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Whn r u gng to update dear I'm waiting eagerly to read pls update na Smile

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Dear plzz update soon
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Part 26            

"Oh...ho papa...big boys never cried...if anyone saw you then he says look Pari's papa cried like a baby and start laughed on you...then what will be my reputation..." hearing the word reputation from her mouth, Raghav and Kalpi laughed mischievously on her sweet talk forgetting about the past...and future...they want to enjoy their present just as a Pari's happy family's moment of love...             
                  Margret and Robert witnessing this moment lovingly in their eyes...a pleasant smile come on their face... another two pair if eyes witnessing the moment with happy smile but with happy tears in them...Gouri and Annanya.
                 "Badima, you are crying?" Annanya asked concernedly.
               "No anu...sometimes the smile on our children's faces brings the tears in eyes...these are same..." Gouri said smilingly wiping her tears.
            "She is best for bhai na" Annanya replied happily looking at Kalpi and Raghav together...
            "Why don't you talk with them? They never deny you" Annanya said exultantly.
            "Is it worked? I mean, if I bind them in a relationship forcefully...and maybe they agree for this for me and pari...par kya wo jabardasti nahi hogi dono ke sath? (Will that be the oppression with both of them?)" Gouri answered her calmly looking at Raghav and Kalpi who was busy in playing with Pari.
            "But I think, they like each other" Annanya whispered following her gaze.
            "yes they like each other but only as pari's parents...and the relation in which we want to bind them, they does not like each other that way, aur dil ka rishta jabardasti ka nahi hota...it needs love to live with each other...tan ki taqut kam ho chalata hai par man ki taqut puri honi chahiye" Annanya reminded Sammy's face who love her heart not her body, she look at Gouri to listen more "and with this two people, only because of one reason they tolerate each other and that is Pari...otherwise they are nothing than the strangers." 
           "But I saw, how they care for each other".
            "no...anu, they are only fulfilling the responsibility to be lived with each other...love is far away from their heart... sometimes I also noticed Raghav's different gaze for Kalpana...but from Kalpana, I never feel like that...like she have any feelings for Raghav. But I promise you, when I know they are more than Pari's parents, I myself knot them with each other and that must be the most happiest moment of my life when Kalpana enter in this house as my Daughter in law".
            "I wish Badima...that will come soon..." Annanya said wishfully.
           "I also wait for that day...anu" Gouri look toward the hall where Raghav run behind Pari with blind robe on his eyes and Pari with Kalpi teases him, giggling on him... Raghav catch her and twirl in air, their laughter was ringing in whole Singhaniya mansion.
           Raghav gave Pari his full time that day...while at night he first time told her the bed story which was the most surprising moment for Kalpi, Gouri and Anu... they don't believe on their ears when he told her Cinderella story... with all this, Day passed with shock and enjoyment on their faces.
           And the new day again start with the new topic fight of Raghav and Kalpana which is not new for family members...they was totally ignore this as it is the regular topic for them now, when RagNa start their fighting...they got a live entertainment show to see. Raghav also enjoy their fighting or other word it was a habit of Raghav to start his day with teasing his chipkali.
           Raghav get down from the stairs talking on the phone with someone toward the hall where Annanya was reading the magazine. He look toward her and continued his talking,            "Yes of course Mr. Nelson...the meeting is at 2.30 pm...and I am sure...Sammy will take care of everything" Raghav said and handover his laptop bag to Robert to put it in his car. "ya sue...I will meet you soon...bye" he cut the call and move toward the Annanya.
           "Hi beautiful..." he hugs her from side, "you look pretty today...going somewhere?" he asked her curiously.
           "Hospital...today is my physical therapy session with Yasmin and Kalpi company with me...as from today she join the hospital..."she replied him softly with a beautiful smile on her face. 
               "Oh...so white witch all set to work with her black ghost..." he said in his mind, Annanya was surprised to see him lost somewhere.
            "Bhai...bhai..." she called him which makes him come back in his senses.
