, I'll be careful next time'. He wasn't doing it intentionally, even now he's like...

Pramita Ghosh, t2: Ranbir, in the movie you have messy hair and a stubble, like you're sporting right now. But personally, which look do you like better " this or clean-shaven? Which is sexier?

Ranbir: I don't know what's sexier (laughs)!

Anushka: I don't like clean-shaven boys...
(That was the cue for Team t2 to go ooo!' and okayyy!' because Anushka's boyfriend Virat Kohli is anything but clean-shaven)

Anushka: (Blushes at the response) Arre!

Ranbir: I think it's a big effort to clean-shave... so if I'm not shooting, if I'm just vegetating, I won't shave at all. I let my beard grow; I won't cut my hair. So for this character, because everyone had a set notion of how I look " these 
chikna city urban boy kind of roles that I've done " it was very important for me to have a drastic change in this 
character. You know, I had to do something weird to my hair, wear a pencil moustache, that curly hairpiece because those were the Kishore Kumar kind of days.

Pramita: So that was original, that thin moustache?

Ranbir: No, because we were shooting present and past all together so I couldn't have grown a moustache. So for this film, I did a drastic change. It was a risk because people could find it funny also but I hope that once they see the film, it doesn't distract them too much.

Anushka: One little wig he's worn... and he did so much kain-kain... No, don't pull my hair, don't pull my hair...' In life, we women, how much we have to put on our head! And then these guys, they're pushing us and pulling us... then they don't think about it!

Ranbir: See, I'll tell you... I had clips behind, like this (demonstrates) and she's putting her hand below the clip and pulling the clip and then it comes up...  

Anushka: That's what I'm saying that we always have clips all over our hair but you don't realise it! We don't make a big deal out of it, that it's hurting and all that!

Ranbir: (Laughs) Rubbish!

Chandreyee Chatterjee, t2: You've worked with Karan Johar the actor and now you're going to work with him as a director in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. What do you think he'll be like as a director?

Anushka: I have no way of knowing obviously because I've never worked with him but I can tell you one thing, I'm very excited to be part of that film. Because we've grown up in that time when Karan Johar films were like the ultimate keyhole into life and what's cool and new and everything.

Priyanka: You just made him sound so old, na?

Anushka: (Laughs) I don't think there's any film whose dialogues I can recite like I can with Karan Johar films. I've seen them the maximum number of times. Because I came from Bangalore and we didn't really watch that many Hindi films, only the big ones. I'm very happy to be part of something Karan has put his heart into. And if I can say so, being a huge fan of Karan Johar films, this film is not like that. Because he has also kind of found another angle... (looks at Ranbir) Am I right? Something like that, no?

Ranbir: I really enjoyed working with Karan Johar the actor. We all had this preconceived notion that Karan Johar is such a big name. He would come with all that baggage, you know, big producer, big director, top show host, award show host, doodhwallah... he's mastered everything (laughs)! So I thought he would be hard to work with. He's playing the main antagonist (Kaizad Khambatta) of the film. He's got such an effervescent personality and he's so lovable, how does he do it? But I think this part is written for him... because Karan Johar has this menacing, manipulating quality also and I think the way he channelised that through his character... I think he did a very good job. I was very impressed with that.

As a director, I was very surprised with the kind of film that Karan Johar has written and the script of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is a total departure from what he is trying to make. He is trying to make a new-age, urban love story, so there is no sense of Karan Johar' in the film... no melodrama, no GAP sweatshirt, no hundred dancers behind you " nothing like that. It has a great character for Anushka, me and Aishwarya Rai and we are very excited to work with this combination.

Pramita: You're playing this angry young man in Bombay Velvet. In real life, what pisses you off?

Ranbir: I've never been pissed off. I've never been in a fight. I've never hit 
anyone. I've never got beaten up. (Looks at Anushka) Do I ever get angry?
Anushka: (Shakes her head) He never gets angry...
Ranbir: I'm quite detached.

Pramita: What's the secret?

Ranbir: I was born like this. Even when I was young, my mom (Neetu Singh Kapoor) used to tell me, if I saw a snake or something, I would have no 
expression on my face. I would be quite expressionless. I would put my hand on my heart because I knew my heartbeat started going faster. That was the change I felt in my body. But I don't think externally or internally...

Asmita: You just don't react or you don't get angry?

Ranbir: Of course, sometimes I get pissed and get sad but in my case I think it goes away very fast. In my case I don't think about or stress about it too much. 

