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swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 2:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Appuu_AshLover

Fab update swara Clap Star
Drunk Kalpi that too bcx f her khadoos dancing with some other girl!! She's now searching fr him to dance with him Lol that girl who danced wth Raghav was dancing with someone else LOL n Kalpi went to her n asking about her khadoos funny Tongue OMG someone s taking advantage f her state n Hero ne kya entry diya Embarrassed punched that fellow..Raghav shocked that Kalpi s drunk n he has to bear her antics now LOL Ohhh that girl came again n Kalpi telling her that he already has a girlfriend n Raghav surprised!! Karan n Raghav pulling Kalpi to their side Lol these two n Raghav s not at all interested to leave her with him in this state Wink Hahahaha Lol kamini plan flop hua ROFL Raghav made her sit in the car n she's making noise throughout the ride n police Jeep followed them! Aww car has a problem n climbed the bridge Shocked She's dancing there n enjoying herself!! N u stopped at the right scene Angry Is she going to kiss him Tongue jaldi update karo baby
Thank you appu...Big smile
Kalpi made everyone dance on her tune...but real fun only reserved for Raghav Singhania
Kiss...itani jaldi...LOL
Sorry to stop this in between...
But I hope you like next drama too Embarrassed

swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rachufan

Waiting waiting waiting please update Cry Cry
Very soon honeySmile
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Part 33B


"jara sa jhoom lu mai" she sang with smirk dancingly on wall.

"Oh god...?"He slapped his head irritatingly.

"Jara sa ghoom lu mai" and she twirled around.

 "No..." he wriggled, when she bend down putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Aa tujhe chum lu mai..." and she shrink her mouth to kiss him,


"mai chali..." She raised her volume, but cut by him

"chup...bilkul chup, enough your drama now..."she narrowed her eyes with wired face, while he showed her angry gaze putting her down holding her waist and dragged near the car,

"Now stand here", she about to speak, "without uttering a single word" he roared in warning look, "fold your hand & keep finger on your mouth and stay here quietly...understand" Kalpi who stood there as per his instruction nod her head affirmatively with her innocent but fake feared eyes, "good..." and he again turned to see in his nut bolts.

She stood there silently putting her finger on her lips amusing herself moving her sight all around, when she saw two boys coming from the other side of the bridge, and waved Hi to her, Kalpi too replied them waving her three free fingers in Hi to them, blinking her eyes lovingly. They asked her to come with them' signaling by their eyes and hands. Kalpi pouted her face looking at Raghav and showed the boys her helplessness as this khadoos not allowed her. One boy acted like dying by knifing a dragger in his heart. Kalpi giggled seeing his act, but surprised to see the fear in their eyes, and then they ran from there like they saw any ghost.  She turned back to look up, where she found Raghav Singhaniya standing behind her glaring the boys fumingly with his both hand on his waist. She made her face childishly like a kid cry after seizing his favorite candy. He gave her the disgusted look and turned to his car again.

Raghav stumped his foot on the wheel as his car was completely broken, and Ms. Jadhav was full mood of teasing him.

"Oh...god, I had to carry Anu with me. I gone crazy with this girl" when he remembered her, he turned to see her, but she was again invisible from there, he looked here and there, and saw her sitting and searching something on the road near the bushes was stood along with bridge.

"Ms. Jadhav what are you doing here?"

"Shuuu...look how pretty is she?" she whispered smilingly trying to pick up the butterfly on a small leaf. She turned toward him with excitement and put that fly gently on her palm, "see...her wings look more beautiful in moonlight hai na" her eyes sparkled with her every statement, Raghav just lost in her loveliness deeply, she blew air very softly to make the butterfly fly, and her breathe touched his face too, Raghav dissolved himself in her aura closing his eyes, only wants to feel her.

"uad gayi..." her shout made him come on his sense back. He jerked the thought and again came back in The Raghav Singhaniya mode.

"Ho gaya ho...to chale" he returned.

"Ha...chalo" she turned toward car sweepingly but surprised to see him standing at his place.

"Why are you standing there like statue of liberty...chalo" she asked astonishingly while he gave her unbelievable look without moving from his place putting hands on his waist.

"no...I am not statue of liberty mam, but my car is actually broken and my mobile is dead, and irony is this I don't see any car or vehicle here, so I thought to cover the distance of our home by walking... so will you please give me an obligation of walking with me?" he said pleadingly.

"obligation...he he he that I always do on needy" she laughed abysmally "chalo..." and she start parading toward him, "left right left right...age badho" .