           "Are you lost somewhere?" she asked concernedly.
            "No...actually I am thinking about meeting...anyway, I'm leaving now...see you at evening..." he hugged her again and about to leave when
             "Mr. Singhaniya...please wait for me" she step down from stairs, her white duppta was flaring on the floor, and she look celestial in her white Anarkali with golden border on its hem, her curly hair waving in air, Raghav's heart skip louder and louder to see her come near him. He was just lost in her, "I am so sorry Anu, me and Mr. Singhaniya has the important work and I can't neglect that...if you don't mind...can you take driver with you..." she said pleadingly to Annanya while Raghav still looking at her, he lost in such way that her words too not reach in his ear.
            "But bhai didn't tell me this?" Anu replied innocently.            "Mr. Singhaniya...tumhare bhai ko kuch yad bhi kaha rehata hai" Kalpi replied her making her face wired, Raghav look at her surprisingly,
            "and about which important work you talking about Ms. Jadhav ?" he asked her raising his eyebrow, Kalpi stump her heel on his shoe, which not hurt him so much, but a little, he widen his eyes in fake anger, while Kalpi gave him "shut up" look, and poor The Raghav Singhaniya kept his mouth silent.  Annanya who watch their antics was doubted on them, Kalpi smirked looking at her.
            "You forget Mr. Singhaniya...we have important work..." she said pressing her word, and turned toward Anu, "Gouri aunty also not at home, otherwise she accompanied you and I can't leave you with driver too..." Kalpi replied so helplessly, Annanya feels pity for her.
            "It's ok...Kalpi I will manage".
           "No...I can't let you go alone...otherwise what answer I will give to Gouri aunty..." she said worriedly. Raghav too look at her suspiciously.
           "Look at this innocent soul...I am sure, really something is cooking in her witch mind..." he gave her a doubtful look, when Sammy came there.
            "Hello guys...hi Annanya" he greeted her sweetly.            "What are you doing...?" Before Raghav completing his sentence Kalpi speak in between,
            "Thank god Sammy, you came here...will you please give me a favor..."she asked him politely.
           "Why not Kalpana..." He assured her.
            "Will you please accompany with Anu...I have to go with Mr. Singhaniya...and Gouri aunty is not home...so will you carry her with you..." Sammy's heart raced with joy. At last he gets some chance to spend time with Annanya... or maybe he can convince her for their marriage. But Anu's face dropped with her word.
            "It's ok Kalpi...bhai needs Sammy and I don't want to trouble him..."
           "Not at all Annanya...your brother can manage one day without Sammy...I am saying right na Mr. Singhaniya..." she watched him raising her eyebrows signaling him to say yes.
           "Ya...ya...I can manage one day without him" he said looking at Kalpi, "Sammy...please take care of my sister..." he requested Sammy concernedly.
            "But bhai..." before her complete the sentence, 
                    "Don't worry Raghav...I will..." Sammy said and looks at Kalpi to say thank you' through his eyes, Kalpi too blink her eyes. Raghav notice them. A sweet smile spreads on Kalpi's face, Raghav's heart warmed to see her smiling.
            Sammy carries Annanya near his car and lifts her to make her sit on passenger seat when his fingers touched her skin, a jolt of current run through her spine...she closed her eyes in shyness to feel him near her. He smiled looking at her and turn toward his seat. In few seconds, they left from there. Raghav and Kalpi who watching them from their place, a naughty smile come on Kalpi's lip...
            "What's going on here Ms. Jadhav?" he asked her suspiciously.
            "Umm...nothing..." she reacts very casually and turns to take her bag.
            "Nothing...really...don't try to over smart with me...I know, this is your plan..." She looked at him and nods her head hopelessly.
            "Mr. Singhaniya...you are really Dumbo...or you behave like Dumbo!!!" she asked him narrowing her eyes.
            "Mind your language...Ms. Jadhav" he fumed in anger.             "Kalpi...Ye to bhadak gaya..." Kalpi bite her tongue, "what kind of brother and friend you are!!!! Don't you ever see how much your best friend and little sister love each other..." Raghav's anger slowly vanished hearing her words.
            "What you mean?" he gave her cold look.
           "Sammy and Annanya loves each other...but Anu does not ready to accept him...so I gave them some private moment...maybe Sammy convince her for their..."  she said twinkling her eyes and move toward exit.
            "Private moment...in hospital..." he said following her.

