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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 81)

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Posted: 13 November 2015 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Interesting teaser
update soon

love u

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wow u updated dis dat was really awesome superb update karan nd nona will play cupid between sandhir hope jaldi wo ek dhusere se ache se baath kare nd solve their misinderstandings thanx for pm if time milega tho update dis

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Originally posted by howardscarlett

Interesting teaser
update soon

love u
thanks didu
will update soonWink

loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by fallingstar15

update update?
jaldi ayega balikeTongue

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Originally posted by anu_anya

wow u updated dis dat was really awesome superb update karan nd nona will play cupid between sandhir hope jaldi wo ek dhusere se ache se baath kare nd solve their misinderstandings thanx for pm if time milega tho update dis
happy that u liked it anu diEmbarrassed
yaa...i am going to update soonBig smile
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Heyo everyone.Big smile

I am back sooner this time.Wink

So are you excited for the upcoming updatesWink. I am very much excited.Tongue

For dedications, I would like to dedicate it to Twni (sorry i don't know your name. but plz mention it this timeTongue) and Navneet (cardcaptor)Big smile. thank you for your support.Embarrassed

Happy Reading...Big smile



Chapter 26

Everyone reached FITE soon.

Sanyukta. Only she knew what she was going through inside. The pain, the anger, and the sadness everything was dominating her from the inside. She was trying hard not to shed tears and to fight the inner emotions that were going to take control over her any minute. But alas! She had to be happy or at least look like, so that no one can see what she was going through, and she was trying real hard.

Karan and Nona seemed happy, while even Vidarth where happy to come to their college after so many years. Randhir, he was feeling somewhat like Sanyukta but he was happy as this placed has given most special person of his life. His love, HIS Sanyukta.

"Toh chale andar", Parth asked as he saw sandhir lost somewhere.

"Tum log jao. I will wait here only", Sanyukta said avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Arre Sanyu, yeh kya hain. Don't be stubborn and come with us", Nona said sternly.

"See everyone knows how stubborn you are", Randhir said trying to sound like old time.

Sanyukta avoided him and moved inside with Karan and Nona. Karan and Nona were amazed to see the college.

"Kitna bada hai yeh college", Karan said looking around.

"And it hasn't changed a bit", Sanyukta said softly so that no one hears but Randhir heard it.

"Vidushi, Parth, you both move inside I will join you people soon", Randhir said and moved to the other side.

"Sanyukta", Parth called her out. He hasn't talked to her since he has come here.

"Hey Parth. How are you?", Sanyukta said awkwardly.

"Don't be formal Sanyukta, especially with me. I know you better than anyone else", Parth said and she smiled a bit.

Both shared a hug and Vidushi smiled seeing them.

"And don't call me Parth. Call me what you used to call me in college", Parth demanded like an innocent kid.

Sanyukta smiled as she knew what Parth was asking for. He wanted her to address him as BHAI like she used to do in college times.

Her mind shifted to the day when she made Parth his brother and even Vidushi got a brother.


P.S: this FB is one of my OS onlyLOL...phirse likhne ka maan nahi thaTongue. So please bear it againTongue

"Mere pass koi bhai nahi hain", Vidushi said taking the third shot.


"Aur mera pass hote hue bhi bhai ki kami hain", Sanyukta said taking  another shot.


"I always wanted a bhai jo meri care kare, chahe mujhse baat na kare but hamesha meri help kare, silently hi sahi. Mujhe bahut sara pamper kare aur pyaar kare", Vidushi said with a sad smile. "Tumhe pata hain jab Randhir ne meri help kari thi jab uss Chauhan ne tasks diye teh, tab I found a caring person in him."


"Oye woh mera hain", Sanyukta said pointing her finger towards her.


"Arre possessive aurat, meri puri baat toh sunle", Vidushi said making faces.


Sanyukta showed her teeth's and kept a finger on her lips indicating she will not speak. From their state, one could easily make out that the two girls were drunk. Completely.


"Randhir ne hamesha meri help ki hain. Uski wajah se aaj main Dream Team mein hoon nahi toh uss Chauhan ke bachi ne toh puri tayari karli thi mujhe iss team se bahar uthakar phekne ki. Agar mujhe kabhi mauka mile na toh main Randhir ko apna bhai bana lu. He will be a great brother. So helpful, so caring, so loving, so possessive and so handsome ki saari ladkiya meri Bhabhi banna chahengi", Vidushi said smiling. "lekin mere bhai ne already Bhabhi dhond rakhi hain."


Sanyukta blushed on her comment.


"tujhe pata hain maine bhi yeh saari same qualities chahti  thi apne bhai mein but...", Sanyukta again become sad.


Vidushi hugged her and rubbed her back to console her. After sometime she came back to normal and both lay on the bed.


"lekin pata hain maine yeh sari qualities Parth mein dekhi hai", Sanyukta said smiling.


"kash yeh sab sach hota but I don't think hamari yeh wish kabhi puri hogi", Vidushi said and closed her eyes.


Sanyukta too closed her eyes and both sleep fast due to alcohol effect. They didn't know that the next morning will bring a new gift for them.


Next morning. Sanvid were getting ready for class when Parth entered their room. Both smiled seeing him.


"chalo main chalti hoon. Abb toh Parth aa gaya. Lekin jaldi aana tum dono, jyada time maat lagana nahi toh...", Sanyukta said teasing.


"main yaha tumse milne aaya hoon Sanyukta", Parth said smiling.


Both the girls gave him a confused look. 


"haan bolo Parth?", Sanyukta asked.


"who main...", Parth said and took out something from his pocket.


Both Sanyukta and Vidushi were shocked seeing it. it was a beautiful rakhi.


