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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 6)

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Thanx for d pm. Nice update. Continue soon...

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awesome update
i think karan goes to meet sanyu
eagarly waiting for sanyu entry
thanx for pm
continue asap :))))

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loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guy 

I am back with chapter 4.
So finally you will get what you want.
So keep calm and start reading.

Sorry for not updating for long.

Please ignore the mistake as I haven't proof read it. 

Happy reading...Smile


Chapter 4

Karan POV

I climed up the stairs and reached my destination. I went to shoes stand and took out my shoes. Yes you guessed it right. I come to temple every Saturday. I didn't told anyone about my little secret. I have warned my bodyguards and driver uncle not to tell my dad about it.

I turned back to go inside when I bumped into a girl and we both fell down with a thud. 

"Ouch", we both said unanimously. 

These girls can never walk properly, I thought.

We stood up and I looked at her ready to smash her with my words. She was probably of my age.

"Are you blind? Cannot you see and walk", I said with attitude and anger.

"Oh Mr. Keep your mouth shut. It was you who didn't looked back. You are at fault", the girl with equal attitude.

"Oh I know you girls. Always you bump into someone. And this all because you girls think that you are the only one who is walking on the ground. You cannot see anyone else other than yourself. Stupid girls", I retorted back. How could I let a girl win an argument and too with me.

"What did you said. I am stupid. No it's you who stupid , idiot, jerk and what not", the girl spoke with anger.

Now I completely lost my patience. She called me stupid, idiot, jerk. How dare she. Now I will show him what Karan Singh Shekhawat can do.

"You dump, empty head. Today you showed that girls lack brain", I spoke with attitude.

And she again replied me bluntly and then we started fighting with our cruel words for each other.

Soon many people gather around us but no dared to stop us. But then a lady came and tried to calm us. But we were so desperate to mock down each other that we didn't listened to the lady.

"Stop it", she shouted.

We both stopped for once. I looked at her with anger evident on my face. She was the first lady who shouted on me. Soon the mother of the girl came and took her away. 
I was relaxed that she went away. These girls are such a headache. She spoiled my 15 minutes. 

I looked at the lady and she had a smile on her face. Now, who smiles seeing two children fighting. 

Crazy she was, I thought. 

"Why are you smiling? " I asked her.

"Beacuse you remind me of one of my close one. We also used to fight the same way", she spoke politely. 

She was the first women whom spoke so sweetly to me.

"You are strange. You know you are the first lady who is speaking so politely to me", I told her.

"May be you didn't gave chance to anyother girl to speak like this to you", she spoke something which was true enough. 

I never liked girls. They don't have the basic sense to do any work. They only knkw how to ruin it. 

"By the way where is your mom? You may have come with her only. Lets go to her", she spoke.

"I have come alone", I told angrily. She spoke about the person whom I haven't seen from my birth. 

"So your mother would have dropped you here?", she asked only to increase my anger.

"I don't have a mother. Do you get that", I shouted on her and leaved the place.

I went to the corner of the temple and sat down, tears forming in my eyes. I so hate womens. 

"Sorry", I heard someone say.

I looked up only to find the same women because of whom I am here.

"I didn't know about your mother. I am sorry. Please forgive me", she spoke in an apologetic manner. 

I know she must be feeling sad but I was hurt. I turned my face completely indicating her about my state. 

"Oh common baby... please see, main sorry keh rahi hu and now I am holding my ears too. Just look at me", she said like a child.

Baby. This word caught my ears. I hate it when someone calls me baby especially women. I become super angry hearing this word . And now she did the same but I had a strange feeling when she said that. I, actually felt very good listening it from her.

I looked at her with little anger and pout.

"Sorry" , she repeated. 

"It's okay. But don't call me that again", I told her.

"What should I not call? ", she asked.

"That baby. I hate when someone calls me that but...", I was about to tell her that I liked it when she called me that but stopped myself. 

"But you liked it when I called you that,  right?" , she told.

I was shocked. Did she read my mind?, I thought.

"Don't worry I cannot read your mind. It's just that I liked it too when I called you baby", she told again reading my mind.

I was again shocked that she got to know me very well in such a short period of time.

"So do you come here everyday? , she asked me changing the topic. 

"No only on Saturday's. I have my school off on Saturday and Sunday,  so I come here on Saturdays because Sundays are reserved for my dad" , I told her with a smile.

"Oh! Your dad", she was little surprised. 

"Yes. I and my dad spend the whole Sunday together enjoying and teasing each other", I told excitedly. 

"Nice. I think you and your dad share a very good bond", she spoke smiling. 

"Yes. I love my dad very much. He is my everything", I confessed. 

Yes my dad was everything to me. I never told this to anyone not even dad but I felt like sharing it with this lady. I don't know if I did wrong by telling her about it but I felt some connection with her.

"You love dad very much na?", she asked me.

"Yes", I told happily. 

