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Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by ovee

Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by ovee

Good morning swara di.

Good morning cuty...
Blessed you with beautiful SaturdayEmbarrassed
Kashi ahes????

must. Smile aani tu kashi ahes?

Ekdam majet...
Aaj me yach update deil...hope tula avadelSmile
pls lavkar update kar.offcourse Mala tujya saglya ragna stories aavdatat. Patakan update kar.

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Swara Patkan update dhyanaa baba. !! Laukar
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Part 27

            Again a new morning entered in the life of Singhaniya mansion's people...the whole house cheered with the Bathroom singing of Pari in a sweet, loud and terrific voice with all her nursery rhymes...Kalpi tried her best to bath her but Pari left only one option for her mother to come out of bathroom inserting her fingers in her both ears...and again a big rock music started to play in back ground. 
                      Raghav who was sleeping in his bedroom peacefully, wake up with the jerk as earthquake comes there...but he gets to listen his angel's musical but dramatic voice. He went in her room with his hand on his ear and behind him everyone also reach there.

                       "What is this Ms. Jadhav?"

                       "Oh... This...live concert of nursery rhymes...enjoys this..." she said smilingly. He went near bathroom, and shout from there,

                       "Angel...kya kar rahi ho sweety...come out of bathroom...look people are dying with your voice dear", the door opened slightly and Pari looked at them bending from there,

                       "Dying...oh..ho..Papa...who is dying here? Look choti dadi is standing there with ghost mask on her face" Pari said innocently looking at Kamini, everyone turn their head toward Kamini to look her. Kalpi, Pakhi and Anu tried to hide their smile but...it was uncontrollable for them, while Gouri and Raghav's condition was not different from them but they zipped their lips... Kamini watched Pari furiously...she was about to scold her but stopped with Raghav's voice.
                      "Angel...bad manners...never talk with elders this way..." he scolded her but softly.

                       "Sorry papa...Sorry choti dadi" she said sadly to Kamini.

                       "It's ok Pari...chalo cutiepie finish your bath soon...I made a delicious breakfast for you", Kamini said with her buttery voice but inside she fumed on Pari, "scoundrel girl...trying to make fun on me...but what expecting from her...jaisi ma vaisi beti" she thought looking hatredly at Kalpi.

                       "Now finish your bath and no more noise...ok" he ordered her in sweet voice,

                       "Ok...papa..." angel closed the bathroom door and start her singing again but now in extra loud voice than before. He looked at them putting hands on his waist and they all are burst in laughter without one fumed person.

                       On dining table, Anu, Raghav, Gouri and Pari eat their breakfast silently when Kalpi came there rashly and start drinking juice hurriedly.

                       "Calm down...Kalpana, the juice must be choked in your throat...please drink this slowly" Gouri said concernedly, Raghav watched toward her raising his eye lashes emotionlessly.

                       "No...aunty...I am already late...and I have to search for taxi too...pata nahi aur kitani der ho jayegi" she said worriedly.

                       "It's ok Kalpana...Raghav will drop you" she said looking at Raghav who was wiping his mouth with satin cloth.

                       "I don't have any problem mom but ask the people...are they really interested to come with me? Or left me when they get another company" he returned looking at her, she bend down her lashes guiltily. "They not even preferred to look me once before leaving me back" he said...but his eyes still on her.

                       "About whom you are talking Raghav?" Gouri asked suspiciously.
                        "Nothing mom...it's not important...come Ms. Jadhav...I will drop you...bye everybody" he spoke firmly and moved toward main door wearing his coat and Kalpi followed him silently.
                       "Poor fellows they can't live without fighting or arguing with each other...and think nobody understand this" Gouri said laughingly nodding her head unbelievingly.
                        "Pari...do you know why your momma papa fighting with each other this much" Annanya asked her teasingly coming close to Pari. 
                      "Don't you know buva...where is more fight...there is the lots of love...my momma papa fight with each other becausse...they love each other...simple" Pari answered her stretching her hand with expression on her face, Annanya smiled on her innocent talk.

                       "And who told you this..." Gouri asked her raising her eye brows.
                      "I saw this in the movie...hero and heroine fights with each other...then love each other...then marry each other...phir bacche aa jate hai" Anu laughed hiding her face in her palm, "then how I came first?" she said with the tapping her little fingers on her forehead thinking,  Gouri too smiled on her little granddaughter.

                       "meri dadi ma...you have every questions' answer...right" she said caring her hair.

