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A Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers

                                           CREDIT: SUBHA


We are back with 13th edition of NL  Big smile  We are always open for views to improve, so do drop your reviews and comments.Embarrassed





[Monday, 04-May-2015]
Episode starts. Suraj hurried to deliver sweets. Sandhya told he got late so he has to meet bank manager next week. customers came. Suraj got busy. Recalled Babasa's words. Vikram Meena  talked about Suraj's dream. got worried of failure. Bulbul called meenudi. told she can work from  tomorrow. she got permission from dad. She got happy. Misri came and asked. Meenudi said  she was talking to his boyfriend. Misri said ok she will ask Sandhya to find the number and  details. Misri then blackmailed Menudi said she needs 3 suits. Meenudi cried. she said she will  give only 2 suits. that's it. Misri smiled and agreed. Suraj brought Bhabho to temple. Asked her to  pray for his success like she did when he started to work when he was 14 years old. Bhabho  prayed. suraj messaged Sandhya to bring all to the shop. Suraj stared at shop and cried. Asked  bhabho to make hand impression on shop wall.  Asked babasa to handover the karchhi again to  him like he did in childhood. Then Asked sandhya to decorate the shop. Rest of the members  came. He said he will treat everyone with Samosa and Jalebi. Emily and Meena asked the  occasion. SurYa serves to everyone. Sandhya asked him why he is sad. Then SurYa recall their  cute moments spent in the shop. Flashbacks. Sandhya said she remembers everything. She say  a video camera. Asked why he is recording. He said he wants to record and keep these  moment with him forever. Sandhya felt sad and doubts. Suraj said samosa is ready. All then  continued enjoing. 

[Tuesday, 05-May-2015]
Episode starts. few men taking down board from Suraj's shop. Ved came there. shouted and  tried to stop them. bhabho babasa also came. Man told suraj sold this shop to him. Bhabho  recalled about hand imppression. Suraj told he closed all his doors to return back. So he will  concentrate in hotel well. Sandhya supported him. Suraj said sorry to Babasa and other for not  discussing before selling. He asked Bhabho to make thumb impression on shop's papers. she  said it's not easy but now she is proud on his brave decision. He will get success. Bhabho  blessed him. Chhotu came he was happy about kabaddi match. Mohit came to him taunts him  how he could be so happy. He asked what happened. Mohit told him about suraj selling ths  shop. Bhabho interrupts mohit. Asked Chhotu to not take his words seriously. and wished him  sucess for in kabaddi tournament. Vikarm called meenudi, she was at ankur's house. he told  about suraj selling shop and got worried.  Ankur came there talking about some official work.  Kept laptop on table and left. She then gave milk to Vansh. Bulbul asked him to have. He denied.  Meenudi thought this is the right time to make Ankur scold Vansh. She again asked Vansh to  have milk. Vansh pushe her hands way. somehow made the milk fall on Laptop. Bulbul and  Ankur shocked. Bulbul tried to defend Vansh said she only did it. Ankur became angry. Meenudi  started recording. A man brought all utensils from shop. Bhabho saw suraj WTC Trophy Pic and  recalled about the past. Babasa came. Both worried and talked about if suraj got failed. Suraj  came there. asked them to come to hall. He called everyone there. Ankur said you both did  mistake and your punishment is "you have to watch movie with me". All became happy. Meenudi  shocked and cursed why Ankur didn't scold Vansh. Ankur said he had a copy of file in phone so  he already sent it. Bulbul Ved hugged him. All gathered in hall. Suraj sat and about to show them  something. 

