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howardscarlett IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 4:59am | IP Logged
nice update.
Flashback was awesome.

waiting for next update.

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loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by newmoon18

Finally u updated
Lovely update

Karan is so cute
Rd is ready to do anything for his happiness

Vidharth so supportive

I'm so eager to know what hppnd in the past

Fb was so cute
Loved rd and kaka bond
Sandhir loves each other so much

May be we can expect sanyu entry soon

I guess in next update the new entry will be niharika and vd fir unse sanyu k clue milega

Update soon
Cnt wait

Love u
Keep smiling

Kya baat...
nice observation...
kya dimag paya hai...
waise kuch bhi ho sakta hai ..
till then keep waiting...

anu_anya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 8:29am | IP Logged
awesome update
flashback was so cute
i think ranan use kar sakthi hai instead of rd nd karan
thanx for pm
continue asap :)

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husnkimalika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 12:40am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it

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Heavenly_Dreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 12:50am | IP Logged
awesome ..
update asap

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sakura_otaku Goldie

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Posted: 13 June 2015 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Awesome darlo
New entries
Kaun ho sakte hai?
Waiting to know


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loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 June 2015 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Guys jaldi jaldi se yeh chapter 6 padlo coz next chapter is going to update soon...Embarrassed
aur yeh sadda haq ke 400 episode complete hone ki khushi mein...LOL
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 5:52am | IP Logged

Hey guys

I am back...

As I promised another chapter coming here it is.

Hope you like it...

Please ignore the mistakes as I haven't proof read it.

Happy reading...Embarrassed





Chapter 7


"Hey dad...where were you? Kaha chod ke chale gaye teh aap mujhe?", Karan asked as he saw Randhir entering the house.

"Champ kuch important kaam aa gya tha office mein. Acha abhi go and take rest. Then we have to cook the food also na. aur aaj toh waise bhi jyada banana padega", Randhir said jokingly looking at vidarth.

Vidushi made face and said "hame nahi khana tumhare haaath ka khana. Aaj mein banati hu and champ you will help me na?", Vidushi asked Karan.

"Of course bui", Karan said happily.

"OMG kitna aacha laga tumhare mooh se bui sunkar", Vidushi said smilingly and kissed Karan.

"Acha now go and have rest", Randhir said to Karan.

"Okay and bui be ready. Bahut sara khana banwaunga main", Karan said mischievously.

Karan went to his room and everyone settled on the couch in the hall.

"Kya baat Randhir?", Parth asked seeing him disturbed.

"Actually jis project ke liye main last 6 months se preparation kar raha tha who project kisi aur company ko chala gaya hai", Randhir said disappointed.

"Ussi company ka project jo sanyukta ka sapna tha", Vidushi asked to confirm.

"Hmm", Randhir replied.

"Kaunsi company hai woh?", Parth asked.

"Vardhika Automobiles. Aur strange baat yeh hai ki uss company ki MD ka naam Niharika hai. Niharika Suryavanshi hai", Randhir told them.

Vidarth were shocked listening to the name of the MD.  Niharika Suryavanshi.

"But how is it possible?", Vidushi said.

"Shayad koi misunderstanding ho gyi hogi", Parth put his point forward.

"Pehle mujhe bhi yehi laga but tum hi batao Parth ki exactly same name kaise ho sakta hai. Bilkul wahi naam", Randhir said as a matter of fact. "Waise maine Arjun se kaha hai unke sath ek meeting fix karne ke liye. We will get to it if she the same Niharika or not."

"okay fine then main bhi chalunga tere sath", Parth said.

"Chalo phir ab hum chalte hai", Vidushi said and stood up to leave.

"Abhi kaha ja rahe ho. Abhi abhi toh tunne champ se promise kiya kit u uske saath khana banayegi, itni jaldi bhul gyi", Randhir teased her.

"Oh please Vidushi Kumar kuch nahi bhulti", Vidushi said with attitude. Vidushi's attitude.

"Haan. Chal bhai hum chalte hai use pehle mujhe mili chute barbad ho jaye", Randhir said to Parth and immediately both moved out of the scene.

"Huh. Lazy people. Chal Vidushi kaam par lag ja", she murmured to herself.

She went to the kitchen and started preparing for dinner. After an hour Karan came down and saw Randhir and Parth watching tv and Vidushi was no where to be found. He got angry.

"Dad, chachu. Aap dono yaha bethe ho aur bui akele khana bana rhi hai. I didn't expected this from you two. Mujhe laga ki aap unki help karoge but aap yaha bethkar match dekh rahe ho aur woh repeat telecast. Dad woh apki behen aur chachu apki girlfriend hai. How could you do this to her?", Karan said angrily. 

Vidushi was the closest person after randhir for him. He loved her so much. She was like a mother to him, after all she was the only women in his life.