I always think that everything that happens, happens for the best. Sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt. So I haven't really got that angry yet. So far it's been good.

Priyanka: Anushka, do you think he is human?!

Anushka: Ya! It's not about being human but just as a person he is very detached. And that is what makes him not get angry which is a great thing.
Ranbir: I don't think it is a great thing... so many times you don't feel those emotions...
Anushka: See, I think it is a great thing to be detached!
Ranbir: See, it is good to be detached to materialistic things. Not to emotions or human beings. I think that sense of detachment is very important...

Disha Banerjee, second-year student of Shri Shikshayatan College and a 

Ranbir fan: Okay, which was the funniest moment you shared on the sets of Bombay Velvet?
Ranbir: We spent like close to 100 days together and close to 10 hours each day. There must be so many funny moments that you can't really remember one. There was such a large cast, there was Karan, Vivaan (Shah), Satyadeep (Misra), Kay Kay (Menon), Manish Chaudhary, Anurag (Kashyap) everybody had such a strong personality... (Suddenly looks at Anushka) Are you thinking or are you reading?

Anushka: Reading (some t2 editions with articles on NH10).

Ranbir: (Continues...) So I think all of us were really inspired with the work at that point of time, so the fun came out of that. It wasn't really about being off set... now the shot is not working so let's crack jokes. I think the fun was in doing the work. Everyone was so inspired to do their work and surrendered to their parts... (To Anushka) Do you agree to what I am saying?

Anushka: Who did this interview? (Points to an NH10 interview in t2)

Ranbir: You have to concentrate on my...
Anushka: But I was focusing on my...
Ranbir: Ya but now concentrate on what I am saying.
Anushka: But I've heard the same thing again and again. I tried to read his interviews and I was like, Heard it, heard it, heard it'.

Ridhima Ghosh, Tollywood actress and a die-hard Ranbir fan: Ranbir, I wanted to ask you something " I am also an actor and I am a huge fan of yours. I want to be like you.

Ranbir: Arre!

Ridhima: It was my dream to meet you...

(The food arrives. When t2 had met the Bombay Velvet stars in Goa earlier this week, Anushka had been craving Calcutta-style "kachori-sabzi" and Ranbir wanted "brown rosogolla and mishti doi". So t2 had asked Bohemian's Joymalya Banerjee to stir it up for the stars.) 

Ranbir: Okay, can we all stop this for a minute? A girl was complimenting me! 

Team t2 laughs out loud)

(To the food-serving brigade) Dada, ek second, thoda passing shot mein dena. (To Ridhima) So are you already an actress or are you aspiring?

Ridhima: I have done around 15 films now and my film (Fakebook) is also releasing on the same date as Bombay Velvet... May 15. So my question was when promotions happen, you have to give an equal effort...

Ranbir: Not equal, but more...

Ridhima: Yes. But I have to only do it in Calcutta and you have to do it around the country. So how do you keep your answers to similar questions interesting? 

Ranbir: It's very difficult. Promotions are the worst because I think it kills your creativity and creates so much of overexposure about you. But then it is important. You made such an expensive film and you want people to know about it. So I think it's a double-edged sword. People like SRK and Salman Khan don't need to do it because people wait for their films and when it comes out people go for it. But a film like Bombay Velvet, when it comes out it doesn't create that vibe. Like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani had superhit songs, so that is half my promotion done because people like superhit songs. But Bombay Velvet is a different genre. It's not depending on superhit songs or glamour. It is a very dramatic and dark film. So it's harder. And I hate promotions. She (pointing at Anushka) is actually doing back-to-back promotions in the last four months " she had PK, NH10, now this and then DDD (Dil Dhadakne Do).

Anushka: It's horrible. It's a horrible feeling. The other day I was doing DDD and I forgot. I was like I'm on this set, I have to talk something else now. But you keep it interesting because you don't want to be disinterested and you want to have a good time, because you are spending so much time doing it. Sometimes it really helps to meet interesting journalists. I think for me that is when it gets interesting. The first couple of questions you know what this interview will be like. But I think nowadays even journalists are figuring out that so much of this is happening that they are trying to make it more fun and interesting.

Karo: What is the one question you want to be asked?

Ranbir: How you doing? 
Anushka: Same question.
Priyanka: No one asks you that?
Anushka: No, hardly!
Priyanka: They all assume you are doing great!
Team t2 (chorus): How you doing?!
(Everyone laughs out loud)

Riddhima: Ranbir, you are hardly on social media, so we don't really get to see the private side of you. But what are you like in your private life?