Come on baby. Yahi behtna hain ya andar bhi jana hai?", she asked me.

I nodded my head and we went inside the temple and prayed.

I always, first prayed for my dad and then ask something for myself. 

We prayed for some more time and then went back to the shoe stand.

"Who are they? ", she asked me pointing out to my bodyguards.

"They are my dad's bodyguards. My dad sent them with me for security reasons", I told her.

"Do you come daily to this temple", I asked her.

"No. I come on Saturdays and Sundays", she told.

"Oh. Okay then will meet you next Saturday if you come at the same time", I told her wearing my shoes.

"Same time? Matlab?", she asked me confused.

"Actually I come here between 11 to 12 only. So if you come in the same time then may be we will meet again", I told her.

"Okay. Waise I also come at the same time", she smiled at me.

"Fine then. Bye. Will meet you next Saturday", I told her amd turned around.

"Bye. See you soon. By the way what's your name", she asked me. 

"Karan...Karan Singh Shekhawat", I told here and went away. 


So guys how was it. 

Hope you all liked it. This is the longest chapter till now. 

Come on what are you waiting for. 
Like and comment karo.

P.S. For pms, buddy me.


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Heavenly_Dreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 1:41am | IP Logged
too good . she is sanyu

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 1:42am | IP Logged
Finally the much awaited part in here
So karan visit temple every Saturday

He's a carbon copy of rd
Fighting with girls bes i-m-no.1 attitude

Damn sure that girl is sanyu
Both feeling a cnnction

They shares alot of thing same

Excited for next
Updte soon

Love u
Keep smiling

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loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 8:46am | IP Logged
I am really disappointed guys
Only two repliesCry

If this continues I will not update furtherAngry
Sanj24 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 10:33am | IP Logged
superb update.. lvd it soo much..
I think that women is sanyu..
update nxt part soon...

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loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Hey guys...
Sorry, I know I am late as I was really busy...

Haven't proof read it. Please ignore the mistakes.

Here is chapter 5...
Happy reading...Smile


Chapter 5

I came down and I bumped into someone. Again.

"Sorry", I replied and looked up. 

"I am sorry too", a man in his late thirties replied. Saying so he moved in the opposite direction. 

I have seen him somewhere,  I thought.

I brushed away the thought and came and sat in the car and told driver uncle to make it fast to the house as I was 20 minutes late, 5 minutes because of the stupid girl with whom I fought and next 15 minutes I spent with the lady. She was sweet, indeed. 

Oh I forgot to ask her name, I thought.

Will ask when I meet her the next time, I answered my own question.

I then remembered all the things that lady said to me. The car halted and my trance was broken. I was finally home.

I came inside the house and saw dad's car in the parking. 

Daddy is home, I thought. 

I went inside my house and saw dad sitting in the hall with his clients.

"Dad and his clients at home, I hate this", I murmured. 

I hate it when dad calls his clients home. All office work is meant to be done at office not home. Huh.

I decided to finish my homework as I knew dad will take time to finish all his work. 

End of POV

Karan finished his work and decided to go down to catch up with the his dad. 

Probably the meeting would be over, Karan thought.

Randhir bid a final goodbye to his clients and turned around only find Karan standing and glaring at his dad.

"What was this dad? I have told you many times not to bring office work or your clients home then...", Karan was intrupted by Randhir.

"Okay, sorry. Chalo for today no more work. Let's go out and have fun", Randhir said excitedly. 

"Yippee", Karan jumped in excitement. "Lets call bimbo and candyfloss too", Karan giggled on his own sentence. 

"Karan how many times I have told you not to call them like this", Randhir said picking up his phone to call them.

"Why can't I call them with these names. After all these are so funny names. Candyfloss and bimbo", Karan first showed anger and then giggled at the names. He snatched the phone from Randhir and held near his ear.

"Hey candyfloss", he again giggled 

"Again candyfloss? ", Parth sighed. "Can I get my old name back."

"No. Aur aap se acha naam toh farzi hai. Kitna funny hai lekin pata nahi kiska hai?", Karan giggled. 

He after a nice laugh stopped and spoke, "Leave everything and come to Spark Mall with bimbo soon. We all are going shopping."

"But why so sudden champ?", Parth asked.

"Because on Wednesday you have your dear wife's birthday and if this time you forget it then bimbo will turn into chudail and you will be gone", Karan said giggling. 

"Oh thanks champ. Chalo then we will meet in a hour in the mall", Parth said.

"Okay. Bye candyfloss. Meet you soon", Karan said and ended the call. He looked up at his dad only to find him lost in deep thoughts.

"What happened dad", Karan voice broke Randhir trance. "Get ready fast. We have to leave soon."

Randhir nodded his head and then both went to their rooms to get ready for some fun.

Here Randhir was still thinking about the same - their names. 

"All these nick names thing idea was given by sanyukta. She always liked to do such stupid things", Randhir murmured to himself. 
His mind drifted to the day when she gave such names to all of them including him as well. 


