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Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by riaka

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Originally posted by riaka

Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by riaka

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Originally posted by deepu90

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Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by riaka

Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by riaka

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Part 32


          Two days passed with the silence between them...each and every member of the Singhaniya mansion affected by the silent war between Raghav and Kalpana...for some it was the golden chance to win the richest heart and to show the level to the poverty. After Raghav's dance with Pakhi...she felt like cloud nine, as first time Raghav showed his interest on her and after that she followed him everywhere like a housefly...without leaving a single chance to show him her love, which now starts irritating Raghav to the core...but to prove Ms. Attitude his greatness...he was ready to bear her.

          And Kalpi...her hatred was increased with the arrogance and ignorance of her Hitler toward her. His each day strong closeness with Pakhi burned her from the deep of her heart. And to bare him, he was no one to her...she started spending her time with Karan and Yasmin, which increases Raghav's anger every day.

          Their behavior now started to grieve the innocent heart; her small face was afflicting by the distance between her parents. Gouri and Anu smarted by seeing her gloomy face...but Kalpi and Raghav both were far away from the emotions of their daughter, which now started fuming Gouri on them.

"This is the limit Anu...how perky they are!!! I thought it will take time to compound them... but they behaved beyond my imagination...they fought like goofs...without caring how an innocent child bearing all this in her heart...and now they don't even have time to see her...aise hote hai ma baap... bachche ki responsibility le to li...lekin apni hi duniya me khush hai. Bas ab bohot ho gaya ab aur nahi...I can't let them hurt my angel any more...I think I have to talk them both and that now..."Gouri seethed on the behavior of Raghav Kalpi and left toward hall angrily to talk with them. Anu watched her with worriedness and hope of things to be sort out soon.

Raghav and Kalpana sited on the opposite side of each other collecting their stuffs in their bags throwing the hatred gaze on each other, while Pari was sited on the sofa between them folding her hands calmly noticing her parent's behavior for one another ununderstandably.

"Raghav...I am ready...chale" Pakhi came there widening her battisi flying in air.

"ya..." he whispered looking at Kalpi to notice her reaction but her calmness furies him from inside.

"Kalpi come with us...me and Raghav drop you in between..." Pakhi said teasingly made Kalpi lift her head.

"No thanks...Pakhi. I will manage...I don't want to be gooseberry between you two. Enjoy your romantic ride" Kalpi answered her smilingly with taunt to Raghav and moved from there without saying bye to Pari. Raghav clenched his fist and get up from his seat angrily.

"Let's go Pakhi..." he spluttered little loudly and turned toward the door ignoring Pari who sited there with the crave of one bye kiss from her papa. Pakhi followed him silently. Pari watched her momma papa going without cherishing her once, drops of tear flowed from her cheeks.

"Angel..." Gouri moved her hand from her hairs affectionately, but panicked to see the tears in her eyes, "Pari...what happened sweetie? Why are you crying?" Pari hugged her dadi woefully.

           "Dadi...momma papa not loved me anymore..." she said sobbing on her chest.

          "No sweetheart...who said you this..."

          "I see them, they not kissed me...not said bye to me...am I behaved bad?"

She asked lifting her head toward her dadi with dejected eyes.

          "no baby...you are their heart...they loves you, but momma papa are little tensed about their work...so that they went without loving you...varana koi mere angel ko pyar kiye bina reh sakta hai...aur wo bhi tab jab unki angel itani shaitan ho...kui" and she start tickling her tommy, angel start laughing loudly with dancing on her seat.

"ha...ha...ha..." Her laughter made Singhaniya mansion alive again.


          At evening Kalpi reached home and surprised to see the new faces with whole family sitting on the living area.

          "Oh...there is she..." Gouri said smilingly at her, while Kamini gave her wired face look. Raghav too sited there with his calm face with Sammy beside him who smiled at her heartily. Kalpi too smiled looking at him.

"Kalpana...these are my parents...my mom...and dad" Sammy introduced her.

"Namaste..." Kalpi greeted them touching their feet with a kind smile. Her gesture touched their heart.

"Kalpana...Anilji and anitaji brought Sammy's hand for our Anu...and we accepted" Kalpi's eyes widened in happiness on gouri's word...and she hugged Anu joyously.