Ranbir: The best thing I love, and I guess everyone loves, is not doing anything. When you are home, you lie down and the day just goes by. You watch junk on TV. You watch movies; I play a lot of video games like FIFA on my PS3. I play football every Sunday. Whatever opportunity I get, I read. So the day just passes. I am actually not that busy, in a year I must be working 120 days. So the rest of the year, I am doing nothing. I have just moved temporarily to a beautiful house, which I absolutely love because for the first time in my life I have my own space. I am the owner of it. From the boy in my father's (Rishi Kapoor) house, and he was the man, suddenly I am responsible for everything. The sense of ownership and the sense of responsibility I have... And I have a great view of the sea.

Karo: Do you have a dog?

Ranbir: I want to get a dog. I had two dogs; I had pugs in my father's place, one passed away. My trainer just showed me a picture of a Staffordshire Terrier, have you heard of it? It's a grey dog with blue eyes, so I am planning to get that.

Priyanka: Anushka, are you a dog person also?

Ranbir: She just got a dog called Dude.

Anushka: I didn't just get him... I got him like two years ago. It's a Lab and he's the love of my life. I'm a huuuge animal lover. I have named him Dude because I want him to hang out with my friends. He should feel like a part of the conversation.

Ranbir: Don't you get confused like if you are talking to your friends you are like, Hey dude, come on!'

Anushka: Now his name has become like Duddu, Duda, so everytime he hears Du, he starts to respond. The best thing is when you go back home he comes running. I mean however stressed out I might be and however irritated I might be, I just know that the moment when he says hello' to me, it means the world to me. There's no feeling like that in the world. Nobody welcomes you, nobody give you that kind of love. 

Ranbir: When my dad comes home, his pug pees all over the place. My dad is so crazy about the dog (Dudley) that he said Let's put the curtains in the house five inches above the ground and let him pee around the house'. I have never heard anyone doing that and I think it's quite odd!

Anushka: My house runs according to my dog. It's according to how he wants it. How things suit him.

Riddhima: My parents ask me to switch on the AC because my dogs are feeling warm!

Anushka: Exactly. My parents also want the AC to be on for the dog. That is what happens!

Ranbir: I want to get a dog. I have even thought of a name. I am thinking of Lionel, Messi's first name.

Chandreyee: Ranbir, as you are not on social media, what do you do when you are stuck in traffic or sitting at the airport?

Ranbir: There is this application called StumbleUpon, that's my favourite. I play video games. I was a Candy Crush fan and now there is a new game called Flick Kick, which is a football game that I play.

Priyanka: Candy Crush you went up to which level?

Ranbir: Lots. Honestly, I have spent half my earnings on it because I am not on Facebook so I had to buy lives and all that and it is a big fraud I feel, personally, as a victim. I don't know what I do in traffic. Nothing. I am just quiet, blankly looking at the world.

Chandreyee: Anushka, what about you?

Ranbir: She is always on Twitter.

Anushka: I always check Twitter. I like reading the news, what is happening in the world, pictures of animals, funny videos.

Pramita: None of you are into Dubsmash?

Ranbir: I want to get that, yaar. 

(Sneha Singhi of Paris Cafe brings in the special Bombay Velvet cake)

Ranbir: Oh my god! What is this? And what happened to him (Ranbir)?

Priyanka: You are like that on the Bombay Velvet poster!

Ranbir: Nice. I like his shorts. This is very sweet, yaar.

Anushka: Where is my phone? Let's take a picture of this! Look your socks have come down.

Ranbir: This is very nice, yaar. It is lovely, I love it. Inside the pants, I was wearing that (pointing at the blue shorts on the Ranbir figure on the cake).

Priyanka: Now you have to cut the cake.

Ranbir: Can I cut Anushka's neck?

(Ranbir starts singing Happy birthday to Bombay Velvet')

(To Anushka) No, no, no, don't spoil it, she has put in so much effort! Can't spoil it. (Takes the knife from Anushka and starts cutting the cake)

Anushka: What are you doing?!

Ranbir: Cutting pieces.

Anushka: Now you are spoiling it!

(After the cake-cutting...)

Pramita: Anushka, you are a big RCB fan. You have been to Eden Gardens also to cheer for them.

Ranbir: (To Anushka) Are you?

Priyanka: You are a Bangalorean.

Ranbir: Yes, you are Bangalorean.

Anushka: Yes (To Ranbir) Why are you answering for me?

