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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 39)

shivika838 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Quite exciting ayu diBig smile
M waiting!!!!!Smile

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lolita1997 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Omg... Supperbbb teaser dude!!Clap
Plz update asap!!!
Thx for pm:)
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by shivika838

Quite exciting ayu diBig smile
M waiting!!!!!Smile
Thanks shivi...Embarrassed
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lolita1997

Omg... Supperbbb teaser dude!!Clap
Plz update asap!!!
Thx for pm:)
Thanks lolita...Embarrassed
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Another part soon guys...
stay tunned...Big smile
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guys.

Look who is back?

Yes, it's me.LOL


I want to dedicate this chapter to Asmu (sakura_otaku) and Darshini (howardscarlett) for their constant support to me. They have been a constant reader of my ff. love you guys. Hope you both like this chapter.Embarrassed


Happy reading...Embarrassed





Chapter 17-B



The morning arose and sunrays fall on the two sleeping souls - Randhir and Sanyukta. Randhir stirred in sleep and tried to move but couldn't move as he felt something heavy on his chest. He opened his eyes and looked at Sanyukta who was sleeping with her head on his chest with her arms wrapped around him. He smiled seeing her like that. He slowly made her laid on the bed and sat beside her.

He was looking at her lovingly, all lost in her. She is looking so cute while sleeping. So pure, so innocent. His trance broken when she moved a little away from him and as a result her duvet was displaced from her body. He immediately adjusted the duvet on her body, covering her properly. Seeing this all the memory of last night came running to his mind. How they made love to each other last night. How they became ONE last night. Something struck his mind.

He stood up, wore his clothes and came out of the room while Sanyukta was still sleeping. After sometime Sanyukta opened her eyes. She rubbed her eyes and sat straight. She looked at her state and all the memories of last night came running in her mind. She started smiling and blushed hard. They became ONE last night, she is all his, only his. He is all hers. She smiled thinking how delicately he handled her last night. She looked around to find him but found him nowhere. She quickly wrapped the duvet around her frame and tied a knot with the corners of the duvet tightly near her left shoulder.

She looked him on the terrace attached to the room but didn't found him. Thinking that he must be downstairs, she decided to get ready first and then meet him. She was so excited to meet him.

"Aaj main tumhe apne dil ki baat batakar hi rahungi Randhir", Sanyukta said to herself.

She dashed into the washroom and came out after sometime. She was smiling all the time. She dressed herself in a beautiful pink kurti, applied kohl and looked perfect. She smiled at herself and came down. She looked around to find Randhir but couldn't locate him. She searched him in the whole house but found him nowhere. She became upset. She became tensed. Suddenly realization struck her.

"Kahi Randhir mujhe chodkar?", Sanyukta said herself.

"Nahi yeh nahi ho sakta...Randhir mujhe chodkar nahi ja sakta", she nodded her head in disagreement. She ran back to her room and cried hard.

It was late night when Randhir came back. He looked at the house. It was so silent. He went upstairs to Sanyukta's room and looked around for her. He checked the whole room but couldn't locate her. He got panicked. He searched her in each and every room but couldn't find her. Finally he went to the terrace as it was his last hope to find Sanyukta.

He ran upstairs and looked around the whole terrace when he found her sitting in a corner with her head on her knees. He got angry as how could she be so irresponsible and went to her.

"Yeh kya pagalpan hai Sanyukta? Yaha kya kar rahi ho", he shouted on her.

Sanyukta looked up at him. Randhir saw that her eyes were red, puffed and a tear stricken face. He understood that she was crying for the whole day. He felt guilty for shouting at her. She immediately stood up and hugged him tightly. She cried hard thinking that he left her. Randhir didn't know what to do. He ignored all the thoughts and hugged her tightly but not for long as Sanyukta pushed him.

"Don't you dare come near me", Sanyukta shouted on him.

Randhir gave her a confused look.