"Abhi ke abhi aap dono mere sath unki help karnw chalo", Karan ordered. 

Randhir and Parth knew there was no use of fighting with Karan regarding Vidushi. Though he made fun of her and called her Bimbo but when anyone says he never listened anything against her.

Everyone went to the kitchen and helped her on little boy's demand. 


At 9:30 pm


"Amm... Kitna tasty khana tha bui", Karan said licking his finger.

"Thanks", Vidushi smiled seeing him act like a typical kid.

"Please aap mere liye roz khana banauge, pleassse", Karan said with a puppy face and a glint in his eyes. 

"Vidushi roz kaise bana sakti hai tumhare liye champ. Woh dur rehti hai na", Randhir tried to explain. 

"lekin dad...", Karan tried to force him.

"Karan zid nahi karte", Randhir said sternly. 

Karan made a sad face but suddenly he smiled.

"Aap dono neeche waale penthouse apartment mein hi reh sakte and phir aap mere liye roz khana bhi bana sakte ho", said Karan happily. 

Vidarth looked confusingly at each other and Randhir thought for a while.

"What a idea champ. Very nice. Champ ne bilkul theekh keh raha hai. Waise bhi tum dono ek naya ghar lene ki soch hi rahe ho toh yahi kyu nhi shift ho jate. Aur niche wale apartment waise bhi khali hai. You occupy it", Randhir aaid happily. 

"But randhir", Parth wanted to argue but was cut off by randhir.

"Please Parth argue mat kariyo. Jab mujhe tum dono ki zaroorat thi tab tumne mera sath diya tha na toh ab mere aur champ je liye please yaha shift ho jao. Hame bhi company mil jayegi", Randhir explained him.

Parth knew randhir will do anything to make them agree so without further argument he nodded his head and said a yes to him.

"Yepiee... ab hum happy family ki tarah rahenge", Karan said happily and everyone smiled seeing the little kid happy. 

"Okay phir kal shift kar lenge. Hum dono milkar tumhari help kar denge, hena champ?", Randhir asked Karan. 

"Bimbo aur candyfloss ke liye kuch bhi", Karan chirped happily. 

Buy suddenly he remembered that tomorrow they were going for picnic. 

"But dad kal toh Sunday hai aur hamne bahar jane ka plan kiya hai", Karan said little disappointed. 

"Toh hum next week shift kar lenge", Parth said to make Karan happy.

"Okay then as you wish", Randhir said.

"Chalo phir abhi hum chalte hai. Kal hum subah yahi se chalenge phir. Alright champ?", Parth said.

"Okay", Karan smiled. 

"Okay then bye champ", Vidarth said and started moving. 

"Bye candyfloss, bye bimbo", Karan chirped. 

Vidarth went home and Randhir asked Karan to go to sleep.

"Good night dad", Karan said and kissed his dad. 

"Good night champ", Randhir too kissed Karan forehead. Karan went to his room and Randhir went to his own.


Next morning

"Hum aa gye", Vidushi said entering the house.

"Finally. Ab chale nhi toh late ho jayega", Randhir said. 

Everyone went to the parking area and sat in the car. Soon they reached their destination. 

They came out and went inside. Cool breeze struck their faces.

"Its so good", Vidushi smiled. 

"Yeh... chalo bui agge chalte hai", Karan holded vidushi's hand and dragged her from there.

Parth went behind them leaving Randhir to drown in thoughts. To be particular ,in HER thoughts.




Hey Humnava mujhe apna bana le

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de


(He looked around trying to feel her presence.)


hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de


Kab se main dar dar phir raha

Musaafir dil ko panaah de

Tu awaargi ko meri aaj thehra de


(He felt alone and lonely. Though there was everything but she was missing.)


Ho sake toh thoda pyaar jataa de

Sookhi padi iss dil ki zameen ko bhiga de


(He wanted her to come back and he was ready do anything for that.)

(He went further to the place she loved the most. Her special place. The place he could feel her, feel close to her.)


Murjhaayi si shaakh pe dil ki

Phool khilte hain kyun

Baat gulon ki zikr mehak ka

Acha lagta hai kyun


(He remembered the day when he first came here with her. She brought him here and told him that she feels relaxed and calm over here. And he agreed with her. He always felt calm after coming here.)

(But tears started flowing down. Whenever he comes here this happened. He remembered her and tears made their way.)


Un rango se tune milaaya

Jinse kabhi main mill na paaya


(He started crying hard. He was lonely from his childhood and his present was the same.)


Dil karta hai tera shukriya

Phir se bahaare tu laa de


(He murmured a small thanks toh her for coming in his life but now he want her to came back to him. He couldn't take this loneliness anymore. Wherever she is, whenever she wants, he wanted her back.)


