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Isq wala love ho hiii gaya na

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Part 29

           "Oh...my back" Kamini winced in pain while Pakhi was busy in massaging her back with dummy face of concerned and listened her cursing lecture on Pari with her crocodile teary eyes, "that brat broke my back, and I missed my kitty party...only because of her...how much planning I had done to show my eight lakh dress to Mrs. chopra and wanted to see her burning face...but my all planned failed because of that ruffian and now I laid here...massaging my back".

          "Oh...aunty, why are you overreacting ha...this will cure in two days...ab chod bhi do...but how can you attend tonight's wedding... I want to look best for this function...you knows na Raghav also come there...as this is his business associate's function...and i want his eyes only stuck on me, my lover boy..." she said smiling shyly, "but you laid here with your back...and it's not look like you can come there with your broken back...ok fine...you take rest...I have my appointment with suzy at parlor... I see you later...bye" she get up and left from there leaving her lovely aunt whining in pain.

          "Bloody scamp...here I am paining and she was planning to marry Raghav..." Kamini cursed Pakhi but soon reality touched her mind, "what the hell I am thinking...it is best for me...here Pakhi take Raghav under her control and there I will take his sign on property paper... And then this entire Singhaniya mansion is mine...I will be the queen of this empire...oh...what a lovely dream..." Kamini smiled in her dreamland, "but I have to careful from that mother daughter duo, what if they destroy my plan...no I can't take the risk...before that Kalpana corner whole house...I have to throw her out of my home...only two and half month left...bas ye do mahine gujar jaye...then me and my money sath sath...oh...when it comes true..." she smiled dreamingly. "Oh...but before that...Kamini leave your pain...and get ready for function...you have to look best...after all that Mr. makhija totally arrested in your charm girl..." she said adorning her beauty and get ready for function.

          Pari too very excited for the function, first time she was going out with her papa for any party, for her it was the moment of her life. Kalpi dressed her in beautiful white colored frill frock...with white hairband...she look like white fairy...who spread the magic of her smile.

                   "Momma...please...come with us Na...we do lots of fun...please" she requested pleadingly to her mother who busy in binding the less of her frock.

                   "No sweetheart...momma not feeling well, you go and enjoy your time...ok" Kalpi kissed her on her cheek, "and no shaitani...I don't want any complaint that Pari trouble dadi or papa...otherwise"

          "Momma stops talking with Pari...simple" she answered her bending her head on one side innocently.

          "Hey angel...are you ready?" Raghav called her from the door, when his gaze meet with hers, Kalpi dropped her lashes remembering morning incident, as she still feel awkward coz of their proximity and more... she was disturb with the thought that, what Raghav think about her after that incident. But Raghav's gaze was fixed on her, her smell still running in his mind which gravitate him near her...onto he also in snarl that it is only an attraction because of their closeness or something more than that, which he doesn't know at yet. He walked toward them, while Kalpi's heartbeat thundering inside her chest rapidly, he knee down near Pari and cupped her face,

"Wow angel...you looking beautiful...just like a shadow of princess" her heart skipped a louder with his words, she looked at him perplexedly, while his gaze still fixed on her, they share the eye lock for a while, the same chocolate brown eyes which she saw before too, but today, she felt a different glimmer in them, and beyond her expectation, today her heart wanted to sink in them, why? She herself doesn't know.

"Oh...ho papa, if I am the princess, then why you said this looking at momma" Pari's voice bring them back in their senses, Raghav chuckled at her word, while Kalpi hide her eyes again in embarrassment.

"WO...um... no... I am not looking at your momma" he whispered understandingly in heisted voice,

"No...I saw you both staring each other..." angel said placing her both hand on her hips with fake angry eyes.

"You nautanky...nowadays you talked too much...ha" he returned picking her in his arm and twirled in air. Pari giggled loudly in his arm and they both left the room leaving behind Kalpi, who still fighting with her heart, as this is only attraction...not more than that.

Everyone left for function leaving Kalpi and Annanya behind. And the girls passed their time in talking with each other in Annanya's room, about their college talk, Pari's childhood memories, their likes, dislikes. They was busy in their gossip when Kalpi feel suffocated, she grabbed her chest to breathe calmly.

"Kalpana are you alright?" Anu asked concernedly.

"I am fine...bas thoda suffocation ho raha hai...if windows will open, I feel good..." and she went toward windows to open them. "This view is very beautiful..." Kalpi whispered looking at outside, "you know Anu, this dark night teaches us how to keep the patience, because it's know after every darkness there is the light of hope, which eagerly waiting for us to take in its embrace..." she finished with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Then who is your light of hope?" Anu inquired teasingly raising her eyebrows; Kalpi smiled crookedly looking at her.

"And about what are you asking?"

"Hmmm...the same one which Yasmin ask you..." Anu replied causally.