"congratulation Anu...congrats Sammy...I am really happy for you both" her mirth was truly flickered from her face...to see her smiling heartily Raghav's lips also not stopped them from widening...his heart also enjoyed with her...the tussle between them was vanished for some time...when her eyes meet with his...who watched her every move with losing them in her. They both lost in each other, when

"Ye ladki...go and get some sweet for us..." Kamini ordered her rudely, which grabbed everyone's attention toward her. Kalpi came back in her sense with Kamini's harsh words, she felt dejected, but ignored them. While Raghav's eyes turned toward Kamini angrily...who watched them like nothing happened.

"Yes Kalpana...please bring some sweet beta...sabka muhh mitha karana hai..." Gouri said politely with soft voice to handle the mess. Kalpi brought sweet and offered it to them...when Anita came near her with sweet in her hand.

"We got this moment only because of you Kalpana...so first piece only for you..." and she fed Kalpi by her own hand. Kamini boiled with anger to see the affection of everyone for Kalpi. She tried her hard to spoil Kalpi's image...but it always came on her own face.

"So we don't want late to take our daughter to our home...to jaldi shadi kara dete hai inki...kui..." Anil said teasingly to Sammy and Anu.

"We have no problem uncle..." Raghav added in between.

"Then fine we do today engagement and next week...marriage...with all rituals..." Anil continued, and Sammy and Anu slipped the engagement ring in each other's fingers in front of whole family. There was no bound of their convivial today, smile not left for each second of Anu and Sammy's lips. Everyone was happy there except one face...why...her own daughter too doesn't know? Kamini left from there and Pakhi behind her, but it was not affected to Anu anymore...she found her own family who loves her more than anyone...today no space of tears in her life which always flew for the love of her selfish mother. She was happy in her new life.

         "Aunty...why you came here leaving everyone there...?" Pakhi asked questioningly.

          "To kya karu..." she exploded pouring her drink in glass.

          "Aunty...don't you happy for Anu...she going to marry her love..."Pakhi said joyfully.

          "What I do...if she marry with any richest man...I felt proud for her but that duffer chosen the mendicant who servicing Raghav...bloody scou****rl. I am taking part only because of Raghav...kahi use bura na lage...but you don't forget your goal...win Raghav...he already falling toward you...now take him in your charm fully and that too without wasting time..." Kamini uttered with the glimpse of evilness in her eyes. Pakhi nod her head gingerly, "before that Kalpana come between you...do you understand what I said?" she scoffed, "I tried so many times to insult her but she is becoming the darling of everyone...I don't understand what had that girl...jo bhi ata hai usake hi gun gata hai...learn something from her you fool...otherwise you destroy my all plan...do you get that?" Pakhi jumped in fear with her voice, "I have to do something to stop her to take on in front of others...before it been late" She thought perilously taking the sip of her wine.


                  All was going happy with Sammy and Anu's engagement...the preparation for the marriage of The Raghav Singhaniya's sister started in full swing...the cocktail party for friends and associates, sangeet and mehndi function, then wedding day...and reception...all was given to the wedding planner...it was the grand functions of the town. Gouri tried hard to talk with Raghav and Kalpi about Pari, but with sudden works and busy schedule...she can't talk them...Pari got silenced with her momma papa's ignorance...but her dadi and buva cheered her every minute. While Raghav and Kalpi's equation more disturb with time, and their distance making the fun to an evil face.

                 The wedding planner daisy comes to meet Raghav about the theme of wedding day, when she meet Kalpi who playing with angel in living area, she show the designs for day to Kalpana, Kalpi selected one, when Raghav came there, daisy show him the sample which was selected,

          "Oh...this is not good...I want some different...means something like royal way..." he explained her his view. Daisy was about to answer him when Kalpi came between them,

          "Mr. Singhaniya...this is anu's marriage...so I think theme will be selected by her choice not yours..."she snapped calmly, he lifted his eyes hotly toward her.

"She is my sister Ms. Jadhav and I know her better than you, this royal look represents our royalty...it suited to our reputation...and I know your choice..." his voice showed her the anger of his heart.

"what do you mean my choice...Anu loves simplicity...nature...the true love...that's why I selected this...and I myself love this...but you...you never understand...jo insan har chiz paiso se tolta ho use ye nahi samjega..." she smiled crookedly at him...which start increasing his temper.