                       "Oh...badi ma...she is so brilliant...kaha se lati hai ye sare ke sare  jawab..." Anu said laughingly. 

                       "Television Anu...it teaches everything...we don't need to bother for our children's future" she answered her. Poor Pari watched her buva and dadi who are laughing on her but she doesn't know, what is mean of her innocent words.

                       Their car drive was silent...Raghav was totally concentrating on his driving but his silence upsetting her, she looked at him but his eyes was still on road.

                       "I am sorry..." she said sadly. But he doesn't utter a word. She watched him with hope but he was calm. "I know, my behavior hurt you...but you were going with Pakhi...so I thought not to disturb you both, and in meantime, Karan was there, so I also got a good company..." she about to complete the sentence but Raghav cut her.
                        "Means... you think, I am not good company for you" he asked her fumingly. She watched him widen her eyes.
                        "I don't mean that" she uttered heistedly and he stopped the car on side of road with jerk make her surprised from inside.

                        "So what you mean...ha...you asked me for lift and left me there without looking at me once...did you ever think how I feel...how I feel ignored by you...did you know?"  He almost shouted on her. Kalpi leaned back with fear nodding her head negatively but there is no space behind her. She watches him dumbfounded.

                       "You don't know...when you experience this...that time you understand how I feel..." the pain was glinted from his voice...she feel bad for her deed.

                       "I...I am sorry...I didn't know my one action hurt you this way..." she said apologetically, the stress on his face faded with her words.  "Ok...what punishment...you give me...I will fulfill it..." she said with a bright smile, Raghav gave her unbelievable look.

                       "Are you Pari? Who is asking for punishment...?" he scolded her.
                      "That's not fair Mr. Singhaniya... here I want to apologize and you are teasing me"
                        "Oh...God kaha fasa diya tune mujhe..."Raghav put his head on steering wheel irritatingly, while Kalpi watched him hopefully,  "ok...you want punishment...then from today...I will drop you hospital and take you back home...fine"
                        "This is the punishment..." she asked him with wired face, she doesn't understand what expression she gave him on his punishment, but she was happy inside, why? She herself doesn't know.
                      "Ya...are you agree with this or not?" he raised his eyebrow.

                       "Ok..." she jumped excitedly, Raghav look her antics giving her gone case look. "To kya...I get a full time driver after all for all time... then why should I have problem with that" she smiled mischievously.
                        "Then fine...deal..." he said with firm voice.
                        "What...deal..? ya koi business plan approve huva hai jo deal sign kar rahe ho" she gave him questioning look.

                       "To phir kaise karu..." he asked her confusingly.
                     "Shake the hand..." she said smilingly blinking her eyes.
                      "Then what it means... it is also sign of a deal approval" he said irritededly.
                        "ohhh...bappa don't you get someone other than a businessman to stuck me" she cursed Bappa...he watched her antics but in heart, he was too happy.
                       "So finally you are away from that black ghost for some time...par kitana...hospital me to sath honge na..."his mind again filled with fear. "no...they are from different faculty...and they don't even get time to spend with each other...Raghav Singhaniya...good job...now this chipkali will stay away from that ghost" he patted his back in his mind smilingly.

                        "Why are you smiling...let's go...I am already late..."she shakes his hand to bring him in reality. Raghav smiled looking at her and ran his car toward her hospital smilingly.

                       In chamber of Orine Group's MD, Raghav was sitting in front of his laptop scrolling his finger on the curser pad, but his all glance was stick on the face which he saw on the blank screen of his laptop, her teasing eyes, her shy smile, and her divine face was flashed in front of him, a cute smile was played on his lips. Sammy came there without knock on door but surprised to see him smiling unreasonly.
                        "Raghav..." he called him, but Raghav was lost in his world. "Raghav..."he shouted loudly which make him jumped on his seat.
                        "Ha..." Raghav watched astonishingly, "Sammy...kab aaya tu...? And why are you shouting...?"
                       "To bring you back in our world... dream boy..." he chuckled and sits next to him, "where you lost my friend?" he asked him, "don't tell me in Pari...because I know, you are not thinking about Pari...your face show me different glow..." he said teasingly.
                        "Different glow? And what was that?" Raghav asked impatiently sitting relaxed on his chair, one hand fold near chest while other on mouth tried to hide his awkwardness...because Sammy catches his blunder. 
                      "Different glow...means the glow of love..." Sammy answered him smilingly.

                       "Love...you are kidding me Sammy...and whom I loved...that chipkali...never" he answered him emotionlessly.

