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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 53)

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Originally posted by natureloverr

Nice chappy Wink Tongue
But plzzz give Sandhir scenes na Cry
I dying to see there reaction after seeing each other Tongue
Thank for the PM Wink
Update soon Smile
Keep smiling Big smile
God bless Smile
will udpate soonBig smile

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Originally posted by parsh_bff

Superb Ayu dearThumbs UpHug
thanks khushiHug
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Awsum update
Nd sory 4 cmnting late
Do update soon
vanshika1409 Senior Member

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Awsum update
Nd sory 4 cmnting late
Do update soon

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Originally posted by vanshika1409

Awsum update
Nd sory 4 cmnting late
Do update soon
will update soon
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karan Unhappy
Awesome update
cutieu putu ...ayu .Embarrassed
Update asap !!

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Hey guys

See i fulfilled my rpomise and I am back sooner this time.


Hope you are liking the ff till now.Big smile

Happy reading...Embarrassed

P.s : Ignore the mistakes, didn't proof read it.



Chapter 21


Dhruv and vardhan went out to search for Karan. They looked at each and every place but couldn't locate him. Vardhan asked dhruv to look out of the house while he went to the backyard hoping for the best.

Dhruv looked everywhere but couldn't find him. Vardhan went to the backyard and saw someone sitting on the ground.

There was Karan sitting on the ground all messed up. He was repairing trying to repair an engine and his face has greased all over but he was looking super cute. Vardhan sighed in relief and smiled at his antics. But what caught his attention was the person who was sitting beside Karan.

He went to Karan and called him out.

"Karan", vardhan said.

Karan as well as the person next to him looks at vardhan.

"Sanyukta tum?", vardhan said shocked.

"Haan baba kyu kisi aur ka intezaar kar rahe the aap?", Sanyukta said smiling.

Vardhan smiled at her words and then looked at Karan.

His little hands had grease all over and he was looking so cute with them. Vardhan couldn't help but smile thinking of him as complete Xerox of Sanyukta.

"Yeh bilkul tumhari tarah hai. Tum bhi kaam karte waqt sara grease apne upar laga leti thi and same is the case with him", vardhan said smiling. "but Karan esse bina bataye nahi aate na. you should have told someone of us."

"sorry dadu who actually maine dekha ki sanyu engine ke pass khadi hai toh main unse milne aa gaya aur engine bhi dekh liya", Karan said innocently.

"dadu?", Sanyukta said shockingly.

"sanyu", vardhan too said at the same time shockingly.

"tum dono already ek dusre ko jante ho?", vardhan asked them.

"haan hum dono meri special place par mile teh...wahi mandir mein", Karan told innocently.

"ohh", vardhan said smiling.

"aur aap dono kaha mile teh?", sanyu asked him.

Vardhan frowned. He was trying to escape this question and Sanyukta asked the same. He started praying to god to send someone to save him.

"hum...", Karan stared to say but was interrupted by someone.

"uncle Karan mill gaya?", dhruv asked entering the scene.

Vardhan smiled at dhruv and said, "thank god tum aa gaye. Yeh raha Karan. Dekho kya halat bana li hain apni."

"Tum aa gayi Sanyukta?", dhruv asked looking at her.

"yes", Sanyukta said smiling. "woh kaam katam ho gaya tha isliye aa gayi."

"oh", dhruv said and smiled.

"Nona kaha hain?", Sanyukta asked him.

"andar lunch kar rahi hai niharika maa ke saath", dhruv said smiling.

"acha chalo jao tum fresh ho jao aur Karan tum bhi apne hands wash karlo aur lunch karlo", vardhan said and everyone moved for their respective work.

Sanyukta and Karan both reached the same room. Sanyukta gave him a "what are you doing here" wala look.

"Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?", Sanyukta asked him.

"Dadu ne mujhe yeh room allot kiya hai. Aap yaha kya kar rahe ho?", Karan said copying Sanyukta's style.

"yeh mera room hai. I stay here whenever I come here!", Sanyukta told him.

"magar aab yeh room mera hain", Karan said with attitude.

"nahi yeh mera hain", Sanyukta said confidently.

"aap itni badi hokar ek chote bache se ladh rahe hoon?", Karan said showing his antics.

"acha bachu...abhi niche bol rahe teh tum bade ho gaye aur abb chote ho gaye. Abhi batati hoon tumhe", saying so Sanyukta started running behind him.