"You both have boyfriends, it's not mean you felt jealous from my freedom..."

"Don't change the topic Kalpana...tell me na...You really not feel anything for Bhai...I mean his proximity did not affect you" Kalpi closed her eyes with irritation, as the topic she left sometime before as her attraction, comes again with same question.

"No...I don't feel anything for your brother Anu...and answer her too...he is nice person and I respect him, but it not means I feel anything for him" she answered straightly.

"Really...no feelings..." Anu again asked deeply on pressing the words which irritated Kalpi much.

"Ahaaa...really...no feelings Anu..." she murmured panicky.

"But I have doubt..." Anu gave her the questioning look.

"I feel sleepy...so good night" and Kalpi moved toward the door.

"Kalpi...please listen to me...please clear my doubt..." but Kalpi already left from there, Anu smiled mischievously at her and lay on her bed to sleep.

She was in deep slumber when the continued voice disturbed her in between, her lances moved here and there to peek up the silence but the voice increased much. She slightly open her lashes to grasp the view of outside, when her eyes felled on the kaleidoscope which is tying just near the window and window was opened, and in few minutes the air start flying tremendously as the slide of window bounce on each other loudly, making the harsh voice, Anu annoyed by the environmental change, and  get up on her bed thinking to close the window but then she realized her, wheelchair also away from her bed, as the wheel hit the Kalpi's toe finger, so she put it on side of the way.

Anu put her feet at the floor and about to get up, when a shadow flickered from the window, her heart skipped a beat,

"Anybody is there?" she asked nervously but she did not find anyone, "maybe that's my hallucination...Annanya... Please behave like a strong girl" she pacify herself and try to get up, her whole body pressure on her feet, which caused pain in her knees, but she try, when again that shadow stand there in window. Her efforts stopped to see his glimps in the mirror. Two drop of sweet run through her forehead with his image, he looked at her without moving from his place, she slowly turn her head toward him,

"Who is there? Please come front...ok. I have gun with me...if you want your safety...get out of here" she said skittishly but with the plaster of confidence in her voice looking toward the window, but again there was no one, she felt relief, when..."crashhh" a loud voice come from her mirror, her mirror broke into number of pieces there, Annanya jumped on her bed with her all strength, her heart thumped up and down speedily,

"Kon...hai...please...go back...look I am not feared of you..." when that image come again in front of her, her heart jumped of out of her body, a crinkle of panic run from her spine, her body heated in fear, while her voice stuck in her throat, but she widened her eyes in jitters to see him coming inside from the top of window, with a five feet long blade in his hand,

"Bh...bh...Bhai...badima..." her screamed echoed in whole Singhaniya mansion, her hand slipped her grip on her bed, when he was coming close to her, Anu hold the bedshit and pulled it near her chest with fear in her eyes, she circled her knees near her heart and prayed god to send any helper to save her but her bhai and badima was not at home that moment.

"Kalpi...Kalpi...please save me" she shouted on the top of voice, tears starts rolling from her face, but Kalpi also not came there, she pick up the intercom to call any help but it was dead that time. That shadow come in front of her, his body covered with black cloths but his eyes shows her the hatred, anger, desire and lust for her, Anu watched him with the burn of tizzy in her teary eyes, she felt her fingers too throwing the hot breath in fear, when he leaned toward her, putting his one hand on her shoulder while second still holding the blade in his. She jerked him and circled her on the other edge of the bed,

"Who are and what you want...please leave me...I request please leave me..." she pleaded him when he hold her feet, her heart scared like hell,

"Bhai..." She shouted loudly, when he climb on bed and Anu hit her feet on his chest strongly, which made him felled on floor, and she jump down and run toward door, when Raghav opened door, she hugged him tightly, Raghav looked at her miserable condition and then toward the mask man, behind him Gouri, Kamini, Pakhi and Pari also came there,

"Anu..." Gouri cares her hair, and Anu hugged her tightly, Raghav turned toward the man angrily and grabbed his neck in his fist and about to punch him, when

"Don't hit him, Mr. Singhaniya" Raghav looked at her madly, while Kalpi gave him apologize look, "please don't hit him...this is my entire plan..." Everyone watched her shockingly, but they get double shock to see Karan behind the mask man, the floor slipped under their leg.

"Your plan...what is this Kal..." Gouri about to ask but before a tight slap touched Kalpi's cheek, kamini stood in front of her with all hate in her burning eyes. Karan try to move toward her but Kalpi stopped him through her eyes.

"Your plan...this is your plan...you want to kill my daughter with the help of your best friend...right...isko kehte hai pith ke piche khanjar khopana...we all gave you shelter in our house, and you paid that obligation by this...ha" kamini shakes Kalpi rashly by her shoulder, "I told you Dee...this people never be trustworthy...but you don't believe me...and now see...what happening ...this scoundrel try to kill my daughter...look Raghav...to which kind of people you oblige..." Kamini poured her all hatred on Kalpana on that time, after all she never get this chance again. A drop of tear fell from Kalpi's eyes, while Karan watched her sympathetically.