"Kya samj...samjhte ho tum apne aap ko haan? Bina bataye chale gaye. Yeh nahi socha mer... mera kya hoga. Pata hain kaise-kaise khayal aa rahe the mujhe. Mujhe laga...mujhe laga ki tum...tum bhi mujhe akela chodkar chale gaye...", Sanyukta shouted holding his collar.

"Sanyukta meri baat suno", Randhir tried to explain her but Sanyukta didn't let him complete.

"kya sunu haan? Kya reason doge? Bolo", Sanyukta asked him.

"woh...main...", Randhir stammered.

"kya Randhir bolo? Kyu gaye mujhe akela chodke? Kyu mujhe apne aap se dur kar rahe ho tum? Kyu?", Sanyukta shouted.

"kyoki mujhe laga ki jo bhi kal hamare beech hua woh nahi hona chahiye tha. I am sorry Sanyukta. Mujhe pata hain mujhe apni limits cross nahi karni chahiye thi but kal jo bhi hua woh ek galti thi aur", Randhir confessed but didn't completed as he received a tight slap from Sanyukta.

"don't you dare say that!", Sanyukta said with her index finger pointed towards him. "tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum kal raat ke baare mein kuch bhi kaho."

Randhir was taken aback by her act. Not that he was angry for the slap but he was confused behind the reason for it.

"agar tumhe nahi pata ki main kya feel kar rahi hoon kal raat ke baad toh tumhe koi haq nahi banta usse galti kehne ka. Mujhe akela chodke jana se pehle you should have known my feelings Randhir. You should have known dammit. Yesterday night was the most beautiful night for me. Yesterday I felt completed only because of YOU. You completed me Randhir. I got to know the most beautiful feeling of the world with you. Tum jisse galti keh rahe ho, woh meri zindagi ka sabse acha moment hai. And I will not let anyone say anything about it, not even you", Sanyukta said everything holding him by his collar.

Tears were continuously flowing through their eyes. Both were crying.

"Mujhe laga tha ki kal ke baad hum dono ke beech sab kuch change ho jayega. Maine socha tha ki aaj main tumhe apne dil ki baat bata main tumse pyaar karti hoon. Yes. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU RANDHIR", Sanyukta said shouting.


"Aur yehi kehne main uss din aayi thi jab papa ka phone aaya aur main tumse bol nahi payi aur phir yeh sab kuch ho gaya. Lekin mujhe kya pata tha ki tum mere pyaar ko ek galti kahoge, hamare beech hue uss special moment ko galti kahoge. Mujhe laga tha ki abb hamare beech sab change ho gaya hai but nahi. Nothing has changed between us. tum kal bhi mujhse nafrat karte teh aur aaj bhi..."

And before she could complete, she passed out. Randhir holded her on time and brought her to the room.

Flashback ends

"Randhir", Vidushi spoke which broke Randhir's trance.

"Vidushi... tum itni late?", Randhir asked her.

"Haan bass neend nahi aa rahi thi isliye yaha aa gayi. Parth bhi aa raha hai. Socha thodi baatein karle", Vidushi said smiling. "Waise kya soch rahe the?"

"kuch nahi", Randhir said avoiding vidushi's gaze.

"mujhse chupayoge. Yaad haina tum mujhse kuch nahi chupa sakte", Vidushi said teasing. "yaad hain maine hi pure group ko bataya tha ki tum aur Sanyukta couple ho."

"sab yaad hain. Kaise tum hamein spy kar rahi thi aur phir pure group ke agge jakar apna mooh khol diya tha", Randhir said smiling.

"chalo phir batao kya soch rahe the? I know Sanyukta ke bare mein hi soch rahe hoge", Vidushi asked him.

"hmm. Champ jiss competition mein ja raha hai woh vardhan sir ke Roorkee wale ghar par hain", Randhir told her.

"toh isme Sanyukta kaha se yaad aa gayi?", she asked confused.

