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swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by gargdia

Awsm update... Clap
kalpi is so cute...love u dearyEmbarrassed
please update na...waitingCry
Thank you honey...

swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sunyy

Sweetness update dedo na Embarrassed
Very soon jaanSmile
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Originally posted by ragnafavour

Where r u Swara Dear...
Waiting for ur upadate dear...

Waiting for Kalpi reaction after waking up next morning...

n Raghav 's next step...

Please dear upadate soon...
I am here here
Very soon I will update
Hope it will match your expectationsEmbarrassed
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by angelniha

Please update soon swara
in few minutes dearSmile
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Part 34

            "She loves me...oh man my chipkali loves me" Raghav get up from his bed with an extra brighten smile on his face after his one hour fifty six minutes marathon on his bed. In this hours he changed among thousands of different shapes of sleeping...but finally he conclude that his Kalpana Mahesh Jadhav really loves him.

          He felt like he was cloud nine from where the whole world was small. As The Raghav Singhania had every happiness...but this feeling was completely new for him. He smiled blushed danced alone...he felt to jump like a teenage...or sometimes cry like a child. He crushed the pillow in tight hug or smiled unbelievably on kissing to it. He didn't understand what to do or not to do.

                  "What she do at morning... I think she blushes seeing me...or may be she hug me like no tomorrow..." He thought pacing left to right in his bedroom, but stopped in between, "or I confess first my love to her..." He mumbled moving his hand through his hair. " can i confess her right now...no raghav wait...patience boy patience...I think I have to wait for her...I just want to see her face when she see me morning... Oh god how much stupid I am thst never understand my feelings for  her..." He felled on his back on bed with pillow in his arm staring at roof imaging her face there, her talks her antics...her pulling of his nose, 'you are shooo cute...my khadoos Singhania' made him blushed. Her kiss on his cheek felt him current running through his body, Raghav closed his eyes to feel her scent near him, and then laughed on his mischief thought. "I just want to take you in my embrace kalpi...you are mine only mine..." He again kissed ylthe pillow and laughed mischievously "god... ye subhah kab hogi..."


                 She tried to open her dizzy eyes...but she felt they very heavy, "Ahaaa..." Kalpi get up from her bed holding her head by one hand and other tried to balance herself on the bed. She felt all revolving around her head in zigzag motion.

       "Take this..." Anu handovered her a glass of lemon juice and pain killer, "you felt better..."

       "Thanks anu..." Kalpi took the glass with her Snuffy eyes and poured all the juice in one. Her head start composing it, when she realized where is she.

         "How I am here...I was on party... Then who took me here..." She asked surprisingly.

         "You don't remember anything... Bhai carried you here...you was drunken kalpi..." Anu watched her astonishingly as kalpi drank was the biggest question for her.

            " drunken... Anu you know I never drink... How you say this... " kalpi's voice raised on her inadmissible question.

           "If you not drank...then maybe someone spiked your drink" they both looked at each other with surprise.

                " last thing I remembered...that I  drank the orange juice... And then" she uttered thinkingly, "anu...did I behave something unexpectedly last night" she asked in curious slow tone which made anu laughed remembering the incident of last night drama. "Why are you laughing anu...please tell me" she threw the pillow on her.

Anu told her all her antics, her dance performance...while her unknown baby, kalpi hided her face ignominiously under the pillow. "After that what happened... You ask that to bhai...coz he was the only person who beared you all night" kalpi's cheeks reddened due to disgrace, "now get up madam...its two o'clock running...you are broke the all records of sleeping beauty today..." Anu said tauntingly.

              "What...! Oh god what aunty think about me...is she came?" Anu nod her head positively, " bappa...what kind of mother I am... My bachcha may be waiting for me...and here I am sleeping... Chal kalpi jaldi fresh ho ja" and she ran toward bathroom. Anu smiled on her all sence antics and left the room.


           Kamini too came after her long night defeat... First her all plan flopped because of Raghav... As he took kalpi with him and she not got to see intoxicated kalpi's drama. And pakhi...she spend her all night in crying as Raghav not given the importance to her. Means over all the Raghav and kalpana both slipped from her hand which fumed her inside like volcano. But she add a master card in her hand too in the form Mr. Makhija who was very much known and rich divorced man of USA. She came home after spending her night with him with a smile but she don't know what trouble waiting for her.

           "Hello kamini... How are you?" Kamini surprised hearing the voice of the most hated person of her life...but turned with the fake smile on her lips.

             " hello raj...I am fine...what are you doing here"she replied with little bitterness in her voice.

              "You don't look happy to see me here.." Raj pouted "i am here for your daughter's wedding kameeni...sorry kamini" kamini watched her angrily, "and if you not forget this is my Dee's house" kamini rolled her eyes on her words. " but you look fabulous...free ka khana kafi hazam ho raha hai tumhe...nahi" rajshri asked winking her eyes. Kamini fumed in anger and about to reply, when

              "Kamini... Where was you? I am waiting for you from long time" gouri entered between them.

              "Oh ho dee what kind of question is this..! She must be busy in planning some toughy fishy... I am right na kam...i...ni" Raj again uttered crookedly.

               "Raj..." Gouri widened her eyes...while kamini gave her killing look.

               "Oh dee we are best friends on one time...this is our right to tease each other...hai na ka...mi...ni" Raj said hugging her by side.

                 "Of course Raj...I miss you so much" she smirked on raj, "I am very much tired now...so see you later" and she moved toward her bedroom cursing Raj in her mind.

                "What is this Raj... Why you teasing her?" Gouri encountered her.

                  "Dee you don't know her...but I am... After all I am that person who bring this evil in your house... I trusted her but...anyway don't know what this witch thinking now..." Raj said coldly looking at her closed door.