"Really...and you knew this very well right...the person who never thinks to break anyone's heart once...can understand this...what a joke" the volcano started to boil with their talk. Ms. Daisy and Pari watched them with their own emotions, daisy with what's going on emotions, while Pari...she many time witnessed their cute nok-zok...but this was scared her through the hell...the tears flew from her eyes slowly slowly...but Raghav and Kalpana was busy in their argument unawaring about her.

"You are talked too much" she seethed.

"I haven't talked anything Ms. Jadhav...but I can..." he came in front of her looking straightly in her eyes with dared look.

"Then for whom you waited...speak up...I am here to listen you..." Her volume increased with challenge.

"You..." He was about to burst, when gouri's voice stopped them.

"Enough both of you..." Raghav and Kalpi stuck on their place watching her with guilt, Gouri came near them "Ms. Daisy you directly meet me tomorrow, you can leave now" daisy noded her head and left from there, after her leave gouri turned toward them fumingly "and you two...do you any manners...you are fighting in front of strangers..."


"Shut up Raghav, I am not completed yet. And you Kalpana...I thought you matured than him...but you too. You both really embarrassing me...itana apni akad me kho Gaye...that you not even realized your daughter seeing you both...she scared of you damm it...how many days you are continuing your drama...ha. When that child will completely silent...apane chakkar me tum dono bachchi ko ignore kar rahe ho...do you both have any shame...ma baap ho na...aise bachche sambhalte hai...ho kya gaya tum dono ko...now whenever you both not finished your argument...don't come near my child...samaj gaye tum dono" and she take Pari in her arm, left from there leaving dumbfounded raghav and kalpana. Raghav ran his hand through his hair frustratingly while Kalpi sit there putting her both hands on her mouth dejectedly.

          "We hurt her..." she said sadly, Raghav looked at her face compassionately...Which filled with tears. His heart drench with pain of her heart, he wanted to take her in his arm...but ego...his or hers stopped him. He bleed toward the exit stormily leaving her sobbing there alone.


                           One day passed with complete silence, neither Raghav said anything nor Kalpi came in front of him, they both was in their room whole time, and Pari...she was taken cared by her dadi all time.

          Next day Kalpi came from the hospital when her eyes felled on Pari who played in the garden area with Margret and Robert where the binding of the pavilion area was going on.

          "Hi...baby" she called her, Pari watched her mother with shock, as after so many days, her momma again called with same affection which they had before. Her innocent face again bloomed with happiness, and she hugged her momma tightly. "My bachcha missed me..." Kalpi said caring her cheeks and kissed on her face.

          "You are not angry on me na..." she asked with little pain in her voice.

          "No baby...momma never angry on you...in fact I am sorry...I ignored you..." Kalpi felt pardoned for her deed.

          "It's ok...chalo...let's play catch catch..." Kalpi smiled on her daughter's innocence and the mother daughter again started to enjoy their time with each other. Raghav also came home, when he saw Kalpi and Pari playing in garden area, he lost himself on the beautiful and carefree smile of their faces. A selfless smile came on his face too. Kalpi run behind Pari and Pari tried not to catch by her mother, the lips covered with laughter, Raghav stopped there and watched them, when he noticed a wooden rod unbuckled from knot of the thread of another rod...and it about to fell on Kalpi, when Raghav ran toward her.

          "Kalpana..." she shocked to hear her name from his mouth first time, and before she will react...Raghav hold her hand and pulled her another side...which bounced him under the knot, and the rod felled on him, he pitched on the ground loudly,

"Raghav..." She came running dauntingly near him, "Raghav...are you alright..." she asked him panicky, a chill of fear ran through her spine to see the blood flowing from his hand, "oh my god...you are bleeding..." her voice shivered with the tension for him, she pulled her duppata and bind it on his wound with frisson, Raghav was in pain...but his emotions stopped after seeing her awesomely face, which was crying to seen him bleeding, he don't understand her state, is she really worried for him? Or it is only the concern as a human? He was tried to read her face, which was busy in covering her duppata to stop the blood.