                       "But I was not asked you the name Raghav...you yourself confess...who sweep your heart and mind..." Sammy smiled mischievously.

                        "Don't try to catch me in your word Sammy...Raghav Singhaniya ke dil aur dimag... dono kabu me hai..." he spoke strongly make Sammy laughed on his word.
                      "Oh really...then why you skip the meeting with Mr. Nelson"
                      "Wooo...i...I was not feeling well" Raghav answer in hesitation.

                        "Oh...and why you scolded Johnson...I did not find any fault in his presentation...then" Sammy asked raising his eyebrows.

                        "Oh...I...I was not happy with his work style..." Raghav tried to give him excuse while Sammy smiled on his friend's helplessness.
                        "And late..." he tries to ask him again and again which make Raghav fumed on him.
                        "Stop investigating me Sammy...I am not culprit...whom you are taking on fire round..." Sammy laughed.
                      "Air is changed...my friend...only you have to know it..."
                      "You are wrong Sammy...ya it's look like my conservative behavior toward Kalpana but this is not love...she is only Pari's mother for me...that's why I feel little connected with her...that's it"
                      "Agar aisa hai...then it's good...because after three months you do not feel bad when she left you for forever..." Sammy put his finger on Raghav's Achilles heel, Raghav's heart skipped with his word.

                        "Really...she will leave me after three months..." the thought of her leave start running his mind...when

                        "chal...i see you later" Sammy's word help him to come out of his thought.

                       "Sammy...how was your and Annanya's date yesterday..."he asked Sammy concernedly as in his own tangle, he did not forget about them, his questions covered Sammy's heart with pain of last day incident.
                      "Nothing...everything is fine..." he said smiling sweetly...but Raghav read the stress of his eyes.

                        "Sammy...tell me".

                       "She said...her condition will be burden on me...and she does not adjust with the sympathy on others eyes ...and now I don't understand how to convince her...but I know one thing she will be the first and last girl of my life" Sammy replied sadly. Raghav feels bad for his friend and sister. Sammy's condition tell him, Kalpi was right about them, Sammy really loves his sister and his brotherly heart wants his sister must settle with that person who really love her.

                        "May I talk with her...?"

                        "Koi fark nahi padega...because she is the sister of Raghav Singhaniya...same as you...arrogant and stubborn" Raghav looked him narrowing his eyes.

                        "Samar Raizada...you are insulting us...the Singhaniyas..." he uttered with fake anger.

                        "So what wrong I said...here you are not ready to accept your feeling and there... your sister not ready to accept me...so what I called you...stubborn...bro-sis" he said teasingly.

                       "So funny..." he spoke with wired face, but smiled on this, because he too knows Sammy was right...Singhaniya are too stubborn, "I will try to talk her...maybe she listened me..." he assured him putting his hand on his, when

                        "Excuse me Sammy sir...Mr. Joshi of marketing department waiting for you in your chamber..." Stella came there.

                       "Ok I will come..." Sammy replied.
                        "Mr. Joshi..."  
                     "Ya...he want to show some aspect for marketing strategy...chal...I will meet you later" and he left from there while Raghav sit at his place thinking about Sammy and Annanya's relation.

                       In Hospital, there is no bounce of Kalpi's excitement as she got to work on the top most hospital of the Brooklyn city and that too with her best friends, with her sweet nature; she was very much adjusted in new environment, she was on the general ward when Yasmin drag her for their lunch in her cabin...where in few minute Karan came to join them.

                        "Hi...Kalpi, hi Yasmin..." he greets them heartily but his eyes stuck on Yasmin who also look him with same gesture. Kalpi watched them with o shaped mouth as she not expecting them lost in each other and that too in front of her, which was the biggest shock for her.

                        "Hmmm...hmmm" she coughed to bring them back in their senses...Karan watched her unbeliefly while Yasmin smiled in embarrassments. Kalpi gave him the cold look.

                        "So who going to tell me the history..." she asked raising her eyebrows.
                        "Well...yes...we are dating..." Karan replied smilingly encircling his hand around Yasmin's waist.
                       "OMG...I never thought my two best friend are with each other while from two months I knew Yasmin...what a small world...everything connected with each other" she said excitedly hugging to Karan and Yasmin. "Now tell me from when this story starts...?"

                       "From three years..." Karan answered her.

                       "And when you both are getting married..."Kalpi asked smilingly.

                       "Don't know...our family still not agree for this marriage as I am Pakistani and he is Indian...the circumstances of two countries come between us" Yasmin replied sadly.