"Oh...god, kaha phas gaya mai" he cursed the moment when he fought with Karan for Kalpi moving his hand frustratingly from his face.

At little distance, "Ahaaa...ha..." Raghav turned to see the sound holder; Kalpi walked wincing by wiggling her body helplessly.

"Now...what? Ms. Jadhav" he asked irritatingly.

"Don't you see...my legs are paining, I am not coming with you..." and she sat on the road pouting her mouth.

"Ms. Jadhav...what is this ha? You are more obstinate than my angel..."she stared him fumingly, "what you think; I take you in my arms" he scoffed but she grinned widening her lips.

"Pleasee...na" Kalpi jumped up lifting her hands toward him, "lo na...please...please...please" he shook his head unbelievingly and lift her up in his arms in bridal style.

"My khadoos is a shtrong man..." she said laughing naively and continued her in her horrible song.

"chal chal chal mere hathi Wo mere sathi

Chal le chal khatara kichake

Are yaar dhakka mar band hai motor car

chal chal chal mere hathi Wo mere sathi"


Raghav irritated by her behavior, but he had no other option than bearing her, he walked cursing his luck, why he thought to save her from Karan and spend his romantic time with her, and here he was tortured by her extra dramatical antics, but somewhere he was enjoyed too this new Kalpi, after all when he get to see this sight of Kalpana Jadhav in future.

While Kalpi was all busy in playing with his ears, pulling his nose and cheeks, and adjusting his brutch.  Raghav tired by her actions and wanted to reach home soon.

And finally they reached their mansion; luckily no one was there to see them. Raghav took her toward her room and threw her on bed. He turned to leave when Kalpi hold his hand,

"Why you hate me ha?" her tipsy eyes watched him questioningly, "am I not good or am I not beautiful like Pakhi or those girls, with whom you was danced...ha? Tell me na" his heart stretched with her question, the girl who he always want with him, asking him "is she worthy for him or not?" he took her hand in his and sat in front of her.

"No..." he cupped her face with love, she stared his eyes intimacy.

"When I was so small...my momma left me, I considered my dee as my mother, but she also dumped me with jiju, and then papa...he also left me in this world alone...I was so scared..." Her voice lumped in her throat, her unshield tears broke their boundary and start flowing from her cheek, Raghav observed her with belongingness, when a cute smile came on her lips, "but when I looked toward my angel, I forgot my every pain, her talk, her smile, her antics make me alive...I don't know when she became my life, I still remembered those day, when doctor first time gave me her, her little fingers held my finger so tightly, you know I felt like I born her, but that's not true, I forgot I have no right on her, I am not her real momma...and now you will take her away from me...my angel also going to leave me...alone" a drop tear felled from Raghav's eyes seen her broken condition, she lifted her lashes to meet with his gaze, a crinkle of sadness passed through her to him, "am I really so bad? Tell me na...why everyone wanted to leave me...momma, papa, dee, jiju all left me and now you too, you also want to leave me...hai na".

"No..." he retuned like anyone taking out his soul from his heart, but it not enough, when she continued,

"I trust you more than myself, but you fought with me, you said I played with Anu's respect...you really thought that...ha? Tell me na...you really think I am a third class girl" Raghav closed his eyes dejectedly as he not anymore have the courage to meet with her gaze, "bolo na...really I am not worthy to stand with you..." her hands slipped from his coat, "you know how much I cried when you ignored me, you not talked with me...your silence killed me every second but you not care...are you really hate me this much...umm?"

"No...Kalpi, I never hate you...in fact, I lo..."

"Am I told you one secret...you know I don't like if any girl touched you or kissed you, I felt like punch and punch her there, you remember that Russian girl who bite your ear, I...I felt like kill her on that exact time" Raghav widened his eyes in shock, "and you know when your aunty talked about your love for Pakhi...and the way she blushed...my mind said to throw the boiled oil on their faces" Raghav chuckled seen the intensity of her jealousy, he never thought her crush for him was this much, she slapped him on his chest "you are laughing...don't you know how I felt to see you hugging or kissing Pakhi...or other girls, I really wanted to beat you at that time...and today" she wiped the flowing tears from her nose, " and today you danced with that bhutani...not me, and you punched my baby too" she pouted childishly.

"Baby...you know what your baby thought to do with you" anger covered his face, "and why you went there? Ha...jawab do mujhe...why you went on back stage?" Kalpi pouted her lips and stared him fumingly,  but then grinned babyishly wrapping her one hand around his neck and tickled his nose tauntingly by second hand.