 "Kalpana...please help to bandage the wound..." Dr. Kevin requested her, Kalpi come near him and tries to cover bandage on his wound, when his eyes meet with hers. They both looked each other with the mixed emotions of guilt...concern...forgiveness...and love.

"Mr. Singhaniya...the injury is not deep...but it will pain...I will give you injections...mean you feel relief soon, and in two three days, you will again on your work..." Dr. Kevin said with kind smile on his face. Gouri with Pari Anu and Pakhi Kamini were also present there. Kamini's face fumed to see Kalpi sitting near Raghav.

"Doctor...can you give me tablet..." Raghav asked with hesitation.

"Oh...you scared of this..." Dr. winked on Raghav taking the syringe in his hand, "don't worry...I pricks this very slowly" and he was about to stick the syringe in his arm, Raghav hold Kalpi's wrist tightly, Pari hide her face in her dadi's waist, when Raghav winced, he tightened his grip on her wrist in pain. A jolt of current passed through her spine with his touch.

          After doctor got away, Kamini said Pakhi to accompany with him, but Pakhi denied with the cause of fear of dark circles under her eyes, and left from there waving bye to Raghav. Kamini gritted her teeth on Pakhi's negation.

          "Papa...is it paining...?" Pari asked concernedly caring her little fingers from his wound.

          "Not more than the pain which I was given you sweetheart..." he whispered regretfully, Pari watched him emotionlessly, coz she don't know how to react on his word. "I am sorry sweetie..." tears were collected on the boundaries of his eyes,

          "Don't cry...look momma, she also cried...and now you. I am forgiven you both...but on one condition..." she said warningly widening her eyes at them, Raghav and Kalpi looked at each other questioningly, "you never fight like this again...only like tom and jerry...ok" a playful smile came on their faces to see their little lady Hitler. Gouri and Anu also smiled to see the happy family again united there, and they left the room silently leaving Pari and her momma papa alone.

          "I am sorry..." her voice broke his trance which held on Pari's innocent sleeping face who sleeping beside him on his bed, he watched her astonishingly, "I am sorry, I behaved like an idiot that day...otherwise the things never got complicated this way".

          "That was my mistake too...I didn't has to insult you...but I did. I really regretted for my action...i am sorry" he said apologetically.

"No... am sorry...I had to listen you once" she try to explain him.

"No I am sorry...I had to try to understand you" he blabbered ruefully.

"Please don't apol..." she about to say, he cut her.

"No it's...my mistake...i" he continued contritely but stopped seeing her mischievous smile on her face; he too smiled biting his lower lip with her.

"Ok left this topic here we both did mistake...and we both felt sorry" he replied.


"By the way...I didn't understand yet...why was you furious that day...I mean I said sorry in front of everyone that's why? Or you was jealous" she looked at with little frown.

"Jealous...why should I jealous...?" her eyebrow raised.

"I felt your eyes on me only...you wanted to dance with me..." he said with a smirk in his eyes.

"Forget Mr. Singhaniya... I had better company than you...then there is no question of jealousy there...in fact I saw you fuming on me" she questioned him in reverse.

"Oh...not at all. I wanted to dance with Pakhi...and I did." she lowered her eyes with his answer

"Oh..." she replied disheartenly, "ok...good night..." and turned on her couch.

"Ms. Jadhav...you really not jealous" he grinned with mischief in his voice.

"No..." she answered him coldly, "but I think you are..." she narrowed her eyes and threw the pillow on his face.

          "I am not...but you" and he threw the pillow on her laughingly in return. And the entire night was passed with the teasing taunting laughing on and with each other, the moment they missed terribly in their life from 15 days finally came with the light of hope again in their life, Pari's happy family slept under one roof again, with the pleasant but cute smile on her face with her momma papa in one room...with the hope...her this dream never vanish with the rays of sun.




"But I said no..."

"She is my daughter too...and I want her with me in the party..." Raghav said with frown.

"Are you gone mad...Mr. Singhaniya...who takes children in cocktail party...?" Kalpi's anger reached on its peak, and the person for whom they fighting watched them calmly, placing her both hands on her cheeks, giving her momma papa gone case look.

"Me...I am the Raghav Singhaniya...and I don't need anyone... understand. And she is coming" he declared strongly pointing his finger.

"No...as a mother I am not giving you the permission..." she said bending his finger harshly, Raghav widened his eyes in fake anger.