Dil ka soona banjar mehka de

Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de


(He wiped his tears and took out his phone. He clicked a picture of the flowers around him. He did this every time he came here because he promised himself that he will show her these pictures when she comes back as proof that he came here remembering her.)



hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de



Waise toh mausam guzre hain

Zindagi mein kayi

Par ab naa jaane kyun mujhe wo

Lag rahe hain haseen


(He kept looking around trying to feel her presence. Suddenly a smile crept on his face. He remembered the day he first saw his champ, first time he holded him, first time he walked, first time when he called him dad.)


Tere aane par jaana maine

Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main


(Suddenly he felt someone holding his hand. He looked down to find thd person who gave him another life, his champ.)


Jeene lagaa hoon main ab ye fizaayein

Chehre ko chhooti hawaayein


(He sat down and hugged him tightly as if his life depend on him. He didn't knew why but today he was missing her very much. He left Karan and stood up holding his hand tightly.)


Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de


(He along with champ started moving further and felt the cold breeze and smelled the fragrance of the flowers.)


O.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de


"Dad please don't do this to yourself", Karan said seeing Randhir lost again. Karan knew that his dad loved someone but they were not together. Randhir himself told him about that when they first time came here and Karan wanted his dad to be back to normal as he couldn't see him like this. Broken.



3 months ago


"Dad, where are you taking me? Please tell na", Karan asked for the umpteenth time.

"Only two minutes more and we will reach", Randhir said and walked further. After exact 2 minutes Randhir stopped.

"Now see", Randhir said and opened Karan's blindfold.

Karan immediately took off his blindfold and looked around. The whole area was surrounded by lots of flowers. He was mesmerized to see it. He had never seen something so beautiful.

"Amazing. Dad this is beautiful", Karan said happily. He turned to thank his dad but couldn't find him. He got panicked. He shouted, "Dad, where are you?"

He started searching his dad. There was no one around from whom Karan could ask about his dad. He moved a little further when he saw Randhir sitting with his back facing Karan. He got angry as how his dad could be so irresponsible. He went to dad and tapped his shoulder. Randhir turned around and what Karan saw made him confused. His dad eyes was filled with tears.

"What happened dad? Why are crying?", Karan asked taking Randhir's face in his small palms.

Randhir immediately hugged him and started crying hard. Karan just stood there not able to understand anything. After few minutes Randhir controlled himself and wiped his tears. He just looked at his son and smiled at him to make him assure that he was fine but he forgot  that Karan was his son. Karan got to knew immediately,  that his dad was faking smile for him.

"Don't dare to do that dad. I know you are lying. Please tell why are you crying?", Karan asked sternly.

"Nothing champ", Randhir avoided Karan's gaze. 

"Dad tell me or I am not talking to you", Karan said in decisive tone.

"Please Karan don't force me to do something which I will regret later", Randhir said as he didn't wanted his past to be revealed in front of his child. 

Karan felt hurt not because his dad dad was hiding something but his dad was so hurt thinking of that. 

"Okay fine then I am not talking to you until you yourself tell me the truth", Karan said and starting moving back to the car. 

Randhir looked at the retreating back of his young child whom he loved the most and couldn't see hurt, especially because of him. He knew Karan was hurt because he saw him hurt.

"Karan wait", Randhir shouted to make him stop.

Karan stopped at his place and waited for his dad to speak further. 

"Mujhe yaha pehli baar koi aur laya tha", Randhir said and paused. He felt a lump in his throat but he gulped it as he needed to be strong for his champ. He cannot cry anymore in front of him.

Karan turned around to face his dad. He knew it was difficult for him but he needed to know the truth as wanted to the reason or the person behind his dad condition. 

"Kaun?", Karan asked softly. 

Randhir wanted to tell him the name of he person whom he loved the most but he didn't had the strength to take her name.

"The person whom I love", Randhir said with a heavy heart. 

"Love?", Karan was shocked would be an understatement. He didn't knew what to say. He didn't understand what love is. For him his love was his dad.

"Hmm...usne mujhe pyaar ka matlab sikhaya. Jina sikhaya", Randhir said sadly. 

 Karan still looked at his dad with shock.

"Unka naam kya tha?", Karan asked innocently. 

Randhir wanted to tell him her name but he didn't told him. 

"Woh ek Angel thi jisne mujhe badal diya", Randhir said smilingly. 

Karan smiled seeing his dad smile.

"Hum college mein sath padte teh aur woh sabse intelligent thi, mujhse bhi", he said the last with a smile on his face. In college days he never agreed this fact but now...

"Woh aap se bhi jyada intelligent thi?", Karan asked with his eyebrows up.

Randhir smiled at his kid questions. He started thinking about his college days when he tried his hardest to prove her wrong but the end the whole story turned upside down. 