               "She is not bad that all...ha little selfish...but I sure she never harm anyone".

               "Hope so...forget her...tell me where is my doll's momma"  Raj asked curiously.

               "There is she sitting with anu in yellow chudidaar" gouri pointed toward the group of girls to show Raj.

               "She is beautiful...why don't you ask her for Raghav".

                 "I want... But they have to finalize first".

                 " what...! Abhi tak kuch nahi huva...OK now I am here then what is fear...u sab mil jayenge " Raj uttered dramatically made gouri laughed.

                "Dramebaaz..." She slapped her sister and pray god this two stubborn people accept each other.


          From the afternoon...she didn't see her angel and her khadoos. Kalpi wanted to see them first...wanted to say him thank you for helping her, but no one allow her to meet them. First annanya needed her help in dress up as it was her mehandi day, then gouri introduced her with Rajshri, and her half time went in listening the blabber of Raj... And remaining instructing the cooks about menu for evening function. But finally she took her time and slipped from there to meet or see him.

         Raghav was waited for her reaction from morning but she was on kumbhakarna's sleep...and then was busy in her other works...so dejectedly he took his angel and went in playing area for spending some time with his daughter. Pari and Raghav was playing catch and throw when Yasmin came there.

             "Hello angel...how are you?" She asked lovingly.

             "Hello Yasmin aunty... I am fine" Yasmin stroked her hand from her face, and turned toward Raghav.

                "I hoped Mr. Singhania... Last night was very memorable for you" she winked, Raghav blushed hearing her words.

                ."Ya...it was".

                   "That's great...means I did the correct job to send kalpi with you..." Yasmin spoke up.  Raghav's lips widened with small smile.

                   "I am very thankful to you for that..."

                     "Please don't say thank you...she is very special for me...I want only her happiness...and that is you...please promise me you never leave her in between..."

                "I promise you... I always take care of her as my life..I love her." His words covered her heart in happiness as her best friend finally got someone who love her as his life.

                 " thank you...I am very much happy for you both...I will meet you later as your princess coming here to meet you " Raghav chuckled and turned his head to see her. His heart stopped to seen ethereal beauty in yellow dress with pink dupatta waving in air with his heart. Her little smile and her locks which her fingers trying to adjust behind her ear, while other hand's finger played with her dem of dupatta...made him collapsed on there, but he controlled his overflowing emotions.

                   " OK...Dr. Yasmin...bye".

                   "Please call me Yasmin... Bye". and she turned toward the mansion... where she met kalpi in midway. In all their talk...kalpi noticed Raghav watching her with glamy eyes.

                  " why he looking me that way...? " she thought observing him corner of her eyes.

                       "OK...bye" and Yasmin turned toward mansion while kalpi toward Raghav with her beating heart. But his eyes weakened her knees.

                "Kalpi...control your emotions beta...he is not Raghav... He is khadoos Hitler think like that...control control... Par ye mujhe aise kui dekh raha hai..." Kalpi talked in her mind and tried to compose her.

                "She is coming...oh god how much beautiful she looking... I felt like capture that rosey lips... Control Raghav don't get hyper...first let her complete her incomplete words...then..." He blushed on his wild thought biting his lower lip.

                   "Bappa... Why he biting his lips...? Please tell him stop...otherwise I can't hide my feelings...ye kya ho raha hai mujhe...that not new I felt weird near him but I controlled myself very well every time... Then what happened today... Why I felt so different. Bappa  please do something" she pleaded god in her mind.

                 "Momma..." Her flowing emotions stopped with the call of Pari. Raghav too came back from his trance. Pari came running and hugged her mother tightly.

                 "Oh my bachcha how are you? You didn't miss me...right" she pouted fake.

                    "Oh ho momma I came to meet you with papa but you was sleeping. We tried to wake up you...but you was not moving... So papa and Pari came here. He he he momma you was sleeping like Kumbhakarna...he he he" Pari laughed putting her both hands on lips, Raghav too chuckled with her. Kalpi narrowed her eyes.

                  "Who tell you this word kumbhakarna..." She asked poutingly.

                   "Papa...papa said momma looking like kumbhakarna... As kumbhakarna was fat but momma is his lady thin version" kalpi watched him with her O shaped mouth on pari's innocent answer. While Raghav shakes his head in no looking her angry gaze.

                      "You...you taught my daughter laughed on her mother..." She asked angrily made him stepped back with naughty grin on his face.

                 "I...i did not say like that..."he tried to answer.

                  "But you said right"

                  "Ha...WO tum...you was sleeping like that.." He smiled mischievously which increased her anger more.

                      "I...I hate you...hmm" she turned fumingly stomping her foot toward mansion leaving Baap Beti there.

                 "Angel... What you did baby? My love story finished before its start" Raghav said nervously placing his head on his daughter's shoulder sitting on ground.

                "What happened papa...? Momma fumed on you... Don't worry...give her a sweet kissy...she will be happy... And then she kissed you in back...I do same when momma angry on me...you too try this... OK" Pari said innocently.

                 "Is it worked?"

                    "Definitely... Give her a long kissy..." Raghav laughed on his daughter's innocence... And walked toward his mansion with kalpana manavo mission.

      Sorry for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. And thank you for your likes and comments.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Thanq thanq thanq dear... Was waiting... Let me read Big smile

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Awesome update
Wow rag was cute in madness in love
Kamini really get tit for tat
Hmm kalpi nervous about her reactions
Hmm yamine tease rag
Hmm kalpi emotions was on high thank pari  save her
Hmm kalpi angry
Wow rag should try pari option of kissy
Update soon

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After a long wait , a sweet update. Who is going to confess their love first ? Kalpi or Rags. I think Rags should follow Pari's advice !

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