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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 76)

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Hey people

shock to see me backTongueTongue

For dedication I would like it to dedicate it to RASHI aka meri Chudail. After all it's her birthday! Love u chudail HeartHug

Also i would dedicate it to all my readers for their immense love and affection they have shown for meEmbarrassed


P.S: ignore the mistakes.LOL

Happy reading...Embarrassed




Chapter 25


Sanyukta heard it.

"Dad? Randhir is married. He has a son too", this was the first thing that came to her mind.

She was broken. Sanyukta was trying to control her tears. She was shattered inside. She felt betrayed, deceived. She didn't know what to do. Her chain of thoughts was broken by Karan's voice.

"Sanyu!", he called her out.

Sanyukta took a deep breath and moved inside.

"See who is here. Meet my dad Mr Randhir Singh Shekhawat. And dad she is Sanyukta...Sanyukta ummm...", he stopped in middle as he didn't knew her surname.

"Aggarwal. Miss Sanyukta Aggarwal", Randhir said smiling.

"Sorry Mr Shekhawat but my name is not Sanyukta Aggarwal. Myself Sanyukta Suryavanshi. Maybe the Sanyukta you know is different", she said sarcastically.

Randhir got confused. He didn't understand why she was referring herself Suryavanshi's when she wasn't one of them.

"Karan the competition is going to start in few minutes. Come down fast", she said smiling. She didn't want Karan to involve in all this mess.

"Okay", Karan chirped and started getting ready.

Sanyukta turned to leave but stopped.

"It will be nice if you come and cheer your SON, Mr Shekhawat", Sanyukta said in an acid tone stressing on son.

Randhir remained silent as he understood what she meant. Sanyukta moved out and came to the open area where the competition was going to take place. She engrossed herself in work so that she can avoid him.

"He made a mistake and I am suffering but he is happy with his wife and children!" Sanyukta thought.

Now she was angry but was broken too. She thought Randhir had moved on, got married and had a child too but she was far away from the truth.

"Okay attention students", Vardhan's voice broke her trance.

Sanyukta looked around and found Randhir along with Parth and Vidushi sitting in one corner. Randhir was smiling constantly looking at Karan. Karan too was happy seeing him. She looked further and found Dhruv and Niharika too sitting behind them. She passed a fade smile to Niharika to assure her that she was fine.

"All the best champ", Randhir murmured from distant and Karan understood.

He smiled and replied back a thanks with I don't need it' attitude. Randhir smiled. Dhruv too said the same to Nona and she smiled and replied back a thank you.

"All the best partner", Karan said smiling at Nona.

"All the best. We will rock it", Nona said confidently.

"Yes we will", said Karan confidently.

"So here is your first task. You all have to blow a balloon but without using your mouth or balloon blowers. Use science and blow up the balloon. You can use anything to blow it up but you have only 30 minutes for that. The one who blows first will be the winner. So all the best to all. May the best team win. And your time starts now", Vardhan said and the competitions started.

Everyone got engrossed in their works. But Nona and Karan were still standing at the same position.

"I think we should use a bicycle tire and with the help of that we can fill that tire's air in our balloon. What say?", Karan asked smiling.

"Non-sense. It will not keep up the balloon for long. And the transferring part will be very time consuming. We will not use it", Nona said explaining the facts.

"But", Karan said but was cut off by Nona.

"I have a better idea. Go and bring an empty bottle and a straw. We will blow it using chemical reaction", Nona said confidently.

"I am not your servant and we are not doing it. We will do what I said!", Karan replied.

"I told you it will not work. Acha let me explain you my method. If it will work then it's great otherwise we can use your method", said Nona.

She explained her method and Karan seemed impressed with it. Though he didn't want to admit but the idea had a methodical approach and chances of getting success were great.

"Okay fine. I'll go and bring bottle and straw. You bring water, lemon juice and baking soda. Let's show everyone that we are best", he said and winked just like his dad.

Nona smiled and chirped an okay. Both ran and brought the respective materials. Soon they started making the set-up. In just a small time span they did everything and now it was time for inflating balloon. Karan looked up at Randhir and Randhir blinked his eyes indicating that everything will be fine. Nona looked at Sanyukta and she smiled and showed her thumbs up indicating that they can do it.

Karan and Nona gave a final look to each other and started the final step. They added lime juice to baking soda and attached the balloon through the straw that was inside the bottle. Slowly the balloon started inflating and Nona and Karan smiled kept on becoming broader as the balloon got bigger in size. Everyone had a sincere smile on their faces seeing their hard work paying off.

The balloon got inflated to the fullest and Nona tied it from the bottom.

"We are done dadu", both Karan and Nona shouted unanimously.

Vardhan gave them a stern look for calling him through that.

"I mean we done sir", Nona repeated as she knew what mistake she has done.

Soon time finished and now it was result time.

"So did you enjoyed students?", Niharika asked them smiling. Everyone shouted on top of their voices. Excitement could be clearly seen through their response.

"So we have 3 winner for today's round. The 3rd position goes to aarti and akash. The 2nd position goes to ishika and rehaan", Niharika said and everyone clapped for the winners.

"And the winner for today's competition is Karan and Nona", Vardhan declared and everyone hooted for them.