"are Vidushi... Randhir ko Sanyukta ko yaad karne ke liye koi reason todhi chahiye", Parth said entering.

"are aao Parth", Randhir said smiling.

"acha bata champ ke bare mein kya keh rahe the?", Parth asked him.

"woh Karan jiss competition mein ja raha hai who vardhan sir ke Roorkee wale ghar par hain", Vidushi told Parth.

"Toh mujhe lag raha hai ki uss competition ke sponsors vardhan sir hi hain", Randhir told them.

"ho sakta hai. Kal vardhan sir se pooch liyo", Parth suggested him.

"haan agar woh hi sponsors hain toh mujhe champ ki tension nahi hogi. It will be a safe place for him. And vardhan sir bhi toh honge toh I will have no problem to send him alone", Randhir told them.

"Randhir we know tu champ se kitna pyaar karta hain. Itni tension maat le. He will be safe", Parth said assuring.

"haan. I love him. Sirf woh hi haan jiski wajah se main abb tak zinda hoon. He is my life. Sanyukta ke baad ek Karan hi toh hain jiske liye main jee raha hoon. Main usse kabhi khone ke baare soch bhi nahi sakta. Agar usse ek karoch bhi aati hain na toh I feel like killing myself. Main apne bete ko kuch nahi hone dunga. I love my champ. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. whenever I  touch his hand, my heart skips a beat. Tumhe pata hain kyu Parth? Because his touch gives me a great joy for the wonderful blessing that he has given me being my son", Randhir said with teary eyes.

Vidushi stood up and hugged him to console him. Vidushi knew Randhir was a loving and caring father who loved Karan more than his life. He can go to any extend to keep him happy.

 "Acha yaar tum toh senti ho gaye", Vidushi said to cheer him up.

Randhir wiped his tears and smiled at her. Vidushi started her bak-bak and the trio talked for another hour. At 12 all went to sleep.


Next day

 10.30 am ,Saturday


"dad aaj mujhe shopping par jana hai. Jaldi wapas aana", Karan said to Randhir while both were having French toast again. Today again they woke up late and as usual Randhir made French toast.

"par last week hi toh gaye teh shopping champ", Randhir said confused.

"dad mujhe apne liye ek pen lana hain. Especial pen", Karan said grinning.

Randhir smiled and said, " woh main la dunga. You stay at home aur apne kapde check karlo. Raat ko akar I will help you in packing."

"Okay dada", Karan said smiling.

"acha abhi finish your breakfast. Abhi main chalta hoon ek important meeting hain", Randhir said and stood up to leave.

"Dad app kuch bhool nahi rahe?", Karan asked naughtily.

Randhir smiled as he knew what Karan was asking for. Randhir bent down and kissed him.

"I love you champ", Randhir said smiling.

"I love you too dad", Karan replied back with equal love. He too kissed his dad cheeks.

Randhir went to his office and Karan too went to his special place. Today destiny has planned some other thing for him.




So guys, how was it?



Acha aap sab gussa ho mujhse. Flashback beech mein hi chod diya...

Are sab kuch abhi jaan loge toh story mein maza kaise aayega?LOLLOL


P.S. : For pms, buddy me.

do like and comment guys.






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howardscarlett IF-Addictz

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Hey AyushiHug
OMG you dedicated this chapter to me
l am touched by your love

as usual awesome update
 loved it

after their special night, they are thinking about the same thing
their special moment,
why Randhir left that too for the whole day
Sanyu is tensed, if he too left her
Sanyu's outburst is justified,
any girl in her position say the same thing
bad girl AyuAngry you left the FB in suspense

is Karan Randhir and Sanyukta's son

Vidarth are always there with Randhir,
great friends
Karan a cute champ, Randhir's life

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shivika838 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awww Awesome update meri ayu diHug
I loveddd itEmbarrassed
Wish to read more n moreTongue
Plzzz update soonyHugClap

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