"But ab kaha hai woh?", Karan asked breaking Randhir's trance.

Listening Karan's question Randhir looked away. He asked that question whose answer he was searching for last 8 years.

"Pata nahi. I have been searching for her from last 8 years but...", Randhir trailed off as he felt week.

"But woh aapko chodke kyu gayi? Woh toh aapse pyaar karti thi na?", Karan asked. 

Randhir didn't wanted to answer this question. He knew that this answer would have a big impact on his child and he didn't want it to happen. 

Here Karan saw his dad's expression changed from guilt to concern. He understood that his dad didn't want to tell this answer so he said, " Chale dad. Bahut der ho gyi."

"Haan? Haan...", Randhir smiled seeing that his child understands him so well.


Flashback ends

"Hey champ yaha aa gye", Parth came back to the duo.

Randhir indicated Karan not to tell anything to Parth but Parth was smart enough to understand the situation. 

"Kya hua champ", he directly asked Karan because he knew there was no use of asking randhir.

"Dekho Parth..", Randhir started but was cut off Parth.

"Agar sidhe sidhe batana hai toh bata nahi toh main ja raha hu", Parth warned him.

"Actually dad angel ko yaad kar rahe teh", Karan told Parth.

Parth looked at Randhir whose head was hung low. Parth has warned him many times not to think about him so Randhir doesn't do this to himself. 

To avoid discussion on this topic Parth diverted the topic. 

"Toh champ ab kaha jana hai?", Parth asked cheerfully. 

"You fool tum mujhe akela chod aye", they heard someone shout from back.

As they turned around they found a fuming Vidushi. Parth went hid behind Karan. Vidushi smiled seeing Parth doing cute antics. Everyone, then shared a laugh including Randhir.


"Lunch karna hai. Peth mein Bimbo aur Candyfloss fight kar rahe hai", Karan said giggling answering Parth's question.


Randhir smiled seeing everyone smiling. 


All 4 of them went back to their car. They had lunch, and then went to the amusement park for Karan. They returned back by 7.00. Everybody settled in the living room. Everyone had their eyes closed due to exhaustion. 


"Chalo ab jakar rest kar lete hai", Randhir said. 


"Chalo phir hum bhi chalte hai randhir. Kal office mein milte hai", Parth said and stood up tp leave.


"Okay bye champ", Vidushi said to Karan.


She waited for Karan's reply but when he didn't reply all of them turned around only to find him fast asleep.


Everyone smiled seeing the little boy sleeping peacefully. 


Randhir bid goodbye to Vidarth and then took Karan to his room and placed him on the bed. He covered him with the duvet and kissed his forehead. 


"Aaj agar main zinda hu toh sirf tumhari wajah se champ. You have given me another life. I promise main kabhi tumhe koi takleef nahi hone dunga", Randhir said with tears in his eyes. 


He stood to leave but before leaving he once again glanced at his life.


Next day


"Haan Parth main bass 2 minute mein pahuch raha hu...Okay bye", Randhir said over phone.

Randhir meeting was fixed and now he was going to Vardhika automobiles to get his project. 

After exactly 2 minutes Randhir reached the office. He stepped out and looked at the office.

It was a skyscraper, more or less like his. He saw Parth coming from the opposite direction. 

"Chale", Parth said smiling. 

"Hmm", Randhir said absent minded. 

"Sab theekh hoga Randhir, trust me", Parth said patting Randhir's back.

They both along with Arjun, moved inside and went to the reception. Meanwhile Arjun was asking about the meeting he and Parth looked around the office. He was impressed by the decor, simple and exquisite. He remembered that she too said that she liked simple things. 

"Sir in two minutes the meeting will be taking place", Arjun said braking randhir's trance.

After sometime both Parth and Randhir entered the cabin which read Niharika Suryavanshi, Managing Director.

"Please take your seat sir", a young lady probably Niharika's PA said to them. "Ma'am will be coming in a minute."

Suddenly the door opened and a lady dressed in a beautiful pink sari entered the cabin. Randhir and Parth looked at her and were shocked seeing her.

"Niharika ma'am", Paran said together and stood up.

Niharika looked at the boys shockingly. Maybe she did expected them to see.

"Randhir, Parth", this was the only word that came out of her mouth. 

"Aap hamara naam janti hai?", Randhir who received another shocked asked her. He didn't knew that Niharika would be knowing their names.

"Niharika", they heard someone saying while entering the cabin. 

Everyone turned around to see the person. Randhir and Parth received the another shock in a minute.





So guys how was it..?

Another cliffhanger... I am loving giving one...ROFL


Hope you liked this chapter...

Do like and comment. 

Help please: I need a banner for my ff.. If anybody can help??

Anyone who need pm, buddy me.






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