Everyone was sitting in the canteen after working for hours in the mechanical lab. Vardhan sir told them to work 3 more hours as punishment for coming late and now they were hell tired. 

"Aaj toh halat kharab ho gayi", vidushi complained.

"Seriously yaar", sahil agreed too.

"Chalo guys kuch interesting karte hai", Sanyukta spoke out of blue.

"Tum pagal ho gayi ho kya. Itne thake hue hai sab. Chup chap behti raho", Randhir spoke in his usual tone.

"Oh just keep quiet and listen to me. Hum sabke nick names rakhte hai jo unke character ko suit kare", Sanyukta said in one go because she knew Randhir would definitely speak in between. 

"Tumhare sar par koi chot aayi hai kya. Kaha se aate hai yeh ajeeb ideas tumhe", Vidushi made a face saying so.

"Arre socho na jaise main Randhir ko MCP bulati ho waise hi kuch aur naam rakhte hai sab ke. Chalo ek kaam karte hai chits banate hai aur jiske pass jo naam aaya woh uske liye ek name suggest karega", saying so she started making chits.

"Karlo nahi toh yeh hame bhi pagal kardegi", vidushi said defeated.

Sanyukta made chits and then kept it in the centre. Everyone picked up their chits. Sahil got yoyo's name, yoyo got sanyukta's name, Parth received Randhir's name, vidushi was happy as she got Parth's name, Sanyukta got sahil's name and Randhir received vidushi's name.

"Oh god mera bad luck hi karab hai. Vidushi, aur koi nahi mila", Randhir cursed his BAD luck.ROFL

"Chalo let's start. Sahil tum start karo", Sanyukta said.

"Okay. Mere pass yoyo ka naam hai. Hmmm... How about punster?", Sahil said with a smile. 

"Aab yeh kya hota hai?", Vidushi asked with a confused face. 

"Joker ka synonym hai...", Randhir make a disgusted face and answered her stupid question. 

"Actually yoyo ke pass har situation par ek punchline tayar hoti hai toh...", Sahil justified.

"Nice selection Sahil", Parth appreciated. 

"Aab tumhari baari Parth", Sahil said. 

"Arrr nahi main akhiri mein bolunga. Mujhe sabke naam sunkar hospital jana hai", Parth joked and looked at Randhir. 

"Chalo phir Vidushi tum batao", Sanyukta asked.

"Hmmm... main Parth ko...", Vidushi started thinking about it when Randhir said " iska naam toh main rakhuga. Candyfloss."

"What kind of a name is this", Vidushi asked.

"Jaise Candyfloss chipkti rehti hai waise hi yeh bhi sabse chipkta rehta hai", Randhir told his noted facts.

Parth smiled knowing the main reason behind this name. Sanyukta too smiled a little as she too knew the reason.

"Acha aab Sanyukta ki baari", Parth changed the topic. 

"Sahil... tumhe main kya bulao? Ammm... Hairband", Sanyukta said and started laughing. 

Everyone first looked at her in shocked but then they too joined her and sahil too smiled.

"Acha now it's yoyo's turn", Parth said controlling his laughter. 

"Oh Parth paji mere pass toh sanyukta ji ka naam aaya hai aur maine kuch essa waisa keh diya toh aapse pehle main hospital pahuch jaonga", yoyo said looking at Randhir. 
Everyone started laughing again but this time sanyukta started blushing a little and Randhir glared at yoyo.

"Iska naam toh farzi hi theekh hai. Farzi", Randhir said looking at sanyukta. 

"Acha randhir tumhare pass kiska naam aaya hai?", vidushi asked enthusiastically. 

"Tumhara bimbo. Milgaya naam", Randhir said smiling. 

Everyone was shocked seeing Randhir Singh Shekhawat smiling. Sanyukta smiled seeing vidhir bond.

"Aab toh sirf Randhir ka naam bacha hai. Toh batao Parth kya naam socha hai?", Sahil asked as only parth was left with randhir's nick name to e selected. 

"Arre mujhe kuch samajh nhi aa raha. Sanyukta help karo na", Parth intentionally asked her help.

"Isse toh MCP hi bulao toh hi theekh rahega", Sanyukta said as a matter of fact. 
"Acha MCP matlab Most Caring Person", Parth said smiling widely. 

Sanyukta eyes wide opened on hearing parth's words. She again started blushing. Randhir smiled looking at Sanyukta's condition. 

Flashback ends

"Dad come on. We are getting late", Karan shouted standing outside randhir's room.

Randhir trance was broken by Karan's voice. He composed himself and looked himself in the mirror.

He came out of his room and saw his champ excited for shopping. 

"Haan. See I am ready. Chalo lets go then", Randhir said happily. 

"Okay", saying so the duo moved out the house to attack the shopping mall.


So guys how was it.
I know I don't give precap but felt like giving in this chapter. 
So do like and comment on it.


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