"tumhare bhai ne hamesha tumhe ignore kiya hain, kabhi tumhari respect nahi ki. I know tum hamesha se ek bhai chahti thi aur mere pass bhi koi behen nahi thi aur tumse achi toh kissi ko koi behen nahi mil sakti. Toh kya tum mujhe...", Parth trailed off as he couldn't say further. He knew Sanyukta would understand what he tried to say.


Sanyukta eyes filled with tears. She never expected that he would do something like this. Parth came close and wiped the tears that came out. Sanyukta smiled and hugged him. Even Vidushi had tears in her eyes seeing the newly found relation.  


"tumhe pata hai yeh kiska idea tha?", Parth asked her.


Sanyukta nodded her head in a no.


"tumhare Randhir ka", Parth said smiling.


Sanyukta and Vidushi were shocked. In fact shock would be an understatement. They never thought this that Randhir would be doing something like this.


"kal raat ko jab tum dono baat kar rahi thi apne wanted bhai's ke baare mein tab Randhir ne sab sunliya tha aur usne wapas aakar mujhe sari baatein batayi. And you know what it was his idea. Even Randhir bhi aaya hain mere sath...", Parth said and looked around to find him.


Sanyukta understood that Randhir was feeling awkward to do such things after all he never let anyone see his feelings.


Sanyukta looked out and found Randhir standing a little far from their room. She came back and signalled Vidushi to go and get Randhir. Vidushi nodded her head in no. Sanyukta dragged her out of room and signalled her to go. Vidushi hesitantly went to Randhir and stood behind him. Parth and Sanyukta were watching her. She turned back and looked at them and signalled that she cannot do this this. But Sanyukta assured her and Vidushi smiled.


"mmm.. Randhir", Vidushi said and Randhir turned around. "jab yaha tak aa gaye the toh andar kyu nahi aaye? Kya sirf Sanyukta ko ek bhai ki zarrorat hain? Kal raat ko meri bhi toh baat suni hogi? Maine bhi kaha tha ki mujhe tumhe ek bhai nazar aata hain, phir bhi yaha khade ho. Mujhse rakhi nahi bandwaoge?", Vidushi said with  tears in her eyes.


Randhir felt awkward to wipe her tears and he looked at Sanyukta. She smiled and nodded her head to tell him that whatever he was doing was correct.


Randhir wiped away Vidushi tears and said, " yahi khade hue rakhi bandhogi? Andar toh chalo. Aur waise bhi tum rote hue Bilkul achi nahi lagti. After all you are Randhir Singh Shekhawat's sister."


Vidushi smiled and hugged  him and he too hugged her back.


Everyone went inside and both the sister's tied rakhi to their newly found brothers. 


Sanyukta smiled and looked at Randhir. He too smiled at her. She muttered a thank you because she knew whatever Randhir did today was difficult for him but he did it for Vidushi's happiness.


"abb mera gift?", Vidushi asked Randhir naughtily.


"bol kya chahiye?", Randhir asked.


"Bhabhi", Vidushi chirped happily.


And that was it for sandhir to blush. 


Randhir smiled and said, "your demand will be fulfilled soon. Lekin mujhe bhi ek jiju chahiye."


And that was it for Vidarth to go blushing.



Parth snapped his fingers in front of her and she came back to her senses.

"abhi yeh sab chodo aur chalo yaha se. chalke canteen mein baithte hain", Parth said smiling as he knew what Sanyukta was thinking about.

"tum chalo Parth. I will join you later", Sanyukta said and moved to the garden area.

Vidarth, Karan and Nona moved to canteen to have something.

Randhir was in the mechanical lab. He was remembering his old times with sanyukta. He kept staring at the machines and a small smile was playing on his lips. He remembered how sanyukta used to repair each one of them.

Sanyukta's mind was still roaming around Randhir and his child. She was getting restless. She decided to go to the mechanical lab and look out for something which could bring peace to her mind.

As soon as sanyukta entered the Mech lab, she cursed herself for it. The person from whom she was running was standing there in front of her eyes. She decided to go back but then her ego came in between. She decided not to run away and so entered the lab.

She looked around and decided not to give attention to Randhir. Randhir looked at the intruder and smiled seeing her. But she didn't gave any attention to him. This irritated him.

"This lab is still the same", randhir said to initiate a talk but it went futile.

He still tried for 3 more time but everytime he was left disappointed. Sanyukta was still ignoring him. But now he was done. He grabbed her forearm and kissed her forcefully. At first sanyukta was shocked but the sudden action. She didn't responded and tried to get out but her attempts didn't worked.

Randhir bit her lower lip in order to get her response and to his success, she started responding to it. both kissed each other. Both were showing their anger, pain, suffering, loneliness and most important their love in this kiss.

Both were out of breath but no one was ready to give up. Finding it difficult to breath, randhir left her but just for a second. The next moment both were again kissing each other. One kiss lead to another and in just a mere 10 minutes, they were kissing for 3rd time.

Suddenly realization struck sanyukta and she pushed randhir hard!



Cliff-hanger againROFL. I know you'll want to kill me because I stopped the update here but kya karu. Addat se majboor.ROFL

Hope you all liked it!Big smile

Please let me know what you think guys. I'll be waiting.Embarrassed

Do leave your comments.Embarrassed


P.S. For PM's buddy me. :)





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res unres moi first wow Big smile awesome update fb was superb sandhir ka hot romance was gud but next sandhir ka fyt hoga next sanyu ko rd apna secret bathayega thanx for pm continue asap

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one more please
greedy person you know Wink

and thank u sooo muchhh for dedication
and its Navy

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