Both started running in the room and were laughing.

Vardhan came and looked at the duo. He smiled and thanked god for it. He noticed that Sanyukta smiled from heart after so long. She was happy with Karan. He mentally noticed that Karan can play a cupid for bringing Randhir and Sanyukta close.

"yeh kya ho raha hai?", vardhan said sternly entering the room.

Both of them stopped at their place and stood straight.

"who actually..", Sanyukta started but was cut off by vardhan.

"are maje karne hai toh sabke saath karo. Akele kyu kar rahe ho?", vardhan said and busted out in laughter seeing their faces.

Sanyukta smiled while Karan was still silent. He was confused.

"kya hua?", Karan asked them.

"samajh nahi aaya kya?", Sanyukta asked.

Karan nodded his head in a NO.

"tum bilkul apne dad ki tarah ho...innocent", vardhan said without even realising what he said.

And as he said it, realization struck him. He mentally kicked him for talking about Randhir in front of Sanyukta because he knew that the question bank will be ready to ask him a dozen of question.

"acha suno Jaldi niche aao aur lunch karlo. Phir hamein pehle task ki announcement karni hai", vardhan said diverting the topic and left the scene immediately.

Everyone had their lunch and was now sitting the living room.

"so boys and girls. Everyone seems to be excited. So let me tell you one thing. You all have to work in pairs and you will be working with them till all the tasks end. So here is the list", niharika said and asked dhruv to announce the list.

Everyone was paired accordingly. The last one to be paired was Karan and Nona.

"main ladkiyo ke sath kaam nahi karta", Karan said.

"mujhe bhi koi shaukh nahi hain tumhare saath kaam karne ka but kya karu dadu ne bola hai toh karna toh padega na", Nona said with confidence.

"oh please. I can work alone. Karan Singh Shekhawat ko kisi partner ki zarrorat nahi hain. He can win any competition alone", Karan said with full attitude like his father.

"yeh kya ho raha hai?", Sanyukta asked them who was witnessing everything.

"mujhe koi partner nahi chahiye especially a girl. Good for nothing", Karan said and turned his face.

"apko kisne kaha girls are good for nothing. They can do anything if they want", Sanyukta tried making him understand.

"no. maine iske sath part nahi lunga matlab nahi lunga. You can replace her with some other boy", Karan said ignoring Sanyukta's word.

"toh mujhe bhi koi shaukh nahi hain tumhare sath part lene ka. Sanyu will change my partner", Nona said angrily.

"sanyu. How dare you call her that. I call her that", Karan said angrily.

"no. I call her sanyu. You don't even know her. How can you call her that?", Nona too said angrily.

"I know her from last 2 weeks", Karan told her confidently.

"bass... I know her from last 7 years. The day when I was born, I know her", Nona said and gave a winning smile.

Karan became angry and said, "you idiot girl. I will call her sanyu. You find a new name for her."

"OKAY. STOP", Sanyukta said on top of her voice gaining everyone's attention.

"you both can call me sanyu. Don't need to fight for that. And if you two want to participate then you have to work together otherwise you both are out", Sanyukta said sternly.

Both looked down and went at their place.

Sanyukta sighed and regretted for shouting on both of them. She decided to talk to them once everything gets settle.

The first task was to be held next day so everyone was set free for today. Karan went to his room as he didn't wanted to interact with anyone after what happened just now.

He was sitting in his when he got a call from Randhir.

"hey champ. What's up?", Randhir asked him.

"nothing dad. You tell. Did you had your lunch?", Karan sounded low.

"Yes I had it but why are you sounding low?", Randhir asked him.

"Kuch nahi dad...bass...", Karan trailed off.

"Common champ tell me. Kya hua?", Randhir asked concerned.

"I don't want to participate in this competition", Karan said disappointed.

"Kyu?", Randhir asked shocked.

"Dad I have been paired up with a girl. Aab aap hi batao ki agar main ek ladki ke saath perform karunga toh kaise jitunga? They are good for nothing. Khud toh harengi aur mujhe bhi hara dengi", Karan told his feelings.

"Why do you say so champ. I always told you that never underestimate someone, especially a girl. They can do anything if they want. Even I used to think the same but then a girl proved me wrong. She made be believe that girls can do anything", Randhir told him the fact which he himself has experienced.