"What is this Ms. Jadhav...? I trust you...I thought you are a genuine person but you failed me...you gave me the big price of my faith on you...we all think you as our family member and Anu...she thought you are her best friend...you not even thought once to play with her...with play her life...her respect...what kind of woman you are..." He exploded his all anger on her but he doesn't know the heart he wants to win, he crushed it with millions of pieces with his tongue. Kalpi only watched him emotionlessly with her teary eyes.

"She is the woman...she is the black spot on name of woman...the third class people" Kamini said, when

"Enough..." Karan roared loudly, " she is the woman, with kind and genuine heart which you rich egoistic people never see...you only look what plan she made, but the reaction...you don't even have time to see...look at her, Anu stand on her leg...this is shock treatment Kalpi and Yasmin planned for Anu, because she not cooperated with them...and my white witch can't see her best friend on wheelchair...so she played this...but you did not see this..."he said angrily, and turned toward Raghav, "you are right Mr. Singhaniya...she gave you the big price of your faith...but you can't understand..." , Raghav bend his head down, he turned toward Anu, "I am sorry Anu...i always consider you as my sister but today's action was not good...I am sorry..."

"No...please...I don't know about this but thank you... thank you so much..."Anu uttered with thanking look holding his hand, he moved to Kalpi,

"Are you alright...?"

"ya...I think...you must leave now...I meet you tomorrow in hospital..." Kalpi replied emotionlessly hugging him by side, and he left from there without uttering a word leaving behind the apologized faces of others.

"momma..." in this all tantrum...one person watched whole scenario in front of her eyes, which break her from core, her mother slapped in front of her...first time...and her papa scolded her momma...scared her little. Kalpi watched her angel lovingly,

"come on...sweetheart...it's too late...my baby feels sleepy na...let's go" she pick up angel in her wharf and left from there...a shattered face behind...who was somewhere responsible for breaking Pari's happy family...who still away from the meaning of trust...standing there seen them going to their room.

         Thanks for you for likes and comments... I hope you all like this part.and sorry if you bored this part...

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Originally posted by rachufan

Aa bhi aa bhi ja
E swaradi aa bhi ja
intjaar ko kar vida
ek badi si update de ja

chalo de diya update
ab long comment chahiye varana next time ekdam chta update dungi
phir mat kehana bataya nahiSmile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

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Originally posted by _Santhi_

Aww My cute Pari is back with her Naughtiness Hug
thanq swara for continuing this storyBig smile 

Raghav baba is getting Romantic these days he is day dreaming about kalpi in this arms and see his luck she ended up in his arms n wow she is generating some current in him LOL

Kamini phirse girgaye, pari tho kinthna cute hai she is dancing and telling stories for her dadi none didn't even mind helping kamini up, all of them are under the spell of pari's cuteness Big smile

wonderful update swaraBig smile

yes for you santhi...pari is back
thank you santhi
raghav ka romance pani mehi khatm ho gaya...
ab manate manate ragahv ko pani yad ayega
kamini...mera bas chale to mai use har update me giravuLOL

thanksBig smile

swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by artiodedra2007

Isq wala love ho hiii gaya na

abhi nhi...thoda time lagega...par ho jaroor jayegaLOL
darkloveriam IF-Dazzler

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it's more than awsome
i love it totally
u nailed it dear
buti want to veat ksmini black& blue for touching kalpi
and raghav plz make sure that ge goes on his knees
he need a strong jeleousy treatmenti

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Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update. ...
  KaminiAngry she yelling on pari name. ..n pakhi dream about raghavDead...but I loved to see Kamini in painLOL...n she think about Mr makhijaDead...she have a daughter. ...n think her beauty. ..
 Wow I imagine Pari in that dress ..Embarrassed she looking like angelDay Dreaming...
 Oho. ..raghav say to kalpi ..she is beautiful. ...n Pari say insanetly. ...Y u say yo looking at mama. ..WinkLOL naughty girl. ..
  Ananya try to explain kalpi ...but she is not ready. ..

Omg first I thought sammy come to give surprise ananya. ..but this sacred her...n he is karan ...n kalpi n yasamin plan. ..
but ananaya stand on her feetEmbarrassedClap
Kamini salp herAngry...she hate her daughter ..n y Sudan react lime  she care her. .. all sold kalpi. ..They not even look at ananaya. .
Wow but kalpi plan work out...
but pari is scared by that scene. ...n raghav he realised what he did. ...Waiting 4 Next update. ..
Update soon next part. ...swara this time soon. .

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darkloveriam IF-Dazzler

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swara plz for me dear give a chotu sa update
one more plzzz

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