            "Oh ho Mr. Singhaniya...they can spend their time with each other as they have a full day and night"
            "Full day...Sammy has the meeting with Mr. Wilson at 2.30 and night...I am not allowed anyone to take my sister out for night..." he said thinking about Anu.
           "Deva...kaisa insan hai ye...he don't believe on his own friend..." she said succumbly, "and don't you handle the meeting on behalf of your friend one day" she scolded him. Raghav look at her angrily.
            "Ok...I gave Sammy a day...but tell him...drop my sister before night...understands...otherwise you both are gone..." He told her warningly.
            "Ok...ok...I will tell him..."she said smilingly.
           "Fine...now get in car. I will drop you..." he said coldly. Kalpi smile mischievously.
            "Dumbo..." she said winking her eyes and raises her hand to open the door. 
          "Ms. Jadhav..." he watched her fumingly...when,            "Raghav...my boy...thank god...you still here...look na Pakhi wants to go mall and driver also not here...will you please drop her there" Kamini come there holding pakhi's hand and move Kalpi to the side of the front door of car. Raghav and Kalpi look at them surprisingly, and about to say something when Karan's car come there. Kalpi's face brightened to see Karan there while Raghav's anger starts boiling in his heart.
            "yeee...Karan" Kalpi run toward him with a wide smile and hug him.
            "Hey my white witch...you look damm cool in this white...hospital me katleaam karane ka khayal hai kya?" he said naughtily. Raghav glared him with blood shoot eye.
            "Shut up..." she smiled shyly, "but why are you here...?"
           "Oh...my white witch is first time joining my hospital...so I come here to take her with me" he replied sweetly.
            "Oh so nice of you...chalo let's go" she encircled her hand in his hand and turn toward his car. He opened the door for her and she sit with smiling at him...and their car run toward the exit. Raghav watch her going with her friend and that too with a smile of 440 volt.
            "Here I am waiting for her and she exits with her boyfriend and that to ignoring me...if she wants to go with him then what I am doing her...? Why she stop me, if she doesn't want to come with me? I don't forgive her for her this action...she not even realize to tell me...to look at me once...just left from here with her friend...I hate her...I just hate her...bloody chipkali" he cursed her in his mind and sit in the car fumingly, his car vanished in air leaving Kamini and Pakhi dumbfounded there. They both look each other surprisingly and tried to understand the situations.
           After completing her physic therapy session, Annanya and Sammy move toward their destination...he helped her to sit in car. Their car drive was silent...
           "You don't like, I came with you?" her trance was break with his voice.
           "No..." she replied him quickly, he smiled looking at her.
           "I thought you don't like my company".
            "Nothing like that?" when she noticed there car not turned her home, but somewhere else. "Where are we going, Sammy?" she asked him concernedly.
           "Trust me, I am not harmed you" he said blinking his eyes.
            "I know...so this is your and Kalpi's plan?" she asked.
            "You found it?" 
           "You don't need of this" she said lowering her eyes.
            "Ya...maybe...but my love does not permit me to take her out...so I have no other choice" he stopped the car in front of the beautiful manmade lake.
     "I am not perfect for you" she whispered sadly.
            "If you see through my eyes, you are the most perfect girl for me" his eyes shined with love for her.
            "That doesn't change the fact Sammy...my leg never improve... kaha tak tum mera sath doge" her heart wanted run from him.
            "Until my last breathe..." she put the hand on his mouth, he take her hand in his, they share the eye lock, "just try me once...I will never disappoint you..." he said hopefully
           "And if I never cured..." a drop of tear fell from her eyes.
            "I take you on my hands forever...jab tak mujme jaan baki hai..."
            "But I can't" she said helplessly.
            "You can...ek bar koshish karke dekho" he wiped the tear of her eyes.
            "If I lost"
            "I will carry you"
           "Don't make things hard for me..."
            "it is very easy Annanya...you only have to give me your hand' 
          "And your parents...they will adjust me"
           "My parents love you and they know how much I love you..."
           "But there is difference between love and adjustment...and I don't to make myself burden on anyone..." she distanced herself from him.
           "You are not..." 
          "Yes I am...no one can adjust a handicapped girl as their daughter in law..." 
          "I will help you fulfill their every wish..." 
          "yes you can...but I am not adjust myself with sympathy on others eyes...with thinking of, I am helpless and forlorn...they tolerating me because they love me...I can't adjust there...and my fate...it will destroy you too...and I can't bear this...Sammy...I can't bear this..."tears again flowing from her cheek "you deserve a good girl...please find someone and get marry with her...I will be very happy for you" she said with teary eyes.