[Wednesday, 06-May-2015]
Episode starts. Sooraj showed hotel plan to RP. kids got happy. Sooraj explained all facilities. Added kitchen will be big, as a hotel is known by its food.  he will keep rocking chair for Babasa  and bring ginger tea for him. Mohit will be manager of the hotel. Mohit thought its just plan and he  is giving me job. Suraj told name of the hotel, Vedansh. Bhabho thought it means Ved and Vansh. She gave him blessings. Ved said we want icecream. Sooraj said they will get icecream party.  asked Mohit to get it. But no money in vallet. Sandhya gave money from her purse. Ved said to  misri he does not want to eat icecream. Papa does not have money. Sandhya heard this. said  Sooraj's pocket is not empty, it has dreams. Ved said but we can't buy icecream by dreams.  Sandhya said your dad and me are one. Bhabho told Daisa that Sooraj bought land for hotel. Daisa said it's not his age to see big dreams. Bhabho said person should dream till he lives and  try to fulfill it kids got icecream. Daisa told Sooraj not to waste money like this. Ved said mum  got this icecream as Papa did not have money.  Daisa ased Sooraj will he be able to eat  icecream. Sandhya ased why can't. Daisa said its from his wife's earnings, won't he feel bad. all  shocked. Sooraj said what is she saying. Daisa said I know my words are bitter, but its truth, he  is jobless now and enjoying on wife's earnings,  how will he beg his wife for all expenses.  Sandhya defends Sooraj. said bride also vows to support groom in all happiness and pain. Daisa said she can't win in argument with her, but Sooraj will get more taunts.  Bhabho also  supported Suraj.  Daisa says when Ved sees his mum doing all duties, will he respect Sooraj? Added, society will not agree to her. She says she will support her husband, no matter what  anyone says Meenakshi said don't feel bad, but Daisa said right. Vikram said its not easy to ask  help from wife. 

[Thursday, 07-May-2015]
Episode starts. Sandhya thought is Sooraj feeling the same as Daisa said. She goes to keep  money in his wallet. he stops her. She said his wallet is empty. He said it has dreams filled in it, I  m happy that you are supporting me, I don't care about anyone, I m proud that we are together,  He said he does not need money now . will ask when he needs. Sandhya said she is keeping  account, which I will take back with interest. He acted like making her wear a diamond necklace.  She smiled and said she wants his arms necklace also. Aryan said Suraj he is always with him.  asked how can he. Soraj asked him to just pray.  Meenakshi told Bhabho that Ankur does not  scold anything to Vansh, whatever he does. said everyone loves him and Vansh is happy. Bhabho  said I m happy to know this.  Meenakshi asked why is she changing side, i am doing so  much , give me that necklace. Bhabho said I am not changing color like you. our work should be  done.  Meenakshi said don't worry. Sooraj, Sandhya and Ved meet bank manager. Manager  asked about experience and backing, or any plan. Sandhya said he won best chef trophy. he said  being chef and opening hotel is different. Ved explaianed him hotell plan. Told the name  VedAnsh. Ved is my name and asked them who is Ansh. Suraj changed the topic. He added his  dad's hotel will be best. Manager smiled and said he trusts him, but every bank has some rules,  they need a guarantor. Sooraj said they will bring a guarantor and left.  Mohit read matrimonial ad  for groom. home phone number also there. He scolds her and showed Bhabho. Emily cried and  said she didn't give this ad. Pari came and said she gave this ad. Sooraj met someone to make  him guarantor.  The man said I trust him but hotel business is not good and I m your well wisher  and advice you to forget this and start sweetshop again.  

[Friday, 08-May-2015]
Episode starts. Sooraj and Sandhya talking about guarantor.  They saw Ved and Misri talking to  sacrifice their wishes and things to support Sooraj.  Pari said she has given the ad in paper with  Anjali's help. She said you only told me that Emily has right to be happy. Thats's why I will find a  good husband for my mum. Bhabho asked what is she saying. Pari told he made me think  against Emily. said I want mom to be happy, whats wrong if she remarries.  Sooraj told kids that  he is glad that they are thinking so much but no need to do this. Sandhya asked them to go home  and not worry Sooraj said kids have inspired me. Pari asked Bhabho to swear on her.  Emily stops her. said you should have asked my wish. She said I don't want anything, you are my  everything, I don't want to remarry Sooraj came to meet a financer in a cafe.  saw a lady sitting.  misunderstood and explained his plan. She said i am I m Aditi Kashyap and guess not the one  whom he is looking for. Real Investor came. Sooraj explained her again. She tuned down the  offer as it is risky. Aditi also worried for his kabaddi team coz his star played is demanding more  money. Sooraj Aditi met inside lift.  She told about her problem. He told his problem of not getting  any guarantor.  She said money is not a big problem, if person has talent, he can get money, I  have money and power, but I don't want to accept demands. Sooraj said I have a solution to her  problem. change the way and get new way to reach the aim.  you can make new team and teach  everyone a lesson, that greed is not good. She liked the idea. She said I think our meeting has  some reason and asks him to change his way too. Aditi called her Manager and said she will  change her entire team,  She thanked Sooraj for advice, and wishes his problem also gets  solved, all the best. They leave. 