"who was the girl jisne Randhir Singh Shekhawat ko haraya?", Karan asked him.

Randhir wanted to tell him the person's name that changed his mind-set about girls but he stopped himself from doing so.

"kya hua dad?", Karan asked as he didn't received an answer.

"kuch nahi...acha listen I have some work to do. Will talk to you in night. bye", Randhir said to avoid the question.

"bye dad", Karan said disheartened.

He was feeling very lonely at this moment. He didn't knew what happened to him all of sudden but he was missing his mom. He never had felt the absence of a mother in his life all thanks to Randhir but today he was feeling the need of a mother.

A silent tear escaped his eyes. He started to sob silently hiding his face in the pillow. Suddenly the opened and Karan wiped his tears.

"kya hua Karan? Are you crying?', Sanyukta asked him seeing his tear stricken face.

Karan nodded his head in NO.

"kya hua Karan? Papa ki yaad aa rahi hai?", Sanyukta asked him.

"no", he said inaudibly.

"then?", Sanyukta asked confused.

"mummy ki", Karan said and again started crying.

he hugged Sanyukta and cried bitterly. Sanyukta caressed him and made him look at her.

"Dekho Karan...look at me babu", Sanyukta said smiling.

Karan looked up but still he had tears in his eyes.

 "see I can understand you are missing your mother but see you have so many people around who love you. I know mothers have a special place in kid's life and no one can fill that place. I can understand your pain", she said the last words with a pain in her voice. "You have so many people around you who love you so much. Your dad, vardhan dadu, niharika aunty and many more. And mothers don't like seeing their children crying. Wherever she must be, she will be sad seeing you sad. Now smile for her."

Karan smiled sadly and asked, " aur aap mujhse pyaar nahi karti?"

Sanyukta was shocked but at the same time she smiled and kissed his cheeks.

"Esse kaise nahi karti...I also love you. Acha chalo yeh batao kisse baat kar rahe teh?", Sanyukta asked indicating towards the phone.

"dad se", Karan said being back to normal.

"oh dad ko kaam nahi karne de rahe the tum?", Sanyukta asked him.

"dad doesn't care for his work when it comes to me", Karan said smiling.

"acha...woh kaise?", Sanyukta asked confused.

"Once my dad was in a meeting with his foreign delegates when suddenly I felt a pain in my stomach. I asked ramu kaka not to call dad but he didn't listened to me. He left his important conference in middle and came home running. I was very ill and he took me to the doctor. All my dad's foreign delegates had come to see whether everything was okay and even they eventually came to the hospital. When the doctor told him that my condition, he freaked out so bad that he cried very badly in front of the whole group. He was so upset. He started shaking and shivering. He held doctor uncle's collar and shaked him to and fro threatening him to save me at any cost!" he told.

Sanyukta's jaw dropped.

"Doctor uncle came back and started my treatment and got to know that I had stomach infection. The treatment went on for 2 hours. I didn't even know all happened outside. I heard some breaking voices and came running outside. When I came out, I saw dad slouched on the floor and his face in his palms. I immediately ran to him and made him look up. His eyes were red and it looked like as if had escaped death narrowly. The red colour of his face was replaced with white!" he told.

"Then?" she asked.

"The minute he saw me he hugged me so tight narrowly breaking my bones. He started breathing normally after 5 minutes and looked at me. He asked me whether I was fine. I smiled at him and told him that I was feeling better. He sighed and asked me to go back to my bed. He took utmost care of mine till the time I got completely fine. He didn't went office nor did rested for a minute. He was always around me taking my care", he told everything in one go.

"he really loves you a lot", Sanyukta concluded .

"Yup. We both cannot live without each other", Karan said smiling.

"acha now I shall go down. Have some work to complete. And yes I would suggest if you go down too and interact with others. I would appreciate it", Sanyukta said smiling.

"okay", Karan said and both of them went down.






There ends my twenty-first chapter.

How was it?


Leave your reviews, I'll be waiting. :D


Precap : task 1 of the competition...

will Karan and Nona participate it together?





Bye :)



P.S. For PM's buddy me.



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Originally posted by -Moon_beam-

karan Unhappy
Awesome update
cutieu putu ...ayu .Embarrassed
Update asap !!
thanks shrutiEmbarrassed

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