Randhir, Vidarth, Dhruv and Sanyukta were the happiest of all. They were proud of them. Karan and Nona hi-fived and smiled looking at their respective dad's. Both of them showed smiled and murmured "WE ARE PROUD OF YOU."

"So for now that's it. Next competition will be tomorrow. But we have planned something for you all", Vardhan said and everyone gave a confused look.

Even Niharika and Sanyukta gave a confused look. Even they weren't aware what Vardhan was planning.

"Tonight we have planned a borne fire for all of you. And we will do some exciting activities too. So be prepared and get ready. We will meet at 9 tonight. Till then enjoy", Vardhan said smiling.

Niharika and Dhruv understood his intention behind his move whereas Sanyukta was little shock. Soon everyone went to their room.

"Hey little girl, you are the same girl I meet 2 days back?", Randhir asked Nona.

"Hello. It's so nice to see you. But what are you doing here?", Nona asked smiling.

"The one with whom you participated is my son. So have come to support him", Randhir told her.

"Oh... now I understood why he is so intelligent", Nona said in a teasing way.

"Btw, congratulations. You did a great job!", Randhir said proudly.

"Thank you", Nona replied.

"So do you want a gift for your achievement?", Randhir asked smiling.

Nona face enlightened and she nodded her head in a yes.

"Okay so I will take you and Karan to my college. You know Vardhan sir was my mentor. We all from same college", said Randhir.

"Oh great! Okay I will come. Give me 10 minutes. I will ask dad and then we will go", Nona said and went away.

Randhir smiled and moved to his room.

Here, Sanyukta came back to her room when she saw Karan packing his stuff.

"Kaha ja rahe ho Karan?", Sanyukta asked completely shocked seeing him packing.

"Dad ke room mein. Now when he is here I will stay with him", Karan chirped cheerfully.

"oh", that was all Sanyukta could say. She didn't liked Karan going away but she didn't have any right to stop him either. "Btw congratulations. I am proud of you."

"Thanks. Even dad said the same. And now he is taking me to his college as my gift", Karan said smiling and zipped up his bag.

Sanyukta was shocked. She was receiving one after another. She didn't know what to say

"Okay. Let me keep my bag on dad's room then we all will go. Even you should come", Karan asked smiling.

"NO Karan. I have some important work to do. Will go out some other day", Sanyukta said ignoring it. She knew that place has so many memories attach to it.

"Why no. you should come. You can't fulfil my choti si demand?", Karan asked with a puppy face.

"Karan I would have come but...", Sanyukta started but was cut off by someone.

"What but? Are you scared going out with me?", Randhir asked in a sarcastic manner. "Don't worry. We are not alone. We have Parth and Vidushi to accompany us. Even Nona is going with us. You should also join to see your college."

"Your college? Means she too studied in your college dad?", Karan asked surprised.

"Yes. I and miss. Suryavanshi were in the same college the same year and the same batch", said Randhir sarcasm dripping from every word.

Sanyukta could sense his tone of sarcasm. She was having a hard time to control herself.

"Please sanyu come with us. And you should tell me what all dad used to do in college. Candyfloss and bimbo never tells me. Even dad has told so less about his college life", Karan said with disappointed.

Candyfloss and bimbo. These words caught Sanyukta's attention. She looked at Randhir as she knew he would have told him about these names. Her trance was broken by Nona's voice.

"don't worry. She is coming", Nona declared it.

"but Nona I cannot", Sanyukta started but was cut off by her.

"I will not listen to anything. Go and get ready. We are going out", she said authoritatively.

Sanyukta smiled and replied a okay dishearten. After sometime everyone got ready and reached FITE.



So guys how was it?Big smile

Hope u enjoyed it!Embarrassed


See I gave no cliff-hanger today...ROFL


This update was especially for rashi as her gift. Hope u liked it chudail.Hug


Do like and comment guys.Big smile

p.s: Pms laterSmile





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mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Superb update
Loved it
Can't wait for next part 

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CrazyOeuvrer IF-Sizzlerz

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Baby Itune  peak-point pe choda
leave it

update is really amazingSmile
vardhaan is trying to play the role of CUPIDBig smile
wow, interesting interestingLOL

ab jaldi-jaldi se next update de deWink

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lolita1997 IF-Dazzler

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It was awesome!!ClapApprove

Loved it to the core yaar!!!ClapHeart
Sanyu is so heart broken with the news...Cry
She thinks Randhir has moved on!!Stern Smile

Nona and Karan are really intelligent
Loved the ending...Hug

I'm sure something good will happen in FITEDay Dreaming

Ps: Started reading the update even b4 the pm

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howardscarlett IF-Addictz

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Awesome update

Sanyu is shocked and feeling betrayed that Randhir had moved on and married someone and fathered a son
Randhir is bewildered how come Sanyu's name is Suryavanshi

first task is won by Karan and Nona, they are so intelligent
Vardhan is the biggest Sandhir shipper, he never left a chance to bring them close

'Are u scared going out with me' - Randhir's sarcastic dialogue is awesome
Sanyu had to agree for the trip to FITE with cute demands of Karan and Nona

cliffhanger, this is not fair
then give me next update asap

love u

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cardcaptor Senior Member

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going to be interesting

thanks for pm

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Ohooo it was sooo amazing ayu diHug
Karan n nona reminds me of SandhirTongue
Beautifully penned...I loved itClap

Update asapHeart

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superb .. Smile

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