[Saturday, 09-May-2015]
Episode starts. Pari told misri that she got response from marriage bureaue. She wants her  help.  Misri denied first coz of the ved birthday issue but later she got agree for sake of Emily. Bhabho heard them talking. Shocked. she said her all bahu's are very good. they never thoght  this home as a sasural. they treated it as their mayka. Emily won't go anywhere. Bulbul thought of  taking help of Chhotu to get number of star kabaddi player Abhay. Suraj told sandhya about  another guarantor. Ved came and told he saw Vedansh in dreams. Suraj said it will become true  soon. Told Suraj about going for group project. Vikram said he will take him to his friend's house. Suraj saw kabaddi team selection ad. he told Sandhya about Aditi and also that she might have  agreed to his suggetion. Bulbul met Chhotu. asked for Abhay's number. he said he doesn't have.  He got a message about Kabaddi team selection. He left. Ved and Vikram came to Ankur's  house. Vikram wasn't aware it's ankur house. Vansh, Ved and other friends went inside for  project. Meenudi working as maid gave Vikram juice. He thought to sell a sari to her. He first told  about Rathi Saree Centre and asked her to visit. Meenudi tried her best to hide herself behind  ghoonghat. He then gave her a sari to her and left.  Pari Misri visited Marriage bureaue. Manager  told them to bring any guradian as they are too young for this talk. She told if they bring anyone  this marriage won't happen. Man agreed and asked them to select groom from laptop. Suraj told  his plan to a person. He agreed to invest but he has to do him a favor. He asked sandhya to sign  on a paper which will help him getting a tender. Suraj and Sandhya denied. Man then taunts him  for his dreams and said he won't invest in such stupid project. Sandhya said Suraj ji has talent  and ability. he will succeed one day and asked him to leave.  Sandhya reminds Suraj about his  words to Aditi. Suraj said he has also decided to change his path. 

Precap: Some people attacked Chhotu. he got injured. he told he want to take part in kabaddi competition as best played will get 50 lakhs.

after a long time we got a surya scene , one to one talk
the dialouges from suraj were superb, suraj didnt feel shy to ask for money from his wife
and he asssured if he needed them he would ask in front of all
true diya and baati
suraj gifting a virtual diamond necklace and bangles were so cute
and sandy wishing to get close to him even after he becomes a hotelier was natual




After ages I had to scratch my head and then finalise the thread of the week, as after ages there were many different discussion threads...LOL
But my contribution is as below Embarrassed

The discussion thread of the week was Subha's thread "When there is a problem in RP, she will enter promptly"


It was a good post by Subha and had a variety of different critical and logical viewpoints in it.



                                                             6th Place                                                             


Wednesday epiosode of Dsa Vs Sandy was the best episode. It was like sandy fighting for her husband against the whole society.Dsa though sounded harsh, she represented the current society, and the way people look at a jobless husband dependent on his wife for day to day expenses. Dsa didnt spare even bbsa, Sandy defended her husband fantastically , but she cant keep shutting everyone's mouth.on the whole , The icecream fell down metling, superb direction. the full episode was entertaining ( and i think only this episode was worth a watch for the whole week). hope we get to see more of gripping epis in the coming week.


THANKS to all the contributors Big smile Clap

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Nice thread Rama akka
wonderful contris by all Tongue

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Beautiful edition Clap
U guys rock  -   Sys 
  and of course Thala   Thumbs UpStarStar

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Beautiful edition...appreciate ur effort guys
U guys rock -sys





and of course Thala... Woww!!! Smile

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Wonderful Thread ..n Awesome contributions by all..

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wonderful edition
nice contribution allSmile

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Forum rank increased...
From 19 we r n 11 wow Cool

Edited by zona. - 11 May 2015 at 1:03am

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Congrats guys Party

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