           "Then you find someone for me...but condition is this, she will be the exact copy of you...will you find any girl for me?" he said angrily "no...you can't...but I find a girl for me and that you...and I promise you...no random girl take the place of you in my heart...this place only for you...and I will wait...whenever you say Yes to me...phir vo akhari saas tak hi kui na ho" he said his word finally.
              A pin drop silence spread in the car. Anu was still sobbing silently. He felt very bad looking at her but she does not try to understand his condition too. Sammy closed his eyes frustradedly and gulped his spit in anger.
            "I drop you at your home..." and turn his car toward Singhaniya mansion.
            Raghav's condition was very much worse than any other...he continuously only thinking about his chipkali and in this, he canceled his meeting with Mr. Nelson. His heart and mind was covered with the laughing and teasing between Kalpi and Karan... his employees also scared with his outburst on them... everyone feared to come in front of him while their savior Sammy Sir also not present that day...which make the whole office fire ring...where furious Singhaniya ready to burn everyone. Finally day end for them, but Raghav was sitting their thinking about Kalpana...he does not even notice time whenever alarm clock ringing at 12 am...he looked at watch,
                "How dare of her..." she neglecting me...me...The Raghav Singhaniya...what she thinks of herself? If she thinks her proximity near her boyfriend affect me, then you are wrong Ms. Jadhav...you are not more than a stranger for me." He smiled crookedly to make believe his own confused mind about his Ms. Jadhav and step toward the door to go back to his home.
            He entered inside the house, there was spread the darkness everywhere as all family members sleeping in their room peacefully. He kept his laptop bag on sofa and move toward kitchen to find something...as the rats was playing the WWF in his tommy, he opened the fridge and took out the pots on table one by one...he looked at them thinking how to heat them, because Raghav Singhaniya never touched the pot before for baking them.
             "Need help..." he look toward her, Kalpi stood there folding her hand near her chest.
            "I don't need your help" he said rudely and turn toward oven with a pot, he put the pot inside and try to start the oven...but it does not start. He push buttons of oven again and again but it does not work. Kalpi smiled looking him, and move toward him. He noticed her near him but ignore her. He was still busy in playing with the buttons of oven, when Kalpi start the button of switch board and it start. Five minutes they are waited to heat the pot, Raghav was glaring the wall and Kalpi was playing the floor with her index finger. They don't utter a single word. After the beep sound of oven, Raghav was opened the door oven and about to remove pot from his opened arm when Kalpi grab his hand. He watches her surprisingly.
            "It's very hot...your hand will burn..." and she wears the gloves and took out the pot. A smile comes on his face, when she holds his hand.
             "She cares me..." he said in his mind smilingly, her gaze was fixed on her when she heat other pot too. She served his plate on table and look at him to call but surprised to see him staring her.
            "If your hunger will dry to see me then I can sit here...and you can star me whole night" she said in cold look.
            "Staring...and you!!! Are you a fairy whom I star whole night..."he said narrowing his eyes and sit on the chair.
            "Lo Khaddos mode chalu ho gaya...now everything is fine" she said laughing silently.
            "Are you said something?"
            "No..." and she sits beside him.
           "How was your first day...?" he asked.
            "Amazing...you know karan introduces me to everyone..." she continued her blabber.
           "lo...karanpuran ka shubharambh ho gaya" he thought looking at her which brighten when she talked about Karan and her first day experience of the day and her Hitler listened her carefully after all he misses her terribly whole day... And Pari's happy family again celebrates their one day with joy and new adventure.

                    Finished...part 26 is completed...hope you enjoy this one too...Ssna and sunny here is your Saya moment...I think it comes to average...sorry for spelling mistakes and grammatical error and sorry if you feel this bore. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Res. Unres. Lovely update yar. Oh ho The poor raghav singhania is too much jealous. Liked sammy and ananya bond. Feel bad for sammy and ananya. Pls god cure ananya's legs. When will u update next part.

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Originally posted by ovee

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Originally posted by swara2504

Originally posted by ovee


m eagerly waiting for ur update swara di Clap Wink pls update soon.
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Missing pari and her momma pappa.
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Originally posted by swara2504

pls unres soon. Angry Clap

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