Pramita: So, when you watch a match, are you superstitious?

Anushka: No.

Chandreyee: For your films?

Anushka: No.

Ranbir: Like do you go to a temple or something?

Anushka: No. Never. I am not superstitious at all... When I am watching the match, I don't look away from the ball because I am trying to figure out what is really happening. Because I have just started watching cricket and I need to figure out what is going on. But I am not superstitious. I know people who are very superstitious. I know my brother and my friend...

Ranbir: Do you know what happens when on the fourth ball it is a no-ball and you hit a six?

Anushka: (Pauses) You get six plus one more run (pauses) and you get a ball.

Ranbir: A new ball?

Anushka: You get an extra delivery.

Ranbir: (Cheers) Not bad!

Asmita: Which actor or actress would you friend-zone?

Anushka: You say (to Ranbir).

Ranbir: I am thinking.

Anushka: What exactly is friend-zone?

Karo: Someone who is your friend but you would never date.

Anushka: (Pointing towards Ranbir) We are totally like that. We are the kings of friend-zone.

Ranbir: Speak for yourself! Don't speak for me.

Anushka: (Pointing at Ranbir again) Friend-zone.

Ranbir: I am in your friend-zone. But you can be an option in my life.

Anushka: I think I have friend-zoned everyone.

Riddhima: Have you been friend-zoned by anyone who you would have liked to date?

Anushka: I am dating someone I like! Ranbir, you have to answer now, ya.

Ranbir: Give me options.

Pramita: Alia, Deepika, Parineeti...

Ranbir: Anushka. It is the absolute truth. We've friend-zoned each other.

Pramita: What about someone in Hollywood?

Ranbir: Jennifer Lawrence.

Anushka: You can't friend-zone her. You love her.

Ranbir: Oh ya! Sorry. I don't want to friend-zone anyone. Maybe, all the guys.

Priyanka: You have to choose a girl!

Ranbir: Jennifer Lawrence then. I'd like to have her as a friend.

Priyanka: Anushka, what about you?

Ranbir: It would be good to have Johnny Depp as a friend.

Anushka: Ya, friend-zone Johnny Depp... Let him know my decision! (Laughs)

(Ranbir and Anushka exchange a buddy hug)

Ranbir: Aaj se hum dost hain!

Anushka: You're my bro!

Riddhima: I am sure you get these really crazy pick-up lines. Can you (Ranbir) use a pick-up line on her and you (Anushka) use a pick-up line on him?

Anushka: I have never got any. I swear to god, never.

Ranbir: Abhi tak tum sharma rahi thi, kyunki tumhara naam Anushka Sharma hai. Ab besharam ho jao.

(Team t2 erupts with cheers and claps)

Anushka: Usne pehle bhi bola tha yeh line. When he had become besharam (as in acting in his film Besharam), he was behaving badly with everyone around him. I swear to god... I don't know any pick-up line... please don't ask meee!

Priyanka: (To Ranbir) What kind of a girlfriend is she?

Ranbir: To whom? To whoever, her respective partner? She is quite the pativrata type, lunch pe baat karna, subah baat karna, if she is going somewhere... I would be happy if I had a girlfriend like her who would make me comfortable. She is quite good that way.

Priyanka: Anushka, what kind of boyfriend is he?

Anushka: How can I answer that question?! Based on the number of phone calls he answers? I think he is a good boyfriend. He answers his phone! (Cue for Ranbir to check his phone as a joke!) And whenever I've seen him with his girlfriend, they've always seemed very nice and happy to me. So I am guessing he is a good boyfriend only. Since she is still with him!

Pramita: Last question. If you had to click the ultimate selfie, who would you have in it?

Anushka: I am going to say Chaplin. (To Ranbir) Because then you'll say I copied it. So I am going to say it before!

Ranbir: Messi, Chaplin, Raj Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence...

Anushka: I don't care for a selfie.  Ranbir: You don't want Virat in your selfie?

Anushka: Really! I don't take selfies.

Ranbir: Sachin Tendulkar?

Anushka: Hardly!

Priyanka: If you had to take a dualfie? With one other person?

Karo: Then toh obviously Virat!

Anushka: No, why I'll take with Virat?!

Ranbir: Waheeda Rehman?

Anushka: Ya, I should have taken a selfie with her when I met her. Damn it!

Ranbir: Say it now na.

Anushka: Okay Waheeda Rehman.

Ranbir: Good. 

The one question I want to ask Ranbir/Anushka is... Tell [email protected]


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