                       "I made them understand...but all is hell...they will be never agreed for this" Karan's face dropped.
                        "Don't worry...sab thik ho jayega..." Kalpi encouraged them. 
                      "wo to hona hi hai...when my white witch is here...then I don't need anyone..." Karan teased him.
                      "Don't call me white witch..."
                      "Oh called her chipkali...that's her new name..." Yasmin smirked.
                        "Who told you...Annanya...I will kill her"
                        "By the way what was happened of their date?" Karan asked taking the byte of food.
                       "She said no to him, Sammy was very much upset with this" Kalpi uttered dejectedly.

                       "she has not confidence that she will stand on her legs once again while there are moments in her leg...but her less belief wash everything..."Yasmin said gloomily.

                       "Then it wants a shock..." he replied coldly.
                      "What do you mean?" Yasmin and Kalpi asked him unitedly.

                       "I saw some cases were cured only by shock...may be this shock therapy work on her too..." he said very calmly.

                        "Are you sure...?" Kalpi asked doubtfully.

                        "Not 100 percent but some little..." Karan wants to give them hope but not blind hope, "anyway...I have some work...I will catch you later..." he kissed on Yasmin's forehead and left from there. Yasmin and Kalpi look at each other...

                       "What you think...it will work or not..." Yasmin asked with some hope.

                        "I don't know...but kuch to karana padega..." Kalpi replied her unnervingly.

                        "Are you preen others life or think to preen your own too?" Yasmin raised her eyelashes.
                        "Matlab?" Kalpi watched her bewilderingly.
                       "Matlab Ms. Jadhav...what you think about your love life?
                      "My love life...my life is my Pari...and I much happy with that" she replied coldly.
                        "aur shadi...don't you want to marry with someone...love by someone" Kalpi gulped her spit in nervousness but doesn't show her.
                        "No...if anyone is in my life means the love for my daughter will be distubuted...aur is pyar pe sirf uska hak hai" she said strongly. 
                      "And Mr. Singhaniya..."kalpi looked shockingly her, Yasmin continued with reading her eyes "Don't you have any feelings for him..." her heart jumped with his name...but she kept herself calm.

                       "Feelings...he is my Pari's father...he loves her and I respect him...that's it..." she said calmly.

                       "No other connection between you both..."Yasmin asked pressurizely.

                        "No Yasmin...no other feelings between us..." she uttered strongly.

                        "Then what is that care...the anger which you hide inside you when he was with Pakhi..."Kalpi turned her face heistedly...she doesn't understand how to answer her.

                        "Yasmin...you misunderstood me...I have no other feelings for him, and Pakhi...she loves him, their marriage was fixed...then why should I jealous with her?" she panicked. "I was only waited for the day when I bring back my child with me...bas"

                       "And Pari...can she live without her father?"

                        "I know...she can't...par mai kya karu..."
                      "why you go back to India...stay here...no one was there for you...at least here you have Gouri aunty, Anu, me , Karan and Pari...she will get to meet her father too...then why you want to go back?"  Kalpi listen her silently.

                       "I know, you never think against of Pari's wish...and last decision always yours...but think on my words too" Yasmin said and leave Kalpi there to think on all the views once again...

                       Kalpi sit there with closed eyes...all the beautiful moments of Pari with Raghav start dancing in front of her eyes, a drop of tear fell from corner of her eyes.

                       As per punishment, Raghav came there to pick up her; they both gave each other a small smile, as their both heart was filled with the lots of questions on their relation...but when they reach home...Pari came with a warmed smile on her face and jumped on them, her sweet talk made them again her protective parents which only craved for her than a woman and man...and they end their day with teasing scolding and panicking on each other... only left as Pari's happy family.

    Finished...here is part 27...hope it not bored you, thanks for your likes and comments and sorry for spelling mistakes and grammatical error which I know very much found...thank you...love you...Hug

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Swara Kai Zala?? Tabyath bara nai?
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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SwAra pie is everything alright and nihu and mrs t are fine naa??
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Wonderful update SwaraClap
Both Raghav and Kalpana has feelings for each other but not ready to except.Wink
Pari knows her parents love each other
Loved the whole conversation between Sammy and Raghav and there is no doubt that Raghav has fallen for KalpiSmile
When Kalpi will realize her feelings toward Raghav?
Sammy was so hurt, I am sure he will get his love soon.
Sweetie please update next chapter soon.Smile

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kisi ko bhi pasand nahi aya...maine itane pyar se likha...no comments...and likes...jav mai ja rahi hooo Cry

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