"You are shooo cute...my khadoos Singhaniya" his anger vanished with her proximity, he smiled blushingly, "eshhh...my khadoos blushing" she grinned and gave a peek on his cheek. A current passed through his spine when she touched her lips, "you know what...you are the best son, best father and best human being...but you are not mine" she whispered dejectedly, the smile on his face faded with her words.

"You are of pakhi's, and me...I am only a mere guest of you family, who you want to throw from your life" he nods his head negatively with his skipped heart,

"But I am glad, coz my Pari got a good family and you...her best papa. She will be happy and safe with you, and I will also spend my life in happiness of your and my angel's memory, but promise me...you never ever let her go away from you, promise me...you never allow a single drop of tear in my angel's eyes...promise me Raghav" she asked him pleadingly, drops of tears flowed from her eyes...but it cut his heart in large of pieces,

"I promise you Kalpi...we never let any trouble toward our daughter, we will protect her, cares her until our last breath...unitedly. We always make her happy...you and me love" he replied meeting his eyes with hers convincingly stroking his fingers from her cheek. She smile with innocence and hugged him placing her head on his chest. Raghav too encircled his hands around her body sweetly and feel her closing his eyes. The moment stopped for them that time.

"I want to spend my all life with you Raghav, in loving you, caring you, hugging you my whole life. I don't know what happen tomorrow but I want to enjoy my this moment with you...in you embr..a..ce. I...l..o" Raghav's chest lumped in happiness with her upcoming words, but then it stopped.

"Kalpi...Kalpi..." he shook her shoulder eagerly.

"Ha..." she watched him confusingly by her sleepy eyes.

"I lo..." he helped her to recognize her words, while Kalpi smiled naively at him.

"i...l...o...v..." and again felled on him in deep slumber, now he laughed densely on his luck, his girl was going to say him the three magical words was sleeping here in his embrace, his fate spoiled everything.

Raghav kissed on her forehead lovingly and laid her on bed. He moved toward his room, but turned to glance her divine face once again...he felt something incomplete, The Raghav Singhaniya first time lost his heart to someone but he was not unhappy for that...coz today the new heart was fluttered inside him...the heart of his love. he stepped toward his bedroom with a cute smile on his face...in waiting of next morning, which already changed the meaning of this relation, and now it is the time to enroll this new relation with new name...with its actual name.



But...kya Raghav Singhaniya ko nind ayegi...?Shocked With this question lage rahiye hamare sath...dhanyawad.LOLLOLLOL



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Fabulous update swaraClap
Awww... Kalpi is the height of cuteness... She is too adorable..
And raghav enjoys the cutenessEmbarrassed
Finally, kalpi blurt out everything...
U asked whether ragahv can sleep or not... But i ant sleep today... Im cracking my head what will happen next? Pls update soon dearie.. If not u will be responsible for making me crazyAngryLOL

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LOL hayo Rabba Kamini ko kya pata tha eise ghadi bhi aayegi Big smile
Tongue socha na tha unke plan ki eisi dhajiya ud jayegi
pyaar ho gaya ragna ko pyaar ho gaya pyaar

What an update di super duper se bhi uppar LOL
Finally in this state kalpi open her heart in front of raghav
how she feel when she lost her sister her farher jiju
How feel when any girl come near him
raghav baba ka to din ban gaya jao baba jao kamini chudel ko thanku
bol ke aao na wo kalpi ki drink me koi drug mix karti na tumhe kalpi
ka haale dil pata chalta jao beta jao unhe thanku bol ke aao aur
saath hi bahar ka raasta dikhao unki sahi jageh station ke bahar hai Wink Wink

Update next chapter soon soon soon kyunki ye hai last week of june

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Yipeee wohooo finally kalpi conf unconcious hogaya.o singhania on cloud nine LOL Wink waiting for morning kalpu ki reaction Jo dekhna hai ya vo bulgayegi is beautiful pal keep baremai o ab action time for sunghania hamare angel Nai tho apni feelings batha di Embarrassed Wink ab rags usai tease karenge Wink ab kya hoga chap 34 please LOL Wink

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premap IF-Dazzler

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WOW ! Fascinating update. Romantic in a ;comical' form ! Drunk Kalpi is a real 'cutie ' !!! Loved this update. At last Rags has accepted his love for Kalpi ! Great!

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Really Wonderful Upadate Dear.
Waiting for next part...

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