"Oh...god. Will you not live without fighting a day...ha" Gouri asked unbelievingly that these two characters never talked with each other without argument.

"Mom...Tell her, Pari is coming with me in party..." Kalpi gave him the killing glare.

"Aunty" she stopped to see gouri's palm.

"Raghav...she is right this party is not good for children, and me too not coming there, so I decided to go to meet Rajshri at her place, as she is not well...and Pari is coming with me"

"Yippee...I am going with dadi...means no fighting show today..." Pari said excitedly jumping on sofa. Raghav and Kalpi watched dumbfounded on her excitement.

"Raghav...get ready driver...and we will come tomorrow morning, Pari and dadi going to fun with each other...right sweetheart" she returned with grin.

"Right..." and she jumped on her, and Pari with Gouri left from there. Raghav and Kalpi gave choleric look to each other and turned toward different direction.


                             The eve came, the whole hall decorated in black chandelier with crystal light in that, the party theme was black, the drinks, entertainment, the delicious menu was splendid its magnificence tremendously, and the wine poured fountain increased the charm of party thousand times. The all men were coming there with black tuxedo, Raghav and Sammy was flashing their charisma on every girl who present there.

              "We have grace man...girls already affected by us...and night is too long...lagta hai ye nasha aur chadhega..." Sammy said teasingly to Raghav,

          "dulhe raja...don't forget, my sister also here, if she found you drooling on some other random girl, she will kill you..."Raghav smirked at him.

          "Ya...I am surrendered but you are free...go and get someone" Raghav's cheek turned red seeing the girls sultry gaze on him, and he turned toward the group of girls, when Kalpi with Annanya and Yasmin came there.

          "Where is Bhai...?" she asked.

          "Oh...he, entertaining the girls..." Sammy replied with a naughty smile. Kalpi's eyes searched him on the group of girls where he was dancing with a fair skin girl, she looked beautiful in her black shulderless sparkling top with short pants, she saw the Raghav's hands played on her waist dancing with her, their eyes showed something more, she turned her eyes with hatred, and asked a waiter an orange juice.

          Karan asked her for dance, but she rejected as she was not comfortable to dance with him in sari, and of course she was only one girl who present there in sari, she wear a black plane jorget sari with dark black sparkling crystals on its dem, with curly hairs and long earrings with black bracelet, she was looking divine in that look, like a only flower in pond of duffs.

          Annanya and Sammy were busy in their world on dance floor and in mean time Yasmin and Karan joined them. Pakhi waited for Raghav, but he was busy in his world, leaving the poor soul in strain. Kamini forced Pakhi to dance with him, but her condition was miserable by his ignorance, which fueled kamini's anger very much. And it blasted, when she saw Raghav was talking with Kalpi and that too with concern in Raghav's sight.

          "Hi..." he said with sweetness, but panicked seeing her calm face.

"Are you all right?" he asked worriedly checking the temperature of her forehead by his palm, "Why are alone here...come with me..." he grabbed her toward him but she jerked his hand, Raghav's gaze heightened with her respond.

"Leave my hand..." she said hotly, "and go there where your lovelies waiting for you...i don't need your concern" his expressions narrowed with her reply.

"Concern...I asked you politely and you...I think your attitude again covered your head Ms. Jadhav...And I don't want to ruin my head today with you...so...just...go...to...hell..." he said fumingly and left from there. Kalpi seethed with his word, but her anger converts in tears when he again started dancing with that girl.

Kamini saw her sitting on the side table calmly; she called the waiter, who was carrying the juice of Kalpi. Kamini gave him the bundle of notes, and add a white powder in her juice, and signaled him to take it.

"now I see Kalpana...how you leave from my clutch...this party is for Raghav's associates, and if you show any drama, he will throw you out of my house, and I definitely care to send you back to your country...enjoy your party sweetie..."she smile evilly, when Kalpi drank her juice.

"Did you find her?" Anu asked Yasmin worriedly.

"I don't know, we left her here and now there is no sign of her..." Yasmin replied with fear of Kalpi's whereabouts, Karan Sammy and Raghav also came there after searching her whole area. Their faces paled with the worry for Kalpi...after all where is she